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Wina must withdraw her allegations that UPND is an agent of a firm wanting to print ballot papers

General News Wina must withdraw her allegations that UPND is an agent of a...

UPND special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi (L) with William Banda
UPND special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi (L) with William Banda

VICE President Inonge Wina must withdraw her allegations that the United Party for National Development (UPND) might be an agent of some South African printing companies because the statement has the potential to heighten political tension in the country, Edward Mumbi has demanded.

Mr Mumbi who is UPND presidential spokesperson has also demanded that Vice President Wina apologises to the South African printing companies in that country which bid to print Zambia’s ballot papers for the 11th August general elections for alleging that they had engaged the opposition political party as their agent in Zambia.

He charged that the statement by the Vice President suggested that they could have been manipulating the country’s electoral process.

Mr Mumbi said the printing of ballot papers for the August general elections was a sensitive and highly emotive issue and therefore, it was important for Mrs Wina to desist from issuing statements that had the potential to inflame the emotions of citizens.

He recalled that the Vice President was once a member of the UPND and that she had once travelled to South Africa with Mr Mumbi who at the time was the secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF) to inspect the facilities of the company that had over the years been printing the country’s ballot papers.

Mr Mumbi said Mrs Wina knew the credibility of the South African Company so well. He pointed out that the company had been printing Zambia’s ballot papers for a long time. In fact, it was the same company that printed the ballot papers which saw the PF win the general elections.

He was reacting to Vice President Wina’s assertion that the insistence by the UPND to have ballot papers printed by South African companies could mean that the opposition party might be an agent of the companies.

“If the PF is not involved in the selection of a company to print the ballot papers for the August general elections, why would the Vice President defend and speak on behalf of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)? Zambia has always printed its ballot papers in South Africa and the printing companies in that country have created serious business relationship with the Zambian Government and it is not correct for the Vice President Mrs Wina to insinuate that the printing companies have engaged the UPND as its agent in Zambia. She must therefore, withdraw her allegations and apologise to the South African companies because such a statement has the potential to heighten political tension in the country,” Mr Mumbi said.

Mr Mumbi said the company the ECZ had abandoned had been handling the printing of Zambia’s ballot papers for most of the country’s elections including the 2011 general elections that ushered the PF into Government and the 2015 presidential election that saw President Edgar Lungu emerge victorious.

He advised Mrs Wina should endeavour to govern the country in a manner that must be able to promote peace and unity in the country and that as a female leader; she ought not to be seen to fan acrimony in the country.


  1. UPND Under5 Pemba Nega-Nega Dambwa, you’ve now become like headless chickens. Uttering utter rubbish day in day out. Even if we shift the printing of ballots to your toilets you’ll find something to complain about. Edward Mumbi and Tekere. The sight of Tekere makes me puke. This party can make you vomit.

    • You can see the thuggery and malice in this former MMD thug, now UPND Presidential advisor to (HH) for Mapatizya violence. You can tell just by looking at his Satamic blood-red shirt. You can tell from their vulgarity and malice as we draw closer to elections. Hichilema and his Satamic cult don’t mean well for Zambia. Follow this Satamic cult at your own risk and risk turning State House into Freemasson lodge.

    • “as a female leader; she ought not to be seen to fan acrimony in the country”. That’s Edward Mumbi for you. The women folk should be concerned when you have illiterate UPND cadres who lack education like Edward Mumbi, openly branding you by your gender and not by your political acumen. The F0OL is implying that Madam Wina should behave a certain way because she is a female leader. What do you think will happen once they enter State House these UPND hyenas? It is a shame that there is no women empowerment in UPND. The only empowered in UPND is Mutinta whom (HH) has empowered with a Satamic stinking uncircumcised member. Women rise and voice out against thugs like (HH), Mumbi and Tekere

    • Madam wina is the mother of all liares , we remember bweengwa kidnapping lies and the alleged attack on her house where she was willing to give evidence only to find there was no evidence, and the drunk PF perpetrators had bumbled their mission to implicate Upnd.

    • Bo Inonge has some onset of Dementia going on, i pity her.
      Kudos i hope Pf pays you well for being a dumb follower, you have been very consistent with your dumbness

    • Mr Kudos…I just saw some pink elephants flying!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you will believe me because you believe any nonsense that comes out of PF mouths….. it is time for you to wake up and see what is going on!

