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Zambia has started importing power from Mozambique to ease deficit

Headlines Zambia has started importing power from Mozambique to ease deficit

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Christopher Yaluma

Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma said the country has started importing 100 mega watts of electricity from Mozambique to help mitigate the power deficit the country is currently experiencing.

Mr. Yaluma also said talks have advanced of the possible import of more power from other countries that have a surplus to cushion the power deficit.

He said the government is also planning to construct more power generation plants to cushion the current power deficit.

Mr Yaluma was speaking in an interview with journalists in Kasempa.

The Minister said government is aware that some traders are exploiting the Zambian people by selling generators at highs costs.

Mr. Yaluma said it is regrettable that unsuspecting citizens are being exploited even after government waived duty on power products.

The Minister however, said the power utility ZESCO, will soon start selling power products at a cheaper cost.


  1. Interestingly turn of events, a couple of months or so ago during Mozambique’s Independence celebrations, we were bombarded with reports that Zambia was talking of exporting power to Mozambique. No situatuin is permanent indeed.

  2. It is “ease” not “easy” and “invertor” not “inventor”. This is an indictment of the “teaching by repetition” rather than “reading words” system.

    • Serious my friend,
      yours is the only “easy” I see here. Which is a good thing because it means as soon as you pointed it out, LT made the necessary correction.

      And I saw neither “invertor” nor “inventor” in the article. Which is another good thing because it indicates that as soon as LT saw that error, they decided to delete the entire sentence, just to get you off their backs.

  3. Now instead of sorting out the mess with the chinese gensets at Kariba, Mundende & Yaluma will be selling domestic gensets.

  4. Interesting indeed. Mozambique is downstream of zambia. And they are using the same ZAmbezi river from which zambia has failed to generate power from…. Kariba and Kaborabasa dams use water from the same zamabezi river to generate power but our friends are managing and we are not.

  5. Ba Shimulaso – First, research and understand the real reasons for the power deficit from Kariba. Secondly, the catchment areas for Lake Kariba and Cahora Bassa dam are different (Lunsenfwa, Lungwa, Kafue, Hunyani are all downstream of Lake Kariba), and so your comparison is completely off (though you state that Mozambique is downstream).

  6. Contradictory statements!
    Two months ago ECL assures Mozambique of Zambia’s power exports to them meaning Mozambique has power deficit. Today Yaluma suddenly says Mozambique has excess power to export to zambia. Or is he saying Mozambique have sunk so low to sucrifice on our behalf just as we are doing? Why not cheat that we are about to import power from another country e.g. SA, Namibia, Zimbabwe or Dr Congo. Not Mozambique or the minister has short memory that ECK went there and promised them power exports?

  7. I guess gone are the days when we used to boast that the Kariba is the biggest Hydroelectric power plant south of the equator.

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