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Lecturers paying CBU students to fan trouble-Kambwili

General News Lecturers paying CBU students to fan trouble-Kambwili

Copperbelt Student apprehended by Police
Copperbelt Student apprehended by Police

SOME lecturers at the Copperbelt University (CBU) in Kitwe are allegedly paying students to cause confusion at the institution of higher learning.

On Saturday, police arrested five placard-carrying CBU students for storming Kaunda Square in Kitwe and almost disrupting the wreath-laying ceremony during the commemoration of the 51st independence anniversary.

Chief government spokesman Chishimba Kambwili said in an interview in Kitwe on Saturday that Government has information pointing to five lecturers and one member of staff from the administration department as the masterminds of the confusion at CBU.

“Let me warn these six employees at the Copperbelt University that are paying students to cause confusion that their days are numbered. We know them and we shall soon sort them out. We have intelligence information pointing to these people,” Mr Kambwili said.

The minister said one of the CBU employees is also a member of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and serves in the executive committee of the party.

He described as regrettable Saturday’s incident at Kaunda square where students almost disrupted the wreath-laying ceremony.

Mr Kambwili alleged that the students were paid K60,000 to cause confusion.

He directed police in Kitwe to to restore order and sanity at CBU.

He also orderd them arrest thosebrewing anarchy.

Mr Kambwili warned that students found promoting lawlessness risk having their bursaries withdrawn.

He said students should be at their best behaviour because they are intellectuals.

Mr Kambwili warned that punitive action will be taken against lawbreakers.

He also advised students to desist from being used as tools of political violence by some selfish politicians.


  1. A CBU student ……. (name withheld) is in intensive care unit in Kitwe Central Hospital. He has big stitches from his Chest to the lower abdomen where he was operated on. When the nurse on duty was asked why the student was operated on, she said “there is something we removed from inside which we cannot tell you”. From these words we are able to conclude that the only thing that can be removed from his abdomen after police attacked him is a bullet or a missile fired from a weapon. the student is on cardiac monitors and struggling to look or talk. There was no sign of Dean of Students or CBU clinic officials at the bedside of the student. Let’s Pray that the student Lives. Whatever the case police brutality has changed the student’s life forever.
    Another young lady from school of…

  2. Another young lady from school of business, who after getting choked with tear gas developed low blood pressure and leaned on a wall that fell on her. She has pain in her left leg. She is due for X-ray tomorrow. All this has happened because Honourable Dr Michael Kaingu, Minister of Higher Education in the PF Government has failed to act on the report by a care taker committee appointed by Kaingu himself which report recommended the dismissal of the four managers at CBU. The is the PF government that people voted for that is protecting corrupt and incompetent individuals in CBU management. Shame on the PF, shame on Minister of higher Education and shame on President Edgar Lungu for watching while the situation gets worse. President Zuma acted on student protests in South Africa last…

  3. President Zuma acted on student protests in South Africa last week within two days, why can’t President Lungu act!

  4. Prof Saasa as VC of copperstone, how do you feel being embarrassed by this retard everyday. How can five lecturers, who themselves are not paid their salaries, manage to pay students ZMK60,000,000,000.00.
    This can only come from a copperstone graduate.

    • @ Lucy

      Do you REALLY need answer to your question?

      Whilst we celebrate deeds of freedom fighters for independence at the same time Government led by “humble”, “visionary” and “God anointed” President, creates Martyrs of Democracy.
      So much about reconciliation!!!

  5. The student is still in a comma and recovering. I’d expect the minister would also be concerned about students’ welfare? Why does everything even that demands a simple solution end up being pointed in the wrong direction. Did HH write the same report Kaingu is supposed to act on? And to even think students are that cheap? But when you went to a Mickey Mouse university? Chimbwili is very hopeless.

  6. list of people warned or castigated by CK:
    1. Times print park board – over unpaid salaries for staff
    2. Radio Phoenix – over only allowing callers from a certain party.
    3. UNZA students- over youth center
    4. CBU students – they are being funded by lecturers to cause confusion.
    5. CBU lecturers – bank rolling rogue students
    6. Baluba mine owners- they are deceptive
    7. Fr. Frank Bwalya- that he mad because he left the priesthood.
    8. Zambian watchdog- he promised to close it, he never fails to complete a task.
    9. The post newspapers- That they belong to the cartel
    10. PF- a demon had entered the party.
    11. Dora, GBM,HH,Douglus Siakalima, Eng Chiwala, Prof Saasa, Fred membe,
    the list is long

  7. One wonders what it will be like when ECL arrives for his 5-day working holiday in Kitwe! There will be platoons of police and soldiers at every corner and numberless plain clothes men and women in the city…! All this after the National Day of Prayers and Repentance…. Africa twapapata!

  8. kambwili, kambwili kambwili, how many times dd i call you? hmmmm not seven times , three times only ba honourable. ukusoka abantu inshinta yonse yonse, mukalusa amavoti effortlessly. please learn and learn well, ifintu mu kitwe especially copperbelt tafilibwino, dont increase the frustration. mukalila ba honourable ngatamulefisenda bwino ifintu. you are too fast at acting and talking unfortunately you make a lot of errors and you embarrass yourself and the PF govt, chill honorable BA MUDALA, your job is very temporal infact here in luanshya we have some issues for you to sort out. CBU issue is very straight forward, Kaingu is aware. sort the CBU issue and you will have some vote, sort the mine issue and you will have some more votes, noti mulesokasoka fye, tamwatukwanishe. VIVA STUDENT…

  9. Why only five students protesting? They exposed themselves. They are greedy. They didn’t want others to be part of the K60,000 sharing.

  10. The issue of lecturers at CBU is political. They never wanted them from the word go. So Zambia has become a country where administrators will be chased without proper reasons. Fear them. They think there are no other well educated Zambians who can replace them. Enough is enough. Let these lecturers resign themselves

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