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GBM to Sue Daily Nation for accusing him of insulting the late President Michael Sata

Headlines GBM to Sue Daily Nation for accusing him of insulting the late...


UPND Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba has said that he has instructed his lawyers to sue the Daily Nation newspapers for what he called malicious publication against him.

Mr Mwamba said the verbatim published in the Daily Nation of 10th April 2016 is pure fabrication with intent to damage his reputation as the Vice President of the UPND and dent his image as well as break his relationship with the Sata family.

He said his belief is that the media is there to inform, educate and entertain as opposed to spreading lies.

“For your own information I worked and lived as a family with the late President, Michael Chilufya Sata for many years.

“First of all, as an African and a person of moral standing in society, it is unacceptable for me to get to such levels of insulting the dead. Surely no African not even a child can stand up today and talk evil or insult the dead as Daily Nation has written in verbatim.

I do believe that the media are there to inform, educate and entertain people and not to circulate malice aimed at assassinating other people’s character for personal gain,” Me Mwamba said in a statement issued to the media.

He said what was published in the paper was not news but malice and damaging to his family and that of late President Michael Sata.

“Daily Nation needs to know that there is nothing newsworthy in malicious writing. Actually what has been published is not only malicious but damaging my reputation while hurting to family of ‘abayashi ‘the late President Sata whom as I said I hold so dearly. In an African tradition the story has no doubt exposed me to ridicule and hatred as the dead deserve to be respected.

“Imagine the impression the story has caused to the family of the Late, my family and friends, Party members and supporters including those who have read the story,” he said.

Mr Mwamba is said to have insulted Mulenga Sata in a licked phone conversation which the Daily Nation newspapers has published.

Meanwhile Daily Nation reports that, Government is appalled by the brazen insults and verbal abuse against Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala, journalist Wallen Simwaka and Chilufya Tayali of the Zambia Voice by UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has advised the UPND leadership to immediately take disciplinary action against Mr Mwamba if the opposition political party has to gain some credibility and respect from Zambians or face their electoral wrath in the August 11th general elections.

Meanwhile, Mr Kambwili said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s desire to get to State House at all costs had blinded him from acknowledging the appreciation of the Kwacha in the recent past against major convertible currencies and the general improved outlook of the economy.

Mr Kambwili, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said Mr Mwamba did not deserve to be in any kind of leadership position in the country because of his uncouth language against institutions and private citizens.

He said it was frightening that Mr Mwamba had threatened to shut down the Daily Nation should the UPND form Government after the general elections in August and warned Zambians to strongly reject such kind of leadership.

Speaking at a media briefing at his office yesterday, Mr Kambwili said it was frightening to imagine that Mr Mwamba could proudly be spewing invectives against citizens whom he was aspiring to lead.

He said Mr Mwamba derived a lot of pleasure in insulting fellow citizens and that the UPND chances of ever coming close to forming Government had been severely damaged by his (Mwamba) uncouth and unpalatable language.

Mr Kambwili said Mr Mwamba had exhibited the worst kind of hooliganism by calling citizens to verbally abuse them and proudly asking them to circulate his insults on social media so that as many Zambians as possible could listen how vulgar he was.

“Zambians should expect the same standard of behavior from Mr Mwamba should the UPND form Government. In fact, Mr Mwamba as republican vice-president would have no respect for any Zambian including his own president Hakainde Hichilema. Mr Mwamba derives a lot of pleasure in abusing citizens and if the UPND was a party of morals, it would be our expectation that they would take stern disciplinary action against Mr Mwamba because he is not making them desirable leaders. Hooliganism should not be tolerated in the UPND but we know that the party will not take any action for fear that the same insults could go to them,” Mr Kambwili said.

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  1. Its surprising that the entire UPND leadership have not condemned this so called GMB for his rather repugnant and insulting way he spoke. Instead they are hiding behind the smoke screen of supporting his court battles. Listen Zambians, HH does not mean well, he has spent far too much of his own money on the party and wants it back. The only way to get it back is to get to plot 1. HH has never declared free and fair elections in his party its now almost 10years. His policies are based on fear and warmongering, I have challenged the UPND leadership but till today I have never received a reply. just as I challenged the biased and repugnant reporting of his so called media machinery the watch dog, they too have failed to reply. Zambians come together and choose your leaders wisely and based…

    • Firstly, lets not justify the insults from GBM. We condemn such behaviour in our leaders and he must be disciplined.

