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Wynter Kabimba’s letter to President Edgar Lungu over the PF government’s actions that threaten Zambia’s democracy

Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow party president Wynter Kabimba has written to President Edgar Lungu over some of the Patriotic Fronts actions that threaten the democracy of Zambia.

Mr.Kabimba said President Lungu is going around the country campaigning whilst making sure that opposition parties are not availed any political space to enable Zambians to listen to a different message of hope in the wake of the dismal performance of the economy and mass retrenchments of workers in the mining industry under the leadership of the PF government.

Mr.Kabimba said as if the past has no lessons for the living, the First Lady has also been on a clear PF campaign trail using state resources when legally she is a private citizen with limits about her access to public resources since her office is not constitutional.

Mr Kabimba said the Inspector-General of Police and the police command in general have been instructed not to allow opposition political parties to hold any political meetings in the country contrary to the provisions of the Public Order Act.He said Police officers who have attempted to act professionally have been dismissed or transferred.

Mr Kabimba said if PF is confident of re-election in 2016 and that Zambians will decide to reward PF positively for the misery they has caused then PF should ensure a level playing field for all political parties.

Below is the Full letter

08th December, 2015
His Excellency Mr. Edgar C. Lungu.
President of the Republic of Zambia
State House
Independence Avenue

Your Excellency,

I write this letter to you, Your Excellency, both as a citizen and leader of the opposition Rainbow Party.

In the last 5 months we have witnessed with consternation some actions and/or pronouncements on your part personally and some of your government officials which, if not addressed promptly would constitute a serious threat to our democratic dispensation. You have not given us the confidence that you are going to uphold even the basic principles of democracy which would accord a free and equitable participation of our citizens in the affairs of their country.

While you are going round the country campaigning on the professional advice of your image-building consultants, you have made sure that opposition political parties do not get availed any political space to mobilise citizens to enable them to listen to a different message of hope in the wake of the dismal performance of the economy and mass retrenchments of workers in the mining industry under your government.

As if the past has no lessons for the living, the First Lady has also been on a clear PF campaign trail using state resources when legally as you know she is a private citizen with limits about her access to public resources since her office is not constitutional. You have also refused to condemn the violence being perpetrated by some elements in PF across the country.

It does not invite any level of conjecture to discern that there are express instructions to the Inspector-General of Police and the police command in general not to allow opposition political parties to hold any political meetings in the country contrary to the provisions of the Public Order Act. This is evidenced by the instant dismissals or transfers of those police officers who have attempted to act professionally. This is a sad development, but I am certain that it will not give PF any positive returns in the 2016 elections just like it did not do so for the MMD in 2011.

These events are causing unnecessary political tension in the country. If indeed you are confident as you have at times stated that PF shall be re-elected in 2016, and that Zambians will decide to reward you positively for the misery which your government has caused to them, I appeal to you to level the playing field for all parties by upholding the tenets of democracy. As Rainbow Party we want to engage Zambians across the country and give them a clear message that another term for PF shall consign them to hell and that only a government under the Rainbow Party shall salvage them out of the misery and economic malaise confronting them today.

Yours faithfully,
Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC.
CC. The American Ambassador.
Embassy of the United States of America
CC. The British High Commissioner.
British High Commission
Independence Avenue
CC. The Leader of the European Union Delegation

