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Chishimba Kambwili warns civil servant against shunning traditional ceremonies


Chishimba Kambwili

Government has warned civil servants on the Copperbelt province against shunning significant traditional ceremonies.

Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says traditional ceremonies deserve unlimited support by all well-meaning civil servants across the country.

Mr Kambwili, who is also information and broadcasting services minister , implored Copperbelt province permanent secretary Howard Sikwela to ensure that traditional ceremonies are supported by all civil servants without fail.

“ I want to sound a warning to the Copperbelt province permanent secretary that when ceremonies are held he should attend and am disappointed to find a lot of mayors and district commissioners rushing for traditional ceremonies outside the Copperbelt just to make allowances but when it comes to their own they don’t want to attend” he said.

He was speaking during this year’s edition of the Nsengele Kununka traditional ceremony held in Machiya Chiefdom of Mpongwe district, yesterday.

Meanwhile, Mr Kambwili has assured residents of the area that the Mpongwe Machiya road would soon become a reality.

He disclosed that all tender procedures regarding the tarring of the Mpongwe Machiya road had been completed and that a contractor for the road project would soon be identified.

He further assured that the patriotic front under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu will not relent in its efforts to bring sustainable development to Mpongwe District.

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  1. Obatala Jemasoni Lungu Shedding
    Is warning people all Chishimba Kambwili knows. Lord what did this wonderful country do to deserve such useless leaders. And if you notice Edgar is very comfortable with Bemba airheads such as Kambwili, Davies Chama and Mumbi Phiri. Clever ones like Miles Sampa, he keeps at arms length....Someone must be deluded to think they cam win an election with Kambwili, Mumbi and Chama as strategists.
    • Kalk
      @Obatala... they (PF) are not in the opposition. They won an election (TWICE). Zambians vote for whomever their vote pushes to the finish line...
    • wanzelu
      So mpongwe is also bantu botatwe land! PF has now resorted to threatening every body instead of finding robust solutions to the ailing Zambian economy. Kambwili and Lungu had hostile reception in CB. CB people told them they are tired of hearing threats and want real solutions to their problems. They booed both Lungu and Kambwili although Ba lusaka times remained mute about it and used photoshop pictures to show that Lungu 's rallies in CB were well attended when infact not. It has now sank in Kambwili's head that the CB people don't want anything to do with PF because it has totally failed to save them from the misery caused by PF's incompetence for failing to deal with load shedding . CB people teach PF a lesson by voting emass for UPND the only party to deliver Zambia...
    • Jacob
      Are we still in democracy or dictatorship ? Corruption in government is every and his busy warning everyone . Fix the economy not warning everyone , we aren't you children .
    • Incognito
      Sampa is not Bemba, he's likely From Mpulungu. That is either Mambwe or Lungu tribe. Not all North East is Bemba.
    • Incognito
      From Nakonde, Isoka, Mbala, Mpulungu you have high caliber politicians of a sound education and integrity. You have the likes of the late Ronald Penza, the late Dean Mungomba, Derrick Chitala, Erick Silwamba, Edith Nawakwi, too many to list. By far more distinguished, corrupt free and more competent than the fellas from the East and their Bemba cohorts.
  2. julius
    Kambwilli is right ! Lets support our traditional ceremonies locally and not always rush for such occasions outside our towns just to make allowances.
    • Joker!
      The "TRADITIONAL CEREMONY" that I will attend is the FIRING OF AN INCOMPETENT LOUDMOUTH MINISTER! That will be worthwhile!
    • Ntaulu
      Civil servants should not waste time attending traditional ceremonies. Civil servants are govt employees and not political reps.
  3. paul maibuye
    'just to make allowances' that's PF for you. Kambwili to be governmeent mouthpiece,is there anyone serious up there?
  4. Kay Vy
    When ar dey gona work 2 improve de messed up economy if dey spend all dere time watchn nyau dancers as ceremonies are happenin almost everyde.Lets be srrious bane.
  5. webman
    Kambwili, ever heard of the term productivity? Are these ceremonies held on public holidays for you to tell civil servants to abscond from their offices in order to attend them?
  6. Jacob
    It's 21 century dull chisambi . If people don't what go for ceremony don't force them mind your own business . 90% of Zambians are suffering because of your corruption and warning investors coming into Zambia .
  7. Napapa Sana
    You can only encourage the civil servants to attend. You cannot warn them! The are not obliged to attend the traditional ceremonies. What is wrong with Kambwili's mind?
  8. Kas
    Ba Hon. Global CK, before you embark on a new road from Mpongwe to Machiya, when is the Kitwe - Solwezi road being completed? Despite the economic importance of this road, it is in a deplorable condition. My guess is you were just politiking to tickle the ears of innocent hungry people in Machiya chiefdom.
  9. kayula
    learn to appreciate what God is doing for Zambia. Ask your friends about Boko Aram, Isil, Burundi, mysterious flights in Califonia, Ethiopia, Daesh. Zambia is free from all thes
    • Mwale Mulenga
      Kanyeleni uko naimwe fyonse ni lesa. Is God also responsible for giving us a brain dead and clueless president or is it not our fault as a people?
  10. ine wine
    And a man has a degree. The day Chishimba will be fired, that's when PF will say he caused them such misery. The time to fire Hon Kambwili is now. Let him go through his list of ultimatums he has given over the last year and see which ones he's achieved. Then also let him do a stock taking of warnings and see what they've achieved
  11. Keleni tasa atushe'
    WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!!! All Big Kambwili knows is Warning people. Big- K honestly must be Idi Amin Dada's Son. Similarities in mentality, & facial/ body features are frighteningly uncanny.
  12. kapotwe
    Now that the Sata factor is wearing out see what a desperate and disorganised bunch they are? The cracks within are starting to show and will only get larger. Meanwhile Edgar is too inebriated to realise this Kambwili fellow is gunning for the top spot and as such has launched his personal campaign.
  13. Mwale Mulenga
    Has Kambwili ever said anything sensible since Pf formed government? Kambwili is enough evidence to arrive at the conclusion that Edgar Lungu is indeed clueless and if anything brain dead to have appointed him as government spokesman. Sata put appointed him as Foreign Affairs Minister, then Labour, sport and now Information...! No one seems to know where to fit this empty giant that is good at nothing but talking rubbish. Pf and your choices, pathetic creatures....
  14. p8
    what was going to be wrong if kambwili encouraged civil servants to attend traditional ceremonies? lyonse its warning, nangu infulka ileloka imwe ni warning, ba mudala these same pipo you warn everday you will need their vote few months from now, kaa....i am WARNING you now, be careful kambwili, bantu balenga muleteka !! ok , akulandeni ....
  15. Ngombala Muhapi wa Linaha
    It was this gorilla and its supreme tribally bigoted Satanic Satanyokola Ukwa Zondwa Deceased fimo fimo who paving the way for the ethnic polarisation of Zambia that has provoked the emergence of the current poisonous tribal status quo. It's good Lungu took PF away from them and is now teaching this silly idiots a lesson. Long live Bwezani.

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