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There hasn’t been sufficient investment in tourism to spur development


ZAWA public relations and communications officer Mwila Muliyunda (left) and ZAWA senior Warden Lucizi Mwale (right) pose for a photo with a head of a buffalo inside the Authority's pavilion yesterday during the ongoing eighth Southern Tourism, Agricultural and Commercial Show Society (STACSS) in Livingstone

Former Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Teddy Kasonso says there hasn’t been sufficient investment in the tourism sector to spur rapid development in the sector since 2011.

Speaking in an interview Mr Kasonso said the shift in policy by the PF government from what the MMD left in place has hampered the development of the tourism sector in the country.

He said the former ruling party had envisioned a situation where tourist would spend more time in the country and had started improving and developing infrastructure in the Northern circuit to attract investors in the tourism sector but that it has stalled since the take over of government by the PF.

He said the Northern circuit has massive Tourism potential but lacks the the infrastructure to support the sector hence the deliberate policies by the former party to develop infrastructure in the region.

He said the idea was not only to attract tourist but to ensure that tourist spent more time in the country which would in turn make them spend more money before living.

He has since called for more concerted efforts in improving infrastructure in the Northern circuit so as to have the circuit opened up for business.

He said doing so will help alleviate employment challenges and earn the country the much needed income as tourists will have more spots to visit as opposed to the current happenings where tourist visit the Victoria falls for thirty minutes then fry out of the country to the neighboring countries where they spend more time and money.

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  1. Obatala Lungu Shedding Jameson Whiskey
    Jean Kapata is Minister of Tourism...can you honestly think anything sensible can come out of that Ministry with such an airhead at the helm? All she did was issue hunting licenses for the lions and leopards to foreigners and yet we know our neighbours in Botswana and SA make significant revenues from such. Edgar said he had no vision. We should have listened
    • ZedpoorPeople
      Shift in policy is a better way of looking at things. The truth PF has no policy on this matter other than lip service through Hon. J Kapata.
  2. Patriot Abroad
    Just gobbledygook. We all aware Zambia has nearly bankrupted itself with infrastructural development expenditure. Trying to take credit for actual good work done. Keep talking, let others walk it.
  3. MEANWHILE..............
    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni once said leaders who "overstayed" in power were the root of Africa's problems, but 30 years later he is aiming for a fifth term.
  4. Jay Jay
    How an empty tin like Jean Kapata can be a minister of tourism is beyond me..by the time this government leaves office there will be no lions in our game parks.

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