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  1. Maharaji
    Everything Mr Kabimba has said is true.PF is busy using government resources to campaign while restricting other Political parties.I'm sure though bloggers are going to spew insults at Kabimba because when he was in Pf he did the exact same thing.But I won't dwell on the that..the main problem is our Constitutition that allows the president to appoint the Inspector General..thats too much power that gets abused by whichever clown enters State House..and we have had a whole circus pass through state house in recent years
    • MM Le Grand Boss
      And you call this useless president ati humble, its not being humble the guy is dull and a violent man. Whatever you do unto others, that will be done unto. PF should not forget how it feels to be suppressed, when they actually were complaining when they were in opposition.
      Why sending to Embassies? Washing dirty linen outside? this is stupid and why we are always controlled by the West. WYNTER why didn't you call for a meeting, all oppositions vs PF, if it failed then we have other means.. Anyways PF is losing in 2016.. they know it and busy stealing??
    • Nostradamus
      Kabimba is the danger in this case, why copy to America & British embassy, does he need drones or what is up to? Why not copy to Miyanda, HH and Nawakwi?
    • Citizen
      It is very good seeing Mr Kabimba and Mr Membe crying because they supported bad things when President Sata was in power. For sure you reap what you sow. These two did great damage on HH and other innocent citizens. EL and HH are far much better than Mr Kabimba. This letter was supposed to end, "Yours Faithfully, Hakainde Hichilema, not Yours Winter M Kabimba."
    • MeToo
      I haven't even read what my bululu Kabimba has written. He started all this when he was PF SG. Today he is crying. What goes around comes around especially if you are the very person taking it around.
  2. Obatala Lungu shedding Jameson whiskey
    Violence in PF is sanctioned from State House. For goodness sake Edgar is Commander-in Chief, in case he did not know. All he needs to do is give an order to he Police to stop this violence. Police will not arrest PF cadres but will readily arrest opposition cadres for protecting themselves.....Mr President, please do the right thing
    • kubweka
    • Felix
      Kubweka, firstly, stop screaming, please. Secondly, making copies to the Americans and British is stupid, in my estimation. That's why the West keeps thinking Africans are not mature enough, or capable of resolving their own issues. Do you think the British or the Americans , in their respective countries, would send copies of their political grievances to the Zambian embassy ? No way. So if not, then why should we be doing it? We need to let go of that colonial mentality and forge our own destiny. Western meddling in African politics has done more harm than good.
  3. Horny Chipuba Kabilili
    It is global. Nothing new here. DG Dead-end BC don't cover this at 19 hours. Instead allow two bus loads of our youths from matero so that they can warn Winter ati Boma ni Boma. Harry will issue a statement warning foreighn missions to keep clear or pack their bags. Horny Chipuba Kabilili, Bsc ( CopperMountain ), MSc ( Mpatamatu Polytechnic) Minister of Defacation.
  4. MMD Chief Bootlicker
    To borrow JAY JAY's words: This is "Laughable", the "Selfsame" was Justice Minister and had the power to change the system that he is today complaining about. This guy indeed is a dull lawyer and for sure has never won the case. He just fails to see how people have total disdain for his advise when he exhibited the highest form of arrogance. At least, if he wanted things to really change , he should have used a clean people to carry his message. But again he is a very dull chap. And what is this about doing the CC to the US, EU and UK Ambassadors. How about the diplomats from other countries other than the three. Is this Rainbow's belittling of other Countries like China, India, Australia, japan, African countries ...this is totally being disrespectful diplomatically
    • incognito
      Booty licker, you used to make wise comments, whatever has befallen you!! you now sound more sympathetic of PF brutality and incompetence. lets stand for moral right, justice and equality regardless of whose in power, and regardless of whose being oppressed.
  5. Chalo Nkhanza
    Ba Wynter, be the last Zambian to cast a pabble at the PF. You were the PF top gun only yesterday and authored most of that party's buggage. So on this one, you do not deserve our sympathy. A snake should not cry when its eggs bring forth some serpents.
  6. Mutafela
    Wynter Kabimba.....Once the chief Architect of the PF Panga nonsense is now an advocate of peace. Wonders shall never end. Kabimba and GBM brought the shiity nonsense of pangas. When these two scumbags where in the PF they started fighting each other because they both knew that MCS was about to die. Nice that they screwed each other and non of them assumed the leadership of the PF. Isn't this the same moron who at one time never opposed the idea introduce a budget line for the first lady's office.
  7. pink toe
    Everything that is in agreement with our personal desires seems true.Everything that is not puts us into rage. This is the SAME Kabimba who did not observe democracy when he was in PF and now he's tasting his own concoction for denial through delay tactics.
