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We are willing to have an Alliance, We want to Whack PF in First Round-Nkombo

Headlines We are willing to have an Alliance, We want to Whack PF...

Mazabuka Central Garry Nkombo.
Mazabuka Central Garry Nkombo.

UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo says his party is willing to have an alliance with any like minded party because they want to win the election in the first round.

Speaking when he featured on the Oxygen of Democracy TV program on Prime TV the opposition MP said the party is working towards ensuring that they win the election in the first round hence is willing to work with established and like minded people.

He also wondered how the MMD can go into an alliance with PF after the humiliation and physical abuse they received from the ruling party after PF was declared winner in 2011.

He said the UPND’s desire is to ensure that they amass more than 50% of the votes in first round to ensure that there is no contention after the winner is announced.

“The MMD and the PF, according to what the caller has said, are positioning themselves for a 50%+1, we would say and please read my lips, our desire is whack the PF and their dearest brothers in the first round. That is our desire. We want much more than 50% so that there is no contention. We are gunning for an outright win and if alliances come along we will be happy because the more the merrier.

Alliances have to make sense, not where the villain goes to bed with the vanquished. The villain in this case is PF, which just whacked the MMD and don’t forget that it was us in the UPND who rose defend the MMD when PF was beating the living day light of them when PF won won elections in 2011.

I have a home in Northmead and I saw with own eyes how PF burnt a store of somebody who was MMD here in the capital city, and it was HH who stood up and said, look you have won and your job now is to rule the country,” he said.

On the claims by FDD President Edith Nawakwi that his party is going round in Southern Province telling people that they are working together, Mr Nkombo said he was not aware of any such happening in the Province.

He was however quick to mention that UPND is desirous of working with the FDD if they can find a working arrangement.

“I know not of anybody who said that we are in any relationship with the FDD, loose or tight. I think we are desirous if we find common ground to cooperate with the FDD. I can confirm to you that I know not of any moves that have been made to suggest or claim that we are in an alliance with the FDD,” he said.

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  1. And you think you can even amass 40.%, ba Garry too bad you will just die a non performing MP and only in your region period.
    PF and MMD will whip you chaps just wait.

    • Garry, even I can beat the PF and Jameson singlehandedly as the situation currently is in Zambia. I will NEVER again vote for you if you lose to load shedding, job losses, failed Kwacha and terrible economy. Not only will I never vote for you again should you lose, I will literary beat up some of you I will meet!

    • COme and join us at Orange Alliance

      Sampa would a better President and HH could be our Southern province Minister- or Minister of Livestoc

      O Alliance will be an inclusive Government

      No stop it- I know what you are thinking and you are wide off the Mark.

      Yes you- I am talking to you!

      This is what you ought to be thinking about – A weapon of Mass destruction called MS
      With it – you are undefeated

      That’s right Miles Sampa



    • If Nawakwi will be the presidential candidate and HH running mate, then you may win. As it stands, HH is a dictator and a tyranny. He can never allow anyone to take charge. He treats his party like his companies. So continue “desiring” Mr Nkombo!

    • These guys are jokers.

      Not too long ago they were saying bring it on; UPND can even win if the Constitution stated 80% + 1.

      Alliance with who? MMD is going with PF.

      So why don’t you pick Chipimo, Mulongoti and Cosmo Mumba.

      Sounds like UPND are scared of loosing, no wonder they are trying to use Mutati to wind hook MMD.

      Gary my dear, not this time……!!!

    • @Nostradamus
      kekekekeke,,,,,,,,,,,, ati whacky them,,,, this Nkombo guy is a chakolwa,, usually they whacky each other na lungu pa weekend

    • Freedom of speech, even dreamers have a right to speak. Reality says UPND will not win presidential elections this year.

    • In September this year all the contents of the article above will be remembered as remarks of “… Former Mazabuka chongololo MP Garry Nakomboka Nkombo who regarded Zambia as a country FULL OF *****S speaking on behalf a party that was DISBANDED after its leader’s FIFTH failed attempt at becoming President of the Republivc of Zambia…”

    • Nkombo is wise. I like his confidence mixed with reality. To Madam Nawakwi, you will do well to join the winning team. We need all smart Zambians in this movement. Forget the tribalism, we all need one another to make Zambia the best country first in Africa and later in the whole world.

