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Attacks are making President Lungu Stronger-Mumbi Phiri

Headlines Attacks are making President Lungu Stronger-Mumbi Phiri

President Lungu with Mumbi Phiri
President Lungu with Mumbi Phiri

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says malicious attacks on President Edgar Lungu by some opposition political leaders will not deter the Head of State from delivering to people’s expectations.

Mrs Phiri said the attacks were making President Lungu stronger and making his drive to develop the country more resolute.

“Criticism and insults will not put food on Zambians’ tables, our focus is to develop Zambia,” she said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mrs Mumbi said the opposition were ashamed that PF was developing the nation hence their insults and negative criticism.

Mrs Phiri said when PF was formed opposition UPND and FDD were already formed and challenged the two political parties to check themselves to ascertain why they had never formed Government.

Mrs Phiri said when late Christon Tembo was FDD president the party had a lot of representation in Parliament.

Mrs Mumbi said when Ms Edith Nawakwi took over the helm the party started losing representation in Parliament.

She challenged Ms Nawakwi to concentrate on finding a solution to the reason why the party had lost many seats in Parliament.

“So we have told our President not to respond to negative criticism and insults but concentrate on working. We have told him that we shall respond by explaining to Zambians what projects PF has done so far,” she said.

Mrs Mumbi said by 2016 the opposition political parties would have nothing to talk about as PF Government would have finished working on all its projects.

She said before 2016 Government would have finalized the possible importation of cheap fuel from Angola, the 650 health posts, district hospitals and revamping the railway systems across the country.

Mrs Phiri said Zambians were appreciative of the massive development projects being implemented across the country.

She said citizens were the best judges of the performance of the PF unlike politicians who had vested interests. And commenting on the by-elections Mrs Phiri said she was disappointed that GBM had decided to go to court.

“We are disappointed that the Kasama seat has been taken to court otherwise we were very ready to scoop all the parliamentary seats,” she said.

Mrs Phiri said the Patriotic Front was more than ready to participate and eventually scoop all the forthcoming by-elections.

She said the PF’s adoption process for the Solwezi West and Lubansenshi by-elections was currently on.

Mrs Phiri said the party would work hard to ensure that it scooped both seats and increased its presence in Parliament.

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  1. Iwe chi Mumbi Phiri,do you think wining PF created by-elections is development?I think if Chagwa stated to have no vision then he is surrounded by his fellow visionless creatures like you Mumbi Phiri,Davies Chama & vocal man Chishimba Mumbwili.Wait one you’ll rejoin Tasinta club

    • Ati by 2016 PF will have finished all it’s projects. This is grade 2 thinking indeed. The country will be in its same poor impoverished state in 2016. There is too much work required to improve Zambia and for a grown person such as Mumbi to think all this will be complete by 2016 shows the low mental capability she has. How can a party have such a person as it’s deputy SG? And yet these are the people in power, it says a lot about us as Zambians. Sad indeed

  2. I respect her opinion, but the fact is pf is not performing to citizen’s expectations. We are now seeing more by elections thn ‘massive’ developmental projects always being talked about. It is not just possible to complete many projects on borrowed money.

  3. Thanks Mumbi for telling ECL to shut up. He nauseates most of us with his unPresidential usually off the cuff banter.


  5. Well done madam Mumbi Phiri. Tell these job seekers the opposition the truth. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has actually confused the entire opposition. They are in disarray my sister. All these commenting nonsense that PF is not developing Zambia are just those that have promised their wives that when they come into power God forbid, they will be driving Land cruisers. They absolutely have no clue what is on the ground. PF has developed Zambia and the world has set its eyes on Zambia today.

    So the President should not be distracted or disturbed be cause with 12 months to go and at this rate Zambia is developing, you will see how massive defections will take place from opposition to PF in 2016. When you seriously analyze the political landscape, there is no opposition to much the Patriotic Front…

  6. The problem with zambian living along the railway line and having access to Internet thinks development is for tham only please you people this is the first time here peatuke we are seeing town ship roads .if you ask people in kawambwa and mushota it’s first time there seeing a road liking tham to por-kasama. people in Nyimba having access to good water please zambia is not lusaka or along railway go out there and you will thank PF what they doing .

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