  2. Why should the vice president apologise to the south african company as if they used to print the ballot papers for us for free. The contract ends once they print and we pay them. After that we can say anything. Secondly mr mumbi asks why the vice president was commenting on behalf of ECZ; surely these UPND guys dont know a thing. She answered because the question was directed at her by a UPND mp. If she refused to answer it was going to be an issue. When she answers it is still an issue

  3. Hey young man don’t you have elders were you are coming from? please respect to your to elders an? more over Mr Mubi he is your father. let the same company do the job. God bless you and your family and the entire nation. One Zambia one nation and one people from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and good evening to you all.

    • @mlimo Mwangala what makes you think kudos is a young man he is actually mumbi’s senior in age, actually mumbi is a male chauvinist without respect he is the one you should have directed your comment at.

    • Mumbi has no morals any it is not a surprise he is mentored by a moron what good can come from morons

  4. True. Mumbi is right. Kudos must be a son or relative to the professional failure (PF) members. Look here Kudo this is about Zambia and not only UPND is making the statement but other political parties and organizations. The fact is it’s only PF that wants the ballots printed by a non credible company at a high cost when the country is in bad economic state,why?? Why do some of you Zambians on this blog consider the fact our country has been destroyed. Presidents will come and go but our country needs to stay with a good future. PF has destroyed that future economically and socially. This election is about what is best for country and Lungu is not the best for our country. If not HH,even miles or some else but not Lungu

    • Wise commentator you are not so wise after all. Have you ever been to a destroyed country? Don’t alarm people. You think you can scare people onto voting for your COWard Hakainde? Who do you think you are you FO0LS. You think you own Southern Province? What do you mean PF has destroyed the future? You are so dull my friend. Only (HH) has destroyed UPND by reducing the number of MPs in parliament. Only smelly cow dang manure (HH) has given UPND the label of tribal, cult Freemassonry, dictator leadership, Mapatizya violence and cheap political prostitution from the likes of GBM, Mumbi, Tekere, Mwaliteta, Bob, Lupando, Miles, Scott and other piggery swyne.

    • @KUDOS. Even from the way you are talking. I sense you are below par in your thinking capacity and can only wonder you education level. Provide constructive arguments and not talk like a kaponya that like your professional failure (PF) leader Lungu. I have no time for people like you. The fact is the money ECZ will be using comes from donors through government and that money can be used to help the poor that cannot afford proper health. You go to Zambia and see for yourself how bad things are? Be honest with yourself and your people. If you were not related to these PF members and were not privileged, there is very little hope for you to live a normal affordable life in Zambia. The problem we have in Africa is people like Kudo who like to see fellow countrymen/women in poverty. I don’t…



    • @Peter. Come on man. How dumb can you be??? If these companies are what you say they are. Why did they not rig for UPND in Jan 2015??? That would have even been the time to do it. Please when discussing have factual and constructive arguments don’t display stupidity and ignorance. The fact is UPND is not the only saying what they are but everyone else.

  5. Ya one wonders the insistence on the South African company there must be something fishy no wonder he is so confident that he is going to state house wailasha ka hh nachi gbm natumyonaula

  6. ECZ is an independent body and it followed procedure when awarding the tender. Surely if you pipo cant understand that then its a problem. The cheapest does not necessarily mean you win the tender. Secondly the fact that you won the last tender does not make you win the next. Perhaps the Dubai company has offered more than the south african company eg it will pay and accommodate all stake holders to inspect and pay for airfares. Which one would you go for a cheap south african with no incentives or expensive Dubai with incestives. Its all about costing

  7. Why should Inonge coment on this when she says PF has no say on where the ballot papers will be printed?
    So the Dubai company is the agent of PF where ECZ wants to print ballot papers?
    Lies has a short hand and anything done uncordinated these are the results.
    Abashi Dubai company as it is an agent of PF according to Inonge Wina

    • wasn’t the question asked by your *****s in your party??who did you answer in parliament? Your mother?

  8. Who said since they printed before they should be printing always???? Foolish Mumbi! Zambia and the ECZ are free to chose any other company bcoz we are a free nation. We never sold our souls to the SA damn printing companies. Infact next Government Printers will print ballot papers.

  9. Comment: What an uninformed person Mumbi is when it comes to national election and tender procedures!!!

  10. The VP was admitting that ECZ and PF were Agents of the Dubai Printing firm, Al Ghurair and UNDP was Agent of Ren Form of South Africa. Dubai price is $3.6m while South African price is $1.6m. For a country short of foreign currency surely the Ren Form price is much cheaper and besides this company has a track record while the Dubai company is discredited.

