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HH explains why he picked GBM as a running mate

Headlines HH explains why he picked GBM as a running mate

GBM taking Oath
GBM taking Oath

UPND President says he wanted somebody who would be a uniting factor and was willing to soil his hands as his running mate and that GBM fits the billing.

And the opposition leader says the manner in which they handled the secret of who would be his running mate shows the level of maturity and readiness to govern the country.

Asked why he settled on GBM as his running mate when featured on a live political program “Zambia Decides” on Muvi TV Mr. Hichilema said that he chose Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba as his running mate because he is willing to go round the country and sleep anywhere and that GBM is a hard worker.

He said that with so much division in the country he felt obliged to pick an individual who would bring the country together.

“…the second reason was to reunite this country together. Zambia today is divided and it is my obligation, it is the obligation of all of us seeking leadership to act in a manner that will bring the country together.

The third reason is that it is important to get somebody who is willing to soil their hands. If you follow our campaigns, I go anywhere and I don’t mind whether I sleep in a tent or classroom, I needed a running mate who is equally committed to moving across this country, crossing the bridges of this country, somebody willing to work night and day to drive a hard bargain in these campaigns and I think GBM is that individual,” he said.

And on the secrecy and if there was any indecision surrounding the running mate, Mr Hichilema said there was never any indecision as the running mate was chosen much earlier and that the confidentiality demonstrated the level of maturity in their party.

“The fact is that the decision was made much earlier but was not announced clearly shows the level of maturity that we are exhibiting even before we even start running the country, not many people have been able to do this, I think it’s a demonstration of maturity,” he said.

He also thanked his other Vice President Dr Canious Banda for graciously accepting the decision adding that there can only be one running mate.

Meanwhile Mr Hichilema said it was not fair for the people who were not adopted to say the party was bad because being the party of choice in the country, the party had its own challenges and among them was the competition for adoption.

He said it was incumbent on those who are not picked to demonstrate unit of purpose and ensure that they rally behind those who have been picked so as to delivery victory not only to the party but for Zambians who are suffering under the directionless leadership of President Lungu.

He also expressed regret that former MPs who have been left out are accusing him of being a bad leader when they have been MPs since the formation of the party.

He said it was unfair on the part of those who have been MPs to note his bad leadership when all was well when it was them being picked.


  1. Just say you cant do without BEMBA brains iwe. You alsp cant work with poor Zambians like Canicius Banda, Nkombo, Muntanga and other related impoverished yey dedicated members. HH has just dig his own grave and this years election has already been lost !

    • Just start packing your bags Sir. Your stay in the states is coming to end.
      Sorry but you chose a life of a cadre & that is how a cadre lives.

    • @HH defects to PF has a point walanda icushinka. In Zambia you can’t insult Bemba speaking group and hope to be president. Unfortunately Bembas cannot be fooled….as you shall see in August results what we called thieves, kaponyas and monkeys will do

    • Good judgement on the part of HH. Politics is a game of numbers. More Zambians can relate to GBM. There is a higher chance of GBM bringing more numbers to UPND. Besides, GBM can talk of success in business than most people criticizing him. WAPYA MUNZI

    • Can this grade 6 drop out called GBM preside over the affairs of our parliament as leader of the house? Can GBM lead this country as president if HH were to be incapacitated or pass on? Does he have the temperament to unite the country? What management skills does GBM possess that HH has been singing about as necessary for running Zambia? If Mr. Sata could not bring GBM closer to the position of Vice-president despite how much of his money he gave to the PF campaign, what is it that HH has seen in GBM which Mr. Sata did not see in GBM? This is desperation at its best. If HH thinks picking a foul-mouthed and highly temperate Bemba like GBM will win him the Bemba votes then he needs to remember that in 2006, Bembas in the North voted for Mwanawasa and not Mr. Sata.


