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650 Health Posts to be ready in April-Deputy Minister


HEALTH deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya (in a jacket) inspects
Siankope rural health post in Choma yesterday which was among the 650
facilities under construction countrywide. Picture by CHILA NAMAIKO

THE Government has said construction of the 650 health posts across the country would be completed in April this year.

Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya said Government was committed to ensuring that health posts are completed and handed over to the public by April. Dr Chilufya said his ministry would this week commission one of the ten newly completed health posts out of the 650 constructed nationwide.

“The construction of 650 health posts that we embarked on last year, will be completed in April this year, Government is committed to ensuring that all the health posts are completed and opened to the public,” he said. He said the first health post would be commissioned in Chipata of Eastern Province, while others would also be opened in April.

He said so far 10 health posts had been completed and would soon be open to members of the public who had to cover long distances to access health services.

He said 157 super-structures of the health posts had been done and were close to completion while 366 health posts were at slab level. Dr Chilufya said the ministry had also sunk 304 boreholes at the sites and construction works were going on well across the country.

President Edgar Lungu last month expressed worry over the slow pace at which the 650 health posts were being constructed across the country and directed that there be progress

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  1. Jay Jay
    As can be seen in the photo the only with these buildings that needs work is the foundation. ..the rest is prefab and we had to take a loan to import those materials from India...no planning at all!
  2. Ba Folosho
    Jerry-built and transitional structures. Maybe we should have built 325 permanent structures at rthe cost of theses 650 temporary structures. Someone is smiling all the way to the bank and the Natives are gratefuil

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