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Friday, February 21, 2020

More join in condeming HH over his alleged tribal remarks

Headlines More join in condeming HH over his alleged tribal remarks

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

GREEN Party president Peter Sinkamba has advised United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema to preach oneness so that the country can remain united.

“As leaders, we should tone down on language issues. We can destroy the country by regionalising the languages,” he said.

Reacting to media reports that Mr Hichilema allegedly criticised Chieftainess Choongo of Monze for welcoming and speaking to Patriotic Front (PF)secretary general Davies Chama in Bemba, Mr Sinkamba said the chieftainess should not be criticised for speaking Bemba.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Zambians must embrace all local languages to promote unity and peace in the country.

PF Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba said Mr Hichilema should apologise for allegedly uttering tribal remarks.

“It is clear that Mr Hakainde is not a good leader because he has continued to advocate tribalism, a trait that any leader should not have,” Mr Kamba said.

He said President Lungu has appealed to all Zambians to remain united and love one another regardless of tribal inclination, but the UPND leader was allegedly working against this.

Mr Kamba said PF youths are saddened by the remarks by the UPND leader, and are challenging him to apologise.

He said the UPND has been a tribal party as it kicked out leaders from other tribes such as Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga and Patrick Chisanga, among others.

Zambians for Empowerment and Development president Fred Mtesa hopes it is not true that Mr Hichilema rebuked Chieftainess Choongo because Zambia is one big family.

“Our cultural heritage makes us one beautiful society. Our diversity is our strength; each tribe brings something that adds value to the Zambian touch of cultural heritage,” he said.

Dr Mtesa said most Zambians have intermarried and have accepted their ethnic diversity.

And People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti said he feels such differences must be resolved quietly because of their sensitive nature.

Mr Hichilema is alleged to have criticised Chieftainess Choongo for receiving Mr Chama during his tour of Southern Province and speaking to him in Bemba.

The UPND president is said to have made the complaint in a telephone conversation with Chief Hamusonde of Monze.

And PF vice chairperson for media and publicity Sunday Chanda said his party is not surprised by Mr Hichilema’s alleged hatred and contempt for the Bemba-speaking people, a tribal grouping to which both his national chairperson Mutale Nalumango and deputy president Geoffrey Mwamba belong.

“We are not shocked because we understand that Mr Hichilema’s entry into politics was birthed by tribalism. To this day, he has failed to condemn the tribal political cradle on which his political career was birthed following the death of UPND founder Anderson Mazoka.

“We are just concerned about who Mr Hichilema has been trying to fool by camouflaging his top party leadership with people whose tribe he abhors with such disdain,” Mr Chanda said in a statement.

But in a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mr Hichilema said the party has not encouraged any chief from Southern Province or any part of the country not to be visited by people from other ethnic groupings because they believe Zambia is one.

Mr Hichilema said it is Mr Chama who looks at citizens in terms of ethnicity.

“What Chama needs to know is that people from all ethnic groupings have homes and investment in Southern Province, while others are even village headmen and that’s how every other province is and must continue to be,” he said.

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  1. Childish propaganda from PF. Simple: provide us with evidence of a voice recording of HH.
    How far are PF willing to go in turnishing HH’s name? Or indeed other opposition leaders?

    • For PF the only hope of winning elections is by Tribal Tactics. This is their only way of survival and Chama will keep at it until someone forcefully stops him. UPND should lane to use the courts of law. As flowed as they are, the Zambians Courts are your best option in trying to put a stop to this propaganda. Sue these *****s like Chama in their individual capacity and put gag orders on them.

    • Sinkamba must first start by demanding that Chama apologises to the Tongas before demanding that HH apologises.

      HH is demanding for evidence from the papers to be produced otherwise he will earn millions again out of PF ‘s stupidity.

      People are now wiser than when PF took over by merely using the tribal card. This is all cheap propaganda that is divisive and not productive.

      Chief Hamusonde has denied any knowledge of such allegations.

      PF are in panic mode.

      UPND is the party of choice in 2016 and HH is the President of choice in 2016.

