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PF spells terms for an Alliance

General News PF spells terms for an Alliance

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

The ruling PF has ruled out entering into an alliance with another political party on conditions that political party provides a running mate for President Edgar Lungu.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama says the alliance that the ruling PF is seeking has nothing to do with the presidential running mate.

Mr. Chama has told QTV in an interview that he does not think an alliance can last if it is based on sharing positions or on how much a particular political party will benefit from it.

He says the ruling PF wants an alliance that will focus at coming up with ideas of how to bring about development in the Country.

Mr. Chama says this means that any political party interested in forming an alliance with the ruling PF must have the people of Zambia’s interest first.

Asked whether the ruling PF is still quoting the opposition MMD on possibilities of forming an alliance, Mr. Chama has confirmed his party is still in talks with the MMD.

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  1. Yaba elyo yalungula Alliance ! Thats the main thing that is forcing alliances; numbers and running mate ! You cant have it both ways imwe. Get Edith and you stand a chance, any other fella you start packing. Dont overrate yourselves. We are behind you

    • If PF have run out of ideas on how to develop the country, why do not they make an alliance with UPND who have the brains? As PF does not want the running mate issue to go with such an alliance, they can let UPND field their own President and running mate. For sure Zambia will develop without the PF broke party.

    • Edith has already declared on several occasions that FDD will go it alone. This is the death of the PF since Lungu made it clear that the PF will need MMD to achieve the 50+1 percentage requirement and Nevers Mumba is already out of the equation with his lust for the smell of power. Mumba will not give away MMD to PF for just an ambassadorial job!

    • well observed. Any other lady other than Nawakwi is a sure way of PF exiting. On the gorund tafilibwino. UPND nalepaula! We underrated GBM. UPND has a national character. Nobody will buy the tribe issue. Apa ni setting the development agenda and partnering with brains otherwise kuyabebele.

    • In the history of politics no ruling party has gone into an alliance with an opposition party to win an election, This just shows how bad PF is. An alliance comes about only in parliamentary headed type of governance like in the UK, where by if any party does not have the required number of MPs to form a government they can form an alliance with other parties to reach the required number of MPs to form a government NOT in our system. This is disgraceful to all PF and its supporters. EL is not a leader, wake up this guy is a failed project.

    • You see the comments that come from Zambians- especially those in diaspora always shock me. One wonders whether these Zambians even think of educating themselves whilst overseas or just continue to fatten on McDonald’s and KFC. They don’t analise articles before commenting on them. What the PF Secretary General Davies Chama has said is true to the point. Citizens interests must be put in front of anything and everything. You can’t dispute that unless one is living on a different planet. Alliances that are based on power-sharing always fail because power-sharing has got nothing to do with citizens but politicians interests- pockets. Even here (UK) in the most democratised country even surpassing USA, power-sharing has lamentably failed. Reason being it was based on power-sharing more…

    • Reason being it was based on power-sharing more citizens’ interests. So, for me I salute Mr Chama and PF for this not-misleading bored statement.

    • Peter, Peter, Peter don’t be mislead all these people want power so they can rule. How do you enter into an allowance without discussing positions. What’s the point of asking for an alliance then if you can work on your own. And mind you president Lungu himself said he cannot win without MMD. So you think MMD will just want to ensure your party remains in power without getting anything in return. Anywhere in the world when people talk about alliances they are talking about sharing power. And how do you do that . . . simple you share positions. I am in Lusaka mind you.

    • He says the ruling PF wants an alliance that will focus at coming up with ideas of how to bring about development in the Country.

      The above statement attributed to Chama, indicates that PF is desperately looking for ideas on how to develop this country. If this is the case why should voters give them their votes, when they do no have idea/s on how to best develop this country?

    • a party that has been in government for 4 years is still looking for ideas on how to develop a country whose citizens voted them in because they were convinced that they ACTUALLY had the ideas to develop the country! as if that is not enough, the mentioned party wants to be voted back in power to continue to looking for ideas

  2. Yaba! Ba Chama mwanisiliza Nzelu. Just when I thought I could trust you. Where do you put our president Mumba now. So he will never be a running mate? Not even ambassador or Minister? So you just want numbers? Nevers must think twice.

