Mumba Kapumpa
Mumba Kapumpa

A FIVE member Korean delegation is expected to arrive in Lusaka, Zambia to explore various opportunities especially in the construction sector.

First Secretary for Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in South Korea, Nthemba Kamanga Minja, said in a press statement that the delegation was expected in the country by yesterday on Tuesday.

“This is the first team of prospective investors to obtain visas and travel to Zambia from Korea since the Zambian Mission opened in late 2014.

The team is on a seven day fact finding trip to explore the various opportunities available in the Construction sector,” Ms Minja said.

The delegation members include Jeong Jin Young and Martin Joe, Consultants from GE Construction as well as Ahn Chun Woo, an Architect from Design Group HAM, JaeHyun Park, an IT Programmes Developer from East Busan Holdings and Ri Cheon Cha, a Surveyor from Yoolim Driling.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Zambian Embassy in Seoul, Korea, Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea Mumba Kapumpa, said he was delighted that the team was heading to Zambia and highlighted the various sectors that Zambia has to offer in terms of investment.

Mr Kapumpa said Zambia was a peaceful and politically stable nation.

“In addition to its welcoming business environment and many tourist attractions, Zambia is at a strategic location in a dynamic region that could serve as a land-linked transit hub to its eight neighbours, Mr Kapumpa said.

He noted that much of the investments thus far in Zambia had been in the mining sector and there remained a number of vast untapped opportunities still awaiting development particularly in the Energy, Tourism, Construction and Agriculture sectors.

The ambassador noted that the coming of investors to Zambia was also an indication that the country had continued attracting investments and still remained a key investment and tourist destination of choice.

Mr Kapumpa also encouraged the delegation to take time to enjoy the various tourist attractions Zambia has to offer which includes the breath-taking Victoria Falls.

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  1. Well articulated ambassador Mumba Kapumpa. Zambia is a great nation that has enormous potential to be turned into an economic hub in AfricaThe immense natural resources such as huge land, most of it arible for agriculture productivity, tourism potential and the stable political environment should be easy to attract investment. Coupled with readily available human capital, Korean investors must easily find a niche within our country. We mostly need companies that will set up manufacturing industries within Zambia to start absorbing our huge and youthful labour.
    Welcome our Korean visitors and enjoy the Zambian hospitality.



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