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MMD resolves not to hold convention, Mumba to hold discussion with Lungu on alliance

Headlines MMD resolves not to hold convention, Mumba to hold discussion with Lungu...

MMD Media Briefing
MMD Media Briefing

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee has resolved not to hold a convention this year and has mandated their President Nevers Mumba to hold further discussion with Republican President Edgar Lungu on modalities of the proposed alliance.

This is contained in a communique released to the media this afternoon.

Below is the full communique


The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee (NEC) on the 30th of January 2016 met at Mika Convention Center in Meanwood Area of Lusaka and resolved the following:


The meeting resolved by unanimous vote of 7 out of 10 provinces and 33 out that 42 NEC members that there shall be no MMD convention in 2016 to elect any office bearers because the term of office of the president is five years from 25th May 2012 to 2017. The meeting noted that the NEC has powers to set the date of the convention as it sees fit as per MMD Constitution in Article 19(f), (g) and (h).

There were legal opinions presented in the meeting from two State Counsels and a Constitutional lawyer. Upon their recommendations, the meeting resolved that the next MMD convention to elect both the President and the NEC members shall be held in 2017 at a date to be decided and announced by the NEC.


The MMD president briefed the meeting concerning the proposed alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) as per announcement by the Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that he has been in touch with Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba.

The meeting resolved to mandate the MMD president to have discussions with the Republican president on the modalities of the proposed alliance and report back to the NEC for continued negotiations.


The meeting also elected 8 new NEC members as follows:

1. Hon. Allan Mbewe as Chairman Elections
2. Mr Stephen C Mukuka as Chairman Mining and Mineral Resources
3. Mrs Rosemary Lupando Mwape as Trustee
4. Mrs Maggie Mulela as Chairperson Tourism
5. Ms Mary Chileshe as Chairperson Local Government and Housing
6. Mrs Lizzy Kapito as Chairperson Labour and Social Services
7. Mr Malama Sokoni as NEC Member
8. Mr Greenford Kalinda as NEC Member


  1. Good for Nevers Mumba,,, for once MMD should have the balls to get the best deal out of the dying PF,,,,, MMD can go it alone, they know the cant win regardles,,,,, PF is scared of UPND to even try alone!!!

    • Dr. Mumba has failed to read the times. The PF is dragging him with him to ruibs like a prostitute does to a good man.

    • Alliance is the future

      MMD are not a factor at all- they are led by mercenary
      UPND have in a leader who has failed FOUR times
      PF are a brilliant party being misled

      The choice – Well there is no choice whatsoever.

      All Roads leads to orange Alliance

      Miles Sampa will make a great president.
      He is ready! Are you?



    • Your insults take you no where. It only shows how uncivilised you, HH and UPND are. You are nothing in politics. You have no idea how to do politics a part from insults. You will lose this year and that will be the end of your insulting party and leader. Political failures who have failed to discuss issues apart from insults. You are vulgar mouthed and disgraceful lot. I wonder if this is your upbringing, then you parents did not do anything to teach you manners or they had no idea what manners are, so it not your problem but a cultural misfortune. I am so sorry that you have been brought up like this. So sad.

    • I feel sorry for Nevers Mumba, it seems reality has now sunk in. Time to swing into survival mode now, just look for any odd alliance, get some money & settle some bills – Africa! Even God has given up on this dark continent!

    • Do not accuse God for you leaders lack of political ingenuity. Mumba is playing the political card and there is nothing wrong with it. If you hold God like this, who then is you master. The devil, I think. This is HH club.

    • @1.5 Asigai: You seem to be so addicted to HH hatred. Even topics which have nothing to do with HH, you still find a way of brining his name in your comments. Remember the saying “oko usulile ekakopa noko”? During MMD grand rule, who knew that Micheal Chilufya Sata could win the presidential elections? Relax and be focused, let the best candidate win and lead Zambia. Do demonise other candidates. Not everyone who is critising the wrongs in Govt is UPND. Zambia does not belong to PF or UPND, it belongs to more than 15 Million people.

    • I haven’t hate for HH. I on,you detest his lack of political wisdom and insults from his supporter. Iam intelligent enough to read between the line and see that an article iswritten but a. HH supporter. The problem is that Iam direct.

