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Zambia’s Inflation rate shoots to 14.3% from 7.7%

Headlines Zambia's Inflation rate shoots to 14.3% from 7.7%

Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka

Zambia’s annual rate of inflation for October 2015 rose to 14.3 percent, jumping from 7.7 percent recorded in September 2015.

The marked increase in the rate of inflation is mainly attributed to rises in food and non food prices.

Central Statistical Office Director John Kalumbi said during a monthly bulletin that out of the total 14.3 percent annual inflation rate recorded in October 2015, food and non alcoholic beverage products accounted for 8.3 percent while non food accounted for 6 percent.

Mr Kalumbi explained that North-western Province recorded the highest rate of inflation at 11.1 percent followed by Luapula at 10. 3 percent.

‘Food items that recorded sharp increases were Mealie meal, Bread, Buns, Fritters, imported Bread Flour, Beef, Dressed Chicken, Frozen Fish, Dried Kapenta, Fresh Milk And locally produced cooking oil,’ Mr Kalumbi said.

He also said clothing and footwear, furniture, household equipment, transport, recreational items such as newspapers, television sets personal computers also contributed to the increase in inflation.

And Mr Kalumbi also revealed that Zambia’s trade balance has continued to worsen with September deficit standing at K 1,819.5 Million from K725.3 Million recorded in August 2015. This represents a 150.9 percent increase.


  1. Here we go, double digits after 10 years in single digits. Sad day for Zambia. I think we made a grave mistake to kick out MMD. Certain things are only appreciated after they are gone. I think we have learnt lessons. Never usher into office a Kaponya.

    • Why is mr lungu not in India ? 45 African presidents are in India for summit between the continent and India even mr Robert Mugabe is there for the summit . $ Billions of deals will be signed , was ba lungu not invited ?

    • Chishimba Kambwili will come and tell us it is GLOBAL and Edgar will say , lets pray. These guys practice a deviant type of economics call Jemasonomics. I can bet you, by December inflation will hit 20%

    • We warned you and we were insulted…. to make you understand the incomptency of Lungu and his gang. In 2009 when we had the worst economic recession copper dropped to 1700 to day its at 5000 and yet the country never experiences the collapse of the economy under MMD. So for Baboons like Kambwili who are saying it global…. thats the results of night school

      For Mr Lungu who has suddenly discovered GOD, let me tell you that GOD does not fix economies, its never happened and it will never happen. The sooner we send you back to Chawama the better.

    • PF what do you have to say for yourselves, seeing that the economy has been broken under your watch? Most likely you have nothing to say since you had no vision in the first place. Sad to say the least

    • Where is that Chi.nyo.chakwe sponge Bob that has been insulting me all the time. can he comment. I said this all the time . Oghh Noooo

    • These poor figures needed national prayers before announcing them, what a political strategy. Zambians 2016 think twice before voting, answer the following before voting. Can one eat humbleness, can one eat no vision or no plan, can one leave off by elections, the list goes on. Thereafter, do cast your votes wisely, the writing is all written on the wall, the current economic policies will leave many high and dry.

    • “The marked increase in the rate of inflation is mainly attributed to rises in food and non food prices” In short everything has gone up! And some i-d-iot will be screaming ifintu ni lungu.

    • WTF! Very shameful statistics indeed. This is despite Edgar influencing the CSO officers to reflect favourable figures!

    • Wasn’t Alexander Chikwanda MMD at one point? It doesn’t matter what the alphabet soup name of the party is. What matters is that there are people in charge who have not fallen for the neoliberal economic lies, who won’t do whatever the IMF/World Bank tells them to do, and won’t hire a finance minister who is just one step away from working for the World Bank/IMF/Goldman Sachs/Rothschild Bank (Trevor Manuel)/any of other Bretton Woods institutions, like the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.

    • Am sorry to write this, but umu zambian teti achinje. You will still see him/her voting pf. Let our people starve first and die in numbers from hunger and disease, that is when the rest will wake up and become wiser. Tatulachula first.