  8. Crooked I
    this here dude is going ryt by MCS booklet of agitating the head of state for political mileage. ECL, I shall say the same thing i silently said to LPM; Ignore the foolz and do your job. do not do the interviews for tem
  9. Safi
    Comment: Mr Kabimba ,you are now lying on a thorny bed which you prepared for yourself. The suffering the people of Zambia are going through you are the one who caused it in the first place. Remember the constitution, you kept it in your drawers with dust until ECL pulled it out. Between the two evils ECL is a better evil than you.
  10. obatala
    Kabimba is PF and PF is Kabimba....Sir just reconcile with your brother ECL so that you work together.I can not see Rainbow forming govt in 2016.Do not waste your resources in vain.Get back home banene.
  11. Bantustanyandule
    That is why He is The President. He has to meet his people anytime anywhere and is entitled to state resources until he leaves office.
  12. Terrible
    Mr Wynter, please give us a break and especially let our President and his fellow Excellencies from the West do some useful work. Why are you overrating yourself ati Presidential candidate of Rainbow, you mean candidate of the Past News? Come 2016 you will be given two votes, one from yourself and the other from Mmembe, if he will be in a good mood and does not abstain from voting. You are simply not leadership materila, get this into your thick head.
  13. Chitutuma
    Playing to the gallery is all Wynter can do. All bogwash, taking him nowhere. The cartel for which he sweats has no mettle going forward, the socialist handle attracts nought, what a sad day oh rainbow!
  14. Lord Confucious
    When Hon Wynter spoke both as Minister of Justice and SG of PF, he showed no tolerance of the opposition and he fought fiercely the policies of his then party. Let us not forget that he is the same person that drove the creation of over 10 by-elections within 3 years of PF being in power. Totally unheard of since 1964. What Hon Wynter experienced in Chipata as he appeared on that Radio station is a result of his own doing. He is the architect of what PF is today. He refused to change the system when he had the authority because it saved the PF. Today, those same mechanisms continue to serve the needs of the PF
  15. Kuzangachami
    Winter is a wrong person to complain but the point he has brought forward is important. From 1991 Zambia embraced multi-party democracy. Let Zambia remain a democratic state, the opposition political parties must be allowed to hold meetings as long as they meet the requirements under the Public Order Act. If the Police are perceived to be partisan, people will generally take the law into their hands hence the escalating political violence never seen before since Zambia's independence. Worldover, Zambians are known to be peace loving people, what has gone wrong under PF? Why can't the ruling patry cadres co-exist with the opposition parties cardes like it used to be?
  16. The Man
    As PF SG and Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba exhibited everything in the name of intolerance and repression especially to political opponents. If I were him, I would have taken a break from politics for a while. No matter what he will say or do, Zambians will never forget how he handled the draft constitution as if it was his personal document. Zambians are not fools to entrust state power to such a stubborn, tyrannical person.
    The contents of this are clearly oozing from a disgruntled heart which has run out of ideas and has no direction. Lost in the jungle of knowledge, he even copies the Imperialists as if they are stake holders to this country instead of copying the other arms of Government viz Judiciary and Parliament.
  18. mwe bantu
    Reaping what he sowed, but doesn't mean what he is saying is not right. The problem with our politicians is that when they are in government they support bad laws and do these same things they are condemn when they are kicked out. When they are out they start crying for sympathy copying letters to civilized countries when they were actually part of the backward behavior being carried out by their friends still in the system. When he was a strong man in PF he saw nothing wrong with this kind of behavior. Despite the name the PF are far from patriotic.
    Kabimba the artichect of PF 'justice', reap what you sowed. Running an opposition party in Africa nowadays 'is a crime', something you never knew in your hey days.
  20. Maikalange
    The party Kabimba runs, Rainbow Party, is militantly pro-Communist. Both the British and Americans are militantly anti- Communist and they definitely know the ideology of the Rainbow Party. Why then does Kabimba copy his letter to countries whose ideologies are diametrically opposed to his own. Isn't this an extreme case of desperation on his part?
  21. Chester
    This is really interesting! I thought Kabimba is a Socialist/Comunist. He did not even copy Cuba, Russia or China!!!
  22. Jack Mulenga
    Kabimba thumbs up for a good job. This is the way to go. Opposition parties have tried their best to be peaceful by obtaining police permits but are denied to hold rallies and end up beaten by police pf caders.
  23. Lunga Mana.
    No doubt Wynter did terrible things to the opposition.The man was a terror.The worst part is that he has never apologised.THAT IN ITSELF HAS WATERED DOWN THE ISSUES RAISED IN HIS LETTER.
  24. adjuster
