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Monday, February 24, 2020

YALI condemns Police for not acting swiftly to prevent the Youth Day fracas

General News YALI condemns Police for not acting swiftly to prevent the Youth Day...

PF cadres burn UPND party regalia after the youths of the two political parties clashed against each other during the Youth Day Celebrations in Lusaka with one PF youth wearing the military outfit the party banned
PF cadres burn UPND party regalia after the youths of the two political parties clashed against each other during the Youth Day Celebrations in Lusaka with one PF youth wearing the military outfit the party banned

The Young African Leaders Initiative has Condemned the Zambia Police for not acting swiftly to prevent the fracas that insured on Saturday during the Youth Day celebrations.

And YALI President Andrew Ntewewe has described the actions of the PF youths as shameful saying there was an engagement between PF and the UPND before Youth Day which was held under the hospices of the Ministry of Youths to try and avoid what happened on Saturday.

Mr Ntewewe who was featuring on Joy FM radio said it was disappointing that the Police with the full knowledge of who started the fight could not act to prevent the fracas.

He expressed disappointment that Mr Kamba is still enjoying his freedom when was clearly the person who instigated the violence that occurred on Saturday and should brought to book for behavior likely to bleach of peace due to his actions.

He expressed regret that the police without any regard of the people attending the meeting decided to fire tear gas making some of the invited guests such as the ILO Director live before the speech was read out by the Vice President.

He said the Police should not only be seen to be working when they are dealing with the opposition but that they should be exhibit professionalism if political violence is to be stopped.

He has since challenged the Police to act impartial saying their partiality makes one wonder if they are ready to Police the forth coming elections.

He also said Mr Kamba’s behavior does not befit that of a leader.

“From the YALI point of view we want to seriously blame first of all the PF Lusaka Province youth Chairperson Kenneth Kamba. He acted in a very un sobber manner, he acted in a manner that does not befit a leader who can take up that leadership position. We thought that if tolerance had prevailed delinquency would have been more shamed, if their was no retaliation. We have been talking to people about none violent action and one of the the key things about none violent action is that no retaliation in fact the better way is to walk away or to run away,” he said.

He said Mr Kamba should not have acted in the manner he did because that was a national event and not a PF event.

And Mr Ntewewe said it was shameful that even after appending the signatures denouncing violence, Youths could throw away all the things they said they would stand for within 12 hours and engage in a bloody battle in full view of the Country’s Vice President.

He said after a two day Youth National Conference the youths from all political parties agreed to denounce political violence but the that two parties seem to think that they can only be noticed by being violent.

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  1. These useless Corrupt Belly Police officers, would’nt act, even if their own sisters were being [email protected], by P.F, Politicians, & Cadres.
    To them all that matters is money in their own pockets, & filthy bellies.
    Useless bunch that should be sacked as soon as their paymasters P.F, starting with Chi Kambwili get kicked out!

  2. The fish rots from the head. From top to bottom, the concept of equality before the law, individual human rights and just pure common sense is looking like a difficult concept to grasp. Our moral compass has no reference point and losing our basic humanity is an insult to the good citizens who still make up the majority in the country. The peace we enjoy is because people refuse to let the evil deeds of others define them.

  3. The sooner people wake up, get out of bed and realise that police are merely following orders the sooner a solution can be found. He who pays the piper calls the tune. You will chant violence must stop until you are blue in the face aa long as those cadres and police have authority “from above” nothing will change in fact it will only get worse

  4. Bleating like sheep “violence must stop, violence must stop” yet you all know who is committing it, and just like sheep being picked one after the other day after day led to the slaughter by the same culprits we keep chanting “violence must stop violence must stop”. Silence of the lambs being slaughtered. But if it’s mealie meal price’s reaching k250 per bag you would see the outcry.

  5. I couldn’t help but cringe at what I was reading as I tried savor the article above! In addition to very poor sentence construction, missing words and typographic errors, one gets the feeling that the “journalists” bringing us these stories have no inkling of how to use the computers to maximum benefit (Dictionary, phrasing and sentence structuring) as the examples below show:
    “the fracas that insured” = ensued
    “held under the hospices” = auspices
    “behavior likely to bleach” = breach
    “the ILO Director live before the speech was read” = leave
    “acted in a very un sobber manner” = sober but better to substitute “un sobber” with “senseless”
    “if their was” = there
    Now you understand how an otherwise nice article can be a turn-off for readers as undue attention to…

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