    • That’s right. The tribal crap PF are smearing HH with won’t help them. The man speaks all the locals’ languages when he tours the country. It’s VIVA HH, VIVA UPND!! The tribal talk is an old and tired weapon used against HH. PF should find something else for 2016.

    • Once AISHA, always AISHA. Worse still to expect logic of national relevancy from the AISHA party leadership is expecting way too much. Meet AISHA on the CB, in London, DC or in their hinterland, AISHA is AISHA period.

    • If it is true that Sinkamba said what is reported here, then the marijuana is working in his head. How do you ask someone to apologise for something you don’t even have evidence that he did? And you call yourself educated and even want to become a president be Sinkamba? I didn’t realise you were so dull and stupid. If you were nearby me, I would have kicked your silly behind!! I think in this country, we need to fight a bit. Even just for two months. That would make us respect peace.

    • Once you dislike someone, everything they do tends to annoy you.People will convince themselves HH is tribalist even when in actual fact they are the ones promoting tribalism.We have always been one Zambia one Nation till PF came on the scene. Tongas in offices are so scared to voice their opinions lest they are fired or retired for seemingly supporting UPND- oh yes we have had people retired on ‘national interest’ .This spirit of Xenophobia or tribalism should stop

    • I am taken aback by the attitude exhibited by LT. President HH has refuted this allegation and has even asked Times to apologise or he takes them to court. How then does Lusaka Times pick up the same story and publish it as news? I think all media should be stopped from publishing any articles about this issue until it is verified by the originators. LT has suddenly leaned towards PF, WHY?

    • Yesterday was Chief Hamusonde, today it’s chief Chongo. This is nothing but the fear of a tribe. But in Bemba we say Inshiku mutanda tashicela mumo. One day umu Tonga akekala pa cipuna. What are tribes that are fearful going to do?

    • Napapata sana! We Zambians should just outgrow the stigma of languages and embrace any language spoken in Zambia. I will only believe the accusations leveled against HH once evidence is provided. By now we should be civilized enough the best example is Johannesburg which has almost every South African language spoken & every individual will speak their language provided they understand each other. My point is let’s look at one another as Zambians.

  2. Comment: All these fools condeming HH, why cant they condem times of zambia for not giving hh an opotunity to respond before publishing? biased fools who accept every lie from propaganda newspapers

  3. Bachigwila chi chintombwa kikiki the chief tribalist in zambia.This chintombwa guy has to get out of the political scene coz zambia is slowly becomin divided n soon this will lead to war.Twakana kabiye nachi upend tribal rebel grouping disguised as a political party.Chuzhi chweyi kawa.

  4. Who was visiting who? The chief and Chama should have exchanged greetings in Tonga. If HH goes to Bemba land the greetings should be in Bemba.

    • Chama’s visit was weeks ago. Why is this coming out now? And which is it exactly, Hamusonde or Choongo? Is the lack of specificity stopping either chief to refute the allegation?

      This nonsense gotta stop

    • Bwalya – What makes you think that that is not what Chama did? Do you seriously think that the first words Chama uttered to the Chiefs were in Bemba? The Chiefs are very clever, they wanted to show Chama that they speak Bemba, they do not hate Bembas and they promote One Zambia One Nation.

  5. Next thing you’ll hear or see in the headlines is, “HH accused of condemning Guy Scott for attempting to speak vernacular”. Wait for this space!

  6. Permanent Failures trying to shift attention from the world condemnation arising out of “pardon” of CONVICTED RAPIST by CONVICTED EMBEZZLER

  7. am very impressed by tne level of thinking of Zambians. The ordinary PF members who you call dull and bootlickers have not commented attacked HH on this fake cooked up story. It shows that they are not who we think they are but just have some bad leaders who can create pblms for all Zambians. My fellow Zambians watch out these same pipo will run away once war breaks out and leave us poor pipo.

  8. Our media leaves much to be desired. In civilized societies, the reporter would have contacted HH and the Chief for confirmation before publishing the story. Its not along time ago when some party member claimed there was an anti Bemba song in Southern Province being played everywhere. I expected to hear that song as proof but no one ever produced its clip as proof of the song’s existence.

