MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima
MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima

We wish to inform the Zambian public that some statements recently released in the media by Mr Moses Mumba, Mr Obby Mwansa, Ms Faustina Sinyangwe and Mr George Kangwa who are purporting to be Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) party officials are a clear case of impersonation of our real party office bearers and this is an offence under Zambian law.

Mr Mumba is claiming to be our Copperbelt Chairman, Mr Mwansa claims to be Copperbelt Province Secretary, Ms Sinyangwe the National Women’s Chairperson and Mr Kangwa the Central Province Vice-Chairman. Mr Kangwa was expelled from the MMD last year and worked with the Patriotic Front (PF) in the January 2015 election. Ms Sinyangwe was expelled on 31st January 2015 with 19 others.

Mr Mumba was Copperbelt Chairman in 2005 under Levy Mwanawasa and became PF Provincial Chairman in 2006 after defecting from MMD. Mr Mumba was succeeded by Mr Terence Findlay, Charles Chilambwe, Peter Zulu and Denson Chisunka in that order. So how can Mr Mumba claim to be the Copperbelt Chairman today, ten year later? And Mr Mwansa has never been the MMD Copperbelt Secretary.

We wish to officially inform all media houses and the public and our Copperbelt Chair is Mr Denson Chisunka. Our Copperbelt Acting Provincial Secretary is Peter Phiri who is also the Information and Publicity Secretary. Our National Women’s Chair is Lisa Passi. Anyone else speaking on behalf of MMD other than our confirmed party officials is an impostor. Anything they say, no matter how believable it sounds, should be ignored.

We wish to remind our friends in the media to make it a habit of always requesting for a reaction from us when they receive controversial statements concerning our party as per journalism ethics. By just publishing statements without fact-checking them, the media inadvertently become conduits of incorrect information to the public. Had we been contacted over the statements by the aforementioned impostors, we would have set the record straight. (See our contact details below).

Finally, we wish to put it on record that some of these people who are attempting to bring confusion in MMD do not have the interests of the party at heart and should be ignored by all genuine members of the party. Our party officials shall henceforth be on the lookout for impostors who we shall not hesitate to have cautioned or arrested by the Police.

We shall decisively deal with any trouble-makers within our ranks who cause trouble. I shall use the powers vested in my office to suspend them and the Disciplinary Committee shall swiftly deal with their cases and the National Executive Committee shall thereafter ratify any recommendations.

It is time we focus and prepare for the 2016 Elections.

Mwansa Mbulakulima
MMD National Secretary

MMD Secretariat
Plot 44/1B Kasala Road (Off Kudu Road & Alick Nkhata Avenue)
Private Bag E365

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