      Listen how the man insults in “THE GBM INSULTS MULENGA SATA” AUDIO which has gone viral, someone sent to me from USA and I can tell you we do have a problem which will cost us dearly. Why did we have to suffer like this my God!
      People read the Constitution well. If anything happened to HH (God forbid) we will live with the GBM as President. If HH wins the election GBM will be republican vice president. That is serious! All the advice from UPND elders has gone to the dustbin. I have no clue, no clue at at all what is running in HH’s head.

    • ‘He said that with so much division in the country he felt obliged to pick an individual who would bring the country together’……………the only division I know of is the one HH brought on the political scene when he ascended to the UPND presidency through tribal politics.

    • GBM does not appeal to most people, he has a bad moth-insults anyhow! he beats up his wife and workers. GBM has invested so much money in the UPND and he dared HH not to appoint him running mate. It is a lie that GBM was appointed some time back. UPND have been having closed door meeting over the past weeks because HH was cornered and confused. What HH does not realize is the GBM is only known in Kasama and not the rest of the country – just like Mile Sampa who is only known in Matero….This is the end of UPND. The Up and Down party will this time around go down for good…MISRIP-may its soul rest in peace!

    • I am sure Dr Banda’s rent issued has been permanently sorted with that decision.
      GBM would help you succeed but its when you win thats when he becomes a liability; who is going to dare quizz GBM in Parley without risking an all out punch-up!!

    • Well done HH. You have made an excellent choice given your analysis of the state of the nation`s mood. We undoubtedly need a unifier who will bring different voices together and not division. Make it work and be victorious. I will pray for you team HH because we need better than what we have had. VIVA team HH. God Bless.

    • What is your problem iwe so-called ‘HH defects to PS’? We are talking about uniting Zambia and you are talking about dividing Zambia! Wo told you there is monopoly of acumen in the bemba speaking people? Honestly you are silly!

    • HH sometimes is elusive with his answers. how is it maturity to announce the running mate at the last hour. how does maturity even come in? i dont understand. if the running mate was already known, why was cannisius banda a day or so before the announcement telling journalists that its either him or gbm. why didnt he say, the running mate is already know but i will leave it to the president to announce it.
      HH uses words like education, economy, smart, poverty alleviation etc just for the use of them and never really knowing how to relate them to actual things. he is a slick d.e.v.i.l i think. but with that all said. Good luck to you all

      September 7, 2010
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      Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (R)

      PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba’s wife Chama is admitted to MKP Hospital in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area after she was allegedly battered by her spouse in a marital dispute.

      Police have since opened a docket against Mr Mwamba. When contacted, Mr Mwamba said he could not comment because he was busy in a business engagement.

    • Loser, you`re so backward. Travel the world then you`ll appreciate diversity.

  2. We shall only have HH to blame for this loss. UPND many will agree was more united before the ‘Cartel’ moved in. Its very very sad. People in Choma, Monze etc have been mourning the whole night seeing Mazokas vision diminishing right before their eyes. HH give us back pur UPND not this violent kaponya party you have changed our party into.

    • Just start packing your bags Sir. Your stay in the states is coming to end.
      Sorry but you chose a life of a cadre & that is how a cadre lives.

    • I think GBM beat his wife when he was PF minister, not as UPND official. It is quite different!

    • The explanation by HH to say that he picked GBM because he needed some who could soil himself, someone who is a hard worker is a serious lack of diplomacy as a leader.
      It is a direct insult or at least belittling not only to Canicious Banda but also to all the other order members of the UPND.
      HH has just told his faithful members that none of them was willing to soil themselves, none of them was as hardworking as GBM.
      This is not that good for a leader, especially a leader of a party.
      It has taken long for HH to learn politics, and better still to differentiate political governance from corporate governance.
      In you company or business, you can say anything to anyone; you can talk in any way you wish – including insulting, it will be fine because the business is yours.
      In politics…

    • In politics if you belittle people, or insult people or undermine their capacities they will abandon you for other options.
      How dare you insult the integrity of all the intelligent and hardworking men and women in the party.
      Look, people last year risked their very lives in Mpika – the Maureens and Nalumangos of this world; going where things were not only rough but tense; Canicious Banda has been with you through thick and thin – and you tell me he is not hardworking?
      Well, well, well!!!

