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Zambians should demand prudent use of tax payers’ money by politicians

Headlines Zambians should demand prudent use of tax payers’ money by politicians

Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from right) being welcomed by his Special Assistant for Economy and Development Affairs Hibeene Mwiinga (second from left) at Palace Hotel in New York on Thursday,September 24,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015
Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from right) being welcomed by his Special Assistant for Economy and Development Affairs Hibeene Mwiinga (second from left) at Palace Hotel in New York on Thursday,September 24,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says Zambians should demand prudent use of their tax payers’ money by politicians and senior civil servants.

FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi says it is unfair for Secretary to the Cabinet to remain mute on how much money was spent on the Presidential delegation to the UN General Assembly to New York recently.

Mr. Chipenzi said the Secretary to the Cabinet should tell the Zambian people where the money to take care of such a huge presidential delegation came from.

He added that Zambia should be ashamed to be given as an example of a country that took a huge delegation of 256 people to the UN General Assembly.Mr. Chipenzi further said that it is sad that while the people of Zambia are suffering, resources are being wasted on things that are trivial.


  1. Don’t worry that money will be replenished after fasting and prayers on sunday,the econy is expected to grow by %20 and the Eurobond forgiven.Mark my words,Chishimba has promised to convince God to change to fortunes of politicians come Sunday!

    • How are prayers going to be answered when the so called problems are global? So to PF God is going to favour Zambia out of the all world after prayers? And the all world is going to benefit out of Zambia’s prayers? This is insane and it should be stopped. Let lungu & his cabinet meet to pray, fast and ask for forgiveness from God for the mess they have inflicted on the nation. Infact they are the ones enjoying. How can he ask people who have been fasting everyday to fast on his behalf.

  2. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” – Albert Einstein. Similarly, it is every Zambian who knows the things PF are doing (or not doing for that matter) and yet doing nothing (or possibly cheering) about it that will destroy this country. We should all really be ashamed.

  3. Okay that delegation was just too, too much! Not even a local ceremony like matebeto can attract such a huge number! Let’s be frugal people!

  4. Zambians seem to have corruption or aleast tolerance to it, mediocracy and non accountability in their DNA. They can’t complain, to them seeing corruption and shoddy work is bussiness as usual. We have seen well publicised stories of corruption, misuse of government funds and they just look.
    As an example, we have FAZ which is supposed to a money making machine but instead is reduced to begging and doggeing bailiffs all because of non accountability of its head kalusha Bwalya. Just because the man was a good footballer he is allowed to bankrupt FAZ with no one pointing to accountability. No body seems to be making the connection between the bankruptcy of FAZ and it’s leadership. To zambians it is God or global conditions that make things fail not pipo.


  6. Clearly there is a lot of financial indiscipline in government as revealed by the finance minster . it begs the question who is in control? If a person is making a day trip abroad how did the controlling officer allow that? Some meetings can be attended by mission staff in those countries. Then there is the issue of imprest surely in this day and age how do you give people an undisclosed amount of money? You know what the problem is why don’t you act?

  7. President Lungu should sometimes go for a reality check. Does he really understand the economic tribulations the common man is undergoing? Do not just condemn HH’s regular interjections. Presidents ‘develop horns’ after assuming offices and can destroy their economies with their hell-bent leadership.

  8. Zambians are TOO DOCILE & LACKING IN ANALYTICAL THINKING CAPABILITIES, to demand the best for themselves.
    They will instead kneel, fast, cry, & pray hoping their leaders will make rational decisions, safeguard the nations resources, a pure case of “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”
    If Zambians had analytical capacities, our leaders would NEVER shaft, & deceive us, as in The Pen & Ballot, there is POWER to alter the course of this blatant mismanagement by our so called leaders.
    The problem is we are dealing with a mob that does not use their analytical thinking/ Grey matter, so they instead will fast,pray, weep, gnash their teeth, & hope “Hey Presto” the next day their leaders will stop deceiving them, & our coffers will be replenished with “Manna from Heaven”

    • what do you expect a common man to do??? and you know that the majority are not learned…. what you see is a negative part of declaring Zambia a Christian nation, we miss the part that God has put us on earth to manage it not to go back to Him and ask that He manages it for us… IN A COUNTRY WHERE SILENCE IS MISTAKEN FOR PEACE!!!

  9. If you say Zambians are docile what are you doing as a Zambian about this docility only writting comments here do something about it.

