Home Headlines Discussing President Edgar Lungu’s elegant dressing style is stooping low-Father Bwalya

Discussing President Edgar Lungu’s elegant dressing style is stooping low-Father Bwalya

Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The Patriotic Front-PF has charged that some Opposition Political Parties and their leaders have deviated from their role of providing checks and balances to the governance process.

PF member Father -Frank Bwalya says it is appalling that some opposition leaders have stooped low to discuss President Edgar Lungu’s elegant dressing style.

Father Bwalya says there are numerous national challenges where Opposition Leaders should offer alternative solutions.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Father Bwalya says Opposition Parties bent on peddling petty issues risk losing their relevance in a democratic dispensation.

He has advised opposition leaders to engage in constructive criticism of government.

And the governing party has criticised Bishop Paul Mususu and Father Leonard Chiti for allegedly failing to preach harmony in the country.

Lusaka Provincial PF Chairlady Margret Mumba says Father Chiti and Bishop Mususu should focus on praying for the country and not preaching hatred.

Ms Mumba told ZNBC news in Lusaka that President Edgar Lungu has only been Head of State for a few months and should be given an opportunity to develop the country.

She has accused Father Chiti of behaving like a politician and advised him to consider joining politics like father Frank Bwalya.

Ms Mumba has also criticised those commenting on President Lungu’s dress code.

She said President Lungu has always been smartly dressed even before he assumed office.

And PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba has advised politicians to practice issue based politics.

Mr. Kamba says politicians should criticise where it is necessary and offer solutions and not talk about trivial things like suits.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamba has praised President Lungu for increasing the floor price for maize from K65 to K75 per 25 kilogram bag of maize.

He says the governing party is happy with the performance of the Food Reserve Agency, which he said has already bought 65 thousand metric tonnes of maize.


  1. Yes ba Bwalya by trying to defend the President you have just revealed how low he is. It is him who created the discussion. He should have ignored it because the Rupiah Banda dude just passed a derogatory comment but Lungu stooped low to elevate the issue to national discussion by responding

    • I agree with you on this one. I think the person who stooped low is the president. Straight from the plane the man starts talking about his silly suits instead of telling the nation what strategic plans Zambia intends to adopt from the SADC meeting. The only time lungu is coherent is when he’s attending to trivial matters. On serious issues he seems to run out of breath

    • shi bwalya,,,,,. my uncle mr kaingu has started the que for HIV testing and distribution of condoms to PF members, are you not interested???,,,
      by the way where is your priest collar and your mukanjo,,, stop talking about other people`s clothes its a sin

    • I can not for the life of me work out how commenting on expenses being incurred by a President is a trivial matter!!
      I keep repeating that you Zambians’ world is an upside one! Off course this matters, off course this is a national issue for the simple reason that it involves the expense of national money, little of what is available for that matter! We have people dying from lack of basic care & medicine in hospitals & people are struggling to make ends made but in your greatest wisdom you concluded that it doesn’t matter how much the President spends on suits! Then what matters? What other unnecessary luxuries is the President helping himself with? It all adds up you know, here we say – look after the pennies & the pennies will look after you! That my friends is English mindset &…

    • …That my friends is English mindset & that is why their world works! Lungu should not be wasteful especially at the time of obvious economic hardships!

    • What the hell @Ndobo??? You want Fr. Bwalya to go and get some condoms which Kaingu found after cleaning up Iris’s room?
      Please leave Ba fada out of some things, he is good at blowing……….. I mean whistles.

    • “…increasing the floor price for maize from K65 to K75 per 25 kilogram bag of maize…”
      LT, be truthful in your reporting. The price is from K70 to K75. The price is for 50Kg bags – NOT 25 kilograms! Another stupid piece of journalism.

    • Very stupid father?? just you writing this article shows that you have nothing to offer but just waste time. Go back to fatherhood than talking senseless things.

    • Bwalya is a failed eucharist thief. He has no other qualification and experience for him to comment on how Zambia can develop.

    • This is one of the many problems we have, limiting national discourse to people like Bwalya, Kamba & Sunday Chanda.
      People who brains in their bellies & not heads.

  2. this lost man of God, can someone remind him that his brother chiluba had two were houses of stolen clothes
    why has he himself stopped talking about issues affecting the country like he did a few years ago before his pockets were filled with euro bond money?

  3. This Frank Bwalya is one person who should be dumped into the dustbin of rubbish.He promoteted the illiterate dictator Satan and only left him when he could not get what he wanted.

  4. @Father Bwalya, you are very right. And I salute the President for remaining silent. Silent treatment is driving some opposition parties and some media houses mad. They will just hang themselves eventually. Well done my President ECL.

    • Unfortunately for you your president did NOT remain silent he bwata’d a response. FYI Ka Bwalya aint a father whose child did he bear apart from the chicken he molested before 2011 elections?

  5. Frank go on the postings on FB, and find out about who talks about the presidents dressing and you will find that it is Pf people who post pictures using the word such as swag. Advise your own cadres rather than trying to score points and dropping yourself in it. Tv

  6. Kaili baziba ati ma Zambians like to discuss useless topics such as ma jemason suits. You keep them on this topic so that they forget that nothing works in the country. Manje a Lungu imwe, when you are elegantly dressed, even your surroundings should be clean and well maintained, no? Very few such places in Zambia, simu mvela soni? You have seen how your colleagues look after their countries………..you have travelled a bit so you do have a clue….

  7. zambians have a right to comment on the suits coz lungu no vision buys them using tax payers money. If he was using his salary it would be a personal matter. Please can someone take thos fool Kennedy kaamba back to english school.

  8. Bla bla bla bla bla. Try to go back to principles Faza instead of boot licking so, so, so, otherwise when you get old you will have no friends left

  9. Imagine these are the hungry hyenas who were on ZESCO Board ….in all honesty what can this silly job-seeker contribute?

  10. From the airport, first thing Jameson did was to talk about suits, instead of explaining what was been discussed, useless.

  11. And ”Father” Bwalya is not a spokesman for Edgar Lungu; Bwalya should not champion causes he doesn’t know.

  12. Ka “Father” always drunk,I think he needs Chainama.Give him a bucket full of holes and tell him to fill it with water. You will see the reaction. Kalipena

  13. So it was ok to discuss FTJ’s suits and not Lungu’s suits.
    A London court even sentenced FTJ for his extravagance on suits and shoes.
    Lets wait and see where this money is coming from.
    The moral of this is that government resources are being spent on very eccentric matters instead of stocking medical stores as an example.

  14. Lungu did not get of the plane and start talking about his suits. He was responding to a question from a journalist. Maybe the issue should be with the person who asked the question

    • A more serious person would have told the journalist that there are more serious issues to discuss, when asked that question.

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