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There will be no rally to be addressed by GBM in Woodlands-Zambia Police

Headlines There will be no rally to be addressed by GBM in Woodlands-Zambia...

Police Spokesperson Charity Mungangaa
Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga

The Zambian Police says only a few family members and GBM’s legal representatives be allowed at the Woodlands Police Station premises when he appears at the Station for question on Wednesday.

Police Spokesperson Charity Muganga Chanda said the purported rally which will be addressed by UPND Vice President Geofrey Mwamba was nothing but a rumor as Mr Mwamba has been summoned in connection with the case involving 21 suspected UPND cadres apprehended from his premises.

Below is the statement issued by the Zambia Police.

The Zambia Police Service would like to dispel rumors going round that there will be a United Party for National Development (UPND) rally that will be held at Woodlands Police Station to be addressed by Mr Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 09:00 hours.

The correct position is that we have summoned Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya in connection with the case involving the 21 suspected UPND cadres who were apprehended from his premises along Luanshya road on 28th February 2016.

What will be happening there are police investigations and not a political rally. Therefore only Mr Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya, his legal representatives and a few family members will be allowed at the Police station.

We look forward to receiving maximum cooperation from the few individuals who will accompany Mr. Mwamba as unwanted people will not be tolerated.



    • “Zambia Forward!!!”

      “Chagwa Must fall!!”

      Countrymen lets all go shopping at Woodlands & JAM the area – Rally or Not, ba kapoli (sori bakapokola) need to be blocked out from getting to their own police post, they call a station!
      We all have the right to shop at woodlands – so NO SUCH ST..u..PIDiTY of saying only GBM will be allowed in that area!!
      Ba koswe baya sana!! Pumbafu!!

    • Definitely the Police should expect a huge crowd and prepare for any eventuality including a riot in Lusaka which has awaited some stupid move like this one to spark it.

      In an event that a riot ensues as a result of having arrested GBM, HH and top UPND officials Lungu and his stooges should be held responsible for their malice and irresponsible actions against UPND.

      Dont say I did not warn you.

      VIVA UPN the party of choice in 2016.

    • Uko Barclays is packing its bags because doing business under PF has become difficult amid threats by the PF to force banks to donate huge sums of money to bankroll PF ‘s campaigns.

      PF increased the debt ceiling to force banks to lend it money. And banks have now realised that it will never recover that money from PF and so the best is to leave the country.

      Surely PF must be the worst regime in Africa for Barclays to leave the country.

      Barclays will come bank when HH and UPND ascends to power. So Barclays workers should be worried but should star campaigning for HH and UPND.

      Only UPND will restore Zambia.

    • The best the Police could have done was to anticipate a huge gathering and try to be professional about it instead of this panic mode. Just remember, never allow your enemy to see your sweat.. Arresting GBM or HH will cause untold riots by the supporters. Thats the truth,.

    • The writing is on the wall. UPND is growing in popularity and this signals PF and Lungus exit from office

      Fear has gripped PF and they will do all they can through police to suppress ichimwela coming from UPND

      Mwabombeni Ba GBM

      Viva HH

    • You refuse protests to the Chinese embassy by PF but allow 50 people to go there..isnt that a crowd enough to cause confusion!

  1. I don’t know whether to praise Kanganja or to laugh at him for hosting a GBM rally for police officers. Will it be televised live?
    Frank Bwalya must be peeing in his pants with envy at Kanganja’s ingenuity. He denies Frank a rally at the chinese embassy then hosts one for GBM. Wow!

  2. Definitely the Police should expect a huge crowd and prepare for any eventuality including a riot in Lusaka which has awaited some stupid move like this one to spark it.

    In an event that a riot ensues as a result of having arrested GBM, HH and top UPND officials Lungu and his stooges should be held responsible for their malice and irresponsible actions against UPND.

    Dont say I did not warn you.

    VIVA UPN the party of choice in 2016.

    • Such kind of reasoning @ Wanzelu is what is killing UPND. Perhaps you are a PF supporter triong to make UPND look bad.

  3. I do not see GBM’s political existence as a going concern if the PF wins these elections.


    • just look at how inconsistent these upnd chaps are.
      yesterday, gbm was ‘fat this. fat that’. now that has joined them, he is suddenly an angel.
      this si why hh will never be president of this country, never.
      by the way, whats ‘ing’ombe ilede’?

  5. kkansi muziba naimwe ati ni rally we wll b thre dnt worry u cant intmidate us story izibikka at kunzankala muntu

  6. This is what poverty can do to once vibrant and intelgent pipo. GBM has become an hero. you suspend what you are doing to go and listen to GBM. Thank God August will be the end of roads to most political dreamers. Stubborn HH might be will be the loss will crush him. we cant have some one who sold our companies as the hero no!