  3. Knowing GBM in and out during the time he used to be my client, i can confirm that HH has shot himself in the foot on this one. It is only in Zambia where people with a lot of intellectual qualities like Canisius Banda are ignored in preference to people with lot of money and no intellectual abilities like GBM. I wonder how GBM will be handling discussions in parliament as the head of the government in parliament. This is a big miss. Campaigns for my mighty PF just got easier.

    • Just start packing your bags Sir. Your stay in the states is coming to end.
      Sorry but you chose a life of a cadre & that is how a cadre lives.

    • Joseph Kabwe – this may come as a shock but not everyone works in McDonald’s like you, come to think of it even if they did GBM has not say

    • Don’t forget this man has run successful businesses, something you may not achieve. This man stood for the Chitimukulu when Edgar as Minister of Home Affairs sent Police Officers to harass the Chitimukulu. There is nothing complicated about Zambian Parliamentary business which is based on written speeches. Starting from the President, everyone just reads written speeches, how will GBM fail to read similar speeches? If he will need some training, he will be trained! For now, it is the numbers that matter!

    • @ Saulosi

      How can you as “an academician” can support party composed of intellectual failures and led by convicted embezzler with help of fake doctor with negative IQ assisted by satanist defrocked priest?

    • My fellow academician,when GBM was in pf ,you were shouting on top of voices,How preposterous can that be?He was at the helmof one the most important ministries,Ministry of Defence.So what has changed?Is there now a realization that finally it is deawning on all you pf cadres that with GBM as VP of UPND,pf votes from Nothtern,Luapula,Copperbelt and Lusaka will be eroded.No wonder now prisoners will be allowed to vote !Maybe now you can adopt some of the prisoners to stand for areas pf has failed to field candidates

    • LIAR SAULOSI……Trump has been chosen purely on the basis of his wealth. GBM has more brains than Trump, so stop lying that its only in Zambia where wealth counts. I would rather have someone who knows how to create wealth as president rather than an intellectual who will forever feed me on theories and hypothesis.

    • What intellectual canisus, who failed to settle house rentals after the assumed payer departed, while gbm is seen to contribute to national economy by his running businesses

    • So what if you are an academician @saulosi? Are you the first or the last? What have invented that is so surprising? Academician, academician, uko kwine!

    • @ God’s Creation….kikikikiki….i bet you are hurt. I had to say it because you fellow cadre thought i need PF to win the elections for me to continue living abroad. My education gives me the privileged of calling my own tunes and to decide where i want to live. Envy will kill you son.Lol

  4. Wife beater, corrupt minister of defence, kaponya……. Is the so called Bemba vote that important? I think not. Sorry HH you have lost this

    • Convicted embezzler, drunkard, leading most corrupt administration in the history of Zambia, certified liar……………………….

      GBM? HH? ECL?

    • 2REP I thought only courts convict. Never knew that even cadres on social media convict. But you may educate me seeing that even though I am a lawyer I don’t know that every other person or institution other than the courts convict.

    • @Sido Mark,it was Sata who made GBM……..remember GBM stood on the MMD ticket and lost……..he only managed to win when he stood on the PF ticket.

    • Is this the same chap that Lubinda defeated and had to run to Kasama?How is it that his money didn’t work for him.


    • Remember most Zambians have nothing much to do! No jobs, no money, no food, etc. When there is a possibility of getting something for free, including free entertainment, free beer, free chitenge, why not?

    • Kikikiki.. I think it didnt need to be full. PF still broke the record. Cant wait to cast my vote at St Patricks in Kabwata. ECL (Inonge) and Given Lubinda. I remember when GBM stood in Kabwata against Lubinda. We tought him a lesson despite his money and giving of free millie meal. We want continuity and no returdation.

