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Bob Sichinga rejoins UPND

Headlines Bob Sichinga rejoins UPND

Commerce Trade, and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga gives out cash to AMICO employee Brian Ndalama as Luapula Province Minister Benson Kapaya looks on
Bob Sichinga

Former Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga has re-joined the UPND after ditching the ruling PF.

Mr Sichinga announced the development during a news briefing addressed by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka.

Mr Sichinga said he has left the PF because of alleged intolerance and increased violence in the country perpetrated by the PF cadres.

He charged that President Edgar Lungu lacks a vision to steer the country forward.

Mr Sichinga who also served as Agriculture Minister also stated that he has left the PF because he is not comfortable with the current party management in the PF.

He also appealed to President Lungu to tame the violence since he is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Mr Sichinga said President Lungu has a duty to protect the peace and security of the nation.

Mr Sichinga is a founder member of the UPND.


    • mwefipuba mulekwatako insoni. chaba shani kanshi? HH use this imbecile and then dump him in the dustbin afterwards. we dont want people like him as ministers or anything once you form government. Let him just be an ordinary member like the rest of the people in your party.

    • bashi nono shuwa you have left PF!! Am surprise mwe, you have left all those sex escapades and drinking behind in PF,,,, Am shocked mwe!!!!

    • Its Happening even before Parliament is dissolved. Great move Mr Sichinga and congratulations for this bold step. Zambia is really moving forward. Let sanity reign again in our beautiful land.

    • Not a good sign for PF. UPND is gaining traction on the ground, rather too fast. PF could be doomed, I am afraid.

    • People differ & reconcile. Admittedly what transpired in May 2006 is regrettable. Let’s forgive & forget with the assurance that no repeat of such will happen.

      Bob was 1st UPND MP for Kafue & went on to win the Isoka East seat & performed well. Next to rejoin is Sikota & Patrick Chisanga. Then Chenda, Simuusa, Kazabu etc. Its a political booster. Just watch the space & don’t switch yourself off from news sources (ipads, phones, TVs & print media).

      Currently UPND is a party of fairer choice & more of these endorsements will follow after April. The earlier u throw yo support to a party with 50% chance of forming government in August the better chance u stand to benefit from the sharing of ‘spoils’ from ‘Politics Of Benefits”.
      GBM, Lupando & Bob have political insights.

    • This man is completely and utterly useless. ..he will start writing his financial articles in the Post again yet when he was put in ministerial position he lamentably failed…lamentably. .he was more interested in chasing skirts! !

    • Bashi Nono, you have just reached a political cul de sac – No where proper to belong – yesterday you were UPND, today you are PF, tomorrow UPND – after UPND losing in August 2016 again back to PF – politics of the belly!!!!

    • Zed politics is alot about psychology & perception. With the current illiteracy rates, people hardly understand issues nor can articulate them – hence the bottom line is, will they survive long enough till tomorrow, will they have food as well?? The little they understand about politics, is POLITICAL LEANINGS of someone THEY KNOW TO HAVE HAD STATURE IN SOCIETY or GOVT – they get swayed when such people make a move like shi NoNo – the politically savvy will know shi NoNo is a finished item BUT FOR THE SAKE OF NUMBERS & PERCEPTION, as well as his capacity to woo his kith & kin – HIS MOVE IS GOING TO HURT PF!! Just as alluded to earlier, we NEED UPRIGHT MEN LIKE SCOTT,etc FOUNDER MEMBERS OF PF to SHOW THE PEOPLE WHICH WAY THE WIND IS BLOWING – Becoz they are perceived to KNOW RIGHT FROM…

  1. Bashi Nono is not a political factor anymore. Abandoning ship hoping UPND can give him a job. Visionless man muselela kwadiba. Hunger games at its best

    • HH will be President for all Zambians. He must welcome everyone. They are all his people. He doesn’t need to appoint everyone in his cabinet. We need a change from the kindergarten economic management that PF ha introduced in this country. Inflation at over 21%, it is not right! Things are not OK!

    • But are you a political factor to say others are not? You don’t even have a definition of a ‘political factor’ you worthless villager. He ceases to be a political factor only because he has exercised his right to join a political party of his choice? Kaponya!