    • On the basis that he under valued our mines makes a lot of lose their employments, he can not be trusted to rule this country. He’s a traitor.

    • @Asange
      True my friend….this is exactly what poverty does….The poor hero worshiping the rich…GBM is non entity and I think he shouldn’t even be in the news

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • It was not HH that came into Government with $3 BILLION in the bank and is leaving Zambia with a KALOBA of $10 BILLIONS in August!!!

      Just ask yourselves who knows how to do business??? Who knows how to fix our broken ECONOMY???

      A failed drunk thief of a “lawyer” that is supposed to run the country.

      Or a rich sucessful business man?

      The answer is obvious. Unless you are a total moron!

    • If people at listen to a person with no vision, then it makes more sense to listen to GBM with a vision.

  7. [email protected] Lungu has got nothing to do with Barclays. Barclays boss Last month, announced plans to trim the investment bank, cutting up to 1,200 staff by closing smaller operations in Asia, Brazil, Europe and Russia.” Are you saying lungu is a president of thsose countries. Who do you want to blind? BE CONCERN WITH HH LOSS

    • HH keeps on loosing because he has never visited Ing’ombe Ilede where honest businessmen were burried

  8. New Barclays boss is clossing business in Africa. Barclays has branches in 12 countries in Africa and Zambia is one of them. Only the truth can make your god president. As at now he can only be president in the dark world

  9. do yo job and put this stupidy fat albert in order, we have never witnessed such desperation of forming militias ever since this country gained independence, this desperate fools shud not be tolerated and in any country there is no gym with guns, pangas, and amnitions ati pa gym seriousssssllllllllyyy and these panga cadres are supporting this stupidity……pls security wings investigate this issues thoroughly

  10. Why waste my time demonstrating in support of an unabashaed wife beater? The man is so violent that it is a wonder why his wife is still alive as she has been hospitalised on several occassions. GBM should be in jail for his violent behaviour he should not be in any political party period. He was a wife beater when he was in MMD, PF and now UPND. S

  11. Its not GBM who called the rally, you the police summoned him, is his people,
    You are afread of us, stupid police and your Chagwa . Forward bane go and give GBM support

    • @Chomba Mutale
      You sound Tonga to me..am reading your comment with a Tonga accent “afread”…..this is Mazabuka slang

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Most of the comments that I suppose are UPND sympathisers and loyalists have provocative and insulting tone. Please this is not right, we are brothers & sisters, though we may differ in our ideologies and opinions. Let us respect each other as we share our views and opinions. One Zambia one nation. God bless Zambia!

  12. Ba wanzelu mulicikopo, [email protected] has said Barclays wants to pull out of Africa and not Zambia alone. Now with you naivity(Umungulu mucibemba) you blame President Lungu, we knew you were going to blame him because to you everything including global issues you blame them on ECL. Your envy and hate for ECL has blocked your thinking to the extent of blaming him for things is not concerned with, how can you convice a nueatral voter to vote for your party when you reasoning is so wiered like this?

  13. kwasila bantu bamenyewa mailo tizanvelako si mailo? I know what wil happen ukwali sonke takwafwele bantu!

    • So they are just as bad as each other. Or maybe GBM is even worse because according to the Watchdog GBM was practicing corruption on a massive scale when he was defence minister but then again UPND has never been consistent or choosy in who it deals with.

  14. Just waiting for 11th August to see who will carry the day and continue supporting the president of the day. kwasila.

  15. GBM is violent by nature, how many times has he been reported to the police by either his wife or his employees? Why even waist time to go and give him useless solidarity when you know down you heart that the man is a thug! All those who intend to follow him are very unproductive citizens who dont have anything usefull to do and yet they want Zambia to develop with such laziness.

  16. this world. Today GBM has become UPND’s hero. I am sure they will tell us that he is rich and economic advisor etc

  17. OK politics aside. It is quite laughable that GBM is calling for change when he was Defence Minister not so long ago. I believe PF has a manifesto which has different contents from the UPND manifesto. It seems it has happened so fast that GBM has now changed his ideology? Personally, I would dare not offer any solidarity unless I am suffering from amnesia!!

    • Chuma – exactly my point! Some people’s memories are so short heh. I laugh each time I watch GBM preaching for change when he himself is part and parcel of that which must be changed. How deranged can some people be? Very Sad indeed. Shallow minds are so easily indoctrinated by a few dollars.