      Also, people shouldnt worry about the MMD joining PF, half of MMD is already on UPND side. Oh, please dont give me that trash of “recycled politicians”. There is no such a thing. There are brilliant and useless politicians in every party. Just put “KK” (figuratively) as PF President and all those Chamas, Kambwilis and Mumbis will behave. The key is the leader!

  2. God has given HH power.HH will form an alliance with the people.Poeple from all walks of life will come to HH just like rains fall from heaven.People will follow Hh because of his pure heart to safe Zambia from poverty.HH will not beg for alliance but they will come to him.God will scatter all tribal alliances and schemes.

    • Last time I checked God did not even give Southern Province rains. It is the worst hit by drought and will be hit by hunger in the coming few months. On the other hand why do UPND think no other political party want to work with them. Simple, UPND is a tribal regional Tonga party and other do not want to be used as a means to an end.

  3. in short UPND is saying they are not able to win on their own. When ECL indicated the need for an alliance, he was called names and dubbed as a sign of defeat. So now that UPND has realised that they cant win on their own i wonder

  4. No right thinking political party would risk to partner with a regional, tribalistic, intolerant UPND with is super-eoged HH. This time again everyone is running away from you. You in it alone and you will beaten. Who can side with Nkombo with his bad mouth and character devoid of manners.

    Just prepare for a final defeat and it is surely coming. Your political blinders are stuck to your faces and you cannot hear or see reality.

    • Nega Nega and asigai

      You you stupidity is appreciated for the moment,different mental levels one people, post 11 August 2016 there will be need to restrain you, put you treatment and retrain you.

    • Davide and Rule, Just respond to the issues at hand. Stupidity is functional at times if you know what I mean. I would rather remain stupid than follow people who are regional and who are full of insults to rule this country. It due to your oversized ego that make you and your HH stand out as foolish. You think by hauling insults you will win elections. You have very backward mentality not fitting this century. That is the problem when you have experience in herding cattle and you think even people can be let like cattle.

      By the way, I am a very educated and intelligent person, more than you thieving HH. My intelligence is my wealth and iam proud of it. Go heard cattle. try me at another level in this debate and you will know whom you are dealing with. Iam not as ignorant as you are. I…

    • @ Asigai

      If statement like “…Stupidity is functional at times…” make sense to you, then you are victim of genetic 1mbecility!!!

    • Hung Them High, I am sure you wanted to name yourself “Hang Them High” but because you are a dull and uneducated bastard, you cannot distinguish “Hung” from “Hang”. The function of language is among other things is Referential; Poetic; Emotive (alternatively called “Expressive” or “Affective”); Conative; Phatic; or Metalingual (alternatively called “Metalinguistic” or “Reflexive”). So any word performs a function, intended or unintended. I hope this helps you understand. You see it is simple.

      To me the word “Stupidity” as used by you plays the function of displaying your lack of comprehension of issues being discussed. In short, the word “stupidity” for is used by you as a boomerang, only to miss its target and hit you in your wide open ass and get stuck there. Do…

  5. @Asigai: We appreciate your strong support for PF, but please spare us from this tribalism politics. I do not expect learned people like you to sink so low into this old fashioned tribalism politics. Lets debate/ contribute on progressive thoughts, no one of us, including yourself, chose what tribe/ race to be when we were born.

    • Iwe @Asigai no need to apologise to these headless cows ! They know we know that the are tribal to the root and want to come out clean ! As long as HH was elected on the Tonga-Only concept, UPND is doomed o!

    • I find it exceedingly repulsive to talk about ones tribe. Like you said no one chooses a tribe into which to be born. We are all one great family speaking a wide variety of languages. There isn’t one single greatest tribe in the world. Geniuses and id!ots are found in all tribes and peoples. Lets stop the meaningless attacks and focus on sharing ideas to develop the country. It doesn’t matter which tribe the president comes from as long as he is performing and not focused on drinking beer, womanising, hatred, lying, trying to create a civil war, unnecessary tension like Lungu is doing, we are fine.