  2. bashi nono 🙂
    UPND – welcome everyone, politics is a game of number. But please don’t let their bad behavior from PF infiltrate you

  3. He was the source of tribal vibe going on now. I hope he has apologised to HH because he is the one Who leaked the quota system in UPND

  4. This is just a starter to wet the appetite. Wait for the dissolution of parley the you will see the real helta skelta!

    • Typical of UPND supporters who will support accept anything. Bashi Nono’s record as minister is there to see. What value will he bring to UPND? This nepotistic adulterer should retire and UPND should be more discerning as to whom it associates with.

    • @Mphendula Kayaula

      All we know is that PF is a house divided against itself. It cannot stand. How effective Bob Sichinga was a minister, is beside the point. That appraisal should have been done while he was still in PF, not at the point of his departure.

    • Ba MeiMatungu that is why UPND is myopic. I am no supporter of PF, never have been. It is accepting characters such as GBM and bashi Nono that is putting me off supporting UPND. People like GBM or bashi Nono should not be in politics period. It does not matter what party chitenge they are wearing. These type of clowns will not add value to ANY administration that rules this country.

    • @Mphendula Kayaula

      But is it not true that the decision as to who winds up becoming a minister under a UPND government, will not be made until after the ballot box? Those who are leaving PF, charlatan though they may be, at least in the eyes of some of you, have the potential to influence the decision at the ballot box. In other words, they do have the potential to sway voters in their constituencies, one way or the other. Whether they get appointed to ministerial positions thereafter, is beside the point. And do you want UPND to reject these defectors?

    • If UPND was principled then they would reject these guys. GBM is a well known wife beater, bashi is also a gbv practitioner aswell as an adulterer, surely we should expect higher standards from our politcians. We need politics based on ideology and conviction.

  5. This is laughable. I hope HH has seen through this crook. These are job-seekers and have no value to add to UPND. We the supporters on the ground want to urge our President HH to welcome these people but also be wary of the damage they can cause to our party. We must always keep a clean image of our party so that only those who are for the service of our country are appointed to ministerial positions once HH becomes the president after 11 August 2016. Viva UPND; Viva HH; Go forward.

    • That is why HH is leader of the party. Let us see his political acumen. We no that he is quite good at creating personal wealth. Now is the time to show united front as the true leader of opposition.

    • From his own point of view he may be a job seeker. From UPND’s point of view, however, he is not. He is a come back home prodigal son. His presence does, once more, change the party’s pigmentation.

    • Is Bob Hisichinga Tonga…..we are told UPND , per pf scare tactic illfated strategy , is a tribal regional party stretching to origins of HaNalumango, HaGBMwamba, Hamutati, HaDrBanda. HaKakona, HaMundia…..lol

      Big tribal party. With ALL Zambian tribes!!!

      Big regional party: with All regions of Zambia.

      All united with Kachemamusima….!!!!

  6. hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahah,pabwato Lungu is a complegte opposite of the current political situtation this why i will give you avote ba mudala

  7. It’s a very big shame to the political scene if all we can do is continue re-circling the same old faces to lead us. I hope my HH wont bow to these old crooks looking for jobs in order to keeping fatening their and girlfriends’ pockets at the depressing expense of you and I as voters, and as young Zedians waiting for our chances to ascend to full employment.

    • You don’t sound like you understand Zambian politics. In Zambia, swing politicians control the swing vote; which, in this case, could translate into a outright victory for UPND. Isn’t that all that matters – to get your HH to plot 1?


  8. that man is a muselela kwakaba & has no following he stood in isoka two times & was badly defeated by young man sichamba

    • Stop kalijo ba PF.We knew that Sata is winning by the number of people joining him in 2011.Today the barometer is showing that PF is shrinking and UPND is swelling up.HH is the man God has chosen.Ne Mbwa ilabutuka Nga ya mona tu mule ipela fya kulya.Ikusunga mbwa maano.

  9. welcome ba bob, a player who is playing for a team full of amakula, he will also look like a kula but if you join a team with good players, your talent will blossom. Ba Bob is an intelligent man who will blossom among good guys.

  10. It’s good that Upnd is on the receiving end for all the recycled materials. Thieves now rebrandind and regrouping in Upnd leaving pf with clean politicians. Next thief…


  12. He is adding on numbers, but he should surely apologise over desparaging remarks on tribalism,now people should no that the tribal talk was just malice against our own president.