    • Not only that, when he was defence minister, he claimed that a group of Tongas wanted to overthrow the Sata regime violently. He is the one who sent the army to Western province but now simply because he has jumped ship (kind of because he is fighting to remain PF MP for Kasama) he should be worshiped? By supporting him, UPND is no better than ECL when he appointed that defiler as ambassador for gender. This is symptomatic of Zambia’s tragedy all the politicians are just as bad as each other.

  18. It will be sad to see our perpetual opposition party Upnd being deregistered for being violent. We would have loved you to continue giving checks and balances to the ruling party since you can’t be voted to lead govt with violent traits. I can smell Upnd being deregistered before April.

  19. @Chuma UPND claim to be saints, very pure and corrupt free, but look at the gabbage they are accepting in their ranks! GBM, Bashi nono, Katoloshi, William Banda, Masebo now even ba Kachingwe so what difference are those pipo going to bring to UPND? Nothing! To them it is just a matter of numbers even ECL they vilifying today if he decided to abandom PF and join them they will recieve him with open arms and praise him to the bone. These are what we call politicians without principles and shame all what matters to them is state house no wonder they can even give solidarity to the illitrate thug.

    • UPND is a party of opportunists, they want to get their hands on our economic power so they can enrich themselves.

      Bunch of Con Artist.

    • Manix – They are all a selfish lot scrambling for the national cake to enrich themselves. Who doesn’t know what GBM is fighting for but survival of his business empire. Government has squeezed every contract from him and he is now crying foul. HH should be ashamed standing on the same podium with refugees from PF & MMD demanding for change.

    • Gentelemen, not every one who wants to serve the pipo in GRZ is intrested in looting , borrowing and then plundering like your PF theives. You are so used of stealing and plunder in PF that you think it is now normal. Many of you will be jailed.

  20. This is routine as his premises were being used for unlawful purposes and housed cannabis. In any country the drugs alone would be cause for investigation. It is clear that Anarchy is the way forward for UPND. This must not be tolerated by the gov’t. It’s time for police and army to prove to Zambian people that they are capable of protecting citizens. The rumour that a rally was happening at the police station was started to intimidate the police in their duty. It’s time to take the gloves off. This GBM and his cohorts are losing the plot. Every election there are disruptions as a campaign strategy. Enough.

    • Patriot abroad
      Some chamba was found on one gym user in his car, ati premises used to store drugs???. Just to let other readers know, nothing was found in the actual buildings as there is cctv and so no incriminating evidence could be planted.

      This case will go cold like the story about kidnapped GRZ and PF officials in HH s village.

  21. UPND IS INDEED A PARTY FOR SATAN1STS!!surely can wanzelu blame president Edgar Lungu over Barclays Bank’s plans to close african operations?BARCLAYS BANK IS IN VARIOUS AFRICAN COUNTRIES E.G.SOUTH AFRICA AS ABSA,GHANA,NIGERIA,ETC AND THEY INTEND TO CLOSE IN ALL THOSE COUTRIES!!NOW IS ECL THE PRESIDENT FOR WHOLE AFRICA?desperation for state house has made almost all upnd cadres become crazy!!WE KNOW ALL GLOBAL ISSUES SO U CANNOT CHEAT US!!!your hh is quiet about Anglo-America bcoz it has cut more than 85 000 mine jobs globally!!about 1.8 million chinese miners are about to lose jobs in China!!in south africa more than 47 000 miners have lost jobs since 2012 and about 32 000 more miners are about to lose job as announced by minister of mines in SA yesterday!!SO ALL THOSE COUNTRIES WITH…

    • We all know the mining industry is in trouble, but why has our tourisim and manufacturing and agriculture sectors not become main employers under PF??? Instead they are all in decline or underperforming under PF missmangment and corruption.

    • The paid Pa-Fyamba chaps have congregated in some internet café busy blogging and voting on all posts thinking their tuma comments can sway the mood in the nation. Change is now more certain than ever. The sooner you accepted this the better. Just start thinking of what else to do after 11th August because Pa-Fwaka is definitely parking. Unfortunately for you, this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

  22. Things are becoming more complicated. Why cant the police find a more secure place where they can interview GBM for allegedly training UPND cadres in defensive tactics. The UPND members are now more confident given the motivation which was generated by Western diplomats who visited HH at his new Kasama home. The police should get geared to handle the multitude of cadres and just onlookers in a professional manner to avert a huge riot. At the rate things are moving, I am afraid we need level headed men and women in uniform to save this country from turning it in a BANANA ONE.

  23. Police please prepare not canisters but drums of tear gas so that you can deal with this *****s and see if bernd finke or eric schultz will be there to shield them. Any body who indulges in criminal activities should be dealt with accordingly. I heard one foolish upnd carder on Sun FM saying police should also visit busy bodies gym in Ndola because it is frequented by PF carders. This fool should ask himself whether busy bodies is owned by a PF member and if so do they keep machetes and cannabis there. A gym is a fitness center and not a militia training center.