    • Jacob, we do not need to deal with India in a wider expanse. As crazy as this may sound, we are better of dealing with good old Great Britain and Taiwan than India. The wise shall see exactly why I stated that.

    • This economic calamity that has befallen Zambia was predicted by some us just the moment PF took over power. But most PF id0its here insulted me badly and labelled me a prophet of doom.
      Here we are now folks, ba chimbwi no plan PF zealots, what have got to say about these embarrassing inflation figures?

      Mwanya izakunyokolani njala!

      I have said it so many times that what I say comes to pass more especially regarding Zambian politics and the economy. Its no magic but just a matter adding 1 + 1 then speculate and draw conclusions. All you need is critical thinking and comparative analysis.

      2016 vote UPND the only party the international community is ready to do business with.

      UNPD here to save Zambia

    • Many of the bloggers seem to be enjoying or are surprised by the news of higher inflation including some Engineer and are blaming Lungu.
      They do not mention that when prices of copper were high Mwanawasa wanted to introduce Windfall Taxes but the Mining Houses supported by the likes of hakainde opposed the move vehemently. Today Zambia would have been swimming in dollars instead of borrowing bond money which have contributed in the decline of the Kwacha.
      Let us be constructive. Especially the educated one.
      Demagoguery will” ll take us Nowhere.

  2. This could be a jaw dropping number if you have not been following events caused by the effect of Kwacha depreciation, but I hope people now understand what inflation is. During our reign, as MMD , when we worked hard to bring down inflation in single digits, people used to scream at us saying ..” YOU CAN”T EAT INFLATION!!!” Well, You can!! Now people know why as MMD we fought inflation like a cancer because it is the enemy of the poor. Inflation at 14.4% which is a 50% jump simply means that the money in your pocket can now only buy half the things you bought last month with the same money. You will need a 50% salary increase to just break even. Touch times ahead, all the best Zambia

    • Zambia’s Economy Officially in RECESSION
      Facts are screaming a scaring reality at us. All the critical economic indicators are telling us that Zambia is headed into a ditch.

      – GDP has declined
      – Exchange rates are spiraling out of control
      – Interest rates have soured
      – Credit rating downgraded

      and now the INFLATION rising by more than 80% in one MONTH

    • For only this one have I seen MMDCBootlicker commenting sensible ideas ever since MMD lost elections. I was thinking the shock of the loss was still affecting his nerve cells. Your analysis cannot be put in any way better.


    • It is the man who was being eulogised yesterday who used to say that ‘you cant eat inflation’ despite the fact that the country had suffered greatly from hyper inflation in the 70s and 80s and it took the MMD govt nearly a decade to bring it under control. The madness of that fateful September day in 2011 are now coming home to roost. Now maybe some of you will finally begin to understand why RB wept.

  3. How surreal! I thought PF zealots have been saying the economy is doing fine save for the depreciation of the kwacha. How come the inflation has jumped 100% to 14.3% in the space of 30 days? Ifintu ni Lungu advocates, what arguments are you going to present this time around concerning the inflation? The China story… is not going to be accepted as a basis to that effect…

  4. Can i hear someone shout again infintu ni Lungu!
    Lets just go for early election, at times we even miss MMD we kicked out!

  5. All the things that could go have gone wrong

    I am talking about THE KEY ECONOMIC INDICATORS
    – GDP has reduced drastically
    – Interest rates have soured
    – Inflation has soured
    – Exchanges Rates have gone out of control
    – Unemployment increasing at alarming rate
    – Credit ratings declining
    – Poverty levels sky-rocketing

    With the decline in the GDP – Zambia’s economy is officially in recession!!!!

