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Politics should not divide Zambians-Inonge Wina

General News Politics should not divide Zambians-Inonge Wina


VICE President Inonge Wina has urged all churches in Zambia to continue preaching messages of peace, love and unity in the country.

Ms Wina said politics should not divide Zambians and hence there was need to continue preaching messages of peace, love and unity.

She was speaking in Livingstone yesterday when she officiated at United Church of Zambia (UZC) Dambwa Central Congregation fundraising church service.

During the fundraising church service, which was aimed at raising money to complete the construction of a new church, Ms Wina donated a K20, 000 and pledged to contribute 50 bags of cement towards the project.

Livingstone Member of Parliament, who is also Livestock and Fisheries Deputy Minister, Lawrence Evans pledged two oxen while Southern province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba contributed a K700.

A number of Patriotic Front (PF) officials in Livingstone and other ordinary citizens also contributed towards the project.

Ms Wina said there was need for Zambians to continue working together in harmony for the good of the country.

“To UCZ church leaders and other church leaders across the country, you must continue to preach peace.

“Zambia has remained a Christian nation and we have to continue being a haven of peace. Politics should not divide us and hence we should continue to love one another,” Ms Wina said.

She said a union that was built on the love of God was built on a solid foundation.

She thanked UCZ for making valuable contributions to society as well as to the Government at large.

“UCZ has a number of secondary schools, College, clinic and a University among others.

“Many have benefited from UCZ and have gone ahead to distinguish themselves from Government and private sector. I am what I am today because of my UCZ background,” Ms Wina said.

She also said UCZ had mad positive strides in the response to HIV and in moulding youths to become responsible citizens in society.

“As Government, we are encouraged to see you providing moral support to our young people and we stand ready to work with you,” Ms Wina said.

UCZ Dambwa Central Congregation reverend Amos Mulenga Musonda urged church members to unite as they were raising money to build the temple of God.

In his sermon under the title “let’s turn together and build the temple of God’, Rev Musonda said there was need for church members to practice the love of God and get connected with the Lord.

“We need to remain strong and trust in the Lord. We may have challenges but we must remain in the Lord.

“We also appreciate the developmental projects across the country because you want to serve the country better,” Rev Musonda said.

He said Christians should advocate for the spirit of one Zambia one nation and preach against tribalism.

“Let us support the Government of the day and we should become pillars to advocate for peace,” he said.

UCZ Western Presbytery Bishop, Akufuna Akafekwa said peace and unity were cardinal in the country.

Bishop Akafekwa said his office also needed transport to enable it respond to various issues in the City.

In a vote of thanks, Livingstone Town Clerk Vivian Chikoti thanked Ms Wina for gracing the fundraising service.

Ms Chikoti, who is a member of UCZ, also thanked the Government for the various infrastructure developments undertaken in Livingstone.

“Today is an important day in the history of this congregation. You (Ms Wina) are an inspiration for the women in Zambia including men and we love you.

“I would also like to thank the Government for various developmental projects being undertaken in Livingstone,” she said.

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  1. Stuuuupid woman, it is not politics dividing Zambians, it is corrupt and incompetent PF politicians that are dividing Zambian just to win elections!

    How can you complain about something YOU YOURSELF HAVE MADE?

    • PF is dividing Zambians right now. By playing double standards when it comes to opposition holding thier rallies.

      If on the 16 the opposotion rally will be cancelled then massive unprecedent riots will rock Zambia to point where the people will draw battle lines with the police.

      If PF carries on blocking Opposition from holding rallies then people will be ready to use the force of numbers which no police force can defeat.

      Lungu be warned that copying tacts from Zimbabwe and Burundi will not do you any favours because Zambians are different and when pushed bryond what they can take they react badly against authority.

      Ask KK he ended up hiding in coffins twice because of such stupidity. Lungu may think he has the army to his side and yet the army have planned a smart move…

    • True! When time is up and the masses want change, you have to leave without dividing the nation or causing confusion.

    • Iwe ka mayo bubi bobe why cant you tell that your clueless,visionless,useless,heartless,ruthless,brainless,hopeless,dullness and a drunkard from the shambles of chawama EDGAR CHAKOLWA KALOBA WRUNGU.

    • One big fish in PF cabinet is about to jump the ship. Edgar will collapse.

  2. This is one Zambia and one nation, I am proud to be Zambian because Zambia made me, my father is zambia my mothers name is zambia and I am zambia nothing will divide us. We are united, strong and free family.

    • She is the green witch of Nalolo. How can a sane grandmother associate with bakaponya in PF?? There’s something wrong with her.

  3. Madam you are a mother. Please talk to your incompetent boss to stop this violence just because he is scared of losing. Let him lose peacefully and focus on how he will be attending court after the elections to explain his actions to the Zambian people


  5. Useless UPND minions always writting nonsese, our mother has said something very sensible but there you are disparaging her as usual, that is why you always loose elections mulifipu.ba.

  6. You are urging the church to preach peace while urging your boys to beat updn cadres and expect the country not be divided.

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