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UPND is only popular on Social Media, We will Shock them-Kambwili


Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) members will collapse of high blood pressure when the Patriotic Front (PF) forms government after the August 11 general elections, Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has said.

Dr. Kambwili said he was confident that the PF would be re-elected into power after the August 11 elections and was not shaken by some of its members defecting to UPND.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that UPND was only popular on social media such as Facebook and not among the Zambian people.

“I feel sorry for the UPND because some of them will collapse with BP. I have no doubt or fear that we are going to lose these elections; we will beat UPND in the first round and they will be shocked. “Their popularity is just on Facebook, but our popularity is with the people of Zambia. That’s the difference,” Dr. Kambwili said.

He said the Zambian people had confidence in the ruling party because of the many developmental projects that it had initiated.

Dr. Kambwili noted that the PF government had achieved a lot within a short period of time.
“Our record is there for everybody to see and the people have confidence in us, not even past governments had achieved what we have done in a short period.

‘‘If the people of Zambia are going to change government, then I will be left with no option but to think that Zambian politics is not about development but about evil,” he said.

Dr. Kambwili also revealed that Government was aware of UPND’s trick of bribing people by buying them air time to insult and condemn government on radio stations. “The UPND gives people money, they take advantage of all radio programmes where there are live phone-in programmes and they give them money to buy talk time to call radio stations. We know that when there is a phone-in programme, they give UPND cadres to call so that they insult Government,” he said.

“Those few people that always talk on radio to condemn Government are not the voters. The voters are people of Zambia who have confidence in us,” Dr. Kambwili said.


    • Rainman, Illuminati 1666 & the Magna Carta
      I wonder whether PF cadres know that their Kambwili's IQ is no super than that of a chimp. But I am always intrigued at how PF managed to achieve such a collection of dull humans in PF resource pool? I am always amazed mwe!!!!
    • Nostradamus
      Kambwili likes dreaming. Who was calling Fr. Bwalya from radio station and call alipena because of leaving priesthood?
    • SATA
    • Obatala Lungu Shedding Jameson Whiskey
      But then why is Globo Ksmbwili always talking about HH? and why did globe sound so scared in that tapped conversation with Chanda Kabwe....your friend Edgar is on a farewell tour, even though he is an average lawyer , he knows he is expiring in August
    • Leo
      @Rainman and @SATA , name calling always means you have no intelligence to debate and discuss issues. Please discuss do not insult like the case is with ZWD/UPND forums. State facts do not just make noises or gibber
    • HH Akasolva
      Fake Dr Kambwili, which Zambian people are you talking about? The projects you have initiated could have been completed considering how much kaloba you have gotten. We are not blind and fools. By the way any half brained person can get kaloba anywhere and start building even new cities in the Luangwa Game reserve. It is not rocket science what Chikwanda does in grounding our economy by kaloba every 4 decades. I'm sure he cant wait for the next 40 years (2050s) to be Finance Minister again and ground the economy again.
      For sure there are no ballot papers on social media, it will be collopa episode 5 for Him Him
    • Katondo boys
      PamaFi's ISSUE BASED CAMPAIGN!! Therefore if SOCIAL MEDIA makes the MINORITY of Zambians, WHY WHY ARE YOU ADDRESSING IT?????????????? INCOMPETENT VISIONLESS HEADLESS CHICKENS SCAMPERING in all directions Hitting at anything, actually more like SMEARING AMAFI ON EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH BECOZ THEY HAD NO TISSUE PAPER!!! DIRTY ba PamaFI!! Mwa nunka muno!! Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!! ABANTU BAYA!! #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!! I thank you!!
    • loadist
    • Muntu Na Muntu
      @Flagrante Delicto: Also help to understand the following statement in the article by Kambwili " I have no doubt or fear that we are going to lose these elections; we will beat UPND in the first round and they will be shocked....." Read through paragraph three.