    Such stories have made me conclude that over 90% of Zambians are very dull because they cant analyse what the media says to arrive at an informed conclusion. Most of us know that public media, though not public anymore is very negative towards the opposition while the North Western Rhodesia( Northen Zed and Eastern) led online media are anti Tonga because of UPND being led by a Tonga. ZWD is anti…

  9. Much remains to be desired from our opposition political party leaders. Reacting to media reports without the allegations being substantiated is flawed thinking in itself. There has been widespread political violence perpetrated by the party in power without comment from you Mr. Sinkala with evidence. If HH is guilty of tribal politics, let us all hear it for ourselves. Play the recording.

  10. Mayo ba Nalumango , uncle GBM ask yourselves these queries about this party UPND,
    1. Why were the trio Bob Shichinga (bashinono), Patrick Chisanga & Sakwiba Sikota (Saki)unceremoniously rejected after the death of the dear founder of this party?
    2. Which other party in the history of Zambia came and declared openlythat this party can only be lead by our tribe?
    Think twice

    • A good leader in Zambia with many languages should not speak his language if visiting another tribal region, instead he should at least use the language of that region in greeting the natives as missionaries do even KK did, in fact HH does that wherever he goes. Chama as a leader he is supposed to learn to use the language of others in their region at least in greetings. Any way that is propaganda to decampaign HH on tribal line. PF have nothing to de campaign HH except on tribal remarks. People wont eat tribe, but the good policies of a leaders from any tribe. After all, Zambians have suffered under leaders who are not Tongas. speaking someone’s language in his hometown is a sign of unity , humility and corporation.

    • Please provide us the reference where HH said UPND can only be led by a Tonga. Saki, shi No No all wanted to be president at the same time so go figure.

      I am a Bemba and 100% behind HH for the presidency because he is the best option we have for presidency to the drunk corrupt lazy thieving Lungu

      Viva HH

    • Sakwiba and shi No No both wanted to be president at the same time so go figure what happened next.

      I am a Bemba and support HH 100%. He’s more credible than Lungu

    • You are dull as usual. Dont you know those accusations agains that party were ochestrated by PF then MMD to remain in power? Us we know, you dull you dont know. You cant even see that Zambia is now a sinking titanic.

  11. Kachemas,You amuse and puzzle me a great deal. Who in Zambia doesn’t know that HH is Tribal.No matter how much you defend him,the guy is a ‘serial tribalist’ and he thrives on that.He is a cold blooded Tribalist,Ethnicist,Regionalist and Eliticist. He entered politics and took over upmd using a tribal card and he wants to replicate that at national stage,but we re watching him. He is finishing the year on a tribal note,what a way to end the year.M wishing all upmd members a tough new and tribal year!!!

    • @la liga

      Its only f00ls like you who suck lungu ‘s butt think HH is tribal.

      Sata appointed 99% Bemba cabinet and you say he is not tribal really? Are you normal?

      Judge HH ‘s record on tribalism when he gets into power.

  12. Comment: i fail to understanf desparation being exhibited by pf to paint black the people ‘s choice HH. pf thinks about nothing but in coming President HH. by talking all the time about President HH pf is unwittly campaiging for him big time.

  13. I pity my brother GBM for joining UPND with the current leadership! He should have waited until there was change of top leadership. HH should wear the heart of late Anderson Mazoka who never preached tribal boundaries. May it’s due to the fact that he got educated at Mungwi Technical Secondary School in Northern Province and widely mingled with other tribal groupings which made him look beyond the horizon. HH born in Southern Province, attained both primary and secondary school in same province just moved to Lusaka for tertiary education.

  14. HH has not categorically denied the allegation or the phone call s i think the story is very true. he has since gone on to attack Chama’s character which we all know is bad. he has missed an opportunity

    • @Rizzo. So why do you think HH has sued “Times of Zambia” if he is not denying the story? He has asked them for proof. I think that is a total denial!

  15. Clear statement: H.H is a Tribal Tonga extremist.His disdain of other even manifests by his looks and lack of smile on his face.He has infiriority complex when he meets people from other tribes especially bembas and easterners.

