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Sunday, January 19, 2020

I am not overshadowed by GBM-Dr Banda

Headlines I am not overshadowed by GBM-Dr Banda

HH and Dr Banda giving interviews at KKIA
HH and Dr Banda giving interviews at KKIA

UPND Vice President for Politics, Dr Canisius Banda says he is not overshadowed by his counterpart Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

And Dr Banda says he is hopeful that Hakainde Hichilema will not pick a wrong person to be his running mate.

Featuring on Muvi TV’s The Assignment program on Sunday Dr Banda said he does not feel overshadowed by newcomers because he knows those who are new have a point to prove.

He said he joined UPND when the party was not attractive and that his stay in the party was not conditional.

“Ten yeas ago, I spoke to HH. I was the Ministry of Health spokesperson then. I didn’t see ethnicity, I saw talent. One thing God has blessed me with Costa is to see talent. I saw this educated, young, articulate man” he explained. “I can’t defect now, I joined UPND at a time it was much smaller. If there is a loyal person in UPND, that person is me, I am passionate about the party” he said

And Mr Banda said the UPND leader needs a royal person as his running mate saying he needs a person who will help him achieve his vision for a better Zambia.

He said it would be a good story to write if Mr Hichilema picked him as his running mate.

“God forbid HH should not pick a wrong person as his running mate because the wrath of God will be on him,” responded Dr Banda when pressed to comment what will happen if he is left out.

He refused to comment on the suitability of his counterpart Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for the running mate position.

“I wish GBM well, all I can say is I wish him well” Dr Banda answered after being asked whether he feels GBM stands a better chance. “I recruited Geoffrey. Hakainde, me and the team, we recruited GBM. He must go out there and explain to the people what UPND want to do,” he said.

On the choice of the running mate, Dr Banda said; It’s the prerogative of the President to appoint who he feels is capable and trusted to deputise him.

“It’s the prerogative of the President to appoint his vice and President Hakainde is taking his time. You know Costa, timing is everything in politics” Dr Banda explained, “President Hakainde Hichilema is God fearing man and its fundamentally important that he appoint a God fearing person as a running mate. Somebody who respects the people and a leader who understand the diverse of Zambia’s ethnic groupings but understands the unity in purpose, that’s the running mate that President Hakainde needs,” he said

On being bankrupt, Dr Banda said he is from a humble background such that he sold cigarettes in Mandevu but rose to what he has become.

“I was born in Mandevu from a poor background. I used to be mishanga saler but became a speech writer for head of states. You can beat poverty, I built a house for my mother just after I graduated, I built another house for my wife and I am now building a house for my children. I am a builder. I am building Hichilema”

On the economy, Dr Banda said UPND will execute and deliver its Ten point plan within five years in power.

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  1. This turning out to be hot. The reality will manifest when HH appoints his running mate. Everyone is pretending for now. The truth will soon come out and we will see who is who in UPND

    • HH is a stck duck….

      ….we all know what will happen to him ‘if and when’ he selects or doesn’t select GBM.

      This is fantastic 😀

    • Vote for tgese rich gays who promised to pump their earnings instead of chewing like ECL does

    • Wapya munzi!! Ifintu tafili bwino mu UPND. I am sure HH wishes there was no running mate clause.

    • hmmm things are tricky in upnd. this running mate issue will scatter their fold. All the best gentlemen though. We will now see who truly wishes and wants to serve the people only.

  2. Please, please, please ba PF- No- Strategy through your police allow the ex BP people to camp at HH’s residence even for a whole week. After that they will be dressed in red chanting Viva HH! Chagwa Must Fall! This will not be because HH has paid them their dues (HH has nothing to do with that company) but because they will have understood PF desperation due to no vision, no manifesto.

    • manifesto less PF. Kekeke..
      10 points are really selling well. I agree HH is talented, and Canicius is fun and Wiseman, these are people to hire as ShiBukombe.

    • 10 point plan or no 10 point plan, ECL is sontaling and WINNING!!!!!!

      Thanks and VIVA!!!!!