  11. @ Sudan if you read shebele manda s comment then you cant post such a question. The vice president was answering a question in parliament which was asked by a upnd member and it was clearly addressed to her. PF has no problem where the ballots are printed but we need to respect the autonomy of ECZ as an independent body. We should not interfere next time we shall start telling ECZ how to count the ballots. It starts small before you know it ECZ would have lost credibility because it will be listening to everyone. Weather good or bad decision it is important ECZ is left independent

  12. ECZ is not independent to rig elections as it wishes. ECZ is 100% owned by the people of Zambia and must be accountable to Zambians thru their political parties. We want transparent, free,fair and credible election results in 2016. If ECL and PF win these elections so be it but they must not steal our votes and disenfranchise Zambians. Please no printing of extra and pre-marked ballots. The Dubai Printer must be excluded on account of price and poor track record. We dont want chaos in Zambia and we want our votes to count and not to be stolen. Thats it!

  13. its not a mandetory that the same company from south africa should print ballot papers. the fact is the UPND has a preferred company to print paper and so is the PF. the best way to go is to avoid all south african and that company the ECZ has contracted and choose a company from outside these companies.eg a company from the UK can do that job.

  14. The PF leaders aren’t normal people. Even the woman, Inonge, who remotely looked sober is actually as loonie as the whole bunch.

  15. # Samson it is obvious you have no idea how elections are run. Stakeholders go to inspect the printing of ballots. and when the ballot papers arrive, the stake holders verify the ballot papers. The ballot boxes are transparent. at the polling stations stakeholders are present from the first vote cast to the last. when counting is done at the polling station the stakeholders are there. so kindly enlighten us at which point the pre marked ballot papers will be used.

    • Just like how money is heavily gaureded in a bank, yet a human is still able to steal, who says a human is unable to rig elections with preprinted ballots??

  16. Truth hates. This stooge Mumbai is really loud and naive. His rants and lamentations are really childish. Just lose the forthcoming election with some form of dignity. There is no need to write unprintables here. Nothing sinister in printing ballots somewhere else. The ECZ will make a business decision, alright? Not in SA this time agent UPND okay. Just lose in peace.

  17. Malango Chonya doesn’t know what he is talking about. Pre-marked ballots cannot be detected thru naked eyes. U need specialised technology to do this and representatives of political parties will not be able to detect such pre-marked ballots. The intergrity and track record of a printer is therefore most important. Since the British govt has pledged £4 million to ECZ for it to hold fraud free elections in 2016 then let the British govt finance the printing of ballots and ensure that its done by a reputable printer but they must oversee the process to ensure there are no extra and pre-marked ballots printed to rig the elections. To cut out corruption the British govt should pay direct to the printer and not to ECZ. We dont want our elections rigged in anyway and ECZ must deliver to…

    • PF and their kaponyas will not accept this as an infringement of their sovereignty, they will protect their looting at all costs, especially the kaponya caders in forigne embassies on this blog who are in danger of being recalled.

  18. It is high time the UN has a printing press for such situations at minimal or donar cost. If a regime refuses to use a UN printer which is at almost no cost to the country, rigging is expected.

  19. # king are you for real? so at what stage do pre marked ballots change so that naked eyes can now see? Clearly can some one show us proof that the Dubai company is not reputable? How will the opposition react if they won the elections with papers printed in Dubai? will they refuse victory. # spaka like lilo, nothing is free in life. not even UN printer will be free. someone will have to pay for that and soon enough we will be dancing to the tune of the funding entity. Im totally amazed at the sort of reasoning that is being floated here. pre marked ballots is laughable, UN printing is ridiculous

    • @ malango

      The UN spends 100 millions of dollars policing civil wars that some times even result from allegations of rigged ballot papers, so why would they object to some thing that will avoid a civil war??
      Those objections would have been understandable during the cold war or while we still had a colonial hangover. Now the UN is mature and the only objectors would be those wanting to rig.

  20. I had respect for inonge Wina until she betrayed the PF by her treacherous behaviour that saw pangas prevail over the ballot. Inonge Wina is a snake of a person. She’s so different from the husband Arthur mhsrp who stood for justice. Lungu should watch his back before she stabs him.

  21. Malango Chonya the way pre-marked ballots work is that u don’t see the hidden “X”. U are given a ballot paper and u put yr “X” which disappears some minutes after u have marked yr X and the pre-marked X then appears against the rigging candidate’s name. This is the X that will be counted. This means yr X will not count and yr vote is stolen. This is one way to rig elections with pre-marked ballots. The other way is ballot stuffing or switching pre-marked ballot papers with the actual votes and throw away actual votes, replacing them with pre-marked votes. The best fullproof is to select a reputable printer which will not accept doing such unprofessional work. It will be putting it’s name and reputation under scrutiny and at stake.

