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I will not travel to Uganda over poll rigging claims-VJ

Headlines I will not travel to Uganda over poll rigging claims-VJ

VJ shaking hands with Harry Kalaba during a recent meeting  at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
VJ shaking hands with Harry Kalaba during a recent meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Veteran politician and diplomat Vernon Mwaanga says he will not travel to Kampala, Uganda in response to a query from that country’s Foreign Ministry over his comments regarding the recent Uganda elections.

Dr Mwaanga said he has not received any request from the Ugandan Government.

“I have not received any request from the Ugandan government to explain what I said, apart from what they are being fed by the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even if I had, I would have declined to travel there until all the Ugandan and worldwide bloggers have been sent there by their respective professional ministries of foreign affairs,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He added, “All I said is that these unfavourable reports from Uganda and elsewhere, should be verified by the Electoral Commission of Zambia before making a final decision on awarding a contract to print ballot papers for the people of Zambia. What is wrong with verification? Why is the Ministry of Foreign affairs so hyper about this matter, without making any genuine attempt to verify the facts?”

Dr Mwaanga said this will be a failed attempt to threaten him into silence from speaking out on matters of public interest.

“Even the colonialists failed to do so when i decided to add my voice to the liberation of our country and that of the African continent, so that freedom and justice may live. The screaming headlines in the PF media, are outrageous and misleading and only intended to please their pf masters,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He said the so-called summons has been instigated and orchestrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, using the Zambian High Commission in Tanzania, which is accredited to Uganda.

“It does not deserve the dignity of a response. It just goes to show what a low base we have reached as a country in the conduct of our international diplomacy in the recent past,” Dr Mwaanga said.

He continued, “I shudder to think where this world would be, if Ministries of Foreign Affairs around the world instigated this kind of summons against thousands of their nationals who operate blogs and websites where there is so much information on the questionable election of so many of our African dictators who have overstayed in office. I can only say, cry our beloved country.”


  1. Celebrated diplomat? Useless jackass and irrelevant FO0L on the political scene. Retire and stop causing confusion VJ Bwanga. Get out of the scene. We don’t need your irrelevant rantings. Get out

    • Kudos you are the jackass!! You & your thieving PamaFi enjoy smearing & living in the AMAFI!!
      You have subjected Zambians to FILTHY GOVERNANCE, DROPPED THEM back into THE ABYSS of INDEBTEDNESS – your EXTINCT DODO of a minister of Finance, was probably recovering from “umulilo wa kwa lesa” when ALL OUR DEBTS WERE WRITTEN OFF, he probably couldn’t believe what was happening when his “Ex-victoria sweeper” nephew decided to dust him down & bring him back to Circa 2011 – he thus went for the unbelievable spending spree that would put a spoilt child to shame!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! vote Zambia Forward!! Vote UPND!!

      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

    • Bravo Dr Mwaanga, as it should be made clear that PF are a bunch of visionless jokers club.
      Surely Kalaba & PF are the ones who want Mwaanga to be persecuted by the Ugandan dictator, shame!

      Indeed, Uganda & PF should start with the media & bloggers before troubling Dr Vernon Mwaanga for political expediency of losers in the likes of Kalaba with his dictator “papa” Museveni.

      PF is playing politics of vengeance against UPND sympathisers & must be voted out, come 11-8.

      Good on you Dr Mwaanga.

      The Skeleton Key

    • “It does not deserve the dignity of a response…”
      Hammer the ldiots VJ. They can’t threaten you. We all want the ECZ to verify – that’s all. We want a clean, peaceful, free & fair election this August. Chagwa must go!!

    • Let Ugandans know that they are a disgrace to Africa. No one must be made to apologize for calling a spade a spade. We expect a lot from Uganda, home of Makerere University. The lack of civility in their political system is appalling.

    • If VJ is the biggest agenda item on PF’s list I shudder to think where Zambia is heading to under this government of Mr Lungu. By the way when is Lungu also going to be conferred with a doctorate degree by some obscure university?


    • Kalaba and his PF are trying to turn the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs into an attack dog for other countries against Zambian citizens. This is unacceptable.

