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Ex-Manchester United Star Andy Cole’s visit to Zambia in Pictures



Manchester United legend Andy Cole with BBZ – Head of Marketing and Corporation Relations Mato Shimabale


Manchester United legend Andy Cole giving a jersey replica to British High Commission transport officer Jacob Sambo , the winner of Family Kit out meaning receiving Barclays Premier League Memorabilia.


Manchester United legend Andy Cole signing autographs.


Manchester United legend Andy Cole with Supersport Marketing Manager Marlon Kananda


BBZ CEO Saviour Chibiya introducing the guest Andy Cole to BBZ employees


Upcoming songbird Wezi Mhone graced the occasion.


A child of BBZ employee posing a question to Andy Cole.


Selfies and autographs time with BBZ employees.


Selfies and autographs time with BBZ employees.


Selfies and autographs time with BBZ employees.


Selfies and autographs time with BBZ employees.


Selfies and autographs time with BBZ employees.


Manda hill fan zone.


Manda hill fan zone.


Manda hill fan zone.


“Yes, we managed a selfie” , some ladies seeming expressing.


BBZ Marketing team


Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale with Andy Cole.


Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale with Andy Cole and BBZ CEO Saviour Chibiya.

Pictures and captions by Jean Mandela

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    • Suntwe wa Suntwe
      Kahimba Chimbwi: If Andy Cole stood side by side with Jesus for a selfie, the Zambian gullible would ditch Jesus!
    • Pukuchwe munyelela siliba
      The levels of obesity among those pictured are extremely worrying and a telling indictment on our eating habits or unhealthy lifestyles.
    • zagaze
      Andy cole has told you to stop importing coaches (whites) and concentrate on african coaches. he understands the racism thats there in europe and here we are, with little resources trying to give employment to europeans. these are children, descendants of those captured in africa during slave trade feel sad when they come to the motherland to see us worshiping whites after all the hell they are catching in the west from the very whites. black coaches for african teams, no more whites. if you feel you need european training techniques, then send abena lwandamina, quicksilver then,to europe and study and they come back and incorporate their coaching skills with our inert zambian skills
    • ndobo
      ARVs have deformed Zambians zoona,,,, good thing Andy Cole doesn't drink, you have seen 'someone' wanting to dance chikokoshi with him
  1. Chanda
    Picture # 9, man stop being a couch potato and loading yourself with English Premier League matches on DSTV day in and day out , get a life and get outside and lose some of that stuff around your waist. I bet a child can't tell which is your back or front
    • Choolwe C
      Hahahaha. Mr Chanda, from the whole article is this what you you decided to comment about. My brother look for Lynx FC on Facebook. Google the Lusaka Sunday League. Look at our website. I'm very involved in sport. On another day I would have been offended. But then again levels of illiteracy and incompetence amongst Zambians is very high. Happy to have met Andy Cole. United Legend :)
  2. Cuito Cuanavale
    I still remember that deadly combination of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke at Manchester United. It was dreaded by many teams. It is nice to know that not everyone has turned their back on Zambia.
    • UPND Cadre from Ngombe Compound Lsk
      It was Deadly attack. Sad that black players never get enough credit that they deserve.
  3. mango juice
    Sad that Andy Cole looks fitter than all the fans who met him at Manda Hill except maybe for Sports Minister Mwale !!
  4. Fota Nkonde
    Am sure abena PF had more than enough Candles to make sure he wasn't left in the dark with their daily blackouts!!!
  5. Matokwani
    These are good memories as Andy Cole continues battling his kidney problems. At least he is able to travel to Zambia and carry out his functions. We wish him very good health.
  6. Ba Zecky
    Charlie cool is his home country, why doesn't he pay a visit uko aposa umutoto wakwe? Shame on him though I had respect for all he did for mother Zambia.
    • Fota Nkonde
      Leave Charlie Cool alone - the man is quiet, yet you are out to abuse him - you have Galu, whom you love, who has messed up FAZ, Lives in SA - probably on FAZ funds - yet you don't complain - why do you like pointing fingers at the wrong people??? Ask Galu about this Kawri fiasco - he hasn't even bothered to comment!!!
  7. copperbullet
    why is andy cole a Man Utd legend handing over a Liverpool shirt as I Liverpool supporting im shocked....
  8. mwansa
    @The Saint, Andy Cole a flop?? You just didn't watch English football because you had no TV. Andy Cole and Dwight York were the deadliest striking partnership in Europe in 1999. Don't comment if you are a fake soccer fan
    • Umwina Zed
      He isn't a soccer fan. Just a comment poster. Andy Cole is the second most prolific scorer of all time in the English premier league
  9. Jay Jay
    Too much obesity in Zambia, experts at watching English football and paying for DSTV but they can't invest in their own health..its very sad!!
  10. Patrick mwanza
    Icimpwena. What is so special about his coming to Zambia? Our legend Elijah "Kapilipili" Mwale of Mighty Mufulira Wanderers was recently in London, no single media met him @ Heathro Airport.
    • Seize Banda
      Inferiority complex mwana. We are not our own people anymore. We love foreigners and their stuff more than we love ourselves and our stuff. It's so sad. Like someone said, with our meagre money we still want to bring European whites to coach our players. We guarantee a purse for coaches but we do no such things for doctors. See how messed up we are? Amangalo! Tompwe balilya ku mbwa.
  11. KK Airport Cabinet
    I see that this young man has helped HIV-Aids in Zim. We needs sports or ex-sports people with a heart for the needy. He is welcome in Zambia. But what has our own Zambia sports boys done for mother Zambia except to drink and womanise
  12. tripoli

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