  6. Imwe it is even know to my Grade 3 child that no one wants to go to bed with UPND. They might have all that stats about poverty etc and how they will use calculators to salvage the economy but everyone knows their Post Aug 11 agenda which is to evoke a tribal tsunami that will wash away all the other tribes. We know that and YES we are suffering but can NEVER vote for a tribal party. If HH can appoint a non-Tonga ( and non-bantu botatwe) as running mate, then there can be tuma chances of getting 39%. But the way things are, people are around HH just to chew his money . UPND must rebrand by removing the Secret Quota coz whenever people see HH, they dont see an ‘economical messaiah’ but a Tonga chosen to lead the Tonga for the Tonga. Period

  7. Keep on dreaming Garry, (HH) is not marketable. He is a faulty, fake product. You can’t sell him to the electorate. UPND as a whole is hopeless

    • …and the reason why he is now campaigning outside the country because he does not have any message for the Zambian voter



  9. Gary,are you looking for your like minded parties or individuals? Don’t forget that you already have them in the parties led by Kabimba,Mulongoti (can’t remember some other one man parties ) that you met with recently to agree on an alliance. You also have some individuals from MMD that you have had since October 2014 and you campaigned with them for two months and lost when PF(of course with part of MMD support) campaigned for 3 weeks! Alliances are good and it will help the voter and tax payer if we avoid re-runs! But it appears so far UPND is attracting more of individuals with little or no constituency of voters some of who failed even to influence votes HH in Jan 2015 e.g Mutati. Try to evaluate UPND Alliances so far and project how much more votes they are likely to gain for the…

  10. Comment: Just swallow your bitter ego and accept that mmd still have a large following. you would have loved them to join you.

  11. is this not the party that said they can win polls on their own and that 50 +1 is not an issue because even if it was 80+1 they would still win? can’t wait for Aug 14 2016.

  12. Tribal politics aside whoever eat beef,eat a cow fm sp& and a seasoned (BEMBA)from bembaland cant behave like a pf cadre chimbwili who stole a cow fm tongaland eat&forgot to flash his toilet..go forward

  13. It seems tribalist politics in Zambia is at its pinnacle, to honest; am not in the least partabed by it simply because we are living in an era of severe depravation and extreme poverty, not enough essentials to go round, jobs are scarce and so is integrity am guessing. Sometime back I was an admirer of Miles Sampa, he in my view was a uniting beckon of our ever ominously and elusive political dark cloud but now, he has made the biggest mistake of his political life by gravitating towards he’s tribesmen, wasn’t this the same things he condemned HH for ? I know one cannot control those who want to unequivocally support you regardless of origin but!! It more or less posses a question in as far as credibility is concerned. Regional politics in Zambia needs to be nipped in the bud, if not…

  14. UPND must seek serious partnership now that MMD and FDD seem to run to where the bread is buttered. Why are you taking things so casually? Do not overestimate your abilities. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Court partners.

  15. God Has blinded HH and all his followers and their heads are still buried in the sand such that they cannot see that PF/MMD Alliance would whack UPND in round 1 and easily so!!!IF MMD AND FDD CANNOT TEAM UP WITH HH BEFORE 11/08/2016 ELECTIONS THEN HH AND UPND MUST AS WELL FORGET ABOUT WINNING THIS YEAR BECAUSE THE SMALLER PARTIES FOR CHARLES MILUPI,MIKE MULONGOTI,WYNTER KABIMBA,ETC CANNOT ADD THE VOTES LIKE MMD OR FDD CAN DO!!!THIS IS THE TRUTH!!plus whether UPND like it or not,PF will come out first in Lusaka,Copperbelt,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern and maybe Central,leaving HH with only 3 provinces,so how can you win Gary Nkombo?CONTROL YOUR DREAMS!!ONLY A MIRACLE WOULD DO FOR HH!!

