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Saturday, January 18, 2020

50 year old woman jailed for attempting to sneak charms into prison

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A FIFTY-TWO-YEAR -OLD woman of Kitwe who was caught whilst attempting to sneak some charms into Mukobeko Prisons in Kabwe has been sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Dorica Mofya pleaded guilty to one count of introducing prohibited articles in prisons.

Mofya who took plea before Kabwe Magistrate Sebastian Mwenya when the charge was read to her pleaded guilty saying she had in possession some traditional medicine which she wanted to smuggle in prison.

She told the court that she wanted to administer the charms on her son Desa Musonda who is incarcerated to enable him be considered for pardoning.

“Your honour, I admit that I was in possession of some African charms which I wanted to administer on my son because I wanted him to be considered for pardoning but sadly the prison authority did not allow me,” she said.

Mofya of Chimwemwe township was facing a charge of introducing prohibited articles in prison contrary to section to 77 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr Mwenya found the accused guilty after she admitted the charge.

Prison authority on fateful day intercepted the suspected charms as they were about to be sneaked into the prison during her visit.

In mitigation, she asked for forgiveness but the court said incidents of people trying to smuggle into prison prohibited articles were on an increase.

The court than sentenced her to three months imprisonment.

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  1. ….some women never cease to amaze me….if there was such juju…all the convicts could have been pardoned by now….if one had to investigate further…would find that the woman had slept with the juju provider for the ‘charm’ to work….
    ..Pastor tells a woman that she has snakes in her stomach…in order to ‘cast’ out da snakes she has to sleep with the Pastor and she does….u have ‘spiritual’ husband that’s why you cant get married…you have to sleep with me to chase the spiritual husband and the silly woman sleeps with the pastor…eish…
    ..why didn’t she say the ‘juju’ was for the skin rash the son had complained of….


  2. Forgive the old lady it’s just true motherly love to the son?? come on Zambians, you mean the court believe in such things to work??

    Strange that educated people can also believe in such nonsense.

    Confiscate the things and let go the Old lady..


  3. Scrutinizerer,
    Have you been spying on my wife Geetha in Mumbai?
    Those are the exact comments she has been giving me over the past 4 years!


  4. The strangest thing about this story is that the prison officials and the courts seem to believe in the power of these charms.


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