    • Who doesnt know that the Ugandan elections were rigged…you can ask any educated voter in Uganda or indeed any informed Ugandan

    • This is the VJ we know, very smart response. If Kalaba had brains, he would, once in a while, be having some wine with VJ and a lot of things that he has no clue about. But, as usual—- the PF way he chooses the dark side.

  2. This is a huge embarrassment to the Zambian government; the only country to have volunteered its citizen to be prosecuted in a foreign country. Assange of wikileaks has been protected by a foreign government so that he does not stand trial in his own government for a criminal offense. ZAMBIA is doing the opposite. This runs very deep as every sane mind now realizes our government has had its intentions to rig using this Dubai company and riggers from Jampala exposed. Kalaba clearly lacks experience. If he had reason to genuinely appease Museveni, all he needed was a letter to Ugandan embassy that govern bet were not part of the issues raised by VJ. Even this would still have been childish and amateurish. Where is our Senior Citizen Samuel Ngoma to advise his new allies, the PF? Shame!

    • Where is the proof the Zambian government has
      Volunteered Mwaanga? Just because the old weasel says the Zambian government has orchestrated the extradition doesn’t make it true. Stop being gallable and believe what ever this sorry excuse of human being says. He wants to be relevant. And he is not a fckin Dr. People work hard to get PhDs. Mandela had honorary PhD but never referred to himself as DR. Only in Zambia. Frea.kn drug dealer

    • Scarface Kalaba is the modern Judas Iscariot who will sell a fellow citizen for some useless shillings from Dictator Museveni. Kalaba, you will cry and gnash your teeth when you realize what a traitor you are. That’s why

    • Even the Republic of South Africa will never surrender anyone (South African or foreigner) to countries such as Zimbabwe to face “justice” there. For the PF government it will go out of its way to please dictators at the expense of its citizens. Zambian diplomacy has really reached very low levels.

    • Imagine a US Foreign secretary commenting on indivodual issues even stating that they wont offer protection to taxpayer even if that individual is a member of a Far right racist group…unthinkable!!

    • @Nono, VJ and all otheres are awarded honorary doctorates. These are not PhDs. No one can be honored a PhD. They are not honorary PhDs they are honorary doctorate degrees. One can be a doctor without PhD. EG. MDs are doctors of medicine and do not posses PhDs. Learn learn learn.

  3. The way this matter will end will expose the competence challenges in our current government. I am totally embarrassed to have PF as our government. If it cannot distinguish sentiments raised by a private individual from government policy, are we safe as a a country? I am in shock some bloggers see nothing wrong about the position tKen by Kalaba over the VJ issue. Is it poor conceptualisation of issues as is the nature of PF as a whole? This level of mediocrity baffles me. VJ surely unsettled a deceitful government. There is something they want to cover up. This action will haunt PF. I am totally embarrassed.

  4. DR. MWAANGA is totally out of his senses… Vi ma ARV Filamukola Sana Mudala. I expected this man to be neutral and be careful with his sentiments especially those involving other countries..and of all things, why does he take keen interest in talking about rigging?? Could it be true that is an expert in this field and that he did well with FTJ during their questionable victories whilst with MMD??? He is putting his weight on futureless UPND….who dreams of forming a Government one day. Never! It will only happen If H.E. ANDERSON MAZOKA resurrected..OR UNDER a different UPND -PRESIDO

    • When did commenting on world affairs became a crime? I think Mugabe despite being gullible understands the difference between govt position and private sentiments. Guy Scott commented on Zimbabwe but they just said they didnt mind because it was not govt position.

      Now this fool called Museveni has just shown how dull he is. This is not Uganda. Let them also send me a formal requset. Museveni is a very big fool.

  5. He is a former diplomat but a fool. How?
    In diplomacy the government does not deal with individuals but government to government agencies. It is the duty of the government to communicate with its citizen who has been mentioned in anything.
    But VJ, a former diplomat, wants to be acting like a government.
    What a fool

  6. Wait until HH loses election in August that’s when you know what it means. Surely can this be a reason for him to say what he said. You kill a person and say the police will only arrest me after arresting all those who killed before me?