  6. tomato,tomato balunda,onion nayo yadula uno mwaka tulefwa kunsala,inshonkonono nasho shafula,nabola i ne efyo tulushila,tomato tomato balunda mayo tomato balunda… I remember this song very well

  7. Sata was gud & never destroyed Zambia.The problem is Lungu who has destroyed the country within 6 months.Why can’t he resign and let Miles Sampa take over bcoz he can’t inspire anyone.We love PF but ba Lungu with His Vice ba Inonge know nothing.Why can’t he appoints Guy Scott as His VP before he destroys our party uyu Lungu.The PF party inspired us and still loved by zambians but Lungu iwe Kaya.Can he show leadership please.So long as Kwacha continues depreciating everything will go up by even 1000%.Kalyalya BOZ governor has failed period.There is no way a currency can depreciate to more than 100% with 4 3 months.The man maybe knows economics of theories.Indians are now are trading in Dollars meaning no dollars in zambian banks.No systems in place to monitor anything including…

    • @Moscow. The whole rot started with Sata (MHSRIP). Sata was aptly labelled CNP and Cuumbu Munshololwa for a reason. The chi pante-pante regime with started without proper planing.

      On this very fora, as early as 2012, we started talking about the impending implosion of the economy. I for one mentioned the inflation and said within two years or so it will be back in double digits.

      We could predict that haphazard and indiscriminate commissioning of projects, the rampant declaration of new districts, uncountable induced bye-elections, bloated cabinet (family-forest), etc were all bound to crash sooner or later.

      The populist stand adopted by PF is what is causing all this.

    • ldiot.

      Some things do not happened overnight. This is the result of the incompetence of SATA!

      And made even worse by LUNGU.

      Can we get a PRESS CONFERENCE now?

  8. When MMD lost POWER to PF, I wanted to cry but because am a man, I couldn’t. I knew Zambians had made a big mistake. Zambians should get rid of PF but they should not vote for UPND. I would rather we bring back RB!

    • You are correct. MMD under RB should not have been booted out. I knew this would happen but Zambians are just so gullible. How could anyone choose Sata over RB? They were even happy when the govt got back Zamtel which now is just gobbling up govt money without making a profit.

    • We dont need RB .He is gonna give himself all the remaining cash.Need to start voting on basis of economical perfomance. PF as at now is driving us into a deep ditch and now depending on non existent prayers / miracles, which is akin to voodo

  9. to monitor anything including poaching og animals.iAre we serious as Zambians or not. Lungu should fire Kalyalya coz he has failed us. Kalyalya is not telling Lungu the truth.Maybe he supports UPND.They way things are going, citizens will arise against the govt because of high prices goods. PK Mayo alimba ati insala ileta umusebanya.Let him listern to COMMON MAN song.Ba lungu is being cheated by Kalyalya n His friends.Kwacha is losing value like a toilet paper.Please Lungu put things in place we want the development sata left to continue.When Sata was in power kwacha was trading @ K5 -$1.lungu from 5.7-K13 within 6 months.Iwe tefyo ba lungu twapapata.Please don’t destroy PF with yo fake economists.Can you show leadership and vison to the pipo.Humbleness without solution is not gud.We…

    • @Moscow. The problem is not Denny Kalyalya. The man is on record giving sound advice. But Oh no, your JECL and team do the opposite.

      The Person who needs firing is no other than JECL. “Isabi pakubola, litampila kumutwe”

    • The old FOSSIL Chikwanda – who was appointed by his nephew SATA – in the budget speech said “we expect inflation to remain in single digits”….

      He has bankrupted Zambia once before. Now he is doing it AGAIN! Can he please resign WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

      Or Lungu must FIRE HIM. Zambia cannot afford to leave incompetent M0R0Ns like this in charge of the economy. Wake up you F00Ls, this is a real DISASTER, we need an plan to tackle this EMERGENCY! not prayers.

      And a PRESS CONFERENCE to tell the Nation what is being done about it!

  10. A hundred % increase in national indicators shows you that the economy is not sound. I will say that with the way the economy is performing, the downgrade of the Kwacha, an increase in prices, a decrease in the production levels at mines, job- losses- I would say that HH is giving the PF a free pass and everytime he is asked to offer an alternative, his argument does not drive the point home hard enough. 2016 will be an interesting year because for the first time, the PF will be forced to campaign on their record.


  12. I agree with the MMD Chief Bootlicker, that people now understand what inflation really means. Kaindi, they were wondering ikuti, what is Kalumbi talking about when he mentioned inflation; now bazyiba kuti caamba kutanta kwamyoolo, and who hasn’t experienced it? Ccita Lungu abeenzinyina, bamwiimbila day and night! Lord Bless Zambia, kaka!


