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Chief Chitimukulu calls for an extension of the mobile voter registration

Rural News Chief Chitimukulu calls for an extension of the mobile voter registration

Mwinelubemba Chitumukulu  Kanyata  Manga II after being crowned at Mwenda ngombe during the installation ceremony . The ceremony was attended by president Edgar Lungu.
Mwinelubemba Chitumukulu Kanyata Manga II after being crowned at Mwenda ngombe during the installation ceremony . The ceremony was attended by president Edgar Lungu.

PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II is concerned about the way mobile voter registration exercise has been conducted and has called for an extension of the exercise.

The Mwine Lubemba said there was need to re-conduct voter registration and resolve some administrative hitches characterised the exercise. He was speaking when Malole Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma paid a courtesy call on him on Monday.

The traditional leader observed that in some instances materials at most registration centres were inadequate.

“I am also concerned about the registration of voters in my chiefdom because there were no materials, so instead of spending two weeks, most of the days they were not working.

“So i suggested that the officers should come and finish the exercise because they only did three days and they ran out of materials. This is really my big worry,” the paramount chief suggested.

He said he would continue working with his village headmen to encourage their subjects to register as voters so that they participate in the forth coming general elections.

“I have been encouraging village headmen and women to ensure that their subjects register as voters. We are the biggest constituency, so we need to have a lot of registered voters so that we can participate in the elections,” he said.

The other worry for the tradition leader is the deplorable nature of roads in Malole Constituency which he said needed urgent attention.

“My biggest worry was regarding Nseluka-Kayambi road which i had even told the president about and it’s good that i have heard that the contractors have been awarded and biggest hope that the people will have is that the contractor will be on site,” he said.

He would continue working with government to ensure that development is brought to the area.

On voter registration exercise, Mr Yaluma who is Mines Minister said cabinet was aware of the technical hitches characterised voter the exercise further assuring that the Government was mobilising to extend registration.

“Cabinet is also aware and the Minister of Home Affairs with the assistance of the Vice President, they gave a detailed account on how they are trying to mobilize and extend and we are assured that there will be no more shortage of material,” the Minister said.

The Minister of Home Affairs has put some mitigating measures to ensure that the government moves smoothly and get as many voters to register.

On the roads, Mr Yaluma assured that various contractors engaged to do major and feeder roads in the constituency had been shortlisted and that they were currently mobilising to go on site.

Mr Yaluma assured that President Lungu was aware t and that he had personally wanted the roads should be done in time.

“We need to deliver and ensure that we grow the confidence of the electorates,” he said.

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  1. BA PF be serious ,how can materials not be adequate in PF strong holds.northern,muchinga and luapula provinces can’t register bcoz of lack materials.What’s wrong with ECZ?Be careful PF! it seems ECZ is working with opposition.Can this party become serious .It seems the party structures are sleeping.Where is Edgar Lungu and his MPs.Do they want to win or not?Please ba Lungu tell mumbi Phiri,Chama FR bwalya to go around in yo strong holds and tell pipo to register in numbers.U can c yoself that southern has registered in thousands.what’s happening kanshi ba lungu.Be niko serious to organize the party ka.

  2. Kanabesa, that was a deliberate ploy by the PF themselves, because they are not sure as to whether Kasama belongs to them or GBM’s UPND and henceforth they would rather not risk by registering more young voters whom thy know are pro-GBM. Go to Chinsali, Mpika, Mbala, etc, places where there no doubts over PF popularity, those issues of material shortages have been not encountered. PF are crooks….even you Kanabesa. they look at you with a suspicious eye because they think you will put your vote on GBM and HH….anyway, Kanabesa,no sane Zambian would blame you if did that considering the humiliation you went through under the same PF. Indeed it was under Sata but remember it was the same ECL as Home Affairs who used to send police to surround your Palace……so please Kanabesa, put…

  3. put your vote on GBM and HH in the forth coming elections , these have been your real friends through thin and thick.

  4. hakainde and his Tribalists should not be given half a chance this time around.
    Remember the January 2015 presidential elections, some foolish northerners voted for hakainde but only a handful in hakainde’s strongholds voted for Lungu.

  5. Kanabesa, be careful, GBM has never been welcome by the Tongas in UPND and if you are schemed, don’t come and cry foul. In the unlikely event that UPND formed government probably after 2026, GBM will be sidelined as they kachemas have made it very clear that only Tongas shall be at the reign of UPND. For now, GBM cant see it but the guys are just using his trucks and after all is said and done, a Tonga will be appointed vice president in UPND.
    If you don’t believe it, do some research and you will be shocked that even the chiefs in Southern Province are not happy that GBM is the second to the devil HH. have you ever heard any UPND MP talk positively of GBM and Canicious Banda?
    These are very shroud people and not ashamed when it comes to their own tribesmate. So us your subjects have…

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