      2] The people of Zed have OVERWHELMINGLY DISCARDED PF – & YOU KNOW IT JUST AS EVERYONE ELSE – HOWEVER THE MANDATE THEY GAVE YOU IN 2012 WASN’T ONE TO GO TO BED WITH THE VERY PARTY THEY OVERWHELMINGLY REJECT THIS TIME – so stop being a bully, you after all believing in the RIGGING of the vote by the incumbent – & hope to benefit from it. You pretend to be a man of God, BUT YOU SEEM MORE THAN EAGER TO CANOODLE WITH FRANK BWALYA another little devil that pretended to be a man of God!!

  2. Sinkamba Wisdom- what of the tear gas issue has the PF and ECL apologized to you and the MMD and to the Zambian people?

  3. Nevers is on recording of being a leader of the opposition alliance before and when he was sent to state house to reprent them on the many issues, he ended up negotiating for himself and ended up with the post of VP under Mwanawasa, So what has changed this time. Nevers is a treator who is only interested in himself and i know even this time he is going to do it. Wake up MMD Nevers con not be trusted especialy with money and power. He did it to the national christian allience party, opposition allience and now he is going to do it with MMD.

    • Well, this politics. It is about playing you cards right. This is what HH and UPND are missing. Call what you want, but in politics alliances are important and the wise use them to their advantage. MMD has a huge following. This move is likely to reunite MMD, Banda and Mumba agreeing to work together again. Consequently, many sympathetic voters will vote for the PF/MMD pact. HH because he is not a politician, he thinks going it alone works and this has always failed him. But he is a bad student who never learns. He is giving away the advantage to EL again. What a shame!!

    • you are right yesterday he was in that alliance meeting of opposition to work against PF today he is on another table. Nevers i pity this man he is used to church leadership of sangawapo

  4. Nothing on adoption of MPs for the forthcoming elections. Does that mean that is one of the issues to be discussed with PF -share constituencies?

    • We need improved lives yes BUT the solution should never come from a MASONIST posse. Never in Zambia. God reigns here i

    • Nevers is considering benefits such as ministerial jobs and access to government contracts

      Nothing about principles here

    • Yu have said well, he is politcian. All politicians take care of their bellies. HH is in business to take care of his belly. He wants to become president of Zambia to make his business even better and his belly too. In short, Mumba is proving to be a better politician than HH. Politics is about negotiating deals and outwitting your opponents. HH need to learn this. The winner take it all is a business strategy HH is adopting and it is not working for him in politics. I can assure, Mumba will enter plot 1 and one day become Republican president. This is how EL did it. HH is not reading things correctly and you guys are not helping him. Your people should stop insulting and see things clearly and respond correctly. EL is playing his cards very close to his chest and he is serious about…

  5. This will precede Zambians acknowledging that Evil shall never be allowed to risr above good. Mumba has never denounced God so he and ECL who have embraced Gods throne SHALL PREVAIL on Aug 11. God will sort out Zambias problems. Amen !

    • @Running widow. Can you mention which church ECL belongs to? Which congregation? Please let us not use religion as a campaign gimmick. How can drunkards and thieves claim to be “men of God”?? Let’s be serious.

    • We should not use the name of the Lord in vain, he who does not work shall not eat. If we mismanage the economy and fail to put in measures that will facilitate the growth of the economy on paper and actual output we cannot sit back and say God will sort out the problems of Zambia.

  6. 50+1 has now brought about honor amongst thieves!

    PF and MMD = double CORRUPTION, double thieving and double incompetence.

    Neither of these parties have proposed any realistic solutions for Zambias economy that has crashed.

    Look forward to much harder times if these clowns are elected!

    • Sorry about your political weakling HH. These guys are winning because they GOOD politician. HH has never been a politician. Unfortunately, his followers know it but ignore it to their party’s demise. What a pity. You tried guys, but you could not do politics. Politics is for men not boys. Despite his millions, HH is no much for this drunkard, God fearing and Zambia loving EL. His is a big five killer. never underrate him. You did last time and you know the results.

    • @ asigai

      Can you take your “intelligence”, which you claim to possess (LOL), in front of your misplaced obsession with HH and contribute intelligently to the subject?
      For you, anybody who differs with result your mental sickness, must be HH supporter.
      Look at the FACTS leading to the election of 2011 and what happened since before ranting.
      You said that you are intelligent enough?
      In so far, your sick obsession has taken over that limited “intelligence” you claim to possess.

    • There you go as usual. it is not difficult to know that you UPND due to you vulgar language. Just ague without insults. If I hit a nerve in you, I have no apologies, go and hug a live ZESCO wire. Your HH is in this by himself due to his oversized self ego and you guys have pushed even further to believe that he is some god. He is just a loser, who has divided this country. I specially do not like for the later. Talking about intelligence, I think I do better than you, insulter!! You will never win an election by insulting anyone who opposes your HH. Grow up together with your HH.