  14. Elders is there any stimulus for any of our local economy or is some inflationary also worse for all sectors or is the expectations from the pronoucements by central statistics below or over market expectations without any artificial super intervention Where as others are trying to have some little acceptable inflationary pressure what is the idea situation for Zambia on its portfolio of rates considering its Investments outlook in the global sense and accounts to sail on a healthy inflationary rate

    Is this within or outside the monetary policy framework if not what is the correct response in monitory policy by our authorities to ensure that core inflation CPI…

  15. PF PF PF. This is how you can damage ZAMBIA, even devalued people’s wealth. Aren’t you ashamed to even think of re election? Sata mobilized a gang off the streets to lead Zambia and this is the reward.

  16. We can say all we can but the ultimate cause is that the pf regime has no vision to lead as anywhere. The imflation rate our great leader Mwanawasa and his finance man, Magande so laboured for to bring it to a single digit has been brutally squandered by the pf devils. They don’t understand the economy thats why you have Kmbwili and s scar faced Kalaba open their mouths so carelessly only to say nonsense. They called for national day of prayer fool us and most foolish to them trying to mock God at the expense of his beloved people of Zambia. This is the beginning, you are yet to see the wrath of God. Even in bible times, states were punish because of poor leadership.
    Until we change leadership are thing going to be ok for Zambia.
    exactly nine days from the dah of prayers, we are face…

  17. Being president of a country is a very serious matter. Real countries vote for people with a inspiring track record. Us in Zambia vote in any one, criminal or not, the only qualification is excelling in corruption to bribe the illitrate voters and you are the president of the Republic of Zambia.

  18. Who’s that nigger talking about Lungu needing to be in India when we have all agreed to cut down on foreign trips? Reason we are hiting rock bottom is partly coz this govt spends mountains to galivant to simply take photos with the Obamas! Post nothing when your head feels empty – PULIZ!

    • Agreed – because even if he traveled, the man will not face the investors to market Zambia – he is a coward!

  19. …if only such economic terminologies would be clearly understood by the ‘vulnerable’…those marketeers, kaponyas..who constitutes the larger portion of excited voters…terms like inflation…GDP…trade deficit…just like the way depreciation of Kwacha has been enlightened…every where you go you hear terms like…’Kwacha naipona’…’Kwacha naipena’…meaning the Kwacha has depreciated and usually appreciate the impact…if only we can also find suitable vernacular translation(especially kaponya lingua) for inflation…GDP…trade deficit….may be, just may be they would think twice when they enter that little booth to cast their vote……

  20. This is just the beginning the worst is yet to come. Let the man just go back to Chawama and continue drinking ma JEMASON.

  21. worry not zambia, its always darkest when its about to dawn. all these things shall go very soon and we shall be normal, inflation shall reduce to 6 or less in 6 months time and all the variables shall be ok. worry not worry not fyala balansa

    • Yes I agree. The dawn will come when these dunderheads in government are kicked out and UPND comes in mu 2016. Twat.

  22. Worsening inflation,depreciating kwacha,a sharply reduced budget in real terms and a ballooning trade deficit.

    Those are the mounting results of electing political architects from the village instead of astute economic managers.

  23. In the midst of that all your leaders can think of is commissioning Christian Interdenominational buildings. Economy siyanyoko – it is like a pregnancy; if you don’t kill the child everyone will know! I keep saying that the same God we are returning to admitting failure gave us brains to think creatively so we could solve problems. Now we think our failure to think means return to Creator. Die? Or fool the citizens? Either has terminal consequences…

  24. Please don’t bother our wonderful President with such trivial matters as double digit inflation.

    He is extremely busy praying and building memorials to Sata, and huge churches which is much more important than starving Zambians.

