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Bowman Lusambo says VJ’s statement on rigging is careless

General News Bowman Lusambo says VJ's statement on rigging is careless


MMD National Youth Secretary, Bowman Lusambo has said that the statement attributed to veteran politician, Vernon Mwaanga on suspected rigging of elections is careless and must be condemned.

Mr Lusambo said that Dr. Mwaanga’s statement is a threat to national security.

Mr. Lusambo told ZNBC News that it is a known fact that Dr. Mwaanga’s statement is merely meant to incite Zambians to reject the election results in an event President Edgar Lungu wins.

Mr. Lusambo said Dr. Mwaanga, and the opposition political parties know too well that President LUNGU is headed for a resounding victory.

Dr. Mwaanga was on Saturday quoted in the media urging opposition parties to strictly monitor and scrutinize the tallying of votes in the forth coming elections to avoid manipulation and abuse of the electoral process.

Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo has said that Zambians should desist from entertaining visionless political party leaders who do not see anything good in others.

Mr. Lusambo said that he is not surprised that the UPND Leadership has condemned the move by President Lungu to deliver about 80 percent of the new constitution saying they do not see anything good in the government.

Mr. Lusambo said that such leaders should not be taken seriously saying it is not possible for President Lungu to fail to deliver in all areas as claimed by the UPND.

He said that such kind of bitterness exhibited by leaders UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is not good for a developing nation like Zambia and that political players should strive to co-exist.

Mr. Lusambo said that it is important that where the party in government has done well they should be commended, and where they have not fared well they should be condemned saying that is the kind of check and balances the people want to see coming from the opposition.



    • Why should PF panick and react that way – All VJ has said is opposition must watch out especially at the point of TALLYING the votes. We know from the January 2015 that PF, and PF agents in ECZ deliberately gave PF more votes on the tally sheets – there is evidence to support VJ claims. So, he is merely reminding the opposition to be vigilante this time around – to make sure 100 does not become 1,000 and so on cos that one of the stupid gimmicks used in Zambia. We all know that, right?

      So, UPND, wake up!!

    • This kid is schizophrenic! He does not know which party he belongs to. Nevers, check this boy out.
      When your dog goes to back at your neighbor’s house in the night, you know something wrong with your relationship with this dog.

  1. “Mr. Lusambo told ZNBC News that it is a known fact that Dr. Mwaanga’s statement is merely meant to incite Zambians to reject the election results in an event President Edgar Lungu wins”

    LT, can you please correct the last part of the quoted phrase above. I am sure Bowman said: “to incite Zambians to reject the election results in an event PASTOR NEVERS MUMBA wins

  2. lusambo pf vuvuzela now you were talking about vj mwaanga how do you mention hh?i didnt know that thats how far some politicians sink so low.you thought that by not mentioning hh in your article pipo ll not understand?foolish you.

    • This is what we miss, knowing them for who they really are and not giving them chance to ever be in corridors of power! So it must be wealth amassed from drugs that enables the man to be so big headed that he can even splash donations to residents in which constituency he is eyeing! Sorry Zambia!

  3. Lusambo is just looking for attention and it is sad to see ZNBC according him a platform. VJ was talking about ALL the opposition political parties (including MMD) to be vigilant during tallying of votes. Which side is Lusambo, PF or MMD? Why can’t he resign from MMD and officially join the PF, if he is so sure that his MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba stands no chance of winning the elections? Why are the MMD youths allowing this fellow to represent them? Are there no loyal members within the MMD who can take up the position of National Youth Secretary?

  4. It’s correct to say Dr Mwaanga has a democratic right to express his personal views, however at his level his has a responsibility to preserve peace in the country.
    lt’s always true for us that have been close to Dr Mwaanga that in his life time he would like to deliver a Tonga Republic of Zambia President, the truth be told…there’s certainly nothing wrong in that…..however history is repeating it’self, The flamboyant Politician has once again miscalculated. Zambians are not that desperate. In comparison the young defence Minister Siamunene is by far a better candidate to sell as oppose to the status quo and l totally agree with Lusambo’s assessment.

