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President Lungu’s arrival in Pictures


President Edgar Lungu has returned back home and described his European trip which took him to the Vatican and France as a success.

Speaking to journalists upon arrival at Kenneth Kaunda international airport this afternoon, President Lungu said his visits to the Vatican and France focused on bilateral relations.

He explains that the bilateral agreements were mainly in areas of peace and security as well as economic.
President Lungu says Zambia has been quiet on the economic front, but that it is time the country upped its contacts and ensures it benefits from international relations.

President Lungu was welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina, Defence Chiefs, Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama and party officials.


PF cadres welcoming President Lungu


PF cadres welcoming President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina show party symbol and the first Lady Esther Lungu (l) on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


resident Edgar Lungu (r) flanked by Vice President Inonge Wina (c) and the first Lady Esther Lungu (l) on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina show party symbol and the first Lady Esther Lungu (l) on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


resident Edgar Lungu (r) flanked by Vice President Inonge Wina (c) and the first Lady Esther Lungu (l) on his arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from France


President Edgar Lungu with Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila while looking on are PF Secretary General Davies Chama, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda


President Lungu greeting one of the people that welcomed him


President Lungu on arrival at the KKIA


PF cadres welcoming President Lungu


President Lungu mingles with Party cadres


President Lungu Speaking to Journalists


A member of ZASPOFA brass band
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    • Mushota
      Miles Sampa would make this day a public one when he arrives Why so many people have to welcome the Presdeint is beyond backwardness. I dont understand- these people should be working, so you drop your tools and welcome the presdeint, what of an email, phonecall, messenger? The mediocrity will be thrown away once Miles Sampa takes over. Thanks BB2014
    • Ntaulu
      Wonder why Africa still does this type of welcoming leaders. This is how KK was deceived thinking he had support because people were ferried from everywhere. Chiluba had at some point, stopped this nonsence. I hope this is true support.
    • Nostradamus
      But Edgar's wife as if she was not in Paris!!? woman from Parrie need be shiny. Wait and see when the 3 women: Dora, Mupanga's ex-to-be Maggie and Mumbi Phiri comes back flashing..... they are still shopping.
    • Peter
    • House Fly
      Cry my beloved country. If really PF has produced jobs during Mr Lungu reign then we shouldn't be seen the crowd because people should be at work working and busy. When will my country stop going to the airport in huge numbers to see off and welcome the president. just imagine the money that is spent ferrying these people from point A to B
    • TRUTH
    • Wanzelu
      These kinds of welcome are only in Africa and in very poor countries like Zambia where the youth have nothing to do but to bootlick the ruling party for chibuku. This is a clear indicator of the high levels of unemployment in Zambia and Lusaka in particular.
      Zambia will always remain behind, I can imagine this day that no Government worker / Ministers where in the office? This is nonsense and should be stopped. Do our People really think? Even pulling kids of of school just to see Lungu arrive??? this is silliness.
    • felixs41
      This is completely ridiculous. Why are all these people at the airport, when they're are supposed to be at their work places, and schools ? How can you be productive as a nation like this? Most likely they spent long hours at the airport waiting for him to arrive. And imagine the gas that was spent on transporting all these people to and from the airport. This old , irrelevant, and unproductive practice needs to come to an end. You can have a few people welcome him, have the news media there, because that's their job. But having crowds of people, dancers, and kids who are supposed to be in school, is poor management of time as a nation, and contributes to underdevelopment.
  1. The Chosen One
    Picture 1: I have seen many such photos in recent days of cadres especially from the ruling party on top of buses. Surely lives are more precious and police must prevent re-occurrence of such scenes. We don't have to wait until a catastrophe happens before we act. We may differ politically but lives are more important than the parties we belong to. Mr Kanganja must take swift action now and safeguard lives
    Lets just conduct parliamentary electcions ECL is very popular no need of printing presidential ballots, lets save our ka money the man is really taking zambia forward to greater hights
  3. Benny Zulu
    Comment: I have seen dont worry, I will come in politic one day when times come. Everything well come to pass in zambia.
  4. Jay Jay
    When is this silliness going to ever end? Surely what is wrong with a President being welcomed by the duty manager of KK Airport..why? When is someone with sense going to put an end to this folly?
  5. Kalanga
    Even when mealie meal runs out in your house you always hope you will buy a bag when chakuti chakuti goes to state house. Leave Lungu alone ...its his time baba.
  6. Kalanga