  25. As for me, i cried when Lungu was declared winner in Jan_15,but the illiteracy who didnt knw what Lungu will bring to our lives was a jubilation, even insulted HH that he’ll never rule zambia. See now whom do you blame now, the answer is YOURSELVES for voting blindly after he confessed that he had no vision of his own, foolish ones thought by fasting shall God would provide immediate solutions,bcoz u insulted those opposed to yo prayers u’ll pay for yo deeds.Continue shouting ifintu ni Lungu until voting time whilst yo purchasing power continues reduced

  26. It pains me to hear some people saying we shall still vote for Lungu no matter what! What do these people want in life! You can’t feed on tribe or humility! To these people in PF leadership, I don’t think Edgar or Kambwili understand anything about inflation figures, and that’s why they are maintaining saying things are just ok with unprecedented development! This is a very bitter lesson to this country which should never be repeated!

  27. The writing has been on the wall for some time. Unfortunately for you and i, the worst is still ahead of us. Copper prices are not due to recover until 2017/2018, massive job losses on the copper belt are eminent, el ninos is here so expect poor rainfall, fertilizer is at K450 per bag so SSF wont afford- a poor harvest is expected. Load shading shall more than likely continue in 2016- productivity will remain very low. ECL and his crew have exported so much maize, we may end up importing next year. Govt expenditure is to go up as 2016 as its an election year. Last but not least Dora is back in government so her 18 year old son who had K2billion (old currency) in 2012 is bound to triple his bank balance!!

  28. Lungu’s enemies trying to win political mileage, forgetting the economy is controlled by technocrats and the western world world. Lungu does not fix copper prices, Lungu does not fix exchange rates. Lungu is less than a year in power. He just came in at a time past bad decisions started bearing negative results.
    So far he is on the right direction to correct the wrong for the future of Zambia. We will surely vote for him again in 2016 as we see no alternative to the present situation.

    • it is not Lungu, but PF that is the concern. They have been in power for 4 yrs enjoying some of highest copper prices yet they have shakeld the country with close to $7 billion dept and a collapsing economy.

    • You really have no idea what you are talking about.

      Do you think a country is either rich or poor JUST BY ACCIDENT?????

      Those bad decisions that started bearing negative results were made by Sata when Lungu was a MINISTER. And he has just kept on and made even WORSE decisions that will bear even WORSE results later.

      We already have no water and no Zesco. Maybe when you have no food in your house you will wake up!

    • Iwe @Chinena, what “political mileage” are you talking about? Wasn’t Lungu part of the collective responsibility which is enshrined in the constitution for cabinet ministers! Twebeniko fimbi not ukulanda ati he trying to correct the wrongs which he is fully part to…

    • @ John Chinena: Zambia’s economy can perform better with sound proactive leadership. Lets NOT be Intellectual cowards by blaiming the Western Countries and Jehovah God for the hardships we are going through. The Zim Dollar started depreciating at a rate like our Zambian Kwacha. In no time all Savings people made were reduced to nothing. If this situation is not arrested, by next year our Kwacha savings might be reduced to nothing.

  29. This John Chinena is really embarrassing. Can you disclose just one adjustment that Lungu has administered to respond to changing fortunes? Is he not the same person who took 200 plus people to the UN and no one among them attended his address? Zambians, let us not think like this please. You may be enjoying but your children will inherit poverty with the sustained support for PF. PF is an illusion of the mind. It does not exist and hence this poor response to the problems. The determination of good leaders is not in the absence of challenges but their ability to manage challenges.

  30. Don’t include ba Sata.lungu is just a lazy leader without vision.He doesn’t inspire anyone as a leader.how can u say that it’s Sata when Ba Sata left inflation @6.6% and this man Lungu within a month it goes up to 14.5%.This is why i’m saying BOZ governer is uselesssssss n should resign.Why keeping such a governer if he can’t contain inflation within 2%.Zambia is not at war or facing sanctions to justify the inflation increase to 14.5% an increase of 100%.Kalyalya know theories period.Lungu is wasting time by not being tough.it will be too late n pipo will start stoning if he lets such pipo in govt.Nothing is happening.No investor will invest in such a country with instability.U can invest $1M today but u’ll never pay back coz kwacha is jst depreciating like toilet paper.I don’t…

  31. Instead of rushing to board rooms in times of economic problems, the fools were rushing to church for prayers. We all pray and love our God, but do things correctly.