    • Reading between the lines:
      “Mr Banda said the UPND leader needs a royal person as his running mate”
      Banda has been with HH for 10yrs.
      “President Hakainde Hichilema is God fearing man and its fundamentally important that he appoint a God fearing person as a running mate. Somebody who respects the people”
      “I recruited Geoffrey. Hakainde, me and the team, we recruited GBM. He must go out there and explain to the people what UPND want to do,” he said.

  3. Canisius, i sincerely like you!! But you are not good enough for this one.
    Now, go and buy yourself a comb my brotherman…….!!

    • I agree. Dr. B. is low energy, as Trump would say. GBM, who his recruiters were notwithstanding, has excited the UPND base. He has single-handedly annihilated the Tonga tribal tag placed on UPND by Sata. Now UPND is home to Bembas. “Greetings from GBM (umwana wa mfumu)!” He is without a doubt the ace card for UPND victory. UPND provided GBM a platform and he has delivered in terms of exciting the base. Banda could not do that even if his life depended on it. Love the Doc., but I would not advise that he be the running mate in this first round. Second term maybe, when reason would be the message. This time it is a popularity contest.

  4. That was a very poor interview from Dr. Banda. He could not articulate specifics on what the UPND will do once in power. He just kept waffling every time Costa Mwansa asked him questions. The frustration on Costa Mwansa’s face was very visible for viewers to see.

    • We have been telling you that UPND has nothing to offer to this country and you heard for your selves coming from the man who says he is building HH. What a joke. If this Man says he is building HH then HH should be equivalent to Scrap. Period!! Vote ECL

    • Its clear they are not organised and have not invested in proper Political Strategists, how they can let a loose canon to go on live TV without proper briefing and prepping is really laughable.

  5. What a pathetic trio of Banda, GBM and HH. They are doomed.
    Banda go back to medicine while the other two comedians should go and do what they do best : STEALING FROM THE MASSES.

  6. Here is another silly educated **** who can not answer simple questions without getting all his shoe laces tied together and tripping on himself. Its easy for an opponent to see where fractures are in this team of theirs; he states he is the right candidate for running mate as he recruited the others; god forbid if his President chooses the wrong candidate and he brags about building all these homes for his family members yet he himself is renting…these are the people who will suddenly be Lusaka poverty magnates within just one year in govt.

    • You are busy pretending to be calm that (HH) will choose the best suitable candidate and yet you know deep down that the GBM choice will cause a spark. You know you yourself want to be a Running mate. But now Kaponya (HH) wants to copy Edgar Lungu by choosing a female Running mate. You think Nkombo and Mweetwa will just sit back and watch the nonsense going on in UPND?
      Just join the winning team Sonta po!

    • Okay, I am UPND but this is funny. Ati living in denial even with rentals. Nafa kuseka ine nitileni manzi


    • @Eddy
      The problem with cadres like you is that you only see two things…you have a brain the size of a small Gecko on the ceiling that only sees prey or predator. Its either one is a friend or foe to… you don’t see the bigger picture…what some of us stand for is for the Zambian people not your ***** PF or UPND or MMD, these political parties come and go…its like your colleague above who is advising Banda to defect to PF, people like you and him do not understand what a democracy is.

      Wake up from your folly and leave us out of your silly immature petty political debates!!


    • Pros and cons of choosing Inonge Wina as running mate.
      1. Good becoz it ensures stability in PF. No fighting over the position
      2. Ensures some continuity
      3. Bad becoz she does not have a constituency. She does not add electoral value to ECL. Her constituency has gone to UPND
      4. Bad becoz she does not & cannot challenge ECL, interlletually or otherwise. Obama chose someone who could challenge him.
      5. Bad becoz if ECL is incapacitated, she becomes defacto President. She does not have the aptitude nor political stamina for that office. Davies Chama ignored her calls to apologise. She has no clout within PF and definitely none outside PF.

    • And How old will she be by 2021 and worse still at the end of her 1st Term? You are not seeing the bigger picture for sure … otherwise I would advise you move to Zimbabwe they have a fossil you can relate to …

  9. He is the most dull medical doctor in Zambia’s history.What overshadows him is not gbm but his own filthy. IFIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Once he gets into GRZ and sponging off taxpayers he will polish up…look at your president Lazy Lungu, compare the photos of him even as recent as 2012 when he was even MP and a minister of Home Affairs to now the man even has a pot belly protruding in a safari suit.