    Yaba! Its like Even when mealie meal runs out in your house you always hope you will buy a bag when chakuti chakuti goes to state house. Leave Lungu alone ...its his time baba.
  7. Cruz
    Where these pictures taken in Zambia or Some obscure carribean country like Haiti?From my recollection my country was a country of laws and you couldn't find cadres clambered on top of buses to welcome a president.HH please ensure this culture of mediocrity imported from chibolya is curtailed when you ascend to power.
  8. Sido
    I have never seen cadres welcoming David Cameron or the Queen in this matter. It either Zambians love the president or have too much time due to unemployment. I am tempetated to think the later to be true.
    • Jay Jay
      That is the Vice President and the Finance Minister plus the whole cabinet welcoming the lazy President who has been away for 7 days (what a security risk) and we are all paying them for this rubbish.
  9. jkalusa
    Kusakilia nzambi unafuntishe lomboli eetu kisu kisu nzambi eetu.thank God Our President Is Back. To All North Westerners Join One Party We Can Ve A Say Thats Pf Where We Can Put Pressure And Get Even A President Not Worsting Time With Upnd Why Its A Labled Party. If One Is Labled A Which Its Almost Impossible To Remove It. We Can Support Our Cousin For 50yrs and get little but concentrating on a party with a national character will give us a vice,president,etc at some point. Take note even if hh won today he will very much want to do more to nothern,laupula for votes example mwanawasa did more to the said areas he built a bridge connecting zed and congo, but what big thing did he do here apart from lumwana general hospital. Time for sleep is over we will not eat counsinship development...
    • lipkwa
      Go back to school to learn how to write Lunda. Did you mean "kusakilila", wunafuntishi", and nlomboli" instead of what you have written?
  10. Tenze Banthu
    Dangerous welcome. Major breach of security to let so many people on the tarmac at the international airport. A disgruntled cadre could play a suicide bomber and devastate the country. Stop this waste of manpower, People are supposed to be at work. This third world mentality was also displayed in Ndola when cadres prevented Miles Sampa from landing. Zambia's airports are not secure. Cares should not be allowed to take over an airport period. After 50 years we are going backwards and no one seems to notice. Is it because we have to many non G12 in leadership positions - no analytical thinking minds - just listeners and followers?
    • Jay Jay
      And we are about to convert into a major KK international hub..imagine traffic controller telling pilots of inbound aircraft to circle the airport for a further hour because lazy lungu and his cadres are on the tarmac..burning two hours of jet fuel for nothing....truly laughable!!
    • Educated Villager
      I gather you've been in government before? Because from what I see, the system swallows you and your common sense whole. You stop thinking. An example I can give is ZNBC. When graduates go there, most of them have a way of thinking and talking. After three months all of them sound like Grevazio Zulu.
  11. Kakonkote
    A Lungu anabwela kuchokela ku Europe....... We eagerly await the deals he has informed us to take off... Keen interest in the dams for irrigation and 3 solar power stations.
  12. webman
    A normal president would be upset with this picture: A multitude of able bodied men, women and children leaving their work or school stations in the middle of the week. How many work or school hours have been lost here? How much in dollars is this? President Magufuli would certainly have an issue with this. Contrast, president Mugabe would have no issues with this. Get my drift?
  13. really
    cannot even describe the sadness in all these pictures. Most of you ave already said what i wanted to say, the only thing i have to add is that ubututu lisambi. what a shame
  14. Scrutinizerer
    ...when is this nonsense going to stop.....which generation is going to abandon this UNIP era rubbish...that was a one party state for heaven sake....Edgar and team must differentiate between party functions and state functions...he went on that tour on govt ticket paid for by UPND, MMD, FDD, PF etc tax payers....this was Wedn mid week....how many man hours lost are we talking about here..??...maybe this will only end when we start having presidents who were born after 1991....they will have no association with UNIP era...eeish
    • Scrutinizerer
      ...infact I retract my earlier inclusion of PF tax payers.....90% of tax payers who are in formal employment are in the opposition camp...marketeers, kabovas, village dwellers are the ones in majority supporting PF...they hardly contribute to the national coffers... Mwanawasa tried to stop the rot but the William Bandas of UNIP generation wouldn't let him....nonsese
    • Mundetelele
      Scrutinizerer, this culture is perpetrated by civil servants and cadres as a means to allowances. The political significancy is huge, though the economic aspect is totally adverse. If any president tries to stop this, these senior civil servants will all speak about the strategic position of briefing the president in a single sentence as soon as he lands. It is not perpetrated by presidents perse, but it is a cultural cultic aspect of being president in Zambia. Wait and prove me wrong when our HH wins if that happens this August.
  15. jkalusa
    Satanist feel injured when gud words are said on lungu learn to accept lungu is the best as at now from south to north africa from east to west africa. I know its another nail in yo fresh. To those editing my lunda i never learnt it in school life may be u learnt from baby class to college we cant be matched i m sorry but facts are facts mwanawasa never did anything in nwp apart from lumwana general hosp,chiluba started tar m8 finished by pf,kansashi was originally organised by chiluba, in short pipo we feel can do us afavour are the worst. 11/8/16 its just lungu for a change no more cousinship its development now no tricks here