      Secondly, Chishimba Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Mr Chama should not be the ones to force this discipline because, without even the benefit of a hidden recording, they uttered their trash on National TV and Radio and other public media.. Listen to this guy:

      “Chishimba Kambwili has advised the UPND leadership to immediately take disciplinary action against Mr Mwamba if the opposition political party has to gain some credibility and respect from Zambians or face their electoral wrath…” Bla, bla, bla..!! Mr Kambwili, what you said on ZNBC was blasphemous and PF leadership didnt do a thing to you.. Please, give us a break. Let the sane people pursue this,…

    • contd..
      Let the sane people pursue this, and not the above listed names. PF leadership has been insulting people in broad day light and they are still there. The President didnt do anything about it. Stop playing the hypocrite with us. You guys are just the same. Infact, I would say that the insults from Mumbi, Dora, Chama, Kambwili, Bwalya, and other PF members, brought more divisions than what GBM said. GBM was directing his insults at parasites like Tayali, Bwalya and the like, the people whose god is their belly.. Of course he was wrong by insulting, but you guys are worse.. Just be real for once.

    • Way to go GBM. You’re better than Kashimba Chimbwi who tries to threaten media houses when the country has laws that govern media practitioners and courts that translate those laws and punishes the offenders found wanting.


    • President HH. Please remove GBM from being a running mate. Our founder father Anderson Mazoka must being crying in his grave.

      GBM is damaging our party. Please listen to the voice of the people. We as UPND have never sunk so low in the history of this party. His language is uncalled for.

      Honestly what kind of a country would want a leader such as GBM. This is a person who was actually boasting to have his insults get published to all Zambians from the recorded telephone call.

      PLEASE PLEASE – We are begging you.

      Mr HAKAINDE… Please don’t take Zambians as FOOLS. Listen to our CONCERNS

    • I am now doubting the intelligence of some bloggers. Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri and Father Bwalya do not speak in their own capacity but they are spokespersons in their respective capacities. So if you have issues with any of the three, they are not speaking for their own or representing their views but those views of their parties or Government.
      Unlikely GBM who is not a spokesperson of UPND or if he is then the insults is a reflection of his party. GBM and UPND are disgraced lot. UPND have reached end of thinking capacity hence have now resorted to insults. What a shame.

    • I am not surprised that such insults are coming from a named party whose symbolic color is red. Here is what red is all about
      Energy, passion, anger, inflammatory, lust, strength, protects against psychic attack. Red is used for inciting accidents, fires, and injuries. Incites lust, energy, strength, sexual energy, dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, courage, will power, athletics (especially competitive), and vitality. When used in black magic, red as opposed to black brings on sudden attacks, accidents, bloodshed, violence, and hatred. Red can also be used to incite wars, anarchy, and cruelty.

    • Ba Frank Bwalya, Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Chiliufya Tayali, mulekwatako amano. The way you are fighting your tribes mate GBM tooth and nail- Shame on you. Take a leaf from the Easterners and how they defended RB even when it was crystal clear that he had been corrupt and he had abused his office, they defended him to the end. And to date RB and his family – wife and sons are free.
      Now you without thinking you are just tearing your brother apart shamelessly, open your eyes please

    • Ba Frank Bwalya, Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, CHilufya Tayali mulekwsatako amano. The way you are fighting you brother GBM, tooth and nail, nangu kufwaya kulya. Take a leaf from the Easterners and how they defended RB even if it was crystal clear he had been corrupt and had abused his Office with his sons and wife. They defended him to the very end and now RB and his sons are free men.
      But you without thinking you are tearing your bother apart, sometimes its better to just shut up and let others do the dirty work

    • @Lombe

      I hope by ‘leaders’ you don’t mean the current clueless bunch now polluting the corridors of power. The UPND is about managing our abundant resources prudently which is what HH is going to embark on immediately after assuming power. The current thugs (please understand it’s difficult to be civil when addressing these stup!d punks) have failed, completely. HH has been consistent in his economic outline of what needs to be done to propel Zambia in the correct direction like Mwanawasa did. I also hope you are not asking UPND to provide a detailed, step by step blueprint of how the economy is going to be re-organised, wait until after elections. For both our sake please try not to entertain the thought of retaining PF in power, they are poison and good for nothing.