    • Muntu Na Muntu
      When PF lost in 2006 the popular contempt against PF was that PF was a party supported by kaponyas who do not even vote. Such critiques made Sata look like a friend of the kaponyas. Govt is repeating the same mistake of marginalising a sect. Someone should do a research may be the brains of politicians change colour once in the ruling party.
    • Saulosi
      Walasa Kambwili. Bamungongo aba bamona kwati the ballot booth yaba pa FB. Bakapapa sana.
    • emamwamba
      you ugly kambwili with man boobs. so all these people resigning from pf and joining erb are joining on social media?
    • Dodolipo
      Ba LT, why do you claim at times more than 10,000 views when ba Doc ChishKamb says less than 150 UPND bloggers make noise or should it be that the rest 9900 are PF cadres?! Lol
    • Buck Teeth Lungu
      If social media is not important, why has PF spent millions of dollars of public resources on shutting down the ZWD? That's why #ChagwaMustFall
    • Peter
    • God's Creation
      Shut up Gorilla Chishimba Chimbwili, don't bring your witchcraft into the UPND. Why talk about HH and UPND if you know that you are winning? Shut up loser. Its in fact you who will die of BP considering your careless fatness you have gained out of corruption. We will lock you after August 11, that I assure you.
    • Buck Teeth Lungu
      If social media is ineffectual, why has PF spent millions of dollars of public resources on shutting down the ZWD? In fact PF's financiers, the Chinese, are so scared of social media that the Chinese get arrested for accessing any website that is critical of China. Ignore social media at your own risk. Your lack of an IT strategy is your downfall, you PFools. And #ChagwaMustFall
  1. Top Man
    At last Mr Kabwili is now agreeing that some how HH and UPND is popular. Peaple on the Social Media are also Zambians. Its good for him because he will not die from shock now.Aim On Social Media and i will Vote. Shame on the fake DR.
    • Higher Man
      HH and ZWD/UPND have always been somehow popular that's why they will not win the coming elections
  2. CM
    That's right tata you have said It. Same people with known accents keep phoning to insult government. You will die with your own insults because even children are aware that just a few who have agreed to be used insult GVT . God is watching you. You will end up in hell.
    • Mr Kudos
      Hakainde's ZWD Zambian Witch Doctor gutter journalist Loyd Himambo thinks he can be Fred Mmembe. (HH) and his Nega-Nega media think they can support a non-saleable product all the way to State House. Imagine (HH) would have been president by now if he had stuck to the PF-UPND Pact. Pride. He missed out. 2015 came, they celebrated and ululated in Nega-Nega at the passing of late MCS. They jumped up and down thinking their time had come. They thought that death of a Father of the Nation was an opportunity for one of their kind. Fred Mmembe and Hakainde's social media at Nega-Nega headquarters can't even be compared. Come August, the UPND meetings will move from Chainama Hotel to Chainama Hospital of the mentally disabled.
    • Rainman, Illuminati 1666 & the Magna Carta
      Who doesnt vote iwe chimbwi...I am flying back to Zed from Heathrow on 09 in readiness to vote for HH on the 11 August...so who will bury HH with you? Ukupolomya pa kanwa uleke!!
    • Mr Kudos
      The Supreme Southern small god (Triple S) or 666 better known as Hakainde, thinks that 300, 000 followers on Zambian Witch Doctor (ZWD) can take him to State House. Hakainde with his cow dang manure thinks that he can ascend to the prestigious posh and clean Nkwazi House at Plot 1. Hakainde thinks he can hoodwink Zambians with the malice and seditious propaganda at his Nega-Nega media. Hakainde thinks that economic woes will make Zambians revolt against a democratically elected president. Hakainde thinks ritual killings are good because people will revolt against the leadership. Hakainde thinks GBM is value addition to UPND at the cost of original members. Hakainde thinks we should pray to him because he theorizes in economics. Pathetic wanker.