  32. Crazy John chinena! Is it because you are connected in PF so you dont want to hear anyone opposing wrong things. What is Lungu doing now that makes you think he is trying to fix the economy apart from saying I am winning in 2016. Let him not take Zambians for granted by thinking he will still get away in this situation.

  33. The Finance minister, the BOZ governor, need to resign out of moral fortitude. If we had a minister of finance as robust as the Auditor general is, we would even be using the inflation hike to our advantage.

  34. The thing is that, this is an easy fix. Really cut all spending in government, I mean all. No more VXs, no more allowances for Matibini and the MPs in Assembly. All of them need to shut up and stay home for two months. It is not like the do anything anyway.

    • Yep, no more paying for MP’s talk time, this will actually improve productivity where they actually do work they are paid to do instead of spending their time talking to other pipos wives and running tuntembas. Cut down on full fuel tanks for officials and maybe they would be found in offices instead of only finding jackets hanging on chairs.

    • @Nzelu. The painful thing is that, apart from being visionless, these greedy PF leaders don’t seem to care. In act we can they are heartless.

      Sure in a situation like this;
      1. They still go ahead and buy themselves very expensive top of the range VXs
      2. Buy a US$50, 000, 000 Golf stream Jet for the president
      3. Charter a private jet for US$ 300, 000 and take musicians to USA for a week
      4. Move “State House” from Lusaka to Kitwe just for campaign purposes
      5. Create 5 New Ministries just to appoint friends
      6. Invite Deputy Ministers to attend Cabinet meetings

      The list is endless.

  35. The hudge budget deficit faced by Zambia is Satas legacy. They is what you get when you have a popularise orator kaponya with no idea about global economics as a president. Then comes along lungu and his wife who thinks va boma don’t cost anything, it is GRZ so it must be for free.

  36. What I can say to my fellow Zambians is, hang on for a rough ride. Before this is over you will cry. And after you have cried, you will cry again.

  37. There we go as Zambians! “No lets just bring back RB but not vote for UPND!!!” That ethinic mentality will not leave us, even in moments where we know where to find the answer we would rather vote for another easterner no matter what blunders they made. Noooooooo, HH is Tonga therefore he cannot be president, lets bring back RB! How foolish and blinded with tribalism can Zambians be. WHY NOT JUST WRITE TO SAY, WE CANT HAVE HH BECAUSE HE IS TONGA? God alone knows where he has hidden the answer concerning Zambia’s problems! The stone the builder rejected has turned out to be the corner stone. Its a matter of two monkeys laughing at each other’s uglyness. That is the Zambian mentality! Whites practice racism to us and in turn we practice tribalism to each other! What kind of species are…

  38. @Patrick! You are very right, this Lungu behaves like a typical komboni guy who has very little understanding of issues! He doesn’t care about how much he spends carelessly! To him and his wife ‘niva boma’, so he feels he can spend as much as he likes since its for free! How else can one explain the reckless spending of our meager resources by this very dull lazy man!

  39. Ati ifintu ni Lungu, this is what the people of Zambia asked for, the honestly told he has no vision and you go ahead and put him in the office. Just recently the Boz governor was discussing that PF and Lungu are full of inconsistencies hence the state of affairs in the country. You look everywhere, the PF are to blame yet they are busy telling uninformed citizens that the problem is low copper price. These men and women in PF have failed the nation and it is high time Zambians made the right decisions next year.

  40. All comments above are made in bitterness. Lungu does not run BOZ. Lungu does not arrange his trips within and outside. Lungu does not make rains to fill dams. Lungu does not fix copper prices. Lungu does not select models of cars to buy in govt. Some of these are done by Civil Servants working in government, while some are at international level. Some of you commenting here are the same people making govt. appear to be failing. Diversification was not done in the past. If you people were real you would attack the right people, but no all you see is a chance to attack Lungu, shame!

