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28 year old womans body retrieved from Zambezi river

General News 28 year old womans body retrieved from Zambezi river

The Zambezi River
The Zambezi River

The body of the twenty-eight-year-old woman of Livingstone who drowned in the Zambezi River at the popular picnic site called Dry Manzi in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park on Independence Day has been retrieved and buried.

Southern Province Deputy Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso confirmed that the body of Mary Nyendwa was retrieved on Tuesday by a combined team of police, wildlife and fire brigade officers.

Mr. Kapeso says the body which was in a decomposed state after staying in water for three days was buried by the family soon after it was retrieved.

Marian Nyendwa is survived a husband and a set of twins.

On Saturday, Marian drowned in the Zambezi River at a popular picnic site called dry Manzi in the Mosi-O-tunya national park.

Zambia Wildife Authority -ZAWA- Southern regional senior warden Lusizi Mwale, who confirmed the incident which happened around 16 hours, told ZNBC at the scene that Marian together with her four relatives and friends strayed into the water while having fun but got swept away by the current.

And Marians friend Elizabeth Mpande told ZNBC that she tried to save her friend but the current was too strong and they both did not know how to swim.

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  1. Deepest condolences to Maria’s family and may they have the heart to raise those twins with Love. It is tough for children when they lose a mother so young.

    Dry Manzi, please warn people about currents and have rescuers on site if you allow swimming at a particular spot.

  2. I thought there was not enough water in the Zambezi going by what we have been hearing from Zesco and PF. Anyway dry manzi is open unmanned picnic site. It is really nice but it claims lives every once in a while.

    • More people die at Victoria falls than dry manzi. Can victoria falls be closed to the public or all Airports, Bus stops, Train Stations should be closed to the public as well?

  3. Why was the body in the water for three days? The Livingstone Council know of this problem, they should have already set up a fast-respond system by now. Surely this death was preventable. And please people don’t play in the water if you can’t swim.

  4. I don’t understand :
    1. People swim in the Zambezi as recreation? With river infested with crocs?
    2. Going into a river without knowing how to swim?
    Is there nets on that picnic site or lifeguards or what? Was alcohol involved? sad sad Story, MHSRIEP.

  5. Its sad. Please people knowing how to swim and not knowing is like the difference between life and death when it comes to playing in water. Don’t play in water if you can’t swim, unless you have some good swimmer ? handy to rescue you. Water is life when you can handle it and it can also be death if not handled appropriately.

  6. I knew Maria personally,her death is still a mystery but that’s how God has let it end thankful for the time we had together.

  7. The whole story doesn’t follow a body should be pale and not decomposed if it stays in water for 3days surely there’s more to this story that what has been made known to the public..

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