  13. Welcome back Mr Sichinga Sir. You are still young and energetic to help steer this country forward.We founder members of UPND are happy that our prodigal elders of the party are coming back. You are welcome and please contribute to the strengthening of the party so that come 8/11, a true Government for economic development of Zambia is formed. As Zambian we have suffered enough in embarrassment being led by people who confess to have no vision and the results are there for all to see.

  14. Here it is!! People never want to break from politics. Soon UPND will be no better than the PF it condemns. Soon those MMD MPs who campaigned for HH will officially leave the party to join UPND as they seem unhappy with the announced alliance to support Lungu and PF. In the end the talk that PF-MMD is “dirty” will be no more as both sides will have PF and MMD in them! Voters will be asking how different UPND would be from PF and MMD when those that were Ministers in both parties have defected there while shouting for change?So where will this place the UPND as a party wanting to take power PF? You cannot refuse members when you need numbers but some people may just help to sink you further! Bob who spoke so much against the party under HH, has a poor performance record in PF may not add…

    • Its okay, we can have even the so-called recycled politicians. What really matters is the President with a solid vision. PF has no vision that is why MP’s are behaving like that. HH has a vision. All the leaders will follow that vision and even contribute with their own visions that they didnt exercise while under PF.

  15. That’s a 50+1 system for you: for the sake of power, sheep shall mingle with wolves, only to tear each other to shreds before a bedazzled electorate thereafter … as our beloved nation cries into wax ears to be driven forward. So help us God!

  16. I hope Bashi Nono is speaking from the bottom of his heart. How can he today say that the PF is badly managed. had ECL given a ministerial job after January 2015 Presidential by election was he going to condemn the PF? Its true when ECL said Zambian politicians are mercenaries. They go forward and backwards as long as it suits them. Well come aboard Bashi Nono.

  17. Some bloggers are really hypocritical, the fact that he has left pf does not make him non Zambian. Let him go where his Heart tells him to, one can only walk hand in hand with the person in agreement with. Its better to leave than pretend to be pf, that is what democrats, not muli sitayilo ya bena bowman all the time you are campaigning for pf which is already in government but saying you are MMD. Ubupuba bweka bweka. Politics don’t start and end with pf there is life after and beyond the boat especially if it has too many holes allowing in water.

    • Remember ECL was UPND and contested as councilor in 2001,together with Siamunene for kanyama.So we shall welcome ECL to UPND as councilor in 2021.He is not presidential material in UPND.

  18. balekeni baleya come august 11 bekesa bale amfula noku papata what happened to Rupia is different from what lungu will do to all the opposition parties

  19. He joined PF on patronage.Sata was the father-in-law to his son(asebele).He joined PF owing to some sort of relationship with the late. His rejoining UPND should be taken with a pinch of salt. He is a failure who is just very good at talking.We need change in political arena not these finished politicians. Where are the youths to be bringing back used tissues? these are the people that are making a good game of politics to look dirty because they luck principles,if at all,they have any.

    • UPND supporters also lack principles. For example, their mouthpiece the Zambian Watchdog has in the past given us a litany of the alleged corruption carried out by GBM when he was Defence Minister. Now that the bag of mealie meal has joined UPND it is as if the alleged crimes he committed have been forgotten. Surely, if somebody is corrupt he should be facing criminal charges or were the Watchdog accusing GBM falsely? UPND supporters will condemn somebody till their voices are hoarse but as soon as that person swears allegiance to the almighty HH then all is forgiven. Another example is Masebo. She was routinely condemned on Watchdog but now she is no longer a wholay who won her seat dubiously and used her position to send her unqualified ‘*****’ son to Tokyo as a diplomat.

  20. Its all written on the wall. Welcome back bashi Nono. You left us… but welcome back, once again. UPND is a party where we love even those that insulted us yesterday. Its all for the greater good of mother Zambia. By 1 September 2016, every one will realize that all Zambians are indeed one, and the tribal talk was all, but just politics. Even ba mudala Ba Chama and Ba Kambwili will join the UPND… watch this space.

    Glory to be to the highest.

  21. Welcome to your roots, There are so many people who have left their villages long time ago, but when they feel that it’s time to go back to their home village they are welcomed . bygones are bygones new page to start.