  16. Tongas are generally very intelligent and this is subscribed by the fact that most Tongas rear animals which in turn help them to take their children to school.
    Tongas are also very proud of themselves just like the obedience/belief that Muslims have in their religion (Islam) and their God (Allah). If only Christians were as faithful to their God like the Muslims are to Allah then the World would be a better place to leave in. Muslims go to the extent of exploding themselves in acts of terrorism just to win the favour of their Allah (whether their Allah subscribes to this is another issue to look at with their Imams).
    In the same vain if Tongas are voted into to power they will change the cultural backdrop of Zambia – I can see that all the uniformed men (soldiers, police, NS etc.) will…

  17. Why are people surprise that hh said this.hh and his kind have hatred for bembas enshrined in their DNA.no leopard can be turned into a monkey.their hatred and segregation is common on campuses.so whether this is a fabrication or not am not surprised,

  18. makani yatalika awa po tunjila mu 2016 ama pressure yalo yatalika mwe ninima HH ka uumuna bo cindi pocisika ulanjila mu state house,chama ta kwene mu fuba fuba,muyanga,suntwe,sokwe muluya

  19. ..apparently Bembas have adages to suit every situation…..ati.’bamufwika amala yambushi..’..ati..’wapapa kalaba..’…to kill a snake hit it on its head that’s the strategy our PF ‘friends’ have adopted…they believe sensitive news like this whether true or not may divert the attention from ‘real’ issues like economic doldrums the general citizenry have to endure each day that comes….Zambians may have been labelled as gullible but time has taught them to come out of that shell…to able to see and differentiate sense from nonsense … genuine from deceit…..even when we refer to the so called bible …the masses opted for Barabbas instead of Jesus because of way the leaders then portrayed him(Jesus)…..

  20. pf slowly winning the elections by spreading lies lies and more lies i pity zambia if they stay in power. time to move on and out of my beloved country. being a christian i cannot live in a country where leaders are liars

  21. Jean Kapata and others were in Sinda and it was showed on ZNBC were Sinda people were castigated for voting for UPND instead of Lungu from eastern province.
    Lungu whilst in malambo said wako ni wako.
    Is this not been tribal?
    PF your tribal statements are not taking you any where this time this propanganda is useless when preached by the goverment.
    Fellow zambian poverty knows no tribe or region.
    Let not PF useless tribalism to continue fooling us.
    Can Bembas be happy to be subjected to this violence,corruption and poverty because few are enjoying from fruits of tribalism?
    We are fed up.
    HH go to court and prove your innocence there.

  22. am not shocked because we understand that Mr Hichilema’s entry into politics was birthed by tribalism. To this day, he has failed to condemn the tribal political cradle on which his political career was birthed following the death of UPND founder Anderson Mazoka.

    am just concerned about who Mr Hichilema has been trying to fool by camouflaging his top party leadership with people whose tribe he abhors with such disdain

  23. The fact is that HH is a tribal leader.He hates bembas.I’ll campaign against this tribal party.It was very clear that only a Tonga would succeed Mazoka.The man thinks it bembas who blocks him into state house.What a villager who never mingled with other tribes!.Can we change n embrace other tribes.whatever HH says his sympathesizers blindly support coz for them HH is a small god.We can’t be bitter even to other tribes.We need one another.GBM will regret coz bembas can’t be used like that.We know what UPND stand for.

  24. .Can we change n embrace other tribes.whatever HH says his sympathesizers blindly support coz for them HH is a small god.We can’t be bitter even to other tribes.We need one another.GBM will regret coz bembas can’t be used.We know what UPND stand for.

    • @Moscow..You sounds really bitter, how about you lead the way and show some love. I would like to believe that most Zambians don’t even care about this crap!!! We are mostly products of intermarriages in Zambia and the tribal card being waved around by politicians is meant to target people who live in the villages where they usually don’t have access to mingle with people from other tribes. Don’t allow politicians to use you for their benefit!!