    • Just chill. You cannot libel a country. Uganda can complain all it wants, they cannot do anything to VJ just from his regurgitation of matters that are already in open court in Uganda. That’s why we say that Zambia is a failed state because the monkeys running govt don’t understand their responsibilities.

  7. @JJP,
    1. VJ is not just any other private individual, he is a former diplomat.
    2. According to himself he was also the Chief Election Observer in the recent Uganda elections, this alone places a lot of responsibility on him and what he can say and cannot say.
    3. Rather than targeting the innocent Hon Kalaba and his government, VJ should be seeking to clarify the Post story if at all he was misquoted. We all read the Post and what he was quoted as saying. Does he deny that?
    4. What is the comparison with the Assange case all about? Who said that VJ is to be handed over to the Ugandan government? The Ugandan government as far as we know has simply asked for a clarification from their counterparts? That’s normal international diplomacy, unless you have a suggestion how you think…

    • @6 Terrible
      Ugandans play their dirty politics in full view of the whole world. What “clarification from their counterparts” are they looking for? Do they mean to say we don’t see, the world does not see what they do, and how Meseveni continues to rig one election after another; and leaders of the opposition hunted down like animals?

      What a joke! The cancer, now quickly spreading to other countries within the East African Community, should be checked. The embarrassment suffered by the AU recently, was partly due to Uganda’s towering legacy in political malpractice.

      The embarrassment suffered by the AU recently in Burundi, was partly due to Uganda’s towering legacy in political malpractice.


    • @Mano Mambuluma: knowing the inferiority complex that Sata, the former Sweeper at Victoria Station, and his PFoolish relatives who run govt have in front of whites, you have mailed the reason why Guy Scott was never savaged for his comments against South Africa and Mugabe. These monkeys cannot argue against a white man, regardless of how silly the views be may be spewing. That why

  8. ……contd
    4. What is the comparison with the Assange case all about? Who said that VJ is to be handed over to the Ugandan government? The Ugandan government as far as we know has simply asked for a clarification from their counterparts? That’s normal international diplomacy, unless you have a suggestion how you think Uganda should react?
    5. Are your comments a matter of kith and kin, for there is no other explanation that a normal person can think of for your comments and those of other UPND cadres.

    • @ Terible

      I have problem to understand your hatred against anybody not accepting your “opinion” (LOL) branding them either “not normal” or “UPND cadres” !!!

      You are wrong. Majority of bloggers are definitely more “normal” than you, substantial number do not support either UPND or PF but are expressing theirs CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to voice their opinion no more and not less than you.

      The difference between them and 1mbecile like you come in the open when you start using what you do not possess, intellect!!!

      Please, you are most welcomed to express your opinion, but avoid words like “normal person” because you are insulting any person with positive IQ. What is “normal” for you? Condoning corruption, incompetence, tribalism, ignoring fundamental rights, embezzling…

    • @ Terible

      … money from person who ask you for help?

      What else can be qualified as “normal”? Thuggery, collapse of law and order, depleting treasury, cooking statistical data, money laundering, destroying independence of judiciary, laying day in day out, pardoning convicted rapist while thousands of “lesser offenders” being ignored, allowing convicted crooks in to the State structure, using security services for party purpose or using last few Kwacha for distributing “charitable” (LOL) donation to impoverished population which did believe your promises?

      No I am NOT a member or cadre of UPND.
      Definitely I am NORMAL.
      And most importantly, I am NOT (thanks to God) 1mbecile like you.

  9. @Kudos, a skeleton you are and that defines degree of your dullness. What contribution have you made to mother Zambia with your empty brainless skull apart from hauling insults at people with opposing views?
    Anyway, it’ s good because you have continued to expose your folly day in and day out. Iwe cipuba there are people who suffered for the freedom that you are enjoying today and they understand the situation and circumstances better than you do. You are an empty case. Assuming that you were there during the liberation struggle with people of your calibre, could this country have attained its independence ? never at all.