    • Observer, HH is not a Christian. He is a masonist hiding under the SDA Church. It very clear why SDA had adopted him and made him a Deacon. For your information, SDA preaches that only its members are true Christians and only one who will go to Heaven. There is no were in the Bible where SDA has been mentioned and given this special position. It is all false doctrine. Jesus Christ, God Himself came and completed the purpose of Sabbath, It only through faith and trusting in Jesus Christ that those who believe in HIM not the day, will be saved. When He said it is done ,it was indeed. Therefore, HH, a Deacon of Church which is so segregative like his party, talks to the very people he and his church segregates, how does he expect us to trust him. All we see is a wolf in a sheep’s skin. We…

  16. Iwe Nkombo: it just won’t happen. UPND won’t form government this year, or anytime soon. And, or ever. Reason? You have the wrong political DNA, to whit, your Tonga- only TRIBALISM.

  17. Other people thought that UPND is very strong but a political party for Tongas only and why today you other people for alliance? Zambian people are not cheap, mr Nkombo my brother you are yet to pay for that.


  19. Unless MMD and FDD supporters (in their personal capacities) decline to side with their party leaders’ wish and go for HH, the deal is as good as done. This assumption that MPs will defect after parliament is dissolved may remain a mystery. The effect of the remaining small parties is just a storm in a cup of tea. Let UPND reach the common man and sell it’s policies otherwise the deal seems sealed and more so in the first round by an unassailable margin.

  20. This is simply someone of Gary Nkombo accepting that his party has no chance of winning.

    Could it be the reason why HH is often running out of the country campaigning abroad and giving interviews to foreign media.

    HH … hair cut please. Times have changed.



  22. An alliance with DF will be good if you have to whack pf/mmd in first round. On the ground Pf has been rejected by zambian people, Pf has messed up the economy beyond repair. . They cannot not talk about how they intend to improve the economy, but just busy masterbating tribalism day and night.

  23. I see heart breaks after 11 August. You people understand that UPND can not win this years election with HH as president. If you watched the assignment on sunday, Costa mwansa Hosted Edith. And Edith said ” I was the vice to HH in 2005 so it is his turn to come and be my vice”. So this man called HH is a rotten material to be sold to zambians. Let him stand as southern province MP.

  24. Ati. .. Having national prayers is mockery to God. The curse is on you chaps with your HH.

    This is becoming very interesting as time gets closer. Who is now a f000l.

    Lungu who was being honest abound seeking alliances and a pretender ( HH )

  25. Zambia is a war-torn country. Tribalism is imbbeded in the culture of the people. SATA brought out the best in the in the trait of the people of the so called peaceful people. Zambians are tribalist and selfish.I was once like them but now I am an angel. I am not speaking out of turn. Zambia remains the one of most corrupt countries on earth.

  26. Ba Garry, you are the same person who said that you would quit politics if you lose to PF. Surprise, you are still MP. WHY? So, why should anyone trust UPNDS? You lie!

  27. HH will carry the day come August 11. Southern Province is the backbone of Zambia’s economic development. The electricity, sugar, beef, milk, kapenta, tourism revenues all come from there. How much have some of these regions contributed to Zambia’s GDP?. There will be no tribalism or regionalism come August 11, but will vote for someone worth our tax payers’ money. Why are your salivating in mediocrity. Have you ever heard of classification of people into a group called “tribe” in civilized societies. The only time it resurfaces is when a white man is making references to uncivilized peoples in Africa, Australia, Red Indians and similar backward races. Use the logic of choice to free yourself. Let the clash of ideas be the political battleground.

    • You have never lived outside your barren SP. DO you know that Northern and Luapula have the largest water bodies in Southern Africa, with an abundance of variety of fish. There in no food deficit in NP, LP, CP, EP, CP and NWP. You guys only boast of cows. It is not raining now, you are drought stricken. When the generators start running in LP and NP, who will care about your drying Kariba. Thus will happen sooner than later. You have no knowledge of what economic activities or potentials exist in other parts of the country. SP has benefited from CP and other provinces and tell me, what have you as SP brought in term of financial resources to CB or indeed other provinces. You are just stingy suckers.