    • Mr Kudos
      This Lucifer in the flesh (HH) thinks we ordinary Zambians are FO0LISH because he theorises in economics. He calls voters morrons, illeterate. This Kaponya (HH) thinks he can use GBM and Mulenga to polish his cow face. This COWard thought he was smarter than the old man Sata, only to be proven wrong by Zambians. Your original UPND members will jump ship next week and you'll remain with Tekere, GBM, Miles and Mwaliteta. Your party has become filthy like a rubbish bin. What is UPND? Under5 Pemba Nega-Nega Dambwa
    • Lutuku Presdo
      #Kudot Bushe no.ko akufyelefye or akufyonene? Just wandering because have never seen a person of your idiotic.
    • Dodolipo
      .....Dr. Kambwili noted that the PF government had achieved a lot within a short period of time. “Our record is there for everybody to see and the people have confidence in us, not even past governments had achieved what we have done in a short period. .....a record of unprecedented corruption , borrowing, inflation, price increases, theft, incompetence, suppression of freedoms!!!
    • God's Creation
      Skull or whatever your name is, I promise you that come August 12, 2016, you and people like you especially Gorilla Chishimba Kambwili, will be crying because the UPND will b3 forming government. Watch it.
  3. Kabs
    Iwe Chimbwili what development are you talking about that PF has done under the readership of Ka Lungu?PF developed the country under the late Micheal Sata. since his death you PF you have done nothing. therefore we want a change in our country. You will collapse after 11 august.
  4. Isaacs
    Less than hundred people who have been making noises on both social media and radios stations are not enough ,to oust mighty PF out. They have been making noises on almost all the private radio stations but to no avail, the reason is simple, they are not more than hundred people.
  5. Voice of reason
    The thick skined stitinking hippo. He knows very well that the pond is fasting drying. Who wants to remain and die in a dirty pond when their is a river with clean running water near by?
  6. Jeffs
    He is feeling the effects of a dying pf party. Uluse ba dokta k... Pf is being deserted muyangana!
  7. The Truth
    WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH EDGAR LUNGU? Glencore sticks to cutbacks promise Posted By Mpinane Senkhane on May 5, 2016 in News Glencore kept a pledge to produce less metal following last year’s price rout and maintained its earnings outlook for the trading unit. Zinc output slid 28% in the first quarter from a year earlier to 257 100 metric tons, the Baar, Switzerland-based company said in a statement on Wednesday. Copper production fell 4% even as South American output rose, while the firm mined 17% less coal. It said it’s sticking to previous output forecasts for all commodities, except oil. “Volumes in-line with expectations and maintaining guidance is reassuring that the group is in control of its actions,” Heath Jansen, an analyst at Citigroup in London, said in an...
  8. The Truth
    Contd.....“Volumes in-line with expectations and maintaining guidance is reassuring that the group is in control of its actions,” Heath Jansen, an analyst at Citigroup in London, said in an e-mailed note. Some of the biggest miners have been forced to shutter unprofitable operations, trim costs and sell assets to reduce debt in response to slowing demand from top user China. Shares of the firm, led by billionaire Ivan Glasenberg, have surged in London this year after ending 2015 as the second-worst performer in the FTSE 100 Index. Glencore has previously said it will reduce copper output by about 7.5% this year and cut zinc supply by a quarter. The output cuts reflect a “disciplined approach to supply at low points in the commodity cycle,” it said in the statement. Glencore...
  9. The Truth
    Glencore shares The shares lost 1.6% to 147.40 pence by 10:05, valuing the company at about £21.2bn. The stock has climbed 63% this year as most metals rebounded. Most mining companies retreated on Wednesday. While Glencore’s mining division lost almost $300m last year, its trading unit generated adjusted earnings before interest and tax of $2.46bn. It expects Ebit for the marketing unit to total $2.4bn to $2.7bn this year. The company is the world’s biggest zinc miner and the move to reduce output of the metal is bringing the market closer to deficit. Prices rallied 13% since Glencore announced in October that it would curtail production. It’s the second-largest producer of refined copper and has suspended operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and curtailed output in...