      Vote PF.

  6. Unity of purpose. Western Zambia meets Eastern Zambia, South and North in between! One Zambia, One Nation.

  7. The points raised by HH on picking GBM are not attractive.In the Absence of HH can GBM run the country as President.

    • What are you talking about? GBM is better than SATA who ruled you! GBM is a successful businessman. Which successful business has Edgar run? During HH’s time, one of the things he must work on is to strengthen systems to keep everyone in check.

    • If a thief and chakolwa man from chawama can run a country like zambia what difficulties can a successful businessman encounter in running zambia?
      Vote wisely this time

    • @kbwalya is gbm and hh ready to close their businesses for the sake of transparency and conflict of interest if they won the way LP did? You can’t be a president and at the same time a supplier to the govt.

  8. HH is a leader who can make tough and logical decisions. Given how polarised our politics are In Zambia HH made the right choice which shames the tribalists in PF. GBM we congratulate u for a well deserved appointment and pse work hard as usual and deliver a win for yr party UPND. GBM please be mindful of what u say and how u say it becoz the PF vultures are hovering over your head to nail u any time. We wish HH,GBM,UPND and people of Zambia peaceful and successful elections. All suffering Zambians are looking to u to deliver the change that they are yearning for.The visionless,clueless,thuggish, violent and ruinous PF must be thrown in the dustbin on 11th August 2016 without fail.

  9. Politics is about numbers and making decisions… HH made his and it’s in his best interest to win the race. Frankly speaking he choose someone that could play at his competitions game which I feel is a good move… you have to get your hands dirty in this game!

    • Because of his inclination to tribalism that’s why he chose gmb thinking the later will be voted on tribal lines like him. The answer is apart from southerners the rest don’t vote on tribal lines therefore HH should blame himself for the reason behind choosing gmb.


      Listen how the man insults in “THE GBM INSULTS MULENGA SATA” AUDIO which has gone viral, someone sent to me from USA and I can tell you we do have a problem which will cost us dearly. Why did we have to suffer like this my God!
      People read the Constitution well. If anything happened to HH (God forbid) we will live with the GBM as President. If HH wins the election GBM will be republican vice president. That is serious! All the advice from UPND elders has gone to the dustbin. I have no clue, no clue at at all what is running in HH’s head. Wait for more defections by strangers back to PF and voter apathy down South.

    • Lazy zambians need insults and bullying to work.
      GBM is the man to push these lazy civil servants forward.

  10. You called as Monkeys, Kaponyas and thieves….and GBM belong to this group you hate. Come August we shall teach you a lesson to discipline selfish Mwamba

    • The PF is in mourning, with the likes of kudos and other kaponya PF looting benefices starting to pack their bags. Many are contemplating seeking asylum where they where on holiday at Zambia missions.

    • @Spaka like lilo

      My dear friend just don’t say we rigged the elections….I can assure you the race won’t even be tight…easy victory for PF….I thought HH would pick someone with Presidential capabilities…alas…he ends up shooting himself in the foot….as PF…we don’t have to score…HH has scored own goal……Pobo after pobo…..

      August 11 vote PF (Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Abena PamaFI, just continue kissing the butts of the ba bunu yo want to bring to Zambia!
      Pity you have to pay them back all they have oiled you on 12/8/2016!!
      In fact, for all those that are PERSONA NON GRATA pa RSA, ni “KATENDE MPELA ULUBILO!!”


      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  11. Congratulation Sir GBM may god bless with your twin brother HH, when god say yes no one can say no


  13. Vote UPND. Vote pachansele. GBM will definitely issue an SI for insulting if UPND wins. If this was a game of chess we have chaps like Can Banda, Garry Nkhombo and many others being sacrificed by HH in trying to get an advantage over ECL.