      You self imposed egoist losers. Zambia is bigger than your useless HH. You have just…

  28. Indeed this arrogant man Nkombo vowed he would resign if HH lost the 2015 election this was after one to many beers at Munis…later on he retracted the thought of going back to being a secondary school teacher was too much for him to phantom…sometimes its best to keep silent and dream…you are in for a thorough beating you will get votes in southern province a few from western province and northwestern…but guess what after that? PF will sweep the eastern province, luapula, Lusaka, central, northern by wide margins to counter what you bantustans did in in 2015….you will lapila…the rest a split between PF and FDD….So all the best incase you haven’t smelt the coffee..dream on with your GBM, ….lol

  29. My good friend Nkombo, UPND is not coming to power any time soon. If your overarching dream is to become Minister, your best bet is to cross to PF.

  30. Why is the opposition getting worked out about pf working with mmd? I sense fear coming from the opposition because I think they now have realised that they can’t not do it on their own. I wonder if there is any party that wants to work with upnd. Tables are slowly turning, if you asked me a couple months ago before the constitution changed I would have sworn and said upnd was going to win the elections but now that you need 50 plus 1 it’s going to be tricky for upnd to win. The change of the constitution was actually a political gimmick that the opposition never saw it coming. So what Mr nkombo is saying is actually a bed time story that will never mature, he needs to be on the drawing board restrategies his plans.

  31. Tongas only! What has changed this time? Surely who can change a working govt simply becose a Tonga wants to rule? Lozis and brothers and sisters from North Western Join PF and claim for leadership in 2021. Chiefs from Northwest and Western secure ministrial positions for your children now.

  32. Some comments are not even worth a byte of data. We should argue in terms of what each party is able to do for the country. When PF dislodged MMD, their campaign platform was inclined towards pro-poor economic system (more money in peoples’ pockets through lower taxes). Compare their driving force for political office in 2011 and what they have achieved so far, and you will notice that they were completely clueless in terms of economic management of the country. We can’t be debating the superiority of a tribe in the 21st century as though we are heading for a tribal war. What is at stake is the economic progress of our nation and UPND has a far superior agenda compared to PF which has failed to deliver.

  33. Heavenly Father,let your will be done.Our thoughts father is not yours; and i believe that you have already chosen a LEADER who will work according to your will father and for those who are name calling and insulting their friends be ashamed in JESUS’name……..AMEN.Why ULUPATO (hatred) mu Zambia?Kano ngaebo!!!!!.

  34. UPND can only win if they gang up with PF. They will win Southern Province for PF and HH will become Deputy Minister for Southern PROVINCE.

  35. …“The MMD and the PF, according to what the caller has said, are positioning themselves for a 50%+1, we would say and please read my lips, our desire is whack the PF and their dearest brothers in the first round. We want much more than 50% so that there is no contention.” This chap doesn’t seem to know the meaning of 50%+1. Anything above 50% is 50%+1 Garry. UPND is desperate to have the FDD aboard in an alliance. Garry, just plead with Nawakwi, talk to her nicely and may be she will accept your proposal. Meanwhile, the boat is full speed ahead!

  36. Its very sad to note that some PF cadres are still living in self-comforting dreams.Please,Copperbelt,Lusaka and Northern provinces are no longer PF stronghoods.People in these areas are the ones who are hardly hit by the effects of the risen cost of living due to EL’s bad management of the economy.And i dont think they will give him another term to destroy them further.HH is the redeemer and solution to all the economical problems zambia is facing.Viva HH,viva UPND.


