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Charles Mpundu quits as NAPSA Director General


NAPSA Director General Charles Mpundu has retired from his role as the head of the country’s largest public pension’s fund.
The reasons for Mr Mpundu’s retirement have not been stated.

According to a notice from the Lusaka Stock Exchange on behalf of ZAMBEEF, Mr Mpundu has resigned as a Non-Executive Director of the Company and will step down from the Board with immediate effect following his retirement from his role as Director General of NAPSA.

Mr Mpundu joined the NAPSA Board on 1st February 2014 as a Non-Executive Director representing local Zambian institutional shareholders.

Zambeef Chairman, Dr Jacob Mwanza said Mr Mpundu’s expertise and knowledge of the Zambian market has been greatly valued over his nearly two years on the Board.

‘We are very grateful to him for his significant contribution to Zambeef’s growth and expansion in the period and we wish him well for the future.’

Late President Michael Sata appointed Mr Mpundu as Director General of NAPSA in April 2012.


  1. Lunga Mana.
    LT pliz improve on your reporting.Has Mpundu resigned from NAPSA or from ZAMBEEF board?Your report is jumbled.
    • Mwana Chinondo
      The 3rd paragraph is mistyped. It should read: "Mr Mpundu joined the *ZAMBEEF* Board on 1st February 2014 as a Non-Executive Director representing local Zambian institutional shareholders."
  2. Cat Power
    Just watch all those in influential positions fall off like lice sprayed with chemicals. No One wants to be a part of this fall of Zambia. Like I have always said more suffering and complete collapse is what will make these stupi.d uneducated voter from the copperbelt. They should even run out of newspapers to use for pit latrines then they will try change. More popcorn please. Waiting for 20 to 1 usd by Jan please. Alleluia praise god
  3. marioki
    Please read the report carefully. It Is very clear. Mr Mpundu was on the ZAMBEEF Board representing NAPSA. His retirement from NAPSA means he automatically resigns for ZAMBEEF board.
  4. Nsimbi
    Lunga mana has a point and so does Marioki! The big story should have been more on Mpundu's leaving of Napsa than his smaller role in Zambeef. Why it turned out so, repercussions, role of PF and who has replaced him and so on and so forth. There is nothing factually wrong with story. However news should not be written for the already enlightened like Marioki but rather for f.ools and hence the term FOOLPROOF or idiot-proof!
  5. Me
    I hope he didn't make some wrong investments for people's contribution. Or perhaps he is morally upright and he does not want to be part of the team that may be abusing pensioner's fund
  6. HH Techilema
    @voice That's why this story is crap. Mostly articles on online medium are incorrect making bloggers shooting from without. Just read @cat power useless comment to understand what I imply.
  7. The Mentalist
    This kind of Journalism is flawed. It is the reason why most of our newspapers appear to have been authored and edited by junior secondary young writers association, back in the years. Sorry to those supporting the way the above article is structured, it is the reason our general reading and writing levels and understanding of the English language is poor. This is s shiit journalistic piece. By the way, am not a journalist. Am a mineral processing Engineer.
  8. Wix
    The reporting is indeed mixed up between his position as executive and DG of Napsa and his non exec position on zambeef board. Para 3 should read zambeef board not Napsa board

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