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Zambia featured in the Economic Freedom in Action Documentary

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  1. Crooked I
    This here documentary was done in 2010; where do you get these tit bits and try to make them news; youhave just started having access to the internet?
  2. Mangwamu
    People, if your minds are fixed on finding faults, you will always find them because there are a lot of them. In your family, friends, school mates, work mates, in the government, in you. A lot of them. Shift to try and learn something to help you, to encourage you, to build YOU! And there's a lot to learn from this report, whether it happened yesterday or many years ago. Change your mentality. Grow up.
    • Zambian Namayo
      You're twisted in your reply. It's not your fault. I blame the Zambian Education System. They never teach comprehension, nor analysis of issues, statements or indeed comments on boards such as these. The complaint here is not about the material in the documentary but about the fact that it was made in 2010. Five years ago. These is a News site. "News" is supposed to be "CURRENT" not from five years ago and presented as if it happened yesterday. They could have made it known that it's old news. That is all. That is the complaint that's here. Good day.

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