  22. (Political Prostitution) is a factual book written not by political pundits or newscasters or lawyers, but by educated engineers from the middle class. They have done an excellent job of covering many issues on which the voters should be knowledgeable before going to the poles on August 11. They not only identify the problems, but they offer potential solutions. They do not poke at just the left or the right, they poke at where the problem is without playing favorites. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your PF Government, this book should be very helpful in your decision making process before voting on Aug. 11th, and please do vote

  23. We, the people of the Zambia, are being politically and economically conditioned not to care. It seems we have lost, as a whole, any concern for the overall picture of the governing of our country. And the bigger picture is shaping up to be the foundation for a socialistic and capitalist life at best, third-world country at worst-right here in the land of the free, home of the brave. Think we are exaggerating?

  24. “Say what you like. All things seem to be going UPND’s way. I pick no flower that wins PF,” said old Mariana.

  25. Democracy in Africa….Nikunyela paliponse…our hands are open….seriously,we need to to grow our democracy,u just can’t keep having people revolving from one party to another,voting nowadays does not make sense,if i vote for this one,two years down the line,everyone moves to one side…God,is this skin this cursed?Hyenas everywhere.Am voting for Mugabe.

  26. bembas say akabangilila takaliisha, akalekelesha ekaliisha! UPND has began gaining now, lets see what happens by june/july. you will see what happens, na pa zambia pano, niunenesyo uyu, munipurike pulizi…ok

  27. ba shi nono whilst in govt you were busy nonoing ba na nono .you did nothing bunda bwaku sabaila.any way go and nono the nanas in upnd.

  28. Bob Sichinga left PF before 20/01/2015 and am pretty sure that even in 2015 he voted for HH.had president Edgar Lungu given him a job,he was going to be in PF today.so these are shameless job seekers who will never had anything to upnd.we all know that all those mps who supported hh in 2015 will join upnd in may while those closer to ECL will join PF.Guy Scott could be next!!BUT IN THE END PF WILL WIN AS PF CAN ONLY WORRY IF MPS LIKE JEAN KAPATA,INONGE WINA,GIVEN LUBINDA,ETC LEAVE THEM AND NOT THESE BITTER POLITICIANS LIKE BOB SICHINGA!!

  29. Are these the only politicians we have in Zambia or what? These guys have outlived there time.Pambi it’s because fichitika mu Zambia. If am not mistaken, I think he has only achieved a name from’ Bob ‘to basi ‘Nono’, no proper record to look at.

  30. If HH wins this election, I hope he will emulate Late Mwanawasa’s leadership that of putting the interests of citizens ahead of politicians. When LPM appointed Nevers as his vice, he was simply looking for like-minded people (haters of corruption) to help him run the country, otherwise there is no other reason why he appointed a rival to deputize him. So HH should avoid appointing those recycled politicians that have never in the past been courageous enough to align with the masses. I have respect for people like late Levy, GBM, Sampa and anyone who has resigned from a Cabinet position because he does not agree with government on some issues. I have very little regard for those that are sacked and later start condemning government. A president should not be appointing boot-lickers but…

  31. Ba Bob is a finished political prostitute who just wants to eat, it is because he was not given a job by ECL, if he was still a minister he was not going to resign from PF. These are politics of the belly Munkombwe was talking about. In any case he was a very dormant PF member after the death of his sebele Sata so let him go and finsh himself politically.

  32. Sichinga joined the MMD because of Sata, otherwise this guy is UPND. Despite some “normal” weaknesses the guy is good brain wise.

  33. The economic ills we suffer have come upon us over several decades. They will not go away in days, weeks or months. But we are determined that they will go away. They will go away because we as Zambians have the will to apply ourselves to do whatever needs to done to rebuild this glorious country.
    In this present crisis, government alone is not the solution to our problems. For too long, government was the problem. This crisis needs discipline, hard work, honesty, clean government and a determination to grit our teeth, to look our problems squarely in the face, and to tackle them head on.but with this cycling of leaders believe you me we are not going anywhere viva pa bwato viva ECL

    • Even Kaseba who used to sleep same bed with Sata will join UPND Maureen Mwanawasa has already joined.Lungu is a bad leader.UKUSUNGA IMBWA MWANO WABULA MAANO IMBWA ILA BUTUKA.

  34. Is Bob Sichinga not an inlaw to Mr. Sata? Anyway to most of in PF, Mr. Sichinga was just a thorn in the flesh, more of a talker than a doer, good riddance and bye ba Shinono. On 14th August 2016, you will not have an invitation card for President Lungu inauguration as Republican of Zambia.