  7. MMD please do not present candidates who lost elections in 2011. Zambians rejected them and bringing them back will be a serious insult to voters

  8. Nevers will negotiate for his job in PF government and that will be the last remains of MMD.
    During 2017, Nevers will jump to PF completely. Lungu wants Rupiah to support him not Mumba. Mumba does not add value to PF so is being used to have harmony in MMD and give Rupiah legitimate to campaign for PF.

  9. I think MMD has also lost its national character. Look at the list of the new executive members. Mumba was quoted saying he would seek legal redress over the recent fracas. Ofcourse against the PF . What has changed? Is it money? Is it development by PF? Is it just for the sake of winning other opposition parties.

    • Yes, politics is about winning, not just politicking or trying to prove that you have more money than others. It is about outwitting others and getting closer to the corridors of power. MMD is a seasoned party and know when and how to play the game. HH and UPND are very far from playing such high level games. While UPND and its followers are busy hurling insults, EL is working. More surprises are coming which will shock UPND politically. So UPND stop insulting and begin to concentrate and understand the political landscape better.

  10. MMD has been duped. Never a is going there for self survival. If he was a freedom fighter in the ’50s/60s, he would have been on the side of the white clique where butter was buttered. Good luck as I foresee increased frustrations and disappointment. I really thought you would show greater sacrifice and a fighting spirit this time but let me not judge you as you have a family to feed. But remember the teargas as you take the move.

  11. So which is the stronger alliance, the Kabimba-HH-Post cartel or the PF/MMD? You can correctly guess answer from the way upnd are shaking like leaves, they seem to know better than the rest of us.

  12. The above refers to Dr Nevers Mumba. He is too focused on himself and self survival. If someone has his number, please, post it here I phone him. I expected this move because he is too focused on himself; believing he will be Veep and later take over PF. Alas, they will slaughter you the way it happened in MMD. Those Kambwilis, Kalabas will be a thorn in the flesh. Better stand your ground and earn a solid reputation as a leader who is focused and disciplined. Good politics is about sacrifices no matter the cost my dear brother in the Lord.

  13. Just wondering which Party Convention MMD will have next year, because by August this year, as Davies Chama prophesied, MMD will be completely swallowed by PF. If this allaince will be for the better of Zambia’s economy, it will have God’s blessings but if it is just a marriage of convinience, it will not have God’s blessings.

  14. We all knew which way the wind would blow with Nevas. He is a chancer and money and power mean more to him than principles. Me thinks he is being blackmailed over his deeds in Canada whilst he was the ambassador there. Nevas God called you to be a fisher of men and you did bring many to Him. Then you became conceited like Lucifer and formed your NCC or something like that party believing you were going to make it as head of state due to your popularity as a christian. That failed and you ended up as VEEP on the opposition ticket, pardon me but what opinion have you left us with? If you had a true feeling for Zambian people you should have teamed up with the opposition to get the oppressors out, the very same people that tear gassed you.

  15. That deal is as good as sealed. Automatically Mumba will be Lungu’s running mate and a power- sharing memorandum of understanding will be written. One secret is to field joint candidates where either party will not interfere with the other’s strongholds. This is a big plus, If they seek further merger with smaller parties they may acquire a first round win. The earlier parties seek unity the better are their chances. With UPND as the main challenger, when will HH gather the guts to seek alliance partners? You will be surprised to wait for a runoff to no avail. Drop the ego, this new 50%+1 clause literally returns a country to ‘one party’. The sooner HH rushes for Nawakwi and the rest to negotiate as equals, the better. Do not overestimate your party. Seek alliance.

  16. Really laughable so the Lazy Bum Edgar was right all along last week even though this so called Pastor Mumba was denying it, I wonder how much of the corrupt money has exchanged hands. Its funny how voters are treated for f**ls the selfsame people you kicked out sighting corruption 4 years ago are they very people they are forming alliances with.

    • Mumba never denied talking to Lungu. He only said no deal about the alliance had been reached. HH and UPND will face a tough time for being self centered if this different ball of politics. Arrongance made hh lose last elections, the same attitude is making him lose for the last and final time. Politics is like a game of chase. Mumba has read his game well and is pushing his pieces well. HH and UPND have no clue what to do now.