  14. HH you have shown us how you manage your affairs and please be told we are not impressed….so prepare for another loss and handing over the party to serious people enjoy your life in oblivion

  15. Let the people decide, tactically it brings balance, a more intellectual leader (HH) with one with a common touch (GBM)! Definitely a more potent combination than Edgar “Changwa” Lungu & bo ma Inonge Wina, lets wait & see, wina azalila, and it won’t be HH & the UPND…

  16. HH has given fake, unreasonable reasons for picking GBM as his running mate!!! Elections made easier for ECL and PF. And then after August 11, someone should claim PF rigged the elections. Awe sure. Fwakuifwaila!!!

  17. HH has shown that he doesn’t understand politics and August 11 the beautiful people of Zambia will retire him once and for all…and after he loses…i know he will dispute the results….HH like always will get all the votes in Pemba..Zimba..Monze…Mazabuka…Chikankata ….

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • I’m here my friend, just observing from a distance. Honestly, this election is turning out to be like the US elections where both candidates are massively flawed. As someone put it, choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald trump is like choosing between two dirty public toilets in Lusaka

      That is just how it feels choosing between Real PF and UPND-cum PF.

      Just like in January last year, I have no Dog in this fight, but my hunch is UPND will never be the same after this elections, win or lose

    • Abena Bootlicker, just accept we all know WHO SMELLS LIKE A TOILET – AFTER ALL THAT BOOZE!!!
      You are right Chagwa is like a Lusaka public loo!!

      Thus don’t just sit mulling about, when potentially we could end up with a loo running the country!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!

      #Chagwamustfall!! pamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  18. lts sad to see Zambians crying to be refugees, my brothers and sisters God is not a fool, money cant buy life , peace is vital, even in marriage our friends married to rich people don’t have peace at all. life is for yourself and don’t expect a rich person to fix ur life. we have refugees who have lost their belongings bcoz of greedy leaders, Zambians take it or leave it. if u wont be careful, Zambia will be on fire.

  19. Whyt can’t August 11 be tomorrow? ????? I can’t wait….and what will happen to Nevers Mumba…I feel sorry for him.


    August 11 vote PF (Edgar)

    I thank you

  20. What is wrong with GBM I think you fear GBM so you wanted hh to put nkombo are you sure ?so that you can say tribal politics it could have been A bad news than of GBM he was a defence minister no one was complaining like the way you are complaining now I think is just OK this is the way they you was saying even to the late President You are mentioning three people when you know that only one is need so can I say you don’t know what you are telling people so GBM to be honestly
    Is just OK I don’t know to you Ba pf

  21. Levy Mwanawasa stadium packed…packed…..yayayayayaya……yes Kopala……Katondo boys and team Boostele is in town….

    August 11….someone will cry….winangu azalila

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • Yes winangu AZALILA – actually ANALILA YESTERDAY!!!!
      Has chagwa sobered up after yesterdays UPND PUNCH??????
      Ba PamaFi, make sure you supply him enough booze JUST TO PREVENT HIM FROM BEING SUICIDAL!!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  22. You have the point. What HH means by GBM ready to soil his hands is that GBM has slept in the police cells which Canissius, Kaseba,Maureen and the rest of UPND leaders and advisors ( Gary, Corneluys, Request Muntanga, Jack Mwiimbu, Ackson Sejani, ) cannot do. Why the list uncludes HH himself, he needs someone, some bemba stooge, to get arrested and get locked up in police cells. If a bemba stooge is willing to do that, why on earth would HH sacrifice anyone containing roya tonga blood? GBM, as HH has confirmed fits that description. Look here UPND cadres this is the confirmation of the tribal nature of UPND and coming from HH himself. It is indeed a master stroke on FNM but on bembas I doubt. The bembas also know that GBM can and will be dribbled ad removed later, who told you that HH…

    • @Terrible

      And if you wanted to know how elections are won…..some things will never change and the majority of Zambians know that UPND is a tribal party….and HH has confirmed it himself…..but this time there won’t be voter apathy and PF will come big winners…..