  10. The Truth
    It’s the second-largest producer of refined copper and has suspended operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and curtailed output in Zambia. While copper output dropped because of the African cutbacks, production at South American mines expanded, the company said. -Bloomberg
  11. CM
    Go PF Go PF You have our support the UPND style is very artificial. Everyone is very bitter. They can not manage to rule Zambia my beloved Very soon things will start unfolding to expose you. It will be up to the people to choose wisely. You can decide to choose a brother or Satanist I have picked on ECL because he is the only one I can cast my eyes on. Others look like they can auction my zambia.
    • Muntu Na Muntu
      @CM: Stop illusions and imaginations of being Man U or chelsea or liverpool supporter even wearing replica jerseys for people who dont even know the position of Zambia on the world map. Who is your brother? When and where was he baptised from? What is his position in church? Name the Church he goes to? Being less afluent does not make anyone a Christian and get to know that even christians can make it in life even be millioneers. God can bless anybody who returns tithe faithfully.
  12. Ifintu ni kuyabebele
    Ba DR reports from the ground say feelings are turning to ifintu ni kuyabebele, not just on Facebook bosses. Anyway you can still join UPND ba Dr, is not too late! kikikiki
  13. The Truth
    NOW THIS IS WHAT EDGAR LUNGU HAS CAUSED: Glencore to invest $1.1 billion in three new shafts in Zambia Posted By Mpinane Senkhane on March 30, 2016 in News Glencore plans to invest over $1.1 billion in Zambia to sink three shafts with new technology that will extend mine life by over 25 years, its local unit said on Wednesday. “We firmly believe that we shall be able to overcome the challenges that we face today as a company and become profitable and operationally-efficient,” Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) said in a statement. The investments would be made between now and 2018 and it was expected that Mopani would be turned into a world-class mining operation by 2023, it said. Glencore was fully committed to Mopani and had invested over$3 billion in upgrading infrastructure and...
    • Jay Jay
      What have you got from Glencore in tax since they bought that old mine for a song? Nothing worth talking about...meanwhile they have got billions in return...you have to how these firms operate; if you did you would cry even that investment is a loan from their banks thats why the squeeze you so they can enjoy whilst you rejoice over crumbs. Wake up!!
  14. The Truth
    Glencore was fully committed to Mopani and had invested over$3 billion in upgrading infrastructure and in major capital expansion programmes since 2000, Mopani said. An electricity shortage in Africa’s second-biggest copper producer and weaker prices have put pressure on Zmbia’s mining industry, threatening output, jobs and economic growth. -Reuters
  15. The Truth
    True to their word, a brand new high tech, cost efficient shaft, Nkana sinclonorium, was officially commissioned yesterday by Edgar. Commissioned as in it actually is already in production after successful trials past few months
    • Humphrey
      Thats not government intitiative.... bakakufyalila umwana mune muba kashi bobe elo ukaleyumfwa ati ulimufyashi
  16. ine wine
    “I feel sorry for the UPND because some of them will collapse with BP. I have no doubt or fear that we are going to lose these elections; we will beat UPND in the first round and they will be shocked. “Their popularity is just on Facebook, but our popularity is with the people of Zambia. That’s the difference,” Dr. Kambwili said. what is the meaning of the sentence? me i think he is saying he has no doubt PF is losing
  17. Mwebantu
    So people on social media are not voters? He says UPND supporters will collapse from BP. He also says ‘‘If the people of Zambia are going to change government, then I will be left with no option but to think that Zambian politics is not about development but about evil,” . He is clearly confused. So my question is, PF supporters don't have smart phones and/or computers and have no talk time to call radio stations? No wonder they follow like they are sheep.
    • queen
  18. waz
    Kambwili Please stop misleading yourself and the President. Frankly speaking the ground is not fertile for PF this year. Majority of the people are not happy with PF more especially on the copperbelt where I am. UPND on the copper belt is like wild fire and I don't see it being quenched by individuals like yourselves because the sufferings are everywhere for everyone to see. I have never ever seen the desperation amongst the youths who are non tribal on how keen they are to cast their vote this year. Don't just talk from without learn to ready the environment before exciting the President for nothing.