  35. Bende bwino mukwai. while politics is about number the type of pipo also matters. We shall know you by who you eat with.

  36. it is good you are leaving now ati kwashala 3 months ati waleka leave us please now tatuli bamutotela nyo


  38. HH’s uncontrollable obsession with bembas is worrying. How come these days his hightable is just full of bembas and no other tribes? Where are the prominent luvales, lozis, lundas, tongas or nyanjas? If HH wants to turn UPND into PF the way RB has turned PF into MMD then hakaivotela heka. Keep ignoring your strongholds at your own peril! We’ll see how many votes you will get from the north through this bemba-obsession of yours!!

  39. The Prophet is not honred in his own camp(PF) Prophet Ba shi Nono……………………..KUWAYAWAYAFYE


  41. He can’t be trusted ! A politician who worked under oath but revealed state secrets to her girlfriend! And he never supported ECL in 2015 January! So there is no vote lost fir ECL! But I can see him confusing UPND ! He can leak party secrets( he us well known for that ). One more thing his son ism arrived to Chilufya , Sata’s daughter! These are people who were employed by our late beloved president because of personal relationship! Not on merit!

  42. His excellency ECL has time aand again told those PF members who are not agreeable with the way the party is being run to leave the PF party and join other political parties or form their own political parties.
    It is suprising to read insults from PF cadres against Mr Sichinga who is simply obeying the instructions from the PF Party President and/ Head of State. Mr Sichinga has a consitutional right to belong to any political party of his choice, the best we can do is respect his choice. He has left the PF party peacefully without insulting anyone, and I see no reason why he should be insulted.

  43. Why is UPND attracting unemployed, good for nothing elderly men with nothing offer? I mean the likes of V.J. Mwaanga, Lupando Mwape and now this crazy man Bob Sichinga and it is shocking that UPND can’t see that these men have developed sophisticated systems to feed their families and girlfriends. They add no value to the common well-being of our people. Next……. Gabriel Namulambe…, George Mpombo etc.. Please show some seriousness.

    • @Time to think

      It should not be your concern if UPND is indeed “attracting unemployed, good for nothing elderly men with nothing to offer. It should be UPND’s concern, instead. Don’t waste your breath over it. Leave it with them. It’s their own indaba, not yours.

    • Contrary to your view, these you call ‘good for nothing,’ can help HH land a knock-out punch! In that sense, they are not ‘good for nothing.’ Their support is still valuable.

  44. My friend, ‘Time to Think’, politics should be a fine balance of experiences. The other day, HH was called ‘Under-Five’, is it not only proper that he leverages his political profile with the ‘Have-Beens’? To win an election and govern with diligence, you also require the experienced hands. Failure is not condemnation in perpetuity. Some of these politicians will provide advice to HH to avoid going through known and disguised political pitfalls. I am sure you would have loved Sichinga to remain in PF…It is also important for HH to rebalance the support base of UPND. Every Zambian, from every corner of the country, is needed to render service to the country under a new regime so that we can all effectively redress the economic ills facing Zambia. If HH fails, we should not hesitate…

  45. Welcome back Bob Sichinga. Zambia needs you. We want a developed Zambia ruled by someone with a vision. Even Katondo boys will be given scholarships to go to school, learn and make a living without begging for handouts from politicians.

  46. If Bob has a voters card then is an automatic factor, i think we need to be arithmetically real here.
    Lupando mwape, miles sampa, GBM now Bob and PF needs to start getting worried and not playing not factor clap.
    The guys may have no stamina but they are voters and thats thing which will count in some way

  47. PF has lost nothing here bcoz Bob Sichinga left PF when Sata died.he hoped that president Edgar Lungu will give him a job,but he was ignored hence running shamelessly to upnd while dreaming that hh will win so that he can have a job once more!!this man has no office and does the typings at Northmead market.i usually find him there,meaning that he is too broke to even run an office!!TO SHAKE PF,HH OR ANY OPPOSITION MUST GET THOSE CABINET MINISTERS FROM PF LIKE HARRY KALABA,JEAN KAPATA,GIVEN LUBINDA,ETC AND NOT THESE BITTER PEOPLE LIKE BOB SICHINGA!!PF IS STILL INTACT AND STRONG!!these same recycled politicians joining upnd will just reduce hh’s slim chances of winning 2016 elections as people cannot see the difference or a new hope which upnd can offer!!