    That is how Mr Lungu will complain one day. Kaunda used to say that " Kumulu Lesa, Panshi Kaunda" PF thinks they will rule Zambia forever, one day, Mr Lungu will NO Longer be president. One day
  25. Keleni tasa atushe'
    KABIMBA IS TRULY A SEVERELY MENTALLY CHALLENGED MAN. This P.F you are witnessing was created by by YOU Kabimba. You're such a hypocrite you need psychological interventions before its too late. 1. I never heard you once moan, when Mama Kaseba was doing exactly what Mrs Lungu is doing @ present. 2. You would take the same P.F thugs to intimidate the A.C.C, when they tried to investigate "Trafigura" 3. You never once condemned P.F panga wielding thugs when they were doing your dirty bidding, & only heard condemnation, once your thugs had turned on you. DEMOCRACY MY A2SE!! YOU Are a Dangerous Snake Kabimba, & enjoy the Thug Party U helped create!
    • Keleni tasa atushe'
      I won't be surprised when I hear Kambwili, Kaiser, & Chama complaining, "We need democracy in Zambia, & the abolition of the Public order act" once they've been kicked out of office. Any sane person would be embarrassed, but not this above named lot, including their "Plundering Patron saint Kabimba"
  26. Play for today
    Why Carbon Copies (CC) to US Embassy, British Embassy and EU delegation but nothing to the AU and SADC or even Comesa. What does that reflect imwe ba Kabimba? 50 years after Zambian independence and you still do not have trust in African local institutions. Your Letter is arrogant and not worthy a reply. Why didnt you give Lungu a week before sending the letter to Lusaka Times, Zambia Reports etc? Ulemu ba Kabimba mulibe. Luckily you will never make president of Zambia.
  27. Hogwash
    This is the same man that tried to usurp the Presidency from Sata when he was unconscious! Which is a COUP, nothing less. Now he is talking about democracy? ??? He should be in JAIL answering charges of TREASON!!!
  29. Mzambia wa zamani
    Bwana Kabimba the sick chickens you hatched inside PF are just coming back to your home to roost.Don't complain bcuz you were the arrogant architect of the stuff you're now complaining about...what goes around,comes around.
  30. IQ138
    Mr. Kabimba, instead of coping your complaints to the representatives of established democracies, why not copy the same to your "friends" in Sudan, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba.......... After all, you are still advocating for one party "social democracy" and you have good contacts (due to your multiple official visits) in those bastions of "social democracy". Hypocrite!!!
  31. joseph
    Kabimba should just rejoin PF and contribute effectively to this country by supporting ECL .The so called rainbow party is a non starter in Zambia and the earlier he comes to terms with reality on the ground the better.
  32. BE REAL
    Comment: You bloggers amazes me. Why waist your time on this man. You don't have any time to relax. Moreover we don't win elections on this site.
  33. spider
    To start with, what sort of a name is winter, from what i know winter is a season and that season is way gone Mr kabimba, your party rainbow ? will never ever form government in zambia. Stop wasting our time and dissolve that rainbow because it won't be sun shine and rain all the time. You had your time to make a difference in zambia but you misused it, so move on to something else not politics.
  34. Kalabo District, Barotseland
    Dear. Mr President, I want to assure you that here in Barotseland, no one is going to VOTE for you and PF. We are going to vote for Hakainde Hichilema and UPND.
  35. Mongu Resident
    Kabimba that's a good letter to the president ECL. You supposed to send Cc copies to the opposition leaders as well and to the Litunga of The Kingdom of Barotseland. Even Mr. Muliokela supposed to have his own copy.
  36. mauden Shula
    Hypocrisy and lack of substance Ba Wynter. Having been a minister and PF Secretary General before, i have been expecting better from this man, but i guess i have been expecting too much and it is time to give up. Thank God this man never became president!!! He is veeery far from having the calibre.
  37. The Observer
    It is good to see note that Kabimba refrs to the president in such a manner unlike our HH who has no kind words for the president and fails do address him in the required manner. Kabimba is right but it is a pity that he is only noticing these issues after being thrown in the opposition. On ther other hand it is good to always communicate with the president in such a manner. However I would like to see a united oppostion addressing such pressing issues in the country.
  38. Thorn in the flesh
    Yeah it takes a thief to catch a thief. Just what you were trying to achieve when Sata was bed ridden. Yeah, sneaking to campaigning secretly (you called it "party mobilization at the grassroots") at the expense of the sick and the unsuspecting comrades to gain pole position. I like that, it shows you are maturing. Nauseating Kabimba. Lungu is the president "inspecting government projects"; if it hurts go hang! Tell us, what do you want to go round for bwana Wynter? Campaigning? Nay I don't think so. Its tough out there Bwana; are you feelin' the heat you subjected the opposition when you were smiling already? You ain't there yet. You gonna feel it till you drop - bwana Cartel. Calm down ECZ has not brown the whistle yet. Viva Sampa 2021!

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