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HH’s full Interview on SABC in June this year

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  1. Obatala Jemasoni Lungu Shedding
    Lusaka Times, please also show the full interview HH did with BBC. Edgar ran way from the BBC interview. It is a pity that ZNBC denies HH an interview. HH knows a thing or two on the economy. Edgar is completely blank and his silence is mistaken for being humble. Fact is he doesn't know anything.
    • Prince
      Education good enough but my future President refused to answer how he made his money! I kind of believe HH has cleaned his tracks excellently well...am beginning to wonder if he has missed out on his chance for entire leadership, but yet again I thought the same about Sata!!
    • Malume Obakeng
      which economy did he fix? They are more professionals behind the scenes and all you think about is HH. Sober up and be real. We need to use this platform with constructive ideas. He has ill gotten wealth otherwise he would have disclosed to clear the air.
  2. KK Airport Cabinet
    it is shame that Changwa ran away from BBC interview. Let him go and look at the corridors of Kabwe shops. Maybe he did not want BBC to show him a caption of the Kabwe shops while being interviewed.
  3. Robert Phiri
    Very poor interviewing skills by Mpho Tsedu. The interview lacked focus and direction. He was going on and on about HH's wealth without dealing with issues to do with Constitution making.
  4. Anonymous
    Yes the interviewer was quite poor in questioning because it is clear HH had already failed to answer the question on his wealth, so there is no reason to go on and on. But another I have noticed though, is that HH in this interview does not sound quite like a leader. Yes we want opportunities created but how do we do that? Good economic management yes but how? Create jobs yes but HOW? The question that needs answering is how to reduce poverty? HOW is the question HH.
    • Freedom
      @ Anonymous Let ECL or any of his smart (lol) Ministers who are in charge answer any of your questions. After all, they are PAID to run (not ruin) the Country.
    • Freedom
      @ Anonymous Let ECL or any of his smart (lol) Ministers who are in charge answer any of your questions. After all, they are PAID to run (not ruin) the Country.
  5. sido Mark
    HH posses the rare qualities of a leader that Zambia needs.We need him,HH has everything Economic and management knowledge and skills.He has practicle skills in business and understands the Zambian business invironment.His moral standing is good,he is not a chain smoker,womanizer nor a drunkered.He is mature and not old and tired.What more do Zambians need?Lets try him,stop this feer of un known that HH a Tonga will chase other tribes from Zambia we know that is imposible.They Sata was made and will ligalise Gay mariages did he do that?the answer is no.HH is the real answer for now.He now how to creat worth as he has done that for himself.
    • Sponge bob
      He knows how to make not create wealth. That period of privatization he created wealth from the sale of parastatals. This time he will create his wealth from tax payers money and relocate to south Africa .
  6. Hobbes
    Uninspiring and boring. The same crap of avoiding question and talking in broad meaningless terms. Future president? Not for me-sorry.
  7. Charles Zulu
    I listened to this interview in June and I enjoyed it even now. It would really be quite interesting to have a free flowing interview with our beloved president.........may be ba Lungu will surprise soon:)
  8. Panic Mechanic
    HH failed to answer a question every one has been asking him. How did he make his money? That will follow him to state house and become his downfall. It is embarrassing for followers to be told your president is a thief.

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