    • Again, PF has been in power for 4yrs, they found
      $3 billion in the bank, Lungu was a minister. Now we owe $7 billion and we have a collapsing economy and lungu is the leader. No one forced lungu to be leader infact he forced himself upon us. If you are absolving lungu of responsibility of the state of affaires of the country, then it is PF that the pipo do not want, we will vote out PF.

    • @John Chinena

      You are absolutely right!

      Lungu does NOTHING.

      Zambias economy is collapsing and Lungu does NOTHING.

      No electricity and Lungu does NOTHING.



      But the clown thinks he will win in 2016?

      When he is not even capable of giving a press conference????????

  41. You clearly fail to objectively analyse situations. Leadership is not for wimps and weak-minded individuals. One must be willing to take responsibility for the good and the bad. When a company is failing – the CEO receives the blame, a football team – the coach etc. Lackwise with our lacklustre economic performance since the PF took over, the President and the entire leadership should take the blame. Above all, we as Zambians should take the biggest blame for throwing common sense out the door and choosing to elect mediocre leaders.

  42. High Inflation in any country is really bad for the economy. Factors at play in an economy are always dynamic, therefore comparing situations to previous ones is deceptive. The solution is to scrutinize factors now at play, and take remedial action.

    • Bee Esi, you are perfectly correct.

      Unfortunately the logic of this has totally escaped Lungu and his friends. They think that PRAYING is the answer!

  43. It is very shoking to read comments of hate from people who should be providing solutions. None of the commentators say what UPND would do to address these issues. Men and women of Zambia hear me clearly , the economic challenges of Zambia will not end even UPND came to power tonight. The causer of these problems in Zambia is all the commentators, myself, all PF, UPND, MMD, UNIP and all other political parties. Why do I say so? We have lamentably failed to engage into production that would result in us exporting, we have failed to open manufacturing companies etc but have let all these things in the hands of foreigners of Asians who lie that they are Zambians but busy externalising money. The first step to change the situation is to address this issue because even though UPND or RB party…

    • That is why we elect a government to steer the country forward. The current GRZ is reckless in spending to the extreme. They spend like Zambia is a wealthy developed country. Adding to that almost all of their ministers in key positions are usless. You have one miles sampa and his team who have been leading their ministry for a long time just recently finding out that Zambia imports eggs and chickens. He had no clue all along yet it is supposed to be his job.

  44. Below is the selected USA inflation history:

    Year % Movement % Increase

    1916 – 1917 8% to 18% 125%

    1941 – 1942 5% to 11% 120%

    1950 – 1951 1% to 8% 700%

    1973 – 1974 6% to 11% 83%

    1986 – 1987 2% to 4% 100%

    Currently its averaging 0%

    When you look at what the biggest economy in the world experienced before in terms of inflation, its clear that…

  45. Am not a statistician, but what I have observed about prices on shop shelves and this rate do not tally – to me inflation rate may be as high as 50%!

  46. You will need though some measure of inflation targeting in the Zambian Financial System You will need to chatt the Fiscal and monetary policies over the period of time like my friend Dominion has intend about meaning you need to know the interest rate direction and when to cut ,do an operational twist appropriately and see the silent effect of “‘Zambia’s QE’ over time “‘ matched with the nominal GDP growth targets creating a communication effective policy in Central Statistics and rates boards avowing the blind helicopter money and its effects

    I have also come to learn that changing inflation expectations and shocks that come with it is a psychic task…

  47. its in the mind of people whether the economy is deflationary or inflationary infact there has to be a zero sum game between the two especially the case of Zambia debt deflationary and deleveraging to inflationary doing a carefully managing the effects of these two and avoiding taking a one view

    you will need to have a good understanding of inflationary and see what policies to address the ”Chinama”‘ expectations in the people to send the correct as both actual inflation and that in expectations should ideally have the same tools and will require that particular inflation

    In an ideal economy and situation see in other economies where people are at 0…

  48. the inflation for ZAMBIA as seen from the COMPLEX THEORY over the years the inflationary rate should graduate over a period towards down wards trend to near 0 or some near o inflation rate within that level

    It can be done its not impossible


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