    • Jay Jay you should know that the President has a maintenance allowance to ensure that he looks presentable as he is the image of the country and has to be as healthy as possible. You can not compare the status of a sitting president to that of an MP.

  10. Its the pamafi party that’s trying to bring confusion to our progressive party. Chakolwa kaloba Wrungu must be sent back to the shambles of chawama bars.

  11. Haven’t heard or seen the entire interview but what has been quoted sounds rather incoherent. The mediocrity in Zambia knows no boundaries. Obviously he’s trying to preach unit and peace while also campaigning for the job. This is the problem we have as a country… not sure it’s cultural. In other countries someone would just come out and be confident and state it straight and say “I’m the right guy for the job and I believe I should be selected for the job’. You can say that without bitterness or jealous or sounding cork. That way if you are not chosen you move on to still campaign for the winner. The pretence in Zambia is why people end up with bitterness and jealous.

    Having said that I think HH would annoy his long time backers if he chooses a relatively new comer…

    • also I think GBM is a very dangerous person to choose and running mate. he has a short temper, and is very unpredictable HH will choose GBM at his own peril if he ever manages to win the presidency cause he will not be bale to control GBM and he wont be able to fire him. Remember how GBM differed with Sata over the chitimukulu issue? if HH is as clever as he claims to be he should stay away from GBM!!! between the two vices he has the better one would be Banda. he has shown loyalty, maturity and calm temperedness. he may win HH many vote he will better off with someone who wont cause him problems should he win the presidency. I think this was the reasoning even for ECL in selecting Bo Ma Inonge, it is such a smart calculated choice for a vice president in this part of the world where the…

  12. continued
    Having said that I think HH would annoy his long time backers if he chooses a relatively new comer GBM. He probably needs to bypass both of them and select someone outside to create a shocker!

  13. THIS GUY MUST BE INSCENE. Sort out the mess caused by Rupiah Banda if PF is to survive the elections. PF is on its knees. Bwezani is finishing PF. PF will suffer defeat because of Mr Bwezani Banda. The old man is suppose to be a source of wisdom but he is now a source of confusions hence people are leaving PF. This is exactly what he did to MMD AND hence he conceded defeat.

    Some political parties wanted to use the tribal tag in order to create a bad atmosphere between the bembas and the tongas. These two tribes have no basis to remain permanent enemies which their common enemy is capitalising on to achieve political ambitions. Lets show the people preaching tribalism that their tactics to divide and rule will not work on 11/08/2016.

  14. “God forbid HH should not pick a wrong person as his running mate because the wrath of God will be on him,” responded Dr Banda when pressed to comment what will happen if he is left out. WHO IS AWRONG RUNNING MATE???

    • This God thing is crowding the thinking of many in Zambia. People, God does not care who is president in Zambia. The sun will shine, the wind will blow, the rain will fall following the same general patterns it has always been.

      To tackle your problems leave god out of the equation.

  15. I have lost the respect I a hard for u Mr Banda instead of wasting your time campaigning for the party ur busy campaigning for running mate your friend GBM is going round the country convincing people to vote for UPND and he never talks about running mate issue have just nocked your self out of the race for the running mate position because of your arrogance.GBM is new but we can Feel his impact whether u recruited this one or that one its does not matter every one a factor whether they came 2moro or today we don’t care we need someone with a following to be HH running mate if ur not happy with his choice ure free to Go were they will give you that position as at now we are just wetting for HH to gv us any name he will fill will make win and run the nation well.

  16. I think Mr Banda is just as insane as his appearance. Mulyokela needs a running mate too Mr Banda. It is never too late

  17. We are going to excute our 10 point plan within 5years of our rule…! I thought you were going to say 1 year so that we agree with your lies that Lungu has failed in 1year..! If its 5 yrs then y do u want us to change wen pf has already put recovery programs in place that will see load shedding and the likes end by 2018 which is just a year or two from now? U still want us to change govt and wait for another 5 yrs..? Nothing new to off Ba upnd…kuwayawaya fye..! Iam voting for continuity…! Viva pf…!