  25. Now I understand why I left Zambia in the first place!! I think HH is more credible than the PF and the opposition parties put together. That is why everyone is trying to put him down, but I dont think it will work.. I had no idea Zambians had this type of jealousy, hatred, envy, lies, propaganda, tribalism, racism, etc… What a country! No one is willing to work diligently.

    HH is very successful, focused, consistent and he is a fighter. Im beginning to think that is why other not so much successful Zambians hate him. The guy is an inspiration to many hopeless Zambians. He is a living testimony to true success. Honestly, I dont understand Zambians. To call Zambia a “Christian Nation” is in fact an insult to Christianity. I rest my case.

  26. Everyone is entitled to his option. Chama is right so is HH. Things are bad in the country no doubt. Each tribe is feeling it no excuse for bad economic practices. I am not Tonga but Southern Province is richer than any province you can think of.

  27. No matter how you paint HH of tribal tag, the fact is PF is losing 2016 polls. Zesco just increased its domestic tarifs by 400% and 500% for commercial sectors. Mr Sinkamba is a mouth piece of pf. Ask Nevers Mumba how he was used by PF and later teargassed few days ago.

  28. @Kabwe Mulenga

    You are just wasting your breath. Governments in Africa don’t lose power because of escalating prices. Who has reduced prices upon forming government? Were you born yesteryear?

    HH should just explain. Did he speak to the said chiefs? About what? Simple. Or else he will have a cow as running mate.

  29. How was the voting pattern in 2015? HH and Chama are the two most frank people living they call they sky blue but HH later denies it.

    • @KCI

      46.8% voted for HH, does it mean Zambia has 46.8% Tongas? Please remove your head from your backside and start thinking straight.

  30. I m lunda i dot support HH bcos of his tribal aproach. Most of my sisters are married to bembas they are gud people just like tongas but sum few pipo want to use tribal Issue to win,maintain akalilo shame.

  31. Friends, lets always comment with open minds so as to educate one another. Especially my beloved friends and supporters of one god (hh).hh is slowly losing support from well meaning zambians because of his altitude and us(his supporters).lets avoid always provoking people who give their opinion on upnd as a party and hh as president of upnd….facts are facts, we as upnd supporters, we need to realize that hh can never rule just because he has southern province at large.zambia is not southern only, am slowly losing interest in our leader and even most people from mazabuka central are also of the same view

    • You are a DM Full. How come then that HH got 46.8% of the vote if all his votes came from southern province? Are you saying southern province alone gave him all those votes? Let us use statistical data not hallucinations

    • #Mafela -yes southern province gave him 99% of the that 46% vote. In fact he won only 3 provinces out of 10. The scary thing is that he nearly became president with such biased voting. In 2016 I hope he will win Lusaka and copperbelt provinces too as this would give credibility to his popularity

  32. Why are people asking for recording as evidence. The quickest thing to do is to ask the Tonga chief that was castigated by HH for speaking in Bemba as people heard him shout down the chief. This story is so scary beyond belief. Why so much hatred towards Bembas, the people that have never had one of their own in power despite being the biggest grouping in the country. All Bembas do is vote for who they think should lead Zambia beyond tribal boundaries. They voted in Kaunda a chewa; Chiluba a Lunda; Mwanawasa a Lamba; Banda a Ngoni; Sata a Bisa; and Lungu a Ngoni. I think Bembas should be commended for fairness. For instance Nevers Mumba did not get a winning vote in Chinsali where he hails from. On the Contrary HH received 99% of votes from Tonga Region. Shouldn’t that kind of biased…

    • @Kalamba, you don’t seem to know what you are talking about. By Zambian definition, Bemba is Copperbelt, Central, Luapula and Northern provinces and sadly Lusaka has joined the list. Face reality and stop deceiving the people.

  33. @. Mafela
    ZAMBIANS have now woken up after the last elections when they realised how tribalistic Upnd is.
    You will be shocked in 2016.
    Hh’s outlook is tinted by his tribalistic baptism when he was crowned Upnd leader and he has never denied it.
    Very unfortunate indeed.

  34. Pf is losing it in 2016. Zambians have heard of this politically engineered tribal talk just meant to bar visionally leaders from becoming presidents. 2016 is for HH to repair the damage pf has caused on the economy.