  10. Let the professional failure Kalaba not divert from the fact that ECZ is trying to use a suspicious company. That is the point VJ is trying to raise. This has nothing to do with diplomacy. ECZ must not try to be funny be adhere to what the Zambian people want.

  11. The Zambian people want free and fair elections. PF should not try rig because this will lead to continued suffering

  12. #Kudot Just as useless as bano.ko why the hell in world could she give birth to a creature of your thinking,

  13. People should not allow themselves to be diverted from the main issue which is alleged poll rigging by the ECZ and PF govt. If the intention was not to rig our 2016 elections why had ECZ under the direction of the PF Govt selected the Dubai Printer with a bid price which is double of the South African Printer? Zambia has used the services of Renform over the years why was ECZ trying to change this? The Dubai Printer has a reputation of manipulating ballots by printing extra and pre-marked ballots as done in the Ugandan elections recentljy. PF GOVT officials are making so much noise on this issue becoz their rigging plans have been laid bare and without rigging PF knows they will lose the 2016 elections. Hence the panicking among PF govt officials and supporters. Leave VJ alone and answer…

    • PF does not need to rig these elections. They already have victory. There is no so-called wind of change that calls for a change of government. All people see everywhere is a wind of unprecedented development blowing across the country heralding better days to come. This is the wind that the PF is comfortably basking in to bag the August elections with an astounding victory that will make the 50+1 the joke of the year. Un Patriotic NeanDerthals give way to a working Government. Seleni tubombeko!

  14. Kabwe had already staged a protest in hailing out their grievances against government’s decision to print the ballot papers in UAE, if such continues. This issue will become serious

  15. When VJ was making those carless statements about uganda didnt he know the implication? Should the ugandan govt ask for his extradition please let our govt do it quickly so that he is taken to that country to answer charges. Vj is a very arogant man who bear no remore to what he said. Why is he scared to go to uganda and clarify what we said, it shows that he is guity.

  16. I urge the ugandan govt to come and arrest this chap if he refuses to go to that country voluntalily, he is a danger to our society, who knows he could be working with alshababu those somalian rebals.

  17. Latest information: Iam told that ugandan special forces are already in Zambia to arrest VJ. Negotiations are now going on with our govt.

  18. This is what happens when cares take over key ministries like foreign affairs. And Kalaba thinks that PF will be in office forever. What a use-le-ss Foreign Affairs minister wanting to entertain the so called Ugandan request when everyone knows that the elections were not free and fair. Tell Ugandan Dictator that their request on a private citizen is silly and f00lish.

  19. What do these PF chaps understand by this being a free independent country? Do you think an American government can sacrifice their citizen to come over here to answer silly charges like these? Governments have a duty to protect their citizens, not the other way round.

    • You are making uncalled for conclusions. KAYA sang that song because of people like you. But remember, freedom of expression is not synonymous with styupidity and arrogance. Vernon is one such character who has recently acquired these attributes, maybe because he is becoming senile as old age is catching up with him.

  20. Africa, my Africa Ooooh Africa my Africa. With all mineral resources at every turn, fresh water, arable land, Small Populations, lots of educated sons displaced across the world and yet a “leadership curse!”. They say natural resource curse but i refuse to believe in this theory and I say “it’s a leadership curse”! Oh yes my brothers and sisters it’s a leadership curse!!! For how do you justify a country debt forgiven under HIPC followed by sustainable growth under Levy Mwanawasa but now back to begging IMF? And yet the government kept assuring citizens with vigour that our debt was sustainable and that all was well? Ooooh Africa my Africa I say cry my beloved Zambia thy leaders are a curse!!!.

    • @23 Maliongo
      You have hit the nail on its head. I just looked-up Uganda on the Mo Ibrahim Index. Their performance is just as hopeless. Any wonder Zambia is jostling to be like them – birds of the same feather! It’s hard to believe we are seeing these things unfold before our very eyes – our memory of the past still lingering. Who knew, after all that we went through, that we would still live to see ourselves, on our own accord, jump back into that hell of a ditch called IMF loan?

