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PF is now feeling my weight and scared of me – GBM

Headlines PF is now feeling my weight and scared of me – GBM

GBM at a press briefing at  Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka
GBM at a press briefing at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka

UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba has charged that his summoning by Police in Kasama for merely buying fishing attests to how scared the ruling Patriotic Front is of him.

Mr. Mwamba says the PF who have been claiming that he is a political nonentity are now feeling his weight the reason why the Police are now following every move that he makes.

He has told Qfm News by telephone that he however does not mind because he is fully aware that the Police are merely being controlled by political forces in Lusaka.

Mr. Mwamba who on Tuesday was cleared of wrong doing by the Police after being suspected of holding public political meetings in Kasama, has however described the conduct of acting Northern Province Police Commissioner Lackson Sakala as unprofessional.

He says by suggesting that he went into hiding after being summoned to appear for questioning, Mr. Sakala might have used it as opportunity to earn confirmation as the Northern Province Police Commissioner.

Mr. Mwamba has wondered how possibly he can go into hiding when his House in Kasama is only about a kilometer away from where the Police confronted him.

He says as a former Defence Minister he understands perfectly well the implication of not turning up when one is summoned for questioning by the Police.

He explains that he opted not to go for questioning on Monday because he knew the Police were only up to harass him, his family and his supporters.

Mr Mwamba states that he has never gone into hiding nor has he been afraid of the Police, as history itself can confirm how he conducted himself during the struggle that led to the PF forming government.


  1. Comment:
    Potentially successful politicians ought to desist from the vice of pomposity. Check the progress, going forward, of one pompous American presidential candidate.

    • Breaking New: PF have finally decided to give Edgar a “Vision”. They will have that written for him in a revised manifesto. ..and surprise, surprise, according to PF insiders, Edgar will take take action against a free falling Kwacha to morrow by declaring K1=$1

  2. if you claim to be a political heavy weight why rush to the courts for protection?WHY not declare yourself ready and face them in a by election.

  3. GBM has ruined his political career by joining the tribal UPND which he knows very well that it cant win elections.Love for power at any cost is not ok.Had a lot of respect for the man but immediately he switched camp,i lost the trust i had in him.

  4. Josephat, if UPND can not win an election why do you worry, be happy. The fact that you are worried means UPND can win an election. And this time arround prepare for it or you will collapse. UPND in its present state is too strong for any political party in Zambia. Keep your self in denial at your own peril. People apart from YOURSELF who enjoy mediocrity are tired of mediocre leadership and they ready for change and change is coming whether you like it or not in the name of HH. Go and find out how MMD used to say about SATA. They called him all sorts of names. In the end MMD left. Get that lesson in case you are one of the benefcialies of this useless leadership

  5. Hey!zambians wake up,it’s better u suport any other part than PF,supose u were a boss and u ar in a long journey being driven by your driver on the way he gets drunk,then he says boss i won’t mannage to drive?can u force him?ichikalipa chumfwa umwine,he said,”if this condition i am in continues then i will quit from this post”why is he still there wen he is unfit to be there?Vote for a person not for party.PF is just a name of a part consisting dead elements,so those who vote for a part be careful,u will remain like a widow without anyman to pick her.umunobe amutamfya umwanakashi mulandu wabucende iwe watola mulandu nshi?let us vote for a right man to do the right thing,than for a part to deliver us in hell.How can u give a contract a bricklayer without a vision on how to…

  6. 133 employees in Nchanga Mine under KCM were given force paid leave,the people in charge of the country raised no voice yet the same people are the people who voted for him to be there.Nchanga belongs to zambia not to vedanta aba niba mwisafye.why does he fear to give them conditions like wat sata did?PF YABUNDA.

  7. Zambia it’s for all and UPND is not a tribalism party do you listen u?UPND it’s a party for all.When did u hear the man saying this party it’s for Tonga people only and does he go round the whole zambia campaining why not in southern province only and he 4gets?Where do RB Banda come from?and His exerllence ar they not from chipata?

  8. Think Twice wen going to vote.not ukulaingisha mukanwa kankalamu.u ar swallowed but u can’t see and feel anything.PF NAIBUNDA.

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