  35. I want to challenge all UPND supporters to explain how HH became rich?
    1.Did HH come from the rich family?
    2.Was HH rich before he completed university with a silent?
    3.Was He rich before selling the mines?
    4.Was He rich after selling the mines?
    Answer these questions instead of insults.We kopala pipo knonw that HH got commissions in selling the mines with valantine Chitalu.The history is very clear that HH became rich after privatization of mines.Pipo are losing jobs in CB coz of HH and his friends for selling mines.We can’t be cheated even if all Tongas supported HH.The problems of HH and his supporters think they are intelligent but they are the most tribal n dull chaps coz they believe in tribalism.

  36. Tribalism is what holds UPND and come 2016 lets retire this tribal party for Zambia to remain united.They want the bemba vote and at the same time thet are busy insulting them.It will soon cost them !

  37. Can UPND supporters tell the nation how HH became rich?HH himself has failed to tell the nation.
    Few questions ba UPND
    1.Did HH come from a rich family?No
    2.Did HH become rich while at university of Zambia(Unza)?No
    3.Did HH become rich when he graduated with a silent?No
    4.Did HH become rich before Zambia sold the mines?No
    5.Did HH become rich after privatization of Zambia mines?Yes.
    The man HH of a tribal party became rich after the privatization of mines.He got commissions thru fake valuation of mines.Any UPND cadre to challenge me by answering those questions above if they not correct.

    • Has he got a Master’s degree in business after graduating with a silent?
      Did he become a CEO of a leading international accounting firm?
      Was he in government when the policy to sale the mines was made?
      Is he a board member of several reputable and profit making businesses?

    • How do you want the explanations a thousand times, where have you been. People should be explaining the same things over and over its boring. By world standards he is not even worthy. He doesn’t register on the radar of rich people. He is comfortable yes but I don’t think its Dangote kind of riches. Dangote worth about 20 billion dolars, HH I believe is about 8 million dollars not really sure so its nothing as far as riches are concerned.

    • @ Moscow(op)

      You sound like old LP when stuck.
      If that is all you can find on HH, what a useless crappy op you are?

  38. The Bembas will only believe this if the economy is not biting in their provinces. Shame PF you have lost whatever you do and we will make sure that you are all locked up for the looting you are carrying out from government coffers

    • PF are playing a dangerous game. promoting tribalism leads to nothing good look at Rwanda and even South Sudan currently. Please ba PF stop!!!! Its nothing new this issue of painting others as tribalist for propaganda points. How does Chama see tribalism in UPND when UPND president is from the South, Vice presidents from East and North. Chairperson from North, Secretary General from North West. So all these people within the club don’t see the tribalism but it takes a member of another club to tell these grown men and women ati their club is tribal. Its ridiculous. PF please stop promoting tribalism.

    • Give us the recording then we believe your propaganda. The accused has already said he never said such a thing. So you want us to listen to unknown sources. Be real.

  39. PF are playing a dangerous game. promoting tribalism leads to nothing good look at Rwanda and even South Sudan currently. Please ba PF stop!!!! Its nothing new this issue of painting others as tribalist for propaganda points. How does Chama see tribalism in UPND when UPND president is from the South, Vice presidents from East and North. Chairperson from North, Secretary General from North West. So all these people within the club don’t see the tribalism but it takes a member of another club to tell these grown men and women ati their club is tribal. Its ridiculous. PF please stop promoting tribalism.

  40. Even if HH became the worst tribalist..He would still be the best candidate compared to all the PF members in the cabinet including Lungu. We are now tired of the word tribe because the suffering we are going through now does not know tribe. Next year am voting for HH and all the UPND councilors and MPs full stop. If you are unhappy hug your assssy>>>

  41. U want others to believe yo lies about Davies Chama.let yo HH explain period.He’ll cry again coz it’s nega nega formula in luapula,muchinga,eastern,northern & Kopala.seleni tubombeko ba tribal party of of hatred of other tribes as if u eat tribes.Too much inferiority complex ba HH.

