nkhani yamu sisi

Nkhani Yamu Sisi is a Zambian, trendy TV show, with hard-hitting yet respectful and progressive discourse, examining cultural and societal norms contrasted with a youthful spirit and the need for self-expression and desire to be part of a global community.

It is a place where friends and clients meet to interact and also catch-up on the latest scandals, as well as debate topics such as the marginalization of women, gender roles, and relationships.

The show is shot at a salon that is the equivalent of ‘Central Perk’, the coffee shop in the US hit sitcom Friends. With elements similar to the popular talk show, ‘The View’, Nkhani Yamu Sisi explores all issues relevant to women.

Nkhani Yamu Sisi is coming soon to DSTV Channel 160 Zambezi Magic . Follow them on social media for updates using the hashtag #nkahniyamusisi .Also visit www.dstv.com or www.zambezimagic.tv for more infomation .

Facebook: Nkhani Yamu sis

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  1. Comment: Thats total politics ,its not everyone who would say anything that doesn’t make you happy is a UPND cadre… We are all zambians and have freedom of speech. Lets be serious.. This is zambia.



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