  48. Well, reading through the comments gives you a picture of what Zambians think about our political leaders.
    If HH wins which is very likely he will require all the managerial skills to reingineer, the governance system. He will just have to use the powers of the presidency even more than late Levy did. His preoccupation should be to turn the negatives into positive objectives and develop a workable strategy. No human being is useless. With good leadership and clear vision each of the so called finished persons in UPND can be turned into a functioning machine. Do not insult and despise God’s creation. Even PF can deliver if they chose discipline, transparency and accountability.

  49. Any Student of politics will tell you that the summer is close. I might be wrong but I think there is a growing similarity with 1991. Perhaps I could salvage more from the archives.

  50. Those who are going didnt vote for PF. To be fair no need to change becoz all those who ruined PF have gone to UPND. Voting UPND is voting old PF that failed to perform

  51. So UPND is just like any other party? I mean it has in its ranks thieves, womanisers, corrupt people, violent people, incompetent people, and even those who formulated the policies that UPND condemns for wrecking the economy. So now UPND will continue with the same policies? I mean where is the change? Where is the economic manager? Where are the new economic policies? Same old kachasu drink put in new shiny bottles as UPND?!’;:/[email protected]&$)(?,.!’.kikikikiki…..ati economic manager, he is simply a man who cannot imagine the shame of the coming life without success or access to state house, a man who will see another man like Jack Mwiimbu take over the party in September 2016 and steer it to victory in 2021, perhaps, or maybe 2027???

  52. Atase so unpd is not even different from pf coz its just the same recycled pf & mmd rejects? Therefore whats the point of changing government? Rubbish so no need for change kanshi. Its better PF than pf rejects called unpd

    • That’s what it means to be a rational being – the ability to find something to console yourself with, even under the worst of circumstances. You do remember old Benjamin in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm,’ “…soon no tail and no flies!” How convenient that is. And yet for ECL, it can’t possibly be “no tail and no flies.” It has to be one or the other – “tail and no flies,” or “no tail and flies.”

  53. Much as politicians have the freedom to cross floors, the majority of them are in search of self aggrandizement and when they don’t get it one Party, they jump to another at a time they think is opportune, such as during elections time. They are always in search of lush pastures for themselves and not the people of Zambia. They have no shame.

  54. UPND will self Destruct after August 2011. I see FDD’s Nawakwi being the major opposition Leader in Zambia after the Elections. PF will definitely win the Presidential Elections. The Luapula-Muchinga-Northern Axis cannot easily be swayed to vote for UPND. The Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces are still PF strong holds. People in these provinces know the reasons for Load Shedding and the economic challenges the country is facing. And there is Eastern Province. Let UPND continue dreaming. ECL will win by a landslide.

  55. -UPND will self Destruct after August 2016. I see FDD’s Nawakwi being the major opposition Leader in Zambia after the Elections. PF will definitely win the Presidential Elections. The Luapula-Muchinga-Northern Axis cannot easily be swayed to vote for UPND. The Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces are still PF strong holds. People in these provinces know the reasons for Load Shedding and the economic challenges the country is facing. And there is Eastern Province. Let UPND continue dreaming. ECL will win by a landslide.

  56. Political ‘vultures’, ‘prost!tutes’, you name it. It is no wonder the country hasn’t moved an inch forward with these recycled politicians.

    He may be a political liability but perhaps his greatest contribution will be to shut down the PF ‘s rhetoric of UPND being a regional and tribal party. His presencea will bring about a good mix and blend towards Mazoka composition.

    HH needs to use Sichinga’s rejoining to go out strong and approach former party members, seek reconciliation and convince them to rejoin.

  57. Upnd is now a party full of rejects and failures from pf and mmd. So there is nothing new they can offer. Full of political prostitutes. Rubbish. And this is a party some *****s believe in. My vote is 4 Edgar. Fintu ni Lungu

    Leave a Reply

  58. Ba Bob Sichinga too much ama theories and cannot work! He failed to perform and constantly embarrassed govt with his utterances. He simply has not a place in PF as we all know he was simply serving due to his relationship with bashikulu ba Sata. Such people should just retire and watch from the terraces. Its just tiring seeing politicians flip flopping every now and then. I wonder what some of these men really stand for.

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