  17. ati man of God surely hw can u enter into an alliance with a party tjat has brought nothing but pain to poor zambians.Is mr Mumba normal?anyway u av unveld yourself the mask of deceit now zambians hav known the real you.go to your church nd encourage them to vote for pf nd see how they ll react to your foolish decision.my last word,you ar a disgrace to the christian folk we regret ever knowing you for who u ar not.wishing you a big downfall with your panga alliance.

  18. Dr Mumba, N, seem to be well learned in individual negotiations. Not new, we saw it during late President Mwanawasa,s term. Opposition though he had their interest at heart but the result was opposite. Its Zambia and people are okay, can’t hold leaders accountable for such.

  19. MMD with UPND they are angel ,with PF they are devils. We are tired of your hate politics.
    Your leader is retiring this year from politics.

  20. Balibe vuto Nevers kuvomela alliance na ba PF. Nimunthu nayeve, musiyeni adweko za boma naye. Ngati safuna alliance chili kuli yenve.

  21. Ba PF, MMD, UPND, FDD, NAREP,etc bose aba nibanthu ba mozi, ndise bamozi, balibe ali beta than the other, we ar 1. Chikulu niku chita deliver to the Zambian pipo.

    • Well but they are male prostitutes too.. so what are you trying to say? Check your sexism and misogyny brother.

      But yeah otherwise Mumba once abandoned his entire church folks he was pretending to lead to heaven and left them in the cold. He stands for nothing and he will make a really good partnership with Lungu. This country will never move an inch forward with this calibre of leaders.

  22. Mushota U Are A Political Prostitute Just Few Months U Wea In Surpot Of Rainbow 2day U Jump To D F Supose Pipo Had Follwed U To Rainbow And U Claim U Dont Go Wrong


  24. This Mumba aligning himself to be a running mate for Lungu and he will be set for 5 years as Veep. Talk about lack of principles in the Zambian politicians… not that Mumba had any to begin with. Instead of doing it alone, he’s bringing the entire party with him. Just watch as they set themselves to f!ght for limited position and portfolios. Alliances will be broken! But this is good news for the opposition parties because this will reduce the split up of votes.

  25. VESSEL PF: “requestdockingcoordinates”

    DOCKING STATION:”look for nearest station and guide the ship.”

    VESSEL PF:” condition preventing docking is in effect”

    DOCKING STATION: “hold-position”

    VESSEL PF:”recalldockinginstructions”

    DOCKING STATION:”all clear approach”

    VESSEL PF:”after fulfilled initial real docking condition,vessel stopped near the docking seat,depth control was used to approach while stern vertical thrusts went all out”


    DOCKING STATION:” good job Captain EL and welcome to State house”

    2016 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you,,,,,,,

  26. @Hung them high
    Not UPP……State House Lusaka Zambia…..good try though, UPP was docking station for UNIP,,,,,and i think MMD will become docking station for PF in August

    2016 vote (PF) Edgar
    “nafuti nafuti”

    i thank you

    • @ katondo boys
      I got it. Thanks. Now we have United Plunderers Party to carry on with plundering.
      Great news.
      Thank you for clarification

  27. Alliances are good but are not the solution in themselves.

    If breakfast, lunch and supper formed an alliance and declare they’ll always be available for all Zambians, it appeals to me.

    We need this alliance in the stomach, at the moment it’s non-existent thanks to Perpetual Failures.

  28. Nevers very good. Go for it, just ignore the insults. People wont stop insulting, if alliance is best for u, y not go for it. we ar all the same, we ar 1 people.

  29. The problem I have with UPND is that you are too over confident and that is how you have been losing it all the time. With 50%+1, without an alliance, you are doomed.

    You are calling ECL a drunkard but that so called drunkard has understood the implications of 50% +1 and that is why he is going for alliances.

    UPND lacks the most important thing in politics- strategists and without them forget about winning a general election

  30. P.F+M.M.D equalls a must win on 11 august 2016.sorry UPND baya lala baya lalae kumbo o takuya babwela.R.I.P UPND.amalilo yapwila apapene.

  31. Few days ago, someone told me that only a fool doesn’t change his mind, but the one who often changes his mind is a fool! am seeing something like that here….!

  32. Why comdemn Nevers and MMD entirely when Americans and Britons easly go back to parties that they have rejected before, Tony Blair of labour party grabbed power from John major a tory, then David Cameron a tory grabbed back power from Gordon Brown of labour party, it is a trend even in the USA where power change hands regulary between Democrates and Repblicans even after being rejected at one time or the other depending on the circumstancs. If MMD is showing signs of improving why not work with them! if they have got good ideas to offer lets us work with them after all they have the experience than the under 5 politician UPND cadres want to potray as a saint.

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