Home Videos and Audios President Lungu meeting French President Hollande at the Elysee

President Lungu meeting French President Hollande at the Elysee

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[Read 7 times, 1 reads today]


    • Nine Chale
      Travelling is not as expensive as most people think. If you can afford an air ticket to wherever for your private endeavours, what is to stop a head of state from representing the nation on official invitation?
    • Obatala Lungu Shedding Jameson Whiskey
      Edgar's lack of exposure was clearly brought to light. You do not shake people's hands with gloves . Only Fontinis do that. This is so embarrassing
  1. Globetrotter
    “One of the major killers of our economy apart from corruption is waste. Our scarce resources are being plundered away very carelessly and unnecessarily wasted.
  2. Napapa Sana
    Lungu, you are not queen of England, so you must remove your gloves when shaking hands. Your chief of protocol should have educated you on these small but important details.
    • Jay Jay
      So you are happy for your Queen to shake people's hands with gloves..you see what indoctrination has done...irrespective of who you are either you don't shake my hand or you take off your gloves.
  3. Napapa Sana
    This is where President Uhuru Kenyatta beats many of these "young" african presidents: self-confidence and acting presidential. Mr. Lungu look timid, I feared he would collapse as he walked to meet president Hollande. Throughout this video, Lungu looks like a small timid boy in the presence of the headmaster in school. I still watch videos of Uhuru hosting Obama in kenya. Uhuru was not timid in the presence of Obama. He interacted with Obama as a fellow president, not this pupil-headmaster interaction exhibited by Lungu here. And this has nothing t do with humility.
  4. kanyanx
    ba feecolour you are beaten .you ka balangombe is meeting students while HE is meeting world class leaders.viva ecl.
    After quoting the opposition leader, you should have got a comment from the electoral commission, but I got it. "We conducted the poll in an open manner. We witnessed the voting together,we counted together with all parties, we verified together. So if we stole the votes, we stole it together".this is what will happen in august 2016

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