  42. The country cannot make a mistake of voting for PeeF again….Sata brot us this mess and for cleansing purposes…vote PeeF out and bring in UPND and HH. That is our only hope. We should not pretend that things are okay..things are bad…salries increased by 8% and yet inflation is towards 30%..its nonsensical.

  43. People of Zambia have heard of tribalism against HH and now it is proving to be a political gimmick…I have resolved to Vote for HH next year because I now believe we have always been cheated of tribalism. come 2016..my vote is for HH.

  44. Next year…I mean from next week ine ni pa Ng’ombe… no shame …I will vote for a Kachema….no worry. I love HH more than before. He has always been the right man and because of propaganda he has been losing. nebo ndi pa ng’ombe

  45. If HH is tribal then I love his tribalism and I will vote for it. After all Mazoka and mwanawasa were also accused of tribalism. Every fool that demonized Mazoka is today saying he was a better letter than HH just because he is no more and poses no threat to the poverty diseased fools eating our taxes. Should we also categories taxes into tonga, Bemba, ngoni, Lozi, Kaonde, lungi, ushi, chishinga etc? Are we now gonna say this tribe pays more taxes than this one or this tribe’s ancestoral land supplies not only cows but also 88% of the country’s power or this tribe supplies copper or fish or water?

  46. If flags attached to comments here is anything to go by, then it is safe to say as far as influencing the outcome of elections is concerned, this forum is just noise-making. You will not be voting. 99 % of people who vote don’t read these comments , some of which are very vile. And so if you are basing the winning or losing chances of PF/UPND on these opinions here, maybe you should prepare for a shock of your political life.

  47. And an opposition President in the names of Peter SINKAMBA has responded as though this story is true! Just check on the intelligent Mike MULONGOTI – he says such matter as better responded to silently because the issue is sensetive. This is what other intelligent guys maintained and even doubted the motive of Davies Chama to bring out such an issue open whether it is true. In bemba we say ‘waeba infumu insele yamunakwe eutukile mfumu’ he who reports a recorded insult the king, then it is him who has insulted the king. In this case Chama has proved to be tribal himself.

  48. The fact that the chief has not disowned the story should tell you a lot. I can understand HH’s grievances but these are very insensitive in the fact that Bemba along with Nyanja are widely spoken languages country-wide. My take is that HH cannot afford to aggrieve people from Bemba speaking areas of Zambia because these constitute more than 50% of the population he intends to govern. Moving onto election strategy, the UPND must not underestimate that whatever voting pattern will be seen in Southern Province, it will be replicated in Eastern Province.

  49. Zambia lost A.K.Mazoka (MHSRIP), The founder president of UPND, and all hell in UPND broke loose. Mazoka’s widow instead of mourning was more interested in politics. She is the first one to pronounce that the UPND could only be lead by a Tonga. HH was not even a branch official in UPND but his qualification was that of being Tonga.Founder members of the UPND were sidelined and that cost a vibrant party dearly.

    In 2011, HH was asked why he wanted to be president of Zambia and his tribal answer was that “His people were marginalized”. Of course you know the people that he was talking about.

    It is time that someone mastered enough courage to apologize to the people of Zambia for what has caused the people of Zambia to call UPND a tribal party

  50. UPND should get rid of leaders with tribal tags, otherwise, they”ll continue failing at the polls if they continue burrying their heads in the sands! Surely there are other capable leaders? Even “special ones” are shown the exit in football!


    Chiefs Mweenda and Chondo says they are shocked and dismayed by the story that was published by the Times of Zambia yesterday claiming that HH called them and blasted them for welcoming PF Secretary General Mr.Davies Chama and for speaking in Bemba.The Chiefs have expressed extreme shock and are in disbelief that the media could engange themselves in serious lies wich are not only unethical but a very serious danger to the peace and unity that zambians have enjoyed for a very long time.Chief Mweenda denied receiving any call from the UPND leader and say its been a while since he spoke to HH.The chiefs said the Times of Zambia were settings a very bad precedence in journalism,, journalism must be objective and truthful wether about…

  52. UPND suporters learn to say sorry when you are wrong. HH is not God who cant make mistakes. Lastly HH is just a very smal unit of Tongas. lets realiz that Tongas can still be there without HH.