  16. TC
    Picture number 1!! Where are the police? How can a bus be allowed on the road carrying people in that manner? Bus drivers are arrested if they overload by just one passenger.
  17. chuundu chaitwa(cc)
    UPND cadres amazes me if it was ichilema every one could have been saying aleisa alaisa because of huge number of people who welcomed him. but what are they saying now all sorts of excuses BALESABAILA
    I am coming back. I am confident that the people of Zambia will elect me again on the basis of the promises we made. I think I have walked the talk because I have delivered many of the projects I inherited from my predecessor President Sata
  19. Zambia the Real Africa
    Now I agree with that chap who calls himself/herself as KK Airport Cabinet. The VP and Finance minister-both older people and others going to line up and welcome Edgar Lungu with many of their useless unlearned cadres climbing the bus like monkeys. No wonder whites call us monkeys. At least KK who started this nonsense of welcoming president's never had his cadres climb buses like monkeys. Pilate was right hen he sung the A Lungu Anabwera song. I think they went to KK airport to drink Jameson with Edgar. I can't wait for August 11 for the next president to stamp out this nonsense. Sad that police are now useless and toothless to say no to PF cadres.
    • Educated Villager
      Bwana, the next president - whoever she is - will fall prey to this nonsense. You go in thinking you can rock the boat and oversee a lean government. The parasites outside the personal office of the President are there to feed off this country and will do everything to nyopola our money. Any leader who tries to change this system won't last in Zambia. Sadly.
    Zonda uzalema,do or die ma niggaz,its Lungu diye vintu chabe.The likes of the smal god they are drowning titanicaly big man,Cause”WHO JAH BLES NO ONE CAN CURSE”Only JAH can choose segulani manso,Lead us ma leader,but get rid of evil mps……who has the face of deceit,cause they can betray u and the nation at large,like the previous mps did,the likes,of gbm,kabimba,masebo,sampa,simusa and so on.Triuph is on yo side my Lungu
  21. Kopala nafuti nafuti
    i agree with the North western comment...IF HH wins never expect any development in northwestern, he will concentrate on the northern and luapula provinces in order to clear his tribal tag. wake up you guys from northwestern especially lundas and Kaondes. HH will continue to use you and you have nothing to count on the do list for northwestern. HH is like a husband who does not buy mealie meal at home but goes to buy his friends beer to impress them so that they can like him. why did he pick on GMB to be his vice upon joining? why not faithfuls like Mr Mwimbu, coneluios etc.... even Mr Kakoma.....wake up bakwetu, bamama neba tata, ba nyega, mwnsho nebebepwa bami..... Lets just give conditions to Edgar to work on the Chingola-Solwezi road and local roads.
  22. Kopala nafuti nafuti
    @ Scrutinizerer February 11, 2016 at 3:57 am … Mwanawasa tried to stop the rot but the William Bandas of UNIP generation wouldn’t let him….nonsese William Banda is with UPND NOW....lol
    • Mundetelele
      UPND, we can see through you, thank you Kopala Nafuti Nafuti for exposing their self righteous rantings! We will get up 'icitinta ng'ombe' on 11 August to vote for ECL! Don't think we are bluffing we will make sure!
  23. Kopala nafuti nafuti
    1. If the Quota is Not followed If there is such a document and it is hence not followed people who are championing for it will feel betrayed by Hichilema in the event he chose either Mwamba or Banda as his Running mate. It will mean most people will not campaign for the party as they have done before. The point is that how do you sell something that you did not order or plan to sell. Now this is where I feel sorry for Hichilema who may have worked hard in the past 10 years. He doesn’t know what to do in this case. “ Do I tell them to go to hell or do I sweet talk them. Do I chose Mwamba or Banda over the people who have been carrying the name of the party for the last 10 years? There has been mention of Jack Mwiimbu. Another person to have been tipped to take over from HH is Gary Nkombo...
    Ukalanda kwalyanguka ukobomba kwashupa....sung the glorious band if u banda. Ma hips yachka ba first lady and the veep, mwadyela ka? It is just wise to welcome the state leader after being away for sometime imwe ba mabala. R u bastards or what? Even when ur parents are away for sometime evn just a day young kids will run after them.Become president and burn the welcomes alah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Monze
    Lack of employment among the youth is sad story in Zambia. They have nothing to do and the given free transport to welcome the president gives them some hope of some kind. Cry my beloved country. Soon Zambia will be ruled by cadres unless politicians are able to control them but in Zambian control is slipping though.
  26. Kambe
    Yes, the armed forces's top brass ARE FLABBY and out of form.They DRIVE their big cars from the main gate on independence avenue opposite state house, to the gate opposite D.K high school EVERYDAY. ALMOST ALL the soldiers who work at ARRACKAN BARRACKS DRIVE to and from there every day.I see them every day.A lot of them also break all road traffic rules right in front of the traffic cops at the intersection on Burma road. A big shame really.

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