      Meanwhile Levy Mwanawasa stadium is packed packed packed

      August 11 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

  23. . It is indeed a master stroke on GBlM but on bembas I doubt. The bembas also know that GBM can and will be dribbled ad removed later, who told you that HH cannot remove him as Vice President?
    HH will just dig up GBMs past crimes and take him before a tribunal and that will.be the end of far albert because he has a wardrobe full of skeletons. HH does not have to dig too deep, Mmemve has already prepared a dossuer and they will just add afew false but juicy allegations and prepare the necessary headlines and editorials in the Post. It is Mmembe controlling HH. Watch this space it is Kabimba to be Vice President. Only trouble is that Mmembe has misread the bemba influence and HH will pay dearly before 8/11 and retire tearfully after that.

  24. How can Zambians rejoice at GBM being chosen as running mate. Do you think governing a country is so simple? when MMD was in power under Mwanawasa and RB the economy was progressing. Yes we know there may have been corruption however these Presidents had educated people around them.

    Now you rejoice at GBM……. his qualifications are fake, fake, fake! why are Zambians so foolish? I pray for Edgar Lungu and Mama Inonge, they will 2016. I don’t despise HH but he should have chosen the right person to be his running mate and not just because he is desperate.

  25. Terrible @ That is what so many people know.
    GBM will be used and dumped by HH.
    Fat Albert is now in bed with satan himself.

  26. Belo yalila ngilingili…………belo yalila ngilingili…..!!
    Corruption OUT………Good Governance IN
    Pangas OUT…………..Police IN
    Cadres in Market/Station OUT…….Councils IN
    Nepotism OUT……….Meritocracy IN
    Tribalism OUT…………Ubuntu IN
    Theft OUT……………….Financial Prudence IN
    Hunger OUT……………Household food security IN
    Violence OUT…………..Peace and love IN
    Discrimination OUT………Respect for All Races IN
    Hyper Inflation OUT………Economic management IN
    Weak Kwacha OUT………Stable Kwacha IN
    Lack of medicine OUT………Good Health IN
    Youth joblessness OUT………Good jobs IN
    University closure OUT………Good education IN
    Lungu~RB~Siliya~Kaingu~PF OUT………HH~GBM UPND IN

    • @men of action

      Talk to me after August 11…..we are sending you back to Chikankata……ingombe ilede….

      August 11 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

      How long have you been in UPND? Most of us have read the mood. Let me tell you, within 96hours Dr Canicius Banda is leaving with a big crowd to another party. HH is already answering and ignoring questions from founder members of UPND. There is a silent protest on GBM. THE UPND HAS BEEN REBRANDED to suit the northerners and this will help them campaign for Lungu “undercover”. I do not believe GBM is 100% in UPND. HH can not see this. He has been dribbled with a “Don’t Kubeba” again. All our cries for a replacement were not heeded. Anyway…

  27. Ba HH has shot himself on the foot by picking GBM as a running mate. This choice is surely pathetic for UPND to even boast of managing 38% of the votes countrywide. Bane akuyumfwisheni bwino mwebene otherwise you have lost it. Come what may, the vote is on PF!!!!

  28. Levy Mwanawasa stadium PF campaign pictures coming up very shortly…….Kopala is busy with sontapo sontapo

    ……and compare this to Kitwe freedom park UPND rally……….and tell me who is winning……

    August 11 vote PF (Edgar )

    I thank you


      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE ZAMBIA UNITED!! Vote UPND!!
      Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFIkuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  29. All you PF sympathisers just admit that HH has outplayed you with the appointment of GBM and the secrecy under which it was done. PF with all the state machinery has failed to break through the UPND’S firewall. GBM and HH are the leaders zambia needs and not Lungu’s PF with no secrets and full of contradictions everyday. Just look at Lungu’s team: Wina, Kambwili, Bwalya, Mumbi and Chama people with no national appeal. When they speak they only annoy people. Lungu himself has even reprimanded them in public to tone down. HH and GBM can sleep anywhere but can you say the same about sick Lungu and Ambuya Inonge? Learn to look out for quality and harness it. No wonder why we ended up with a drunkard and embezzler at state house.

