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ECZ asks PF to cancel weekend Kitwe rally


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has asked the ruling Patriotic Front to cancel or postpone this weekend’s rally in Kitwe.
PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has disclosed that the ECZ has written to the party asking that it postpones the rally which was supposed to be held at Freedom Park.
Mr. Bwalya, who could not disclose the reasons why the ECZ has advised that the rally be postponed or cancelled, says the party has decided to heed to the advice by the ECZ.

Mr. Bwalya says the ruling party as a law abiding party will do as advised by the ECZ and that all political parties of goodwill should be doing this each time they are advised.

Meanwhile, Vice President Inonge Wina has appealed to all political parties and stakeholders to exercise minimum constraint and tolerance ahead of the August 11 General Elections.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today Mrs Wina appealed to the general citizenry to have acceptance of divergent views as the country engages in the campaigns.

Mrs Wina explained that this should be exemplary by the way people in the country treat one another.

She said in a quest to convince respective electorates, it is important to be civil in the way people exchange views and ideas.

Mrs Wina said the use of words such as “no go area” has no place in Zambia as every Zambian regardless of their social, political, religious and ethnic inclinations are free to move around and campaign in all corners of Zambia.

She said consistent with the country’s moto, of One Zambia One Nation, the duty of every Zambian is to advocate for love, peace, unity, patriotism and development.

Mrs Wina, who is also Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, thanked all Members of Parliament for participating actively in various debates in the House.

Mrs Wina said this culminated in the enactment of the republican constitution as assented by President Edgar Lungu.

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  1. From upthehills
    Please tell Chagwa, his goes on stage and preaches wako ni wako like he's not a president . His language is not good for a statesman .
    • Asigai
      HH taught the name tribal language. Condemn HH first. He is the architect of this tribal talk because he is the only one who accepted a tribal appointment as UPND leader. UPND is beginning to taste its own medicine.
    • Alice Banda
      @Asigai, please clarify how HH, accepted a tribal appointment. I was under the impression that UPND had elections and HH won...
    • Kakistokrat
      After assessing the situation on CB, they have decided to cancel it and look for more money to rent more crowds. ECZ can not just cancel the rally without giving the reason why especially one for the ruling party.
  2. King
    ECZ and PF are trying to do some damage control. That will not help becoz its not a secret that PF has been campaigning for a long time under the guise of monitoring projects throut Zambia. PF has exhausted its campaign messages.Apart from talking about infrastructure projects they have nothing else to talk about. Their policies over the last 5 years have failed to create jobs, reduce cost of living, reduce load shedding, put money in people's pockets etc. PF govt has failed to fulfill its campaign promises and people are not happy with PF Govt's misrule and mismanagement of the Zambian economy.
    • Asigai
      This is politics. This how you show that the other side is bad. PF is simply playing good politics. This is the way winner do politics. Damage control is necessity for success. Good work guys. Lets show the hooligans how it is done. We love PF and there many, or millions like me waiting to vote on 11 August. So do not generalise the word "people"
  3. Sebitwane
    Ati law abiding when you actually disobeyed the law by first announcing that you you will hold that gathering. Didnt you know that it was not yet compaign time.
    • Mj banda
      Iwe sebitwane, just keep quiet if it was UPND, they would have played the victim all the time but not with PF. UPND should just play it well. I am just seeing that most of you bloggers just depend on hear say and not what u see. Go to Zambia and see for yourself
  4. Lutuku Presdo
    Man without head and neck Dokota fimo fimo will be on you its global a president got power to have rallies and meet his people whenever he wants and hope the hopeless,visionless,clueless,heartless,dullness,ruthless,brainless,useless and a drunkard from the shambles of chawama bars will listen.
    • Namaloya wa Ng'amba
      Yours is the best explanation of this about-turn. ECZ have been caught out again and Gen Miyanda put them on the spot.
  5. Lezgee
    Frank Bwalya is playing tricks here. He knows the mighty UPND is supposed to launch its campaigns in Kitwe. So, he will try to postpone his rally on any day that the UPND proposes. I can see through his dirty schemes. He knows the UPND will show too much muscle when they launch campaigns from the Copperbelt. Anyway, we'll meet U fair & squarely in campaigns. 4 more days to go mwana!
  6. cub
    Idiots will continue shouting pamafi,while their parents have lost job,we need UPND not these batch of thieves
  7. Kambwili
    Embarrassment really . ECZ, ZP and PF schemes have been exposed by General Miyanda. He really articulated the issues very well concerning the cancellation of the opposition political parties rally. He challenged PF, ZP and ECZ to show him the law. If they went ahead, it would have been a very serious violation of the constitution concerning peoples' rights to assemble freely. I congratulate General Miyanda here. There is nothing for PF to pretend that they are law abiding citizens.
  8. Sinkamba wisdom
    SINKAMBA WISDOM - Credit goes to Gen. Godfrey Miyanda.. ECZ must know that Zambians are ready to fire PF. ECZ going in bed with pf will not help them. It is better to have personal integrity than love for money. ECZ must ask those Zambian citizens who at one time run away from Zambia to live outside Zambia. I can assure you that we shall hunt you down where ever you may go to hide. Take lesson from Osma Bin Ladden. Once you commit a crime you shall never be free even you run away but one day you shall surely be caught. So ECZ stop misbehaving and do the right thing.
  9. Ingombe Iledee
    Tulebomba, we sha attend when ever cause ise tikonka lamulo, VIVA ECL, WAKWESU NIWAKWESU NASE
  10. jkalusa
    Kopala is pf just like kachema is upnd, lungu is chimwemwe just like hh is chinkankata. Compare the two and there place of birth. Nowander even there behavior is far apart hh behaves like a educated kachema while lungu has nothing to show off but ready to work for pipo.its just lungu for presidence hh can rot

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