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Zambian Energy Minister Dora Siliya interview on ZNBC TV

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  1. Jay Jay
    If one woke up from a coma they have been in since 2010 they wouldn't believe you when you tell them MMD lost the elections.
      very disappointing that an educated person like Dora comes out as brain washed? As government in Power, let PF take ownership and responsibility than giving an excuse of low water level. It's pathetic that in 21st century we are still thinking like we are in 1964?? Zambian leadership by nature does not want to maintain or have strategies that can move the country forward. we just want to be reactive. Now Dora is very comfortable and back in PF?? More MMD corruption. What a shame to Lungu and his team.
  2. Much MoB
    I have have listened to this interview. The madam has tried to explain and clarify (with basic knowledge) the issues and what she thinks are the solutions. But there are technical issues that she does not understand or has been misinformed. If the country knew that we wont have enough water earlier 2yrs ago, why didnt we take measures then instead of waiting until the last minute, days, month or year. If it will take 3 years to fill the reservoir (though I doubt this), it means that the drawing down of the reservoir started 3 yeras ago,and it was then the best opportunity to start mitigation measures against emptying the reservoir. Secondly last year Zambia experienced low rainfall but it was not a drought year. In the past even in drought years the load shedding was minimal. Another...
  3. Much MoB
    Another point she mentioned was concerning the solar farms of 200MW: I think she has no knowledge or was misinformed completely. Does she understand what is required to generate this from solar. In my opinion, Zambia is paying for not planning and managing the water resources and energy, looking ahead. There are a lot documents by OPPPI, ERB, depart of Energy, about the potential sites, and even enrgy demand growth.. but no one is following this, the doucments are gathring dust. Unfortunately this is a result of politics which has been changing (firing and hiring) people so often. Decision makers are afraid of making decision which are proffessional! Oh my foot!!!!!!
  4. Cactus..
    Good job ba LT. Video clips and photographs speak a thousand words and eliminate mis-quoting, ‘hear-say’ and doubt. With regards to current low water levels in lake Kariba, thanks to the clarity of the video clips, the questions that were clearly NOT asked during this interview, and not addressed were:- Last rainy season (2014-2015) it was discovered that the Kariba dam wall had severe cracks, so severe that they had to regulate the weight to the vehicles crossing to and fro using the road on the wall. In fact the cracks were so severe that they ALSO opted to reduce lateral (sideways) water force on the dam wall by ‘offloading’ some water. Is it not therefore true that OFFLOADING SOME WATER TO SAVE THE DAM is the primary reason we have low water levels today? Is it not therefore true...
    • Cactus..
      Cont'd.... Is it not therefore true that the 'poor' rainfall last rainy season is only a secondary reason for current low water levels, as extra water would have to have been offloaded anyway? Is it not therefore true that blaming poor rains for the current low water levels in Kariba is only a face saver, because the powers that be failed to so much as detect the cracks in the Dam wall early enough, much less take remedial action in time? A stitch in time saves nine.

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