    • @July

      HH will have a lot of explaining to do after August 11 to you his loyal followers….by the way…GBC imposed himself as the running mate….HH wanted Nkombo as his running mate


      August 11 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

  30. katondo boys. are you mad. can a tonga candidate have a tonga as veep. get lost. u r caught in a.dirty web now…do something else about it.

  31. Some comments here show that some people did not pass special paper 1 or 2. Logic has been applied on the choice of a running mate. It is a game of numbers for one to win. If politics were an examination for one to ascend to power, the results would have been different long time ago. But unfortunately everyone has equal mark on the ballot paper, and to win an election in Africa logic is rarely at play by the electorates. so, if you can not beat them, then join them.
    It is the presidency that counts in Africa, fortunately or unfortunately. He/she pulls all the strings and the rest just dance to the tunes. Talk about acting, it is just for a short period and no policies are made nor major decisions without involving the president even though he/she may be out.
    Guys think twice

  32. @July, I think you are equally brainwashed my dear. You must be suffering from schizophrenia grade 1. There are five types of symptoms characteristic of schizophrenia: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior and because of that I rest my case. VIVA PF.

  33. The Post put it well when they said that the choice of running mate for UPND would be a catch 22 situation. If HH put in Nkombo, Cornelius or Mwiimbu, loud headlines would have sprung up- tribalist! He puts up a Bemba, he is sidelining old Tonga members or he is trying to wash out the tribal tag. The issue that has attracted such bitter reactions about the GBM choice is that some people with supremacist leanings think someone from the South can never be president of this country as is likely to happen with GBM’s strong influence in the Northern parts of this country. Tough luck. The die is cast and there is no retreat. Some people may drop off in the process. That is what happens in all high stakes games. Remember Sata axing more than 20 mps sometime back?

  34. OK HH, you sound to have thought through this quite well but it may not achieve the desired results in the final analysis. GBM is well known in Kasama where he runs his business NOT in all the other regions where you fail to win! For you,”unity” is dividing people for your cause! To become President you rode on the tribe,”only a Tonga can be President of UPND” you never denounced that! In 2006 at rally in Kaoma you said “Don’t vote Sakwiba he sold you to Bembas by working with PF”. In Jan 2015,you told people of NW that they were poor bcoz Sata & PF took money away to build a University in Muchinga,Milupi at a rally in Western province said “NW,West,South let us unite to control the country,Maureen Mwanawasa said “HH had not been for tribe could have been president by now”-yet…

    • Continued..- yet Mwanawasa was heavily voted by Bemba speakers. Observant Zambians have seen how HH has developed his political career including the voting pattern in his strong holds. So,they have heard, witnessed and they will act accordingly!

  35. The problem with cadres is that they think when their preferred candidate wins means there life will change. Zero and never as long as you don’t work hard at personal level. Ask Mulongoti who campaigned hoping for a job that never came.
    HH and GBM are in for one thing, recoup what they have lost and pay back to the their masters what they have borrowed over time. People are being hoodwinked about the cost of living that he will fix it with what when this is affecting all other countries who depend on one commodity like oil and copper? take a look at Angola, Nigeria etc.