  21. Doctor mwaanga we are behind you that is pure patriotism Zambia shall be saved From the hands of these cruel pf thugs changwamustfall. Zambia forward

  22. Comment: Greetings fellow Zambians. Today my my heart is bleeding with profound pain. Zambia has and is our parent, our mother that has (in its povety and limited resources) suckeled us into liberation and independence. Yes Zimbabwean people do owe their appreciation to the humble land of Zambia on that unforgettable African gesture.

    Unfortunately Satan then came and destroyed the joys of your efforts and all who died for the liberation of Zimbabwe. Today Zimbabwe is a laughing stalk.

    Mother Zambia may I ask has that self destructive spirit now got you unawares? At a time you rising under the blessed vision of the late Mwanawasa to the enforcement thereof by the late no nonsence man Sata, you now serm to be totally anti progressive and falling back into mirey clay.
    This is the…

  23. The PF should be compelling ECZ to explain why a more expensive printer was chosen, not trying to divert our attention with childish intimidation tactics.

    Most countries in the world expressed concern at the intimidation and harassment of the opposition in uganda while citing reports of irregularities.
    This is just PF lies wanting to scare and silence us.

  24. Most of UPND cadres comments on this issue are off mark and fool.sh! Grow up and don’t blindly support this old fo.l just because he is your tribes mate. VJ is a former diplomat and govt minister so he should always mind his language to avoid dragging his name personallity in the mud. See now, instead of doing something constructive or better still enjoying his old life if at all he has one to enjoy, he is busy trying to build his already tattered image. He is a disgrace to this country.

  25. I wonder why some people think VJs word everyone should say amen. The mans character is appalling to say the least. He has done a lot of useless things. If it was in athletics all his titles could have been stripped, bad in a dirty game of politics he is a hero what a shame.

  26. Liberation to sell drugs! Smh! Bloggers use pseudonyms and can’t be brought to book unless dedication to out them is applied. But VJ used his name in Public matters to make his false claims and can be made to stand for his false statements to create negative environment.

    It’s a good thing to stay away from Uganda, I hear the jails are worse than Turkish and Mexican ones…and that’s saying a lot for Human Rights!

  27. Some of the guys posting comments are like Kalaba. Don’t think, that’s reason will continue living in poverty. Use your brain please!

  28. This is a big lesson to the up and down tribalists who yap anyhow.If VJ has facts,why fear to go to Uganda to answer charges ? Stop the bad habit of giving careless statements just to disturb national peace and security.

    • @33 MD
      You sound headless. Or is it sheer naivety? Remember, what Uganda is today, Zambia can become tomorrow; just like what Congo DRC was and has been, Angola has now become; and what Somalia was and has been, Nigeria has become. You don’t wait for ISIS to knock on your door. You take the battle to them. How sad you sound so oblivious to Uganda’s political nightmare.

    • The way Cameron and Niger have responded to the threat of Boko Haram and Kenya to that of Al Shabab, is the way any sensible African country should respond to Uganda’s illegitimate democracy – take the fight to them. Ironically, PF are busy cramming Museveni’s textbook on how to rig elections.


  30. Verifying anything is never a sin
    It’s unfortunate that in the PF government even English language is hard to understand. VJ suggested English has eluded the so called foreign affairs ministry


  32. The devilish habit is rigging an election that will bring in cruless leaders and continuity of poverty and corruption.

  33. @HICHILEMA, er, it is ballon d’or (Golden Globe)… Ahem. OK – where were we. Yes, the problem with our Zambian state of affairs (which is analogous to most “insufficient” African states) is that whenever there is a small matter that is when a long forgotten regulation or law is taken off the shelf, dusted, and CORRECTLY applied to the WRONG situation at hand. At this point we are dealing with the robust freedom of expression, public information (alas what the Internet has wrought) and individuals who already know how things are done (even without the Internet). So – uh – what is the crime again??

