FILE: Two women using a mosquito net to catch fish in Mongu. It is illegal to fish using a mosquito net
FILE: Two women using a mosquito net to catch fish in Mongu. It is illegal to fish using a mosquito net

A Traditional in Chibombo district in Central Province has called for increased sensitization of people on the proper usage of mosquito nets.

Head man Kafwilo of the Lenje speaking people in Chief Liteta’s area of says his subjects and the general public need regular sensitization on the use of mosquito nets if Malaria is to be reduced.

“Now that the rainy season is approaching there is need for the ministry of Health to begin sensitization on the proper usage of mosquito nets to reduce malaria cases that have been affecting the village over the years” , he said.

Malaria will continue to affect the people of Kafwilo Village despite the Government’s continued distribution of mosquito nets if the issue of sensitization is not quickly addressed, he said.

The headman said this during a meeting with a group of Mwachisopola community health assistant training School students visited his village today.

The Students are being trained by UNICEF in community led total Sanitation (CLTS).

He said people in the village have continued to use mosquito nets for fishing and fencing gardens rather than using them for protecting themselves from mosquito bites.

The Headman bemoaned the high illiteracy levels of people in his village which makes many fail to understand the importance of using mosquito nets in the fight against Malaria.

He said the regular distribution of Mosquito nets by to every household and the availability of a health post in the village clearly demonstrates government’s commitment towards uplifting the lives of the people.

He however emphasized the need for sensitization campaigns to be conducted in the area in order to change the mindset of the people to appreciate Governments provision of mosquito nets.

Headman Kafwilo said the traditional leadership in the area are doing their part but not much progress has been recorded which requires the intervention of the Government.

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  1. Mr. Chief, at times you have to understand the peoples way of thinking. If they catch malaria they can take drugs for it. So what do they eat when they survive or before they catch malaria? Poverty is the biggest driving force in their lives. Please understand them. A better approach is cheap fishing nets and whatever else they use the mosquito nets for.


  2. by catching fish with misquito nets they are depleting the very thing that is keeping them alive nothing can escape from a mosquito net so there will be no fish left if they carry on to do this



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