  18. #“God forbid HH should not pick a wrong person as his running mate because the wrath of God will be on him,” responded Dr Banda when pressed to comment what will happen if he is left out.

    Food for thought…..so CB perceives himself to be the right person?

    • What do you mean two different meanings naiwe. Just say they are two different terms with different meanings.

  19. HH obviously has difficulties picking a running mate. And what is happening to this year’s adoption of MPs? Normally it could have been publicly announced a week or so before the filling in of nominations but tomorrow is nominations day for MPs and it is still a secret!!Very strange indeed!!

  20. HH, Your best running mate is Mutale Nalumango. The doctor and the rich business man, tesana mwe

  21. I listened to him from the welcoming remarks to the conclusion. For sure Dr C Banda wishes to be picked as a running mate. His points are academically, logically and historically correct BUT I doubt if politically his points are correct because politics is judged ‘as at now’. Never judge politics with too much yester issues because the temperature of politics is measured as at now. Some voters may not want 10yrs-call-story but who has been arrested as much for the cause.

  22. Whoever his running mate will be means nothing to ECL and his winning team. We are just considering which head of state to invite on our ECL’s inauguration ceremony. ECL 2016

  23. HH needs a ROYAL person as running mate…ke ke ke ke… then it is GBM as he is royalty….If this is a typo and LT meant LOYALTY then Canisious is telling HH that he is the right man….WAPYA MUZI!

  24. We gonna win, win win and win big- sontapo
    1. GBM had fights with Kabimba
    2. GBM had fights with Miles Sampa
    3. GBM corruptly got all contracts from the ministry of defence
    4. GBM has no respect for women
    5. GBM is a mafia
    6. GBM and HH are both short tempered and lack of tolerance
    7. GBM and HH both use tribal/ regional power for political gains
    8. GBM and HH are full of noise and emotional
    9. GBM and HH have egoism and horrible tendency of self-promotion
    10. GBM and HH have no humility, humility, humility to appreciate the giftedness of others

    • ALL them rolled up in one person called Sata and you voted for him. Now tell me, who is mad?

  25. Sounds like he is hinting that he should be the running-mate but the problem is money. He is broke. Does GBM have G12? This one is a puzzling question until it is answered.

  26. ECL is not ashamed of Inonge Wina that’s why he chose her as his running mate. Nanga HH oyopanji kusankha VP wake? He has a tall order choosing between GBM and Banda. GBM has no papers and Banda is broke. And GBM is a loose canon. Now that Maureen is out of running, maybe he should choose someone from the Copperbelt or North Wstern provinces. Or better still, Masebo, Kikikikakeku!

  27. What Dr Banda is telling us is that HH is in dilema. I’m not UPND supporter..but GBM is not qualified to be HH running mate…not bcoz he can not run..but he is not wise or intellectul enough to be VP..besides GBM has a short fuse and insults

  28. Fellow Bloggers: CB might be more intellect & morally correct over GBM; but politically & financially he is a liability to both HH & UPND. If I may ask – what is CB likely to POLITICALY bring on the table in this 2016 election? I doubt he can bring Eastern province or even a mere 100 votes! Second question – what is CB likely to FINANCIALLY bring on the table in this 2016 election? While GBM is agreeably a scum with no moral fiber, he is no doubt an asset to HH & UPND both politically & financially. GBM has more POLITICAL acumen to bring in more voters & voters than CB – for instance a few Bembas is better than none. GBM has more FINANCIAL acumen to contribute to the campaigns & bring in more followers than CB. So, fellow bloggers, if it were you, who would you pick? For the sake of…

  29. Dont worry , GBM confirmed in Mwense , on radio yestaday that he didnt join UPND to be Vice president, he did so to redeem Zambians from economic bondage which PF has led them into

  30. In other news, if he is not Vice- President, he could outright quit UPND, you clearly do not know GBM.

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