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Wezi releases her highly anticipated new single “Chi Daddy”

Headlines Wezi releases her highly anticipated new single "Chi Daddy"


In Zambian dialog, this song is calling out grown men who go after girls who are much younger than them. It speaks against sugar daddies and early marriages. The hook of the song says “I refuse… who are you?“. The song was written and performed by Wezi and produced by Headphone music founder Jay Rox. This song pays tribute to the sound and music from 80s and also the women of Zambian music.

Download/listen to the song here





  1. This is becoming boring… Is this all these girls can sing about? What about those girls who go for these men? If you are above 18, you can go for any consenting adult over 18. Age differnce is only an issue to those for whom its none of their business anyway. Otherwise, this girl has a good strong voice and potential. A good song-writer and a good producer would help her go a long way. She could also use some image management.

  2. Who said so???????. The law says dont have sexual relations with a 16 year old Period. Anyone who is 17 and above can have a relationship with a 100 year old if he or she wants. The relationship is MUTUAL

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