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Minister calls for disciplining of Civil Servants who helped UPND win in Solwezi

Headlines Minister calls for disciplining of Civil Servants who helped UPND win...

Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects the bridge 1
Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects the bridge

Northwestern province Minister Dawson Kafwaya has asked provincial heads to take action against their field staff who were actively aiding campaigns for an opposition political party in the just ended Solwezi west parliamentary by-election.

Mr Kafwaya said some named officers from ministry of agriculture and education were helping the named opposition party during their campaigns by providing food stuffs to political agents and conducting meetings in their homes.

He said it is unfortunate that some civil servants have decided to bite the finger that feeds them by campaigning against the government of the day.

Mr Kafwaya said politics should be left to politicians and that civil servants who are interested in politics should first relinquish their positions.

He was speaking in Solwezi today during a meeting with provincial and district heads of government departments.

The minister reiterated that civil servants should be loyal and support the government of the day and help it implement its policies and programmes.

And Mr Kafwaya said 60 kilometers of the Solwezi-Chingola road and about five kilometers of the township roads in Solwezi district will be completed by the end of the year.

He said government is committed to delivering the road projects contrary to assertions by some people that the works will not be completed/ on time.

Mr Kafwaya called on heads of departments to explain to the people the various developmental projects government is undertaking in the province in order for its efforts to be appreciated.


    • Mr Minister, the civil servant’s home is his/her territory, and what happens there should be least of your worries, just assist PF sort out the cashing kwacha. By the way you are MP based on the opposition ticket, hence you are also part of the opposition, the only reason you have that position is probably PF not having suitably qualified personnel.

  1. This is a dul.l minister with unip roots. There is difference between supporting PF Party and supporting Govt programs! We no longer live in the PIG era (Party and Its Govt). So get it in your head minister. Not to support PF candidate is not tantamount to be against Govt.

  2. Well done civil servants in Solwezi to support and campaign for the opposition political party and continue with the same spirit even in 2016 do the same thing. God will reward all of you who participated in the exercise. Kafwaya don’t intimidate those civil servants, iwe Kafwaya you eat well, you sleep well, you stay in a government house with free house hold goods, free water, free electricity, free food, free transport, free education for your children, free coffee in your office. Everything is FREE to your side. Keep it up civil servants. Viva HH, Viva GBM, Viva UPND

  3. Its not only in Solwezi.. you will be in a rude shock in 2016. Its the civil servants that will boot out PF…

    As for you Minister you know your days are numbered. You know that PF cant win Cheat N.WESTERN with your greediness. i challenge you to resign and stand on PF ticket there..

  4. Dawson don’t try to find a scapegoat for your failure to sell PF in the elections. An investment is supposed to bring returns, and u haven’t brought anything to the party. By the way where did u get that party and its govt syndrome (PIG), cos u were not there during UNIP?

  5. Iwe Kafwaya civil servants are voters too….You forgetting that you are minister becoz you stood on UPND.My friend come 2016…..you will see red dust in solwezi…..we know u now …its you whoz biting the finger that is feeding you ngwele…….

  6. Kwena Kafwaya or Kafaya lishilu! He has forgottern the party that took him to parliament. But our courts also are a let down. You mean they don’t read such?

  7. Kafwaya, as a UPND member, was not supposed to campaign for PF. The best he could have done as a minister on loan from UPND was to be neutral. Sadly, Kafwaya has decided to turn his back on his own party. He must be a very unprincipled “politician”. An opposition member of parliament serving in government is not peculiar to Zambia only. In South Africa President Zuma has worked, and still does, with opposition members in his cabinet. But these opposition members despite being in government have never turned against their own parties. Poverty and hunger have definitely wrecked havoc on the minds of Zambian politicians to the point that they can sell their souls to the highest bidder. The appointing authority must be wary of such unprincipled politicians. Kafwaya is the one biting the…

  8. Kafwaya equally campaigned for upnd of which he is a member. He was always in the company of the upnd provincial chairlady campaining for upnd in mumena /matebo area. Upnd is the party that has made you what you are and that is why you did a dont kubeba on pf.

  9. “… He said it is unfortunate that some civil servants have decided to bite the finger that feeds them by campaigning against the government of the day…”

    What a 1MBECILE of a Minister. Does this intellectual failure, with intellect of dead snails, know who is the BOSS in Zambia? He can kiss as many button holes as he wish, but the PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA are the one feeding him and other parasites like him.

  10. NO, NO, NOOO!!!! Civil servants are running the implementation of government POLICY which is PF policy. They are not ADHERENTS of PF when it comes to picking their CANDIDATES. Please, Zambia, let’s move away from ONE-PARTY PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY mindsets. It has been over 20 years since we stepped away from this behavior. This is the age of tolerance, and understand what MULTI-PARTY or PLURALISTIC politics is all about. PLEASE! Iwe ka Kafwaya iwe!

  11. Kafwaya is the one biting the finger that feeds him. As a minister he is able to have free electicity, free water, free fuel, even free toilet paper because of UPND. What an ungrateful man this Kafwaya is.

  12. Since when did it become a crime to provide food stuffs and conduct meetings in your own home? My understanding is that only when a civil servant wishes to stand for political office does it become necessary for them to relinquish their positions. Other than that, civil servants are protected by the Zambian constitution which allows them freedom of association. Kafwaya, as a legislator, should know that. It is a pity that the notion of liberal democracy is neither understood nor embraced by our leaders and I believe this explains in large part why twenty-five years after the reintroduction of multiparty democracy, we are still practicing one-party state type of politics.

  13. Of the four *****s, Poniso Njeulu, Greyford Monde, Richwell Siamunene & Dawson Kafwaya, only Poniso seems to have some grey in between his ears. He never insults the party that created him.
    And that all these guys are between 35 & 45 just gives you a glimpse of what happened to the education system in the late ’80s/early ’90s.

  14. PF will be shocked in next year’s campaigns as civil servants will definitely help HH!Wait & see dull Kafyaya!


  16. These ba UP and DOWN party are very desperate to go to plot I and they are now busy bribing people with cow dung money during elections.They will be shocked in 2016 because PF will win.

  17. Civil servants who are partisan should quickly be identified and be retired in national interest.They are a danger to national security and peace.If one is a civil servant,he or she was supposed to serve the govt of the day.This is what happens in all democratic countries.

  18. Kafwaya is a hard working Minister and he is feared by UPND.For them to win Solwezi west,HH had to spend heavily.He will not manage to do the same in all constituencies.It will be donchi kubeba part 3.

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