  19. Patriot Abroad
    Only one Party and One Man will Walk this Election 2016. They are Worthy and Justified after the last Five Years of serving the people of Zambia. This election will be fought for Unity of all Zambian Regions and it's People. Those preaching Secession, Regionalisation Revenge will not walk it. Because we the just will not tolerate it. God Bless Zambia, God Bless President Lungu
  20. Spaka like lilo
    ZICTA says 6 million zambians use the Internet regularly, the opposition has not been allowed to campain up until may 16th. May the games begin
  21. Wantanshi
    Kambwili knows knows PF is no more after August and you don't need Nigerian fortunetellers masquerading as prophets to tell you this fact. People are impatient to get rid of the evil satanic govt. It's a one term govt.
  22. Obatala
    There are some useless UPND cadres who irritate me with their calls. Their job the whole day is to search for radio stations where there are phone programs. Even if the program is not political, they bring in politics. Aawe sure. Fyonse fye ati poor leadership. Collard, brother Namaanda and Kajili. I can excuse Proud because for him thats his life. He has been doing it from way back. Mukapona nama BP bafikwesa
  23. shadreck biemba
    well said Dr. They are all over the radio stations calling on every phone in program. If you are coming to Zambia for the first time, you would be misled into thinking that UPND is the biggest political organization in Zambia and yet its just the same Miji, proud, Dr. Zambia Evans ilunga, chisankama mudenda who are always making noise on radio stations through phone in programs. And they will not even be shocked when they lose because they are used.
  24. harrison
    Comment:ba chishimba yo part z de worsest, u cnt even compare yoself wit UNIP. Stop praising yoself otherwyz u'll b de 1 who wil b shock
  25. wako ni wako
    this man talks before he talks..what a doctor..nonsense..you will die of sugar and bp
  26. Dominion
    UPND can insult mhh. Just see the language and insults against Kambwili. Is this what is in stock if UPND won elections?
  27. Bibo
    Well said CK PF is very popular on the ground, Luapula is untouchable, Northern untouchable, Muchinga is very untouchable, Copperbelt kolopa, Eastern untouchable, Lusaka kolopa so where will these cow dung cleaners get their votes to win this election? Indeed they will die of BP.
  28. Over The Horizon
    How many times have these dreamers in UPND said the same thing again and again and only to find themselves in the opposing seat? The closest chance HH and UPND had to oust PF from power was January 2015, as things stand now, President Lungu is and PF are very grounded and we the people, the voters are very happy with their development that President Lungu is delivering. If I may ask, what will make a normal person to vote for HH and UPND who have not done anything for them but only know envy and jealous? I can tell you, PF has delivered massive development across the country and as we speak, its a done deal, President Lungu and PF headed for serious victory. Unless you dont move around you can still dream that UPND can unseat PF, its just not possible. In fact ECL is a veryserious...
  29. Over The Horizon
    contd In fact ECL is a veryserious leader Zambia has ever seen. Just look at how well he has handled the challenges that come as a result of nature and global melt down. He is incredible to say the least. Above all, its only PF and ECL who preaches peace and unity whilst Ichilema and Fat Albert are known for insulting Zambians and being bitter and do not even recognize God exists. So which Zambia does HH think he can be President of? HH and UPND, Zambians balimikana and nothing will change this position.
  30. Kambwili
    Bibo - At Luapula. I was in Luapula last month where a lot fishermen were arrested for illegal fishing and most of their relatives turned in numbers at the lake. We interviewed some of them why they were doing what is wrong. Their response was Natuchula sana. Umufundo takwaba. Elo fertiliser ngayaisa bakana fye beka. Bushe ebantu twinga bikapo nafuti aba. Naifwebene tulafwaya ukuchitako fimbi. Even in the market where we went to buy fish in Kashikishi it was the same. So stop dreaming and speak from facts. Travel and learn for yourself then you will come to terms with reality.
