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MMD distances itself from Bowman Lusambo’s action against Vernon Mwaanga

General News MMD distances itself from Bowman Lusambo's action against Vernon Mwaanga

Irene Musonda Communications Director in office of the MMD President
Irene Musonda Communications Director in office of the MMD President

Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has distanced itself from the recent remarks and action by MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo against Vernon Mwaanga.

In a statement released to the media by Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President, Irene Chiwala Musonda, the party said that Mr Lusambo is currently on suspension from all party duties and does not hold any other position in the MMD

Below is the full statement

We the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) would like to distance the party from remarks attributed to us in a statement by suspended MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo, aired on the two news bulletins on Sunday 10th January, 2016. Mr Lusambo in his statement said “Dr. Mwaanga’s statement on vote rigging of elections is careless and must be condemned and is a threat to national security.”

We wish to inform all media houses that Mr Lusambo is currently on suspension from all party duties and does not hold any other position in the MMD. His disciplinary case shall be tabled at the next National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting. Any statement he releases, should be viewed as his own personal opinion, in his personal capacity and in no way represents the official position of the MMD on any matter.

The recent past has witnessed a flurry of media statements from paid people purporting to speak on behalf of the MMD. This prompted the MMD Lusaka Provincial leadership to hold a press briefing on Thursday 7th January 2016 to alert all media houses that all these voices are not current MMD party officials and are being used by enemies of the party. Their credentials should always be verified through the MMD Secretariat before they are entertained by any media house.

MMD is yet to make a statement on this matter as new information is still emerging.

Irene Chiwala Musonda
Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President

MMD Secretariat
Plot 44/1B Kasala Road (Off Kudu Road & Alick Nkhata Avenue)
Private Bag E365 Kabulonga


  1. There’s still the MMD that raises both arms, on one hand a clenched fist, on the other the hour. Maybe that’s the MMD he belongs to.

  2. Bow and Arrow Lusambo is already campaigning in Kabushi, Ndola and he knows he can only win on PF or if endorsed by Edgar. He has already jumped from MMD but from the English I heard him speak the other day, I think he still has some unfinished business with the Examination Council of Zambia. He needs to double up before the sun sets!!

  3. Ba Irene Musonda lekeni ama politics. You are looking too good to be involved in such. Ba Lusambo is a hired missile and he will use his unpalatable language to defend his move.

  4. The problem facing Lusambo is that he is trying very desperately and hard to win the support of PF and Lungu and be accepted in PF. His challenge is that there are people who are owners of PF within PF and understand that Lusambo wants to rip where he did not sow.

    Hence all these crazy gymnsastics of harrassing people like Mwaanga. He is seeking cheap publicity and cheap attention from ECL. It remaisn to be seen whether ECL can fall for the cheap tactics of this man. But MMD should rejoice because they have almost got rid of all the rogue members who wanted to see this party die. Bravo Nevers!!!!

  5. Ba Irene Musonda, how nice. You were my boss at Stanbic Bank. You are a woman of integrity and I pray that you succeed in your high task. Please Soldier on and show that rogue element called Boman what to be a true Die Hard Means…

  6. I heard that Mr Mwaanga denied issuing the statement that was quoted in the Urinal Post. He could have said something on elections but deliberately misquoted or distorted by some urinal mmembers. So Mr Mwaanga we give you benefit of doubt to give you a chance to deny and disown the contaminated Urinal Post and its editorial mmembers.
    But it’s a lesson to all upright persons, don’t be used by the urinal members because you risk being contaminated in the same liquid. Surely you don’t want to be be put in same class as father lounde.

  7. Where the hell did Bowman Lusambo, broke as a church mouse just a year ago, get money to campaign as an MP in Ndola Kabushi? All of a sudden he has money to execute some projects, he even has cash to donate, close to K30,000? Has he declared this income to ZRA and has he paid taxes commensurate with this new income? He purports to stand as an MMD MP but he is busy supporting PF? Where is all this cash coming from? Has he joined the group of tenderprenueurs? What’s going on in our political arena that we must be subjected to louts like this fellow? Are you telling this guy can go to Parliament and help produce a turn around strategy for the energy crisis? Cry my beloved country!!!!!

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