  36. It has been confirmed that HH can do anything to get to state house even if he was asked to eat by-product of food meant for the sewer, our brother will do it. Are you serious GBM is the man to hold such as serious and delicate position in government? Come on hh you can do better than that.
    Is it that elusive bemba vote that you are so desperate to have? Do you really know GBM and what he is capable of doing? have you forgotten how he threatened to beat Nalumango in your presence?
    It is good to see you now pretend at least to quote the bible everyday and hope you are truly born again for only the righteous shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  37. Well all is done let us wait and see.Some of us who have worked under GBM can tell different story.He is far from being a leader.Do you know his behaviour?He never pays his workers well,not in time,he beats workers and insults his clients.He has a very bad temper.The other thing is he has not created wealth through hard working.He had contracts with defence and used to corrupt generals some of them had cases in court.He startwd Business as a driver delivering Bear to Kasama.Who can remember the late Mwenso?What was his business and his relationship with GBM?Who can remember Chileshe?What was his business ?Was he not a close friend to GBM?zAMBIANS I MUST WARN YOU.Do not support drug dealers,crooks

  38. The usual PF vuvuzellas are in a somber mood on this blog.
    As kambwilli said, it is a dark day for PF.

  39. Belo yalila ngilingili…!!!
    PF Panga thugs ….HH-GBM Rule of Law IN
    Lazy corrupt Lungu PF OUT…..Men of Action HH-GBM IN
    Kaloba Eurobond OUT………Good Governance IN
    Nepotism/Tribalism OUT……….Meritocracy IN
    Invasion of property OUT……Sanctity of property rights IN
    Road blocks for corruption OUT….Good driving IN
    Hunger OUT……………Household food security IN
    Discrimination OUT………Respect for All Races IN
    Hyper Inflation/weak Kwacha OUT………Prudent Economic management IN
    Lack of medicine OUT………Good Health IN
    65 year retirement age OUT………Youth jobs IN
    University closure OUT………Good education IN
    Lungu~RB~Siliya~Kaingu~PF OUT………HH~GBM UPND IN

    • Correct, just listen to “GBM INSULTS MULENGA SATA AUDIO RECORDING” which has gone viral. There is nothing to admire about GBM and I can tell you this move has caused a serious crack; but we are not moved because mechanisms will soon be put in place and GBM’s dream to be UPND President will be short-lived. GBM is made of cracked DNA and this has all been done to dismantle our party technically. If you have been following media stories please read what UPND Generals have said about sidelining founder members and old members. Just watching from a distance, this clown will not go far!

    • Nobody taken over UPND, or maybe you mean how PF has been taken over by MMD?

      And also stop lying, what generals?, every one in UPND knows the presidency is almost impossible to win without a big name like GBM who brings chitimkulu into the camp.

  40. Picking GBM as VP or picking someone else, either way, you would have blamed HH.
    More damage would have been done if HH had decided to pick someone else, i believe, ECL was counting on that. Had that happened, ECL prediction of massive numbers leaving UPND would have come true. But since this is not the case, i see why the PF team is so frustrated.
    Not picking GBM, would have raised a number of questions ranging from GBM not having G12 to the worst case noises about tribalism. In fact, it would have portrayed HH as an indecision leader, that he has no trust in GBM, etc. For HH, this is the best decision he could have made at this point.
    It was natural, naming someone else would have been disaster for UPND.

  41. Hahahahaha,
    Chitimukulu, cannot be in the camp of GBM, may be the Tonga chiefs, even them I doubt very much. All chiefs in Zambia have become more enlightened than they were during KK’s rule. They will support tghe Govt of the day. But their subjects will choose the best for themselves.

    • @50 Tresphor Chitamfya, you are very right! The quest for power in the UPND camp blinds them a lot from realities to a point where they see everything in their own realm of wishes and ambitions. No wonder Wynter called them “residents of the Fantasy Island”. Chitimukula presides on traditional affairs of Bembas but not all Bemba speaking people are under Chitimukulu! Besides Bemba speaking people do not follow an individual the way HH may be followed by his tribemates otherwise if GBM had such influence he could have brought him a lot of votes in Jan 2015 – but very little despite the arsenal of Bemba speakers (Mutati,Mucheleka,Nalumango,Katele etc).GBM held to PF Kasama seat to avoid humiliation in by-election!Now,humiliation will start with his daughter