    • @Mzee Hekina, Good Question!
      You ask what am I doing instead of “doing something”?
      To be honest with you Mzee, there is NOTHING I can do, as we have a Democracy in Zambia, BUT unfortunately its “A flawed Democracy” as the majority of Zambians’ are illiterate, un enlightened, & DON’T see the bigger picture. Mzee, even if I cheat in an election, & vote 10 times over, or there is a better candidate with more sound policies & a vision, the illiterate will vote for
      1. The person from their region, even if he was a can of beans.
      2. Will listen to the slogan i.e, “Ifintu ni Lungu” coz to them it sounds catchy, so they feel that is cool & trendy.
      3. Despite one having questionable character, history of embezzling from clients /the state, Zambians will elect them to office, then…

    • Continued;
      . then wonder why the Nation is not developing??
      Mzee I could go on & on, but hey, what’s the use?? So Mzee, You & I, that’s if you have an analytical enlightened mind, surely know there’s nothing I can really do. Unfortunately Zambians will only change the status quo the hard way, via misery & grinding poverty, then they will decide Enough is Enough.
      Mzee I’m sure you will be part of those Kneeling, wailing, gnashing of teeth, & praying for that next day miracle magical cure to Zambia’s man made ills, unless of course you are part of the political benefitting ruling class, who enjoys & wishes this illiteracy continues, while you continue having “More money in your pockets”
      Goodnight Mzee!

  10. Ha!! Demanding accountability from a Zambian politician is asking too much.
    Zambian politicians are actually convinced they deserve the money they loot. Morality and accountability are not in their DNA

  11. Ok guys am tired of GRZ this, GRZ that… are you aware that these politicians are all the same.? Unless we as youths take charge of our country’s development then we will keep getting screwed left, right and center. GRZ is possibly misbehaving because of us citizens – not doing enough to change the status quo. How about we get hold of country’s developmental plans by coming up with solutions amongst ourselves as youths.? How about we become ”My Brother’s Keeper?” How about we use the energy we have to better our lives instead of insulting each other and drinking till cows come home.?

    Let us rise as youths..!!!

  12. I have no problem with Mr. Chipenzi asking the questions he is asking. What I would like to know is whether he is saying it as FODEP or as an individual. It is such talk that make people accuse him of being and opposition sympathizer. But as an election monitor he is not suppose to be one sided.

  13. It is indeed sad that the n these times when the citizens are tightening their belts a delegation to f 256 can travel to the UN. Imagine the expense of that trip. There was no need for some peopl to have gone. Release the list of people. I am sure some of them were not delegates but just went to tour. Who sanctioned the members. Where did the money to finance this trip come from. It is unfortunate! Presidents from the West eg David Cameron travel by commercial airlines. Not those from poor countries. Everything is about being seen!

  14. This Edgar the other day was saying things are just ok and that he has passed the test as president! The question is why call for this prayer and fasting day when things are ok? Why is our kwacha losing value at the rate it is going, and why the sharp rise in prices of almost all commodities and miners on the CB losing their employment! And the visionless f00l is telling gullible citizens that everything is very ok.

  15. Comment: When Botswana was poor, K Masire used to use economy (not first class or charterings planes) on planes. The Zambian president is a lawyer, this lawyer does not understand that he does not need to abuse public funds! Is this the nature of lawyers in Zambia?

  16. If this delegation of 256 is not disputed let alone that public fund weren’t used, then it will certainly make the national prayers called by the president nothing more than an exercise in futility. Quite mocking in the face of such national hardships to allegedly waste so much money. I hope our brave govt spokesperson will put this hired private jet story and huge delegation story an official statement.

  17. In the minds of some people, government is simple. President stays home and does not go to UN and saves $2 millon. What they don’t know that the President travelling may cost $2 million, but the long term benefits of international exposure are immesuarable, including attracting direct foreign investment, creation of jobs, learning from others etc. Furthermore, treaties and agreements are signed that eventually benefit all Zambians.
    The NGOs talk a lot but they are the biggest misusers of money. Out of all the money given to charities, only 10% goes to directly help the poor. These Chipenzis and company drive 4x4s, have salaries much higher than where they came from and travel around the world attending conferences. They have to talk to be seen to be relevant otherwise, their paymasters…

  18. Why are people on this forum blaming everyone except the politicians and the IMF/WB where these ideas come from? Hold the finance ministers accountable, ultimately hold the President and ruling party accountable. However don’t give me generic nonsense about ‘Zambians’, as if this is some kind of isolated event that has nothing to do with other global events.

    The fact is that the effects of these neoliberal were and are highly predictable.

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