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Kambwili calls on political parties to stop wearing military regalia at political meetings


Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has called on political parties to adhere to calls by the Church not to wear military regalia at political meetings.

Dr. Kambwili says it saddening that some opposition political party supporters have continued using military regalia.

He explained that all political parties agreed not to wear military regalia at a meeting that was held at the Cathedral of the holy cross in Lusaka.

Dr. Kambwili who is also Information Minister was speaking to journalist at Lusaka’s Heroes stadium.

Meanwhile Dr. Kambwili has warned that the party will expel any member involved in any forms of violence.

And Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has warned that police will NOT allow any political party to incite violence during and after the August polls.

Mr. Mwila says police will not tolerate violent cadres regardless of political affiliation.

He told journalists at Heroes stadium in Lusaka that political players should instead work with the police to fight violence in the country.

Mr Mwila added that police are ready to work with various stakeholders to maintain the peace that country has enjoyed since independence.

And the Zambia Police Service has reiterated that Police have discharged the Public Order Act in a professional and fairly manner.

Police Commissioner for Operations Joyce Kasosa the police have not been bias in administering the Public Order Act.

Ms Kasosa says both the ruling party and opposition parties have been professionally advised on issuing of police permits whenever notification has been made to hold public meetings.


  1. kubweka
    Kambwili, clap up man. Your party has put cadres in police and military attire, what are you yapping about. What is sauce for the gander is also sauce for the goose. A leader leads by example.
    • Lutuku Presdo
      Man without head and neck so clueless,visionless,useless,brainless,needless,dullness,hopeless,spineless,heartless and a drunkard like his boss who happens to be the 2016 most incompetent and idi.otic president award winner of the millennium.
  2. Wtf!
    Tanzanian president sacks minister for being drunk on the job Tanzania's president has sacked his home affairs minister after he turned up to parliament and answered questions while under the influence of alcohol, the presidency said late on Friday. President John Magufuli, who took office in November, has promised to tackle corruption and inefficiency in government. He has sacked several senior officials for graft and cut spending he deemed wasteful, such as scrapping official Christmas cards.
  3. Wise Commentator
    The title should "Kambwili calls on PF thugs and criminals to stops wearing military regalia at PF meetings". Also can PF stop ferrying carders from around the country as now they have caused an accident.
  4. Mischisha
    Ignorance is extreme especially to some of you, you seem not to understand political matters and the direction of the events taking places
  5. jay naik
    u fat pig tee u r pf to stop collecting money at the bus stops and stop selling hard liquer at the bus stops and fly pf flages u kno all this but u r just opening u r bad mouth and not kno what u r saying fat pig
  6. Amon
    President John Mugufuli of Tanzania is able to sack a drunk Minister becoz he is disciplined and is a good role model. In Zambia that cannot happen becoz we have a Chakolw (drunkard ) a as President. With Lungu at the helm u can forget about good governance and public accountability.
  7. Keen Follower
    And all political parties had agreed not to print ballot papers from Dubai, but only these two political parties, ECZ and PF decided to go against the majority parties!
  8. Mususa mwansa
    Even u sir stop harassing yr friends were in zambia can u mount a road block over a simple assult y did u just give him a call out . to report at the police station was it a way of blocking him at that important rally . since u know that he is a portation speaker
  9. Bupo
    He looks like one of those isis chaps...all puffed up with a ka flag. Full of clowns this pf--lungu, kambwili, kaizer zulu, Davies mwila....need I say more? Vote UPND for credible leadership.
  10. Chivunda Samusungwa
    Kambwili,the Luanshya thug who now calls himself ''Doctor'',is one of the PF organizers of violence against opposition members.Kambwili is not fit to be a minister,but Lungu wants the likes of Kambwili to do his dirty work.
  11. Kaputo Davies
    Edgar Lungu can't discipline anyone in the party. He is 'humble'! Yesterday at the rally he talked about what his PF is going to do the next five years minus necessarily telling the nation how it will be done! He tells the nation he will create jobs and end loadshedding without explaining how it will be done! The last five years the economy has gone down tremendously and what guarantee is there that things will improve next five years without any sensible plan put in place!

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