    • John banda or is it Bob? Mr. GBM we know it is you typing the exact same thing under two names lol. All the above names you mentioned are crazy, what do you expect from them. Nervous Mumba is from the north and yet he utters no unprintables. Zambians shall choose wisely always. In August it is the right man or woman that shall be elected president.

  2. Its clear he insulted………..its too vulgar for me to quote what he said. Ala sometimes the best strategy is to keep quiet. As Mandela once said, “if you deny what everyone knows is the truth you are degrading your credibility.”

    • @Nzelu no am not GBM and don’t worry about the 2 names but am talking to Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri and Tayali and the likes. I am appealing to them to open their eyes and see how other tribes like Tongas, Easterners etc defend their brothers. Let them analyse this issue critically and see whether its not a fact.
      Brothers lets also defend each other and support each other of course in positive things

  3. Why is GBM getting so much press..please let’s have more on the accident in Chisamba and what is RTSA doing about it, no way RTSA will be cleared on this, we need solid steps in preventing more deaths. SPEED TRAPS PLEASE!!!

    Sorry I know its off topic but it is more important than giving GBM space even though it is an issue to do with the Late HEMCS whom I personally believe is the best leader after KK that Zambia has ever had.

    2016 ECL nafuti

    • Indeed imwe mwe fi Bemba, why don’t you ever support each other as do other tribes like Tongas. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves

    • This foo.l @bwalya, bembas are free thinkers and not tribal like tongas…am sure u are not even bwalya…you want bembas to support nefyabupuba ati support…I’d.iot

    • I agree. we can also talk about food. for example, I am eating mponda with sugar and powdered milk. Its a bomb! I tell you. Let enjoy the harvest and forget about GBM_Kambwili-Mumbi Phiri-Frank Bwalya-Chama fights

  4. No wonder some parties always lose elections. So to you Mr. Unintelligent, since the chief government spokes person has at once used bad language then GBM should be left to his own mischief?
    Amazing how a mature person can stoop so low in support of such embarrassing, descipicable and crude insults by GBM. This veep for UPND insulted Chilufya Tayali, Tayali’s father and Richard Sakala on a recorded message as GBM even prodded Tayali to record and post on social media.
    What kind of nonsense is this?
    Surely Zambians are more clever than this UPND know, that these same insults will be rained on anyone if this type of uncouth people like GBM are allowed to come close to state house.
    I hate to say this, but UPND you will lose these oncoming elections again as you expose your true…

    • @Mundetelele – Of course you picked what you wanted to read in my comment.. Did you deliberately skip this first line, “Firstly, lets not justify the insults from GBM. We condemn such behaviour in our leaders and he must be disciplined.”?

      Did you also deliberately skip this, “Secondly, Chishimba Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Mr Chama should not be the ones to [en]force this discipline because, without even the benefit of a hidden recording, they uttered their trash on National TV and Radio and other public media”? Or this, “Let the sane (sober) people pursue this, and not the above listed names”.
      Let me just help you. In short, I am saying that Kambwili is not the right person to condemn GBM cause he (Kambwili), Chama, Mumbi, Bwalya, Tayali, etc., are worse than GBM…

    • contd..
      @Mundetelele – They (PF leaders) insulted regions, tribes, etc. GBM must be disciplined, but this should come from his Party and not from the hypocrites from PF. Why I am even wasting my time responding to you..?

    • Iwe Harms way, don’t mind the two names but am talking to KAmbwili, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Tayali etc. Let them tell me whether Easterners have not defended each other, and as to whether it was on facts you can judge.
      For instance remember how Senior Citizen defended RB through and through even when everyone even a child could see the poor leadership coupled with the corruption of RB. And remember how senior Citizen opposed the PF of Sata only to turn around when ECL became the leader of PF, at that point PF became the darling of Senior Citizen. Open your eyes my brothers and sisters

    • Moreover Iwe Harms way, its not about being with free minds, its being foolish. Your friends are busy protecting their own and you are excuting yours like you did to Chiluba, its foolishness

  5. Kambwili please!!!!. The same character who was talking about media regulation last week and who is using ZRA to try to close The Post today is concerned about media freedom. God Help us, with such unprincipled leaders we are doomed.