  5. In all fairness, HH will lose the coming Presidential elections, why do I say so? HH is not strategic in any way and so far he has not given Zambians any convincing reasons and alternatives to the economic challenges brought about by external factors to make them vote for him.
    All that one hears day after day from him is negativity and that President Lungu has failed to govern. Let HH in detail on alternatives due to poor rainfall, let him provide alternatives on the global economy slow down that had affected currencies world over.
    As he claims to be the know it all, let him give the reason why today the South African Rand is trading at 16 Rands to a Dollar from 8 Rands to a Dollar, let HH explain why the Anglo America who he wants to bring to Zambia have laid off 85, 000 miners.

    • You twat..he doesn’t need to waste his breath expounding anything as most it will sound like jargon to illiterates like you. The strategy is just to let the PF continue de-campaigning itself through reckless corruption,violence,tribalism,nepotism,cronyism,miss-management of the economy and blasphemy (the PF is now invoking the Lord’s name in vain).The people of Zambia are not foolish.They are watching and will reward the PF with a painful and humiliating electoral defeat this country has ever seen.The overwhelming voter registration by the young generation is a sign of things to come in August.

  6. Zambian politics have reached their lowest,what a shame . I thought Lungu would bring freshness,alas.he is a tired man

  7. Ne shina line ati bowman what kind of a b*** a** name is that,he wants the opposition to close there eyes and open on the 13th of august,he is a mofi cause they do not know weather they are male or female taishiba nga ni MMD olo PF batata ba mwanga is trying to give fatherly advise he waters it down, he does not know at abafyashi ni ba katiyo bali niba kawasha ,bali yishiba game.



  10. Tallying happens at the polling station bane. Then votes are confirmed at totalling centre then the total votes are transmitted e.g to Mulungushi Centre. The polling agents sign the votes at the polling station to confirm the result. No rigging ba Dr. Mwaanga ! This is open for all to see. If one loses indeed they lose, ideas on rigging kulibe baba. Kapambaboni vinango !

  11. Is this fool for MMD or PF. This is what poverty does when one is hoping PF will offer him a job. VJ is being honest as we all should be. PF have ruined the country and if voted in again brace yourselves! They’re overspending because they don’t have a clue as to what they are doing is killing us. We have a traveling president more interested in partying and attending functions instead of building a nation. All that money spent on rigging can go towards infrastructure development and educating our youth. But PF would rather Jameson do the worrying for them.

  12. Mr Mwaanga is more familiar with rigging than the PF … he must report his suspicions to the police and the Electoral Commission of Zambia because it is a crime to withhold information that may be vital to stopping a crime of rigging. We challenge him to do that.M’membe & VJ Are Better At Election Rigging.

  13. lusambo z right it doesn’t mean that if mwaanga is known worldwide as a rigger then every1 can do that this is foolishness

  14. bowman is right!it doesn’t mean that if mwaanga z known worldwide as a rigger then any1 can do it ninjala yamene yamunyokola?

  15. VJ is a tonga supporting a losing candidate HH. A tonga is always supporting a tonga. VJ has no morals at all to show, even his own children are morally rotten. A self confessed drug baron moving freely in zambia agitating anarch. The police are not sensitive, because these insnuations could lead to genocide. A thief which has failed to pay tax moving freely and insulting innocent citizen at will, is incitng the nation to ploy in turmoil, mulemutamba. Where is the police? In America a tax evader is must be jailed without bail. Why our Govt is so casual on issues which can cause anarch? People will vote lungu because has delivered. We can not vote a tribalist anymore. Let the tongas vote for hh, since they are not interested to vote any other tribe. Ba Govt please arrest these envious…

  16. I lost the little respect I had for this Lusambo guy. He doesn’t stand for anything…he is a huule in the political sense….

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