    Garry you have been my hope for a long time. Many people who know you can confidently say that we hold you in high esteem. However to lower yourself to an “HH praise team member” is totally unacceptable. You deserve much honour and should quickly stand up from that kneeling position before Hakainde because we need to win this year. You are the best candidate in my view. Any one behind HH standing in August is agitating for a terrible loss for our party as the 50+1 formula needs think tanks not day dreamers. Mark my words. BB, Kalomo

  38. Dear colleagues what would happen if PF and UPND formed an alliance with FDD? We would be back to 1990 as the Movement for Multiparty Democracy…they would be no MORE violence we would go to the pools form long queues and vote for our President…ever wonder why Tanzania is doing better than us? Chama Cha Mapenduzi have been united for a long long long time…do they have their fights? Hell yeah….do they form breakaway parties? NOPE…. Picture this UPND came about because Mazoka differed with MCS..Sata feared Mazoka was too strong..and Yes he would have been President and not LPM…FDD was born because of NO third Term for FTJ…and PF was born because FTJ went to wake up LPM to be anointed….I miss the good old days we had our issues but we where united…KK was no longer a factor…

  39. It is impossible not to think tribal when a name is mentioned because the names have a source. What I would not want entertain is to segregate on account of tribe or regionalism when we constitute come together.
    Yes we can form alliances but not to just remove the ruling party from power for the sake of State house but ought to have convincing reasons as to why. As of now, there are NO such reasons to qualify the need to have the ruling party shelved.
    The MMD is not a bad party. Some individuals may be and the same may have come to realize their standing in society and changed. If one can not change, then that’s the lameness in them. The first leader scored some positives and so did the second and third leaders of the MMD. We know that No human is perfect but when one learns from…

  40. @Pof.GS, what copperbelt are you talking about? I was born and still live on the copperbelt, Ndola in particular and I have a lot of relatives spread thru out Ndola compounds and I visit them regulary. I take advantage of my visits to make a research in bars, minibusses and other public places and I can tell you pipo still believe in PF, even though they complain about the economy they have appreciated what pf has done so far in infrastructure development. I can assure you there is no wind of change the change you are talking about is just in your dreams. DREAM ON!!!By the way I didnt know Garry was just a secondary school teacher, these are chaps who have been boasting of being interllectuals!

  41. This is just some drunkard chap. He really spends time inside parliament but is always found at Parliament bar drinking and when he gets drunk that’s when he rushes inside to go and make noise. I know this dirt and filthy cretin


    Let no insult discourage you. A revolution is always started by one person. It is your time to show you can rescue UPND from total oblivion. This is a serious litmus test. Garry get my advice. Stand up and be counted as a saviour for UPND. Only them shall I be totally behind you. Time to rule is around the corner. Take heed boss. OUT HH; IN GNK; This is BB calling.

  43. 11 August,a day of reckoning.There will be gnashing and crushing of teeth.The same story of rigging will be coming in as a scapegoat.Whoever loses should not waste our time but accept the electorates verdict.People hide under the canopy of electoral rigging when in actual sense they have just lost.Presidential candidate should be magnanimous enough to accept defeat.

  44. From reading most of the postings here, many of you are seriously scared of this tribe? Is it the tribe that has a problem or its you haters who have something to hide? what is it that you have done that you feel this tribe will come and uncover it? Whatever it is, this tribe is giving a lot of people so much headaches!! mmm very interesting, very interesting indeed.

  45. Has anybody wondered why tribalism and political violence in our beloved Zambia only manifests when we have a Tonga led party? During Nkumbula’s reign of the ANC the country was getting divided just like today until KK saw sense and introduced the one party state. From the advent of the UPND especially under the leadership of HH, tribalism and political violence is with us again. UPND fought MMD in Mapatizya (The Mapatizya Fomular) Mufumbwe, and in many other by-elections. They have also fought the PF in Mangango, Masiti and other areas. PF on the other hand has had very peaceful elections when pitted against other parties. One wonders therefore that who is tribal and violent. Even when the Republican president and PF leader is not Bemba, the Tongas or shall I say the UPND still consider…

  46. Tongas are too tribal, only think of tongas. Can yu imagin a company with only tongas, yes that’s what tongas do. So Zambians beware, don’t vote for hh otherwise yu will regret

  47. I hope that FDD the Miles Sampa group Rainbow and all opposition would band together to get this PF party out of power else we are doomed to a one party system of ruthlessness and war in our country. Nevas and Banda have already sold themselves and I pray that true MMD members will not follow them to PF;

  48. “..in any relationship with the FDD, loose or tight..”

    You should love this guy’s language, ‘loose or tight’..!

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