  22. Truth hurts. This stooge Mumbi is really loud and naive. His rants and lamentations are really childish and embarrassing. Just lose the forthcoming election with some form of dignity. There is no need to write unprintables here. Nothing sinister in printing ballots somewhere else. Your theories about premarked ballots are neither here nor there. What movies have you goons been watching? The ECZ will make a business decision, alright? Not in SA this time agent UPND, okay? Just lose in peace.

    • THorn in the flesh – can you not understand what the argument is about. Mumbi is moaning about the fact that if the Dubai firm prints the papers it will cost triple the amount than the SA company – we in Zambia are living on borrowed money – now we will have to borrow three times more just to print in Dubai ……and does it not seem strange to you that they (PF) are insisting on paying triple the money to print in Dubai instead of less money to print in South Africa ?????????? This deal stinks of more corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. King are you serious with your argument? Wat sort of paper does that.? Please bro dont show your ignorance in public. Ati when you mark X it disappears . You ve made my day. So bro when stuffed pre marked papers are being switched where will be the agents of political parties. Because counting is done at polling stations and only results are sent to command centre.counting is done in presence of agents thats why theres parallel tabulation. If polling station A has x votes for Upnd its the same figure that should appear at the main centre in lusaka.upnd in lusaka will ask its agent at polling station A to confirm if x votes is wat was counted. The question of a reputable printer is neither here or there. Even if Govt printers is chosen you will still cry.

  24. The choice of printer is highly suspicious, from allegations of it bring more expensive, other printers meeting the specs, to the mentioning of the name Timor consulting, which is an isrealis company of close proximity to dubai, to the silence of ECZ to explain how the choice of printer was arrived at while it was not a cost issue…..is the valuation of the choice of printer a ECZ secret???

  25. Even if verification can be done by all parties, xtra ballots can still be secretly printed & smungled into the country, to be used to stuff ballot boxes. If you heard rummors, just rummors without proof, that the bank you intend to invest your money was going bankrupt, will you still go ahead to put your 1, 000 000, in that bank? Be honest you will not. Why then should ecz be so negligent & irresponsible to take such a risk by employing a company that has been suspected, just suspected of dishonest in other countries, to print our ballots, if ever it is true they want to run creditable elections with undisputed results? Election are such a serious exercise, which should be handled with prudence & accountablitly, because if mishandled they can triger war, where 100 000s can loose life…

  26. The problem with our Party leadership in UPND is that all they know is to cry. Do something about this evil. Knowing them, they will let PF walk all over them as usual and will print in Dubai anyway. HH, be like Michael Sata. Don’t behave like a church elder in politics. U r smart but not courageous and you always end up disappointing me. Yaba!

    • Realistic, PF lacks foresight and they create problems for themselves. The issue here is not about UPND, but integrity of the whole process. You want to win in a clean fashion, not in a way full of controversy especially the ones that start before people go to the polls. Even if Lungu wins, how is he going to handle the controversy of rigging the process, Controversy is not the only thing to worry about. Trust too, the world is going to lose faith in you and you will be busy trying to force things to work like Mugabe. Nobody will want to lend money to a rigger.

  27. The biggest problem is that some political parties in Zambia are far from understanding the electoral process. Why should Inonge apologize to the South African coy when the same party has been insulting the Dubai printer without apologising?

    Chiwamila galu? If someone is not an agent, how did they know PF the bidding prices or advocate for one company? The same company accused of printing premarked ballots last January with red Barrets trailing the trucks from Chirundu?

    Let ECZ choose without listening to interferences.

  28. Where is UPND basing their foundation that they will win this year’s elections. if you love your party and this country go round and get comments from voters. Lungu is by far winning. Which tribe will risk again not being part of the government by voting an opposition? yes HH will win in North western and western but not as much as it used to be. put togather what Lungu will get from southern, North western and western. it will give you the total votes of western province. Meaning HH has remained with two provinces. Get used to lungu because he will be with us for sometime.

  29. Whenever tendering is opted for government fiscal transactions, it doesn’t matter whether a company has been offering services or not. The process will require considering several factors other than cheaper costing and quality of services. I see the behaviour of Mrs Wina not so different from the way HH and UPND reacted about the Dubai firm to the media. Or is this different because it is the vice president behaving like HH?

    Secondly, I don’t see HH and UPND apologizing to the Dubai company and the PF for the character assassinating speeches, about pre-marked ballots and Uganda’s fraudulent elections, that made headlines weeks ago. I believe that UPND must check its behaviour before issuing statements, or is it that they forget so easily (dementia)?

  30. If Kambwila had demanded for a withdraw of the statement,,,,,,,Panga Fools wud have said yes yes yes

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