  31. Redbull
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  32. Eddie Mwape
    Americans say "put yr money where yr mouth is". So if a voter is unhappy with high cost of living, no jobs,queues to buy mealie meal, no medicines etc. If a voter is not on the PF Gravy train and not benefitting from corruption why would I vote for Pf which has ruined my life? Awe mwe..I would try somebody new. PF govt does inspire me and assure me that they are able to turn around the economy and improve peoples' lives. Kabwili like an ostrich is burrying his head in sand. Voting for ECL and PF will not give me value for money but more suffering for 5 yrs.
  33. shu shu shu
    Kambwili is right. Take time listen to phone in programs on Sky radio for example and you will realise its the same people day after day withe the same views
  34. Chuundu Chaitwa 3
    The Truth hurts. UPND is losing the Elections by a wide margin. People have accepted the leadership of ECL. He is far much better than Mmembe and his proxies HH, Scott, Sampa and GBM. Let these masquerades continue exchanging Chitenge Materials at Chainama Hotel . They will be shocked beyond recognition. For how long are we going to allow Fred Mmembe to be running governments from Bwinjimfumu Road? This time we are resolved to put an end to the nonsense. And only Edgar Lungu has shown strong resolve to handle these tax Cheats and Fraudsters. Come 11th August , ECL will have the votes of the Zambians.
  35. lombe
    Please don't waste your precious time talking about people or parties that are not factors. There are better things to talk about and do to better the lives of Zambians.
  36. Awe Sure
    Shouldn't PF be scared? Almost every Zambian with a cell phone is on face book. LT has reported in some article that some 6.1 million Zambians have access to the internet....
  37. TOLILO
    • Maverick
      Haha yeah, fun man that guy. You know I bought a T-shirt and mug cup with some of his pronouncements and quotes. He was gold! The so called development projects the PF government keeps talking about, it has not transformed into real economical and social developments. The roads built on borrowed money mean nothing to folks if they can't even use them. Though he has a point, PF are living in denial just like the 'Chemical Ali' who kept telling the world they were winning and k!lling the 'infidels' even when bombs were dropping in his background on live TV.
  38. Maverick
    So Kambwili is admitting that UPND is popular on both the Internet and radio... That's a big spectrum and good sample representative of voters though. However UPND supporters should not bury their heads in the sand and be in denial. They should use these remarks as a motivation and go camp in remote locations where voters are less informed and campaign hard. Kambwili may be bias but he has a point, we have seen the cycle continue. I have said it time and time again that UPND should leave Lusaka and go camp at these Northern block constituencies. Move your HQs to Mbala or Kasama this election cycle. By the way, could you please stop calling this man "Dr"... come on now!
  39. kubweka
    Warning, Kambwili be ready to vacate the Luanshya golf course that you claimed as your own. Hope you have somewhere else to take yourself to come August.
  40. Maikalange
    I am afraid Kambwili has a point. The final register of voters is 6,710,455 as at 5 May 2016. In the UPND strongholds, the picture is as follows: Southern Province (812,590); Western (499,873); North Western (556,855). The total number of registered voters is therefore 1,869,318, representing 27.9 percent of all registered voters. In the PF strongholds, the picture is as follows: Copperbelt (1,038,434); Eastern Province (777,379); Luapula (511,057); Lusaka (1,121,846); Muchinga (349,411); Northern (399,784). The total number of registered voters in these PF strongholds is 4,197,911, representing 62.6 percent of all registered voters. Central province which might provide the swing votes has 643,226 voters or 9.6 percent of all registered voters. Given these facts, what is the basis of the...
    • Maverick
      Hey mate, who told you that C/Belt and Lusaka are PF strongholds? Used to be, not anymore... these 2 big cities are the hardest hit by PF's economic mismanagement; they are well informed and traditionally they tend to vote for the opposition. So maybe try to redo your projections again. That said both parties need to campaign hard, especially the UPND, as I said they need to go hard and not just rely on urban perceived popularity.
    • Maikalange
      Maverick, Where do you think I was born and have lived all my life? You are free to dream on if you think UPND can capture CB and Lusaka.
  41. Maikalange
    Given these facts, what is the basis of the UPND bloggers optimism that they will win the August 2016 elections?
  42. jkalusa
  43. Ntimbwi
    Mr kambwili have you run out of ideas on how to arest the sky locatng prices of goods in zambia evrything has been going up mealiemeal is up a bag of fertiliser is up cookng oil is up the only thing whch has been gong down is water level at kariba dam and you are busy telng us who is popular where we are not interested sort out the problems we ar facing
  44. Chester
    What development are you talking about Dr. Kambwili when there is no water in Lusaka. People can not even wash in their hand properly after using the toilet. These are the same people who come to shake you hands.
  45. queen
  46. Moonang'ombe
    Even little Children will not remember KAMBWILI after 11 august 2016 what has he done for the pipo of zambia apart from insulting HH every day.......
  47. Eddy
    Ok now i see from where upnd is getting HIGH HOPES!!they have believed that VOTERS IN URBAN AREAS LIKE VOTING FOR THE OPPOSITION-AMAZING!!!!kikikikikikiki, if we (urban voters) voted for FTJ Chiluba and Michael Sata,it doesnt mean that WE WILL VOTE FOR HH TOO AS HE IS NEVER AN OPTION TO MOST OF US URBAN VOTERS!! if its true that URBAN VOTERS( IN LUSAKA AND CB) VOTE FOR THE OPOSITION then FDD'S GENERAL CHRISTON TEMBO OR ANDERSON MAZOKA OF UPND COULD HAVE WON IN 2001!!!URBAN VOTERS VOTED FOR SATA BECAUSE THEY LOVED HIM AND HIS PF!!!in 2015 hh also could have won if urban voters voted for him in large numbers,BUT RESULTS AT ECZ WILL SHOW YOU ALL UPND DREAMERS THAT EDGAR LUNGU'S PF CAME OUT FIRST IN ALL LUSAKA AND CB URBAN CONSTITUENCIES!!!so dr.kambwili is very right.upnd wins online but...
  48. national nku
    Ba Kambwili, atleast UPND is popular on social media. Nomba imwe even in your home town you have been rejected. There is nothing you have done to show apart from loadshedding, increase in inflation, job losses and some roads just to steal incognito increased debt funds
  49. Macgyver
    If you are telling the truth, why are you spending sleepless nights trying to find a way of demonising HH? If he is unpopular in Zambia, why worry about him? This is not the first time you have talked about UPND developing blood Pressure. What you should know 'Dr' is that there is what is called Secondary hypertension caused by various conditions including Alcohol abuse or chronic alcohol use. Next time you talk about Blood Pressure, you should have Edger Lungu at the back of your mind because he is a known alcohol imbiber. I hope you are not talking about him indirectly.
  50. Macgyver
    In 2011, the South Africa Football Association (SAFA) donated 50-seater bus to the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) as part of the 2010 World Cup legacy in the country. In April 2014 the FAZ president then Kalusha Bwalya announced to the councillors at a council meeting in Kabwe that the association had faced numerous obstacles in bringing the bus to Zambia. He said there had been some complications with the revenue authorities, who were reluctant to clear it. In March this year Andrew Kamanga was elected as new president of FAZ and among other things he pledged was to bring the bus to Zambia. Two months in office, FAZ secretary general Katongo Kabungo was on hand to clear the paperwork with the Zambia Revenue Authority at Chirundu border post and the bus was delivered on 7th May...
  51. Macgyver
    continued..... 2016. My point in bringing the issue of FAZ is for some people to see how important a change of leadership can bring? In life for you to develop, you need to make changes. You have to undergo metamorphosis to see the good and the bad. You cannot be a good jury to condemn someone without hearing their case. In the eyes of many, Kalusha Bwalya was just doing fine. He was of the view though that it was very very difficult to bring the bus to Zambia, while another person (Kamanga) saw it as easy breezy. It is the same even in politics where others fail others will triumph. (on a lighter note, I did not like Kalusha Bwalya when he was playing for Mufulira Wanderers because he was always scoring against the team I was supporting- Kabwe Warriors).

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