  34. If Uganda or whoever Kalaba is teaming up with in Uganda know what is good for them, they must just shut their loud mouths in shame. There is nothing diplomat about a mere Zambian Citizen and Uganda in the first place, actually a lot of individual citizens in other countries have commented on Uganda’s fraudulent elections, so what? Kalaba and his Boss have just discovered that their plan has been exposed.

  35. If the Ugandan comedians are making jokes publicly about their dictator and rigged elections and are not arrested, why should an innocent citizen of another country be summoned to clarify information which is all over newspapers? Surely this shows how desperate this PF government has become in trying to silence all the dissenting voices. VJ is retired private citizen of Zambia just trying to express his concerns about the company the ECZ wants to print the ballot papers.
    Surely Zambia would be the only country in the world instigating and reporting its own citizens to other countries to be prosecuted just silence them. If this government can stoop this low, what can stop them from hiring hit men to kill its own citizens just to stay in power? Zambia is indeed a failed country.

  36. Ugandans cannot cite lack of education for their timidity. They are among Africa’s most educated nations, the country itself, home to some of Africa’s foremost intellectuals. They, therefore, cannot claim to be short on memory, to recall that not too long ago, Tanzania had to intervene on their behalf, to dislodge Idi Amin Dada, who had held them under his grip for who remembers how long? Now it’s Museveni, their M-seven. He is their new hero. How disgusting. Uganda, like Ethiopia, is a senior state in Africa – supposed to be, albeit they still behave like children.

    • Zambia also, as children do, now wants to copy Uganda’s ways. Dear Zambians, you have Tanzania at your doorsteps to emulate. That is a better example to follow.

    • And who remembers that other Ugandan rascal, Dr. Milton Obote? He was afforded a second chance to redeem himself, only to end-up worse than before. Later he died in exile. Which leader has Uganda produced, worth emulating?

  37. Childish is prevailing here dont divert our atention frm the isue at hand why is ECZ want to print ballot papers in dubai whch is costly and the company has got questionble reputation? We need an answer to this question not this crap of uganda wants vj we ar nt intrested in uganda propanda

  38. Ba Mwaanga nabo, has someone asked you to travel? All they have done is send an enquiry to the Zambian government, not to you. Ukusabaila!

  39. VJ is not only a former diplomat,a Zambian Senior Citizen but also a dedicated patriot. Rigging elections in Zambia could lead today’s social unrest and anarchy. VJ was performing a national duty by alerting opposition parties to the risk of our elections being stolen by the corrupt PF govt and party with the assistance of the corrupt ECZ. The point is that we do not want our elections rigged. On this basis we do not want Al Ghurair of Dubai to print our ballot papers given their rigging reputation. We see no reason why Renform Printers of South African should not be given the tender to print our 2016 ballot papers. After all Renform price at $1.6 m ,it is vey competitive compared to $3.6m quoted by the Dubai Printer.

  40. VJ retire from politics things have changed now I know some of you want to make head lines on wrong things foreign mission for so many years but still making tribal statements on uganda and ECZ who are you to comment on tender procedures when you don’t qualify on this matter mark my words to win upnd in august is like even if all tongas vote for HH or whoever shall do that on 11th august he will not win if he wins shall be the waste president africa shall have economical and politically. You put 2kg sugar in a drum of water and expect to be sweet. We are all zambians not a bemba, lozi, tonga, luvale, Nyanja, kaonde or karunda don’t hate each other or a political party if you are wise on politics contest so that we see you performing. Zambia is bigger than any tribe or political party we…

  41. VJ invited this on himself. Surely as a former diplomat and Minister of Foreign Affairs he needs to know better. He cannot be talking like his cousin Muliokela. Today we are mourning another freedom fighter Changufu. Who had heard about Changufu talking nonsense like what VJ is doing. He was quiet, that is what we expect from freedom fighters, not this continued appetite for attention that VJ is displaying. He is so juvenile. Ni Njala tu? Is VJ the only freedom fighter remaining? His friends the Sikotas, the RBs, the Chikwandas, the KKs are enjoying their retirement properly. When RB or when KK speaks, it is always to build. Why does VJ want to sink so low to now start behaving like a cadre? When is he going to let this Uganda thing rest?

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