  24. Only those who have nothing to do in life will accompany GBM with the hope of receiving some token from him for there upkeep. Shame on you…!

    • I have Never attended a political rally in my life but I vote for different candidates from different parties depending on what they are selling at a particular point in time. I have no time to worship a fellow human being. Be it HH or Lungu or the misguided Nevers, I don’t care. I leave the hero worshiping to illiterate cadres.

  25. I just have time to go to a poling station and not attending rallies of people who have left the nation in ruins.It is pointless going to throw stones for a politician who will not even feed my family when I am gone. People should be wary of such gatherings.They are just recipes for chaos.I would rather die voting than supporting politicians who do not even appreciate our well being as citizens.Politicians are all the same.They are all liars and hoodwinks who are just there to sustain their livelihood.Whoever becomes Zambian’s president,should be supported.People should not shed blood over useless politicians who don’t even recognize them when they get into power.It is a sheer waste of time and energy rendering support to useless and good-for-nothing politicians.

  26. upnd a party for dader heads,ubukopo bwalicilamo they dont even listern clearly the english on cnn wen they say barclays is pulling out of african continent bena nishi its zambia alone they a talking about things they know nothing.

  27. Ba UPND fipuba and we expect the law enforcing units and agents to be firm. A crime is a crime and GBM and HH must not escape this. Let’s learn from countries in the Far East, Uganda and Zimbabwe. If an opposition party misbehaves, put them where they belong, period!

  28. GBM is a principaled politician remeber when he was told to choose between his relative Sosala or the job by the late king dictator Sata he opted to quity. How many pfools can do that,Man without neck and head once said he could sell his soul to the devil if dola siliti is allowed in the pf.

  29. No matter what PF and their police do at juncture only makes UPND more popular. Soon we will have riots in towns across Zambia as our pipo are really suffering.
    Recently marketeers in kalulushi turned on violent PF thugs.

    • @Spake like lilo, the violence you are advocating will actually disadvantage the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND.Let the UPND and it’s supreme leader HH win through the ballot and he will be respected. UPND should emulate PF when they were in opposition…

    • Zakeyo
      No one is advocating violence, but silly actions by this PF police which amounts to citizen harassment is encouraging violence. How can a golf club found in a private car be used for illegal military training????

  30. Gbm is a coward why cheat tell pipo u will be arrested.
    Police push this fool in dark cells let him know zp well he thinkx money can protect him everywhere.
    Warning to gbm and hon hyena tintili tintili tawama come down to yo sense why cause chaos u ve money this can just reduce oxgyen to u if not careful.
    If u want politics not this way change.

  31. One can just laugh at the desperation of UPND. You cannot even have an intellectual discourse with UPND. Whether you meet them in the bars, in buses, it is always a violent confrontation. Let August 11 come, we are fed up of these people. Edith Nawakwi , kindly put your act together. The Violent thugs will be no more after 11th August, 2016. You will become the official opposition. Not these useless people. Even on the Copperbelt people have started seeing that this party of thugs cannot take Zambia anywhere.

    • UPND are tired of the missmangment, plunder and looting of GRZ resources taking place as we write. The AG just released a report of theft at RDA by PF. Non of you seem concerned at the looting taking place.

  32. UPND’s vice president is GBM. hahahahaha. That would have been the best joke, had it not been true. How did UPND scoop this low. Even the reckless and clueless PF has my Aunt Bo Inonge Wina as a Vice president. A very wise political play by President Lungu might I add.

    viva president Nawakwi.

  33. This lady looks young and probably beautiful but I think in her heart she is as ancient and ugly as the police she sadly speaks for. She cannot recognise that the ‘rally’ she is talking about is actually underway socially on this column? Yet, she is still banning anti-hill rallies of hundreds of years ago, does she even have a cellphone?

  34. @wanzelu, what a disgrace you are to UPND, to say that rubbish about Barclays pulling out of Zambia! No wonder UPND progress can best be described as two steps forward, five steps backward.

  35. Comment: GBM is plotting to over throw HH and has been campaigning as potential UPND president,where is the party intelligence unit kanshi????

  36. Comment:Miles sampa was campaigning in the name of countrywide party mobilization,same as wynter,GBM also campaigning in the name of UPND,wake up HH.you shall be over taken ka.

  37. All those thugs are claiming to be his body guards.and the place where they were found belongs to Green Beans Mwamba.so since the thugs do not know how marijuana found itself in that place,i believe it belongs to the owner of that place.so please ba D.E.C charge him for being in unlawful posession of chamba.

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