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Zambia Police Deny MMD Mutati Faction Permit to hold Convention


Felix Mutati

The Zambia Police has rejected an application by a faction of the MMD for a permit to hold a National Convention in Kabwe this weekend.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi in a letter dated May 18th, 2016, addressed to suspended MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima, stated that holding the convention would be tantamount to Contempt of Court as he had a pending case.

And MMD President Nevers Mumba has welcomed the rejected of an application by the Police Command.

Dr. Mumba says calls to hold the convention are illegal and anyone who attempts to attend will be cited for Contempt of Court.

He added that Mr. Mbulakulima is a suspended member of the Party and therefore has no authority to call for an executive meeting.

And when contacted by ZNBC News on phone, Mr. Mbulakulima said he was not aware of the rejection for a Police Permit to hold the Convention.

Mr Mbulakulima last week announced that the MMD would hold a national convention this Saturday in Kabwe.


    • Rainman & the Magna Carta
      embattled Mutati and this faction. Dont they know ECZ has closed for nomination, indirectly putting a finla nail in the existence of MMD. Mumba faction also failed to pay K7pin required, and 5 years to wait in opposition with such wrangles is dead end
    • Katondo boys
      POINTLESS FOR CONVENTION WHEN YOU ARE NOT EVEN STANDING IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS!! Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND!! MMD, come with us Brothers & Sisters, Chagwa will scar you forever, you will Never resurrect just like Nevers!!! #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!! I thank you!!
  1. general Kanene
    We don t want such circus, these guys knew it was a no go right from the beginning, if not, they have wrong advisers hence not fit to be leaders. Ba Mumba, you also keep quiet, you are now speaking out louder after Police managed to solve your issue
  2. Brown Envelope
    Mutati will go into oblivion-stubbornness is dangerous. He is now stranded! Dr Mumbaz MMD has paid ka half required
  3. DAYUK
    Nevers Mumba is a failed project for MMD. Sometimes, I tend to think he was planted to sow seeds of destruction. That's the only area he has excelled since taking over the helm of the party.
  4. Elections Zambia
    Ba Nevers ba kabolala. We will never forget your deals in Canada. Where did 1/2 million go given to you as a donation to your cultural program by Barrick? Ati he paid for a carpet and home fixtures. Should not cost more than $5,000. While other diplomats benefited and bought homes in Canada while sending 3-5 of their children to college and university. Please look into this ba ACC and you will find out how diplomats hide money abroad and how the Kwacha is spent. Some of these people are still politicians. Call the schools abroad and get information and even immigration will tell you their current residency applications. A country has a right to know.

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