    • Rubb!sh iwee Mwebantu! God will truly have to help us if we end up with GBM as Veep and I mean peoplke will be punched, insulted and their parents insulted if they even try to criticise him while he is veep. To me as a mother of early twenties young men and teenage daughters, I was appalled!
      Zambians watch out! The UPND consistency is now exposing their true colours.

    • Moreover Iwe Harms way, its not about being with free minds, its being foolish. Your friends are busy protecting their own and you are excuting yours like you did to Chiluba, its foolishness

  6. So the opposition has slowly slipped into irrelevance with no issues but tissues churning out of their orifice- are the headlines?All seems to be crumbling as they lose hope of what to denounce and shall surely face demise come August 11!What a feat awaits ECL!

  7. With nothing to point their crooked fingers at, opposition are now creating havoc in key economic sectors through their planted stooges and devout promotion dreamers- @ opposition paZed, awesurefye!!! Ofobalushile baOpposition!!

    • Pondo did Chishimba Kambwili call the owners or journalists of the ZWD and haul unprintables at them? Learn to be objective in your debating.
      Ba GBM is a grown man with grandchildren and he cannot be insulting Chilufya Tayali and Richard Sakala in that manner and to add insult to injury he even prods the young man to post his foul words on social media. How uncouth can one be before you, UPND supporters see the nonsense?

  8. Honestly can Chishimba Kambwili today be surprised to hear that GBM intends to close the Daily Nation once GBM and team form govt? Was it not Kambwili who have tried to close Zambia Watchdog? What Kambwili should have lectured GBM is that the media is like the spirit so you dont kill or close the spirit. You can get the C5 kill all the notorious bandits you know but soon or later again you hear that there is another group. Kambwili failed to close ZWD and he should have lectured to GBM but has lost an opportunity. I hope he has not lost other opportunities in a similar manner.

    • There is no opportunity to GBM’s sarcastic, unpalatable and foul language! Even ba Kambwili with his sarcasim cannot match GBM’s insults! Silly defence for polluted and morally bankrupt leaders, iwee Kano Nibena!

  9. ZWD is a UPND vuvuzela and Zambians have lost faith in their lies which they daily publish in favour of cow dung.Can you please stop referring to such a barbaric online media.

    The batch of useless UPND leaders will never be entrusted to run the affairs of this good country called Zambia.

  10. Naikosa ba upnd guys you won’t touch ECL. He is miles Sampa ahead of you guys that’s why he can’t even answer back to your trash. He will always lower you to a level where you will be fighting with Chilufya tayali, Frank bwalya e.t.c. the time he will talk, ninshi game naipwa. Viva ECL 2016

  11. Mighty Shansha, these UPND make our dear mother though old, Mrs Wina current veep of this republic, look like an angel.
    Zambians have been told time and again that the alternative government to PF is not yet in sight. Lumpens like GBM should never be allowed to be close to power or they will cause havoc that will leave the Zambians in a bewildered state.
    I listened to the insults GBM hailed at Chilufya Tayali and at the end my ears popped due to how dirty and crazy the man sounded as little Chilufya Tayali continued laughing at him while trying to calm him down.
    GBM is rude, insolent and may even be insane!
    Seriously, I will never consider such a man as a leader.

  12. I once thought HH was the one coming to change the state of things in Zambia. However, I am quite disappointed with his inability to make difficult decision. How does he continue to have the likes of GBM as his Vice? In HH’s eyes does he see vice presidential material in GBM or is HH trying to hide something by appointing GBM Vice President?

  13. What I would like to find out is this, does GBM smoke dobo? Or was he drunk when he was insulting Tayali like that?

  14. My name sake you don’t have any information on HH , I personally I used to hate that man for nothing. But I have now known and appreciated his goodness…

  15. GBM always tries to deny what he says when he realises or he is spoken to by his advisors. I remember how he abused Mwimba Malama and his Bisa tribe. Later he denied saying that Bembas and Bisas were one and therefore he wouldn’t be that foolish say what was being attributed to him.

  16. Moreover Iwe Harms way, its not about being with free minds, its being foolish. Your friends are busy protecting their own and you are excuting yours like you did to Chiluba, its foolishness

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