  3. The poeple of Zambia will decide weather alliaence or not i am just thincking of those people who said MMD was a devils part but looking at PF which is the worst goverment in Zambia.
    instead of more money in peoples homes we have now more cholera,more hunger,more violence more expenses in Zambia today.
    The PF we wanted and i thought Chama said PF is a strong party which does not need any alliance with another party what has changed today?
    You call Luapula province as your bedroom but a bed room without a bed,blankets and a mattress but southern and western provinces have received alot of development.
    people of Luapula wake up your are the poorest province in Zambia

    • Totally with you @Sudan,what may shock PF this time is that people of Luapula may not turn out to vote in big numbers the way they did for Sata! They have been used as door mat to put PF in power who then went and prioritized projects in areas they were not voted leaving Luapula with nothing to celebrate about PF. As you have put it where is the bed room which you do not want to look after? They will be so surprised!! The people there may not vote UPND but they will not just turn out to vote as a way of revolting!! How can one fail to finish tarring 70km of the pedicle road in 5 years? You fail to tar 117 km of the Kashikishi – Lunchinda road to connect Nchelenge to Chienge and you go and ask the Chinese to build you a 3 start hotel in Lusaka???

  4. PF want the cake, and they want to eat it. So how do you form an alliance without discussing positions. Oh I forgot it’s the usual kaponya way of doing things.

  5. Mumba should brace himself for an alliance of convinience (not conviction) where terms and conditions DO NOT apply. Volunteer a female runningmate from your party to PF unless your’s was a ”me, myself and I” (only) alliance.

  6. God Jehova will scatter them .They will fight each other and they weaken each other because their sins have grown into a mountain.Light is shining on HH’s side because of his pure heart and intentions for the poor and oppressed in Zambia.Jehova has anointed HH .People from all walks of life will gather and form an alliance with HH.Many will volunteer their money ,time and energy to campaign and monitor the election.Ulata continua HH is the real deal.

  7. For once, Chama has spoken a bit of sense suffice to say negotiations conducted through the MEDIA are most certainly doomed to fail or is it just for show?

  8. What is the benefit of Nevers and MMD in this comic alliance if MMD cannot be treated as an equal partner to provide a running mate?

  9. Zambians know your selves better to avoid embarrasments and fightings. Davies chama is well desciplined but he is not a public speaker. lungu is jovial but he cant feed pipo during public meetings besides he is very sof. Imagine two public meetings one chama, fr Bwalya the other mutati, lubinda & Mumba. PF needs GOOD SPEAKERS

  10. Not ba Inonge nemwe ala nabakula. lets go for vibrant women like Mama sata, Mama Mwanawasa, Nawakwi, luo or stubborn Masebo. These wemon should be made to work for this country becoz they are Zambians. WHO DO THEY WANT TO DEVELOPE THIS COUNTRY FOR THEM. Balungu its not always what you want

    • @puttin
      The above creatures you are proposing to be Lungu’s woman running mate are okay, except Luo. She doesn’t sit well with bashi Lubemba. We know, everybody knows that PF will fall on 11/8/16, but with Luo as running mate, PF can’t have more longer nails for their coffin.

  11. “…He says the ruling PF wants an alliance that will focus at coming up with ideas of how to bring about development in the Country…”

    What is the point on having good idea when implementation will be done by the people which cannot live without corruption?

  12. Balungu knows what he wants because he would like to remain in power for a long, long, long ,time. Ba Chama is just saying anything without consulting the boss……Urinating in the Kariba……mmmmmmmm…..Katwishi mayo!!!

  13. @Lusakatimes
    You guys at Lusaka Times are great folks but you seriously need qualified editorial staffer to edit you incessant errors. In the last paragraph, the word quoting should really have been COURTING! No pun intended.

  14. Comment:its better earlier on PF drops down its flag because they can’t stand the competition any longer.
    nevers must be thinking about wrongly if hopes his members to get postions in govt if PF & MMD ALLIANCE succeeded to form govt. although this time around PF & MMD are a diminshing characters of corruption and nepotism. ZESCO is flooded with PF cadres unskilled for their jobs.

  15. Greed, pomp and selfishness will not take you anywhere. If you need to serve the pipo of Zambia diligently, you ought to embrace everyone in all areas, positions, etc. If you feel you are the master in everything, then go your own way and leave to regret. Its high time you quoted FDD for a possible alliance and have Edith Nawakwi as running mate to Mr. Kachasu Lungu.

  16. He says the ruling PF wants an alliance that will focus at coming up with ideas of how to bring about development in the Country….. QUESTION AS USSUAL!!! Is this a further proof that PF, generally has no ideas of how to bring about development in this country? If they had any, why seeking to remain in power on new ideas on a silver plate from another political party that will be dribaled just to gain number to remain in power?

  17. But this LT is truly PF VUVUZELA!!!!! Has anyone else observed that no seemingly neutral or comment favoring the PF or positive to LT has a “REPLY” option? On the other hand, they’re putting a national flag of most comments againts PF as from overseas; European Union and the like (probably this depends on what internet provider each one uses and not the country where they’re now)……. SATA was right (munshebwa aile na mashinsha ku buko), MHSRIP!!

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