  53. HH know the facts, he said it and will NEVER go to court. He is doing a mock fight with times by ‘threatening’ them.
    He is now resorted to facebook to clear his name instead of going to court.

    Sad enough his followers are so naive like a cow behind the plough.

  54. Pamo ngo mu Bemba, I was shocked when Bembaland voted for the stup!d drunkard punks after what the dead thug did to Kanyanta Sosala. I couldn’t believe it!! Ba Bemba bakwi with such short memories? Sata anyela pali MwineluBemba, abaBemba bonse bayapipa amafi by voting PF!!!

  55. to hell with your tribalism.leaders ar meant to be leaders whether you despise them they ar leaders by nature and you cant change them with your cheap tribal remarks.

  56. Lets face it with or without the recording, HHs name has been caused a serious dent. And to see that he is alone fighting to clear his name makes it even harder. Where are his lieutenants in UPND? or could it be he has silenced them. surely you would ve expected a voice from Garry, mweetwa, GBM, Maureen etc. not even cadres. Imagine if such an allegation was made against ECL. you would have by now heard from kambwili, mumbi phiri, ministers, kennedy Kamba even the chief at the center would have spoken. The most HH has done is to threaten TOZ and the 24 hrs has passed. Welcome to the big league Mr under 5.

  57. And I quote, “they are stealing your copper to go and develop Chinsali…..”, HH on campaign trail in Solwezi in December 2014.

  58. can hh s people help him mend his reputation. mweetwa na ba gary nkombo help the under5 he has bitten more than he can chew. mama nalumango where are you. The UPND vuvuzelas on social media are not helping much. mama maureen. Ba GBM help the brother. The chief is quiet ,the lawsuit is not coming way after 24 hrs have passed. Maybe the diplomats must say something.

  59. Both Chiefs Haamusode and Choongo have trashed lies by the PF that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema rebuked them for welcoming PF’s Davies Chama and speaking in Bemba.

    Meanwhile all the journalists that were paid by Chama and Sunday Chanda to publish the dangerous and tribally divisive lies will be sued in their individual capacities, along with their editors and newspapers for criminal libel.

    According to Radio Phoenix’s 18 hours news today (Monday) chieftainess Choongo said she has not even read the story as the newspapers are not distributed in her chiefdom which is in Monze West. The chieftainess said the report that she was rebuked by HH was news to her and she has not spoken to HH about anything.

    And Chief Hamusonde also told Radio phoenix that he has not spoken to…

  60. So ALL of the Idi.ots attacking HH in this story should apologise or else face legal action. People from Tuntemba Parties like Peter Sinkamba are too shallow minded and naive to believe the false story in the times!!
    Others like Kamba, Sunday Chanda are known for being equivalent to dogs and pigs – so their stu.pid comments without verifying facts are not surprising!! I wonder if these chaps still have any decency left with them which I doubt very much because they bark at anything that moves including their shadows!!

  61. We demand Lusakatimes newspaper to verify this story frm both chiefs quoted in their paper failure to which no other option but sueing them especially those reporters in their individual capacities, to pf vuvuzelas u’ve realised that HH’s geowing popularity has become a big threat to yo stay in power and continue looting public funds,yo days are numbered no matter how u use tribal attacks on HH,Sinkamba u’re such a low thinking cheap politician,i’ve started decampaigning u with yo useless marijuana formula u ***** , we knw that pf has targeted u foolish politicians to be used in all schemes aimed tarnishing HH’s image. Recently Lungu retired police chiefs frm ZP bcos of being tongas,but i never heard of u pf vuvuzelas condemning this,Lusakatimes be careful, all pf evil plans against…

  62. Comment: love it or not HH will never be the president of this nation zambia I can tell you all this the man Is foolish all he wants is to put zambia apart if feel TONGA’s are more import he must go be the president of TONGA people he is just making TIONGA tribe to look bad yet not and HOW DID HE BECOME UPND PRESIDENT me lost on this one any way PF till 2021 than NAREP with CHIPIMO


Comments are closed.

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