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Police cancel next weekend’s UPND Freedom Park rally


The opposition UPND has announced that the rally which was set for next Saturday has been cancelled by police.

UPND Secretary Genera Stephen Kakuta revealed that the police in Kitwe and the Kitwe city Council have advised the party that it will not be allowed to hold the rally at Freedom Park on Saturday 14th May.

Mr Kakuta said this is despite giving more than one months notice to the authorities.

He said the police said they could not sanction the event because the ECZ has declared that the official campaign period only begins on 16th May.

“This is despite the fact that the PF has held a number of public rallies across the country in recent weeks, from Chipata to Mazabuka. It is clear that the PF have had a free reign from the police in recent months to travel round the country and campaign without obstruction,” Mr Kakuta said.

“Meanwhile, the UPND and fellow opposition parties have had their meetings forcefully and unlawfully disrupted and been prevented from appearing on radio and TV on several occasions. Just earlier this week police stormed Radio Luswepo in Mbala, Muchinga province, to stop a live interview with Matero MP and UDF party leader Miles Sampa.”

He added, “Moreover, the inconsistency with which the police act from town to town is creating a confusing landscape in which trust and clear understanding of the rules is all but impossible. This is the sort of ambiguity and selective application that creates the conditions for impunity and is mirrored in Government’s own flip-flop approach.”

He said, “To the police, who are supposed to be impartial and professional in their conduct, we suggest they spend less time obstructing opposition plans and more time tracking down the criminals responsible for the recent rise in violent attacks, including those who brutalised our members on Youth Day just weeks ago.”

“To the PF, we suggest if they are concerned that the comparison between our rally and theirs will be a great embarrassment for them then perhaps they should look to change their venue to somewhere other than Heroes Stadium. To our supporters and all well-meaning Zambians, while we regret to announce that our rally has been postponed for now we will advise you of the new details shortly,” said Mr Katuka.

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  1. Chitichiti chamutunga mu linso
    Iam awaiting the manifestos of of Zambias political parties. Where can I view them? Can the parties give plans for these problems below: Lusaka has the largest number of shanties among Soutrhern Africas capital cities. How are you going to eradicate them? Zambia has one of the biggest populations of the poorest in Southern Africa what plans do you have to increase wealth? Zambia’s urban areas are rotting before our very eyes copperbelt and line of rail towns are having their tarmacs eroded, houses visibly deteriorating withrust roofs etc because people are broke. How are you gonna solve this? Zambia’s education system is producing poor graduates who cant even spell as can be evidenced in blogs and posts what are you gonna do about this? SOWETO market is an eyesore and disease...
    • Chitichiti chamutunga mu linso
      SOWETO market is an eyesore and disease transmission zone because the nation lacks hygiene standards since the PF wants to give its supporters something to do. If HH or Nawakwi or Chipimo takes over what will helshe do to clean this place up? Policemen are too corrupt. What are you gonna do about it? Zambia isa country without public toilets what are you gonna do about this?
    • MyZambia
      I am with you on this. I want to study those manifestos. i will keep them safe so whoever wins, I can keep reminding them of their promises.We are tired of being taken for granted.
    • Nostradamus
      Kambwili is having sleepless nights to stop both UPND and PF rallies. It will be easier for Kambwili to just join UPND, like Mpombo, without insoni. Threatening Kitwe City Council not to allow anyone at Freedom Park is just adding more havoc in PF. Those Kitwe mayors may just join UPND than being caught in the mess.
  2. ndobo
    because PF cancelled their rally because they have no people,,, they want others to cancel too
    • MyZambia
      PF cancelled because the ECZ said the campaigns should start on May 16. UPND should have done the same but they choose to complain about it. The police are right and UPND knows it but they would rather play the victim card.
    • Nostradamus
      @Ndobo, since your president Mpombo cancelled his party, I asked ukahamba wandi Miyanda to to do them the same... He was so wise to tell me: be principled, you can't change your heritage, but can only improve to attract others, including Kitwe's Jerabos.
  3. Macgyver
    I am not surprised, I knew it would be cancelled. ECZ had declared that the official campaign period would only begin on 16th May, and UPND decides to hold the rally at Freedom Park on Saturday 14th May. Don't blame the police but yourselves. Common UPND, you have people in your ranks who are highly educated perhaps more than any other Party, so we expect you to know what you are doing.
    • Independent Observer
      Why then is the PF having its campaign launch rally on same day at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka?
    • mj banda
      People please think, is upnd a ruling party? They will never have the same rights. Moreover the president will say he is on government touring of projects and what will upnd chaps say? Think before u post ba kwindi
    • queen
      Macgyver PF have been holdilng campaign rallies in the Southern Province for the past week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON"T BLAME THE POLICE YOU SAY.....I do blame them they simply do not want any other party to campaign. It's a disgrace to our democracy
  4. Terrible
    Knowing UPND, Stephen Katuka could be telling lies, they probably have logistical challenges. Anyway, if you know that official campaign rallies will start on 16th May as advised by ECZ so why should you set your campaign rally on 14th? Just to provoke the police or to gain sympathy from the public? By the way, didn't I see a "mammoth" rally in Mazabuka recently, a week ago I think? Wasn't it a campaign rally by UPND? If so what is Katuka talking about?
    • Independent Observer
      Why then is the PF having its campaign launch rally on same day at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka?
  5. humble pf
    The UPND resignations are taking place at Chainama Hotel. All defectors from across the country are transported to Lusaka to go and announce their quiting the PF for UPND. The PF is too big a party to transport cadres to Lusaka for resignation. The PF, therefore, is waiting for the official campaign day to be launched and that is when you are going to know that the PF is still intact. Don't count the eggs before the chickens are hatched.
  6. jose
    Whatever day the UPND launch comes, Zambians will attend enmass. Pf has disappointed many of us and we are ready to give pf a red card.
    The problem with UPND is that they have never been original always wants to emirate others. How do you expect such to bring change? Wait for August 11 and see the true picture of Zambians.
  8. kasonde
    its not every one who completed their schools in zambia and in the 80's so for some of you to talk of G12 its a sign of iliteracy if anything maybe even the sinior party leaders of pf have no grade 12 but GCE or GSCE what is required is the equivalent ok
  9. Carelesswhisper
    May be PF is restrategizing after being schooled by Tayali that bola nayikosa and now want to go to kopala before others do!
  10. Raphael
    It's like buying unair ticket on the day you are told there is no flight on the day ? Very dull
  11. Umuvele vele
    Freedom park is a construction site in any case. The land is not available for political rallies anymore
  12. Nkanshule
    Ine inkaya ku Rally mukupokako aka tenge, inkatambeko na ba Makishi, but pa 11th Aug ndevotela ba Egicar. PF nafuti nafuti...
  13. Puungwa
    What does the law say,do campaigns start after parliament is disolved or after ecz sets dates,the law should be revisited to remove all ambiguities.
  14. Natural Collie
    Comment: @ indipendent Observer, my friend the launch at Heroes was also moved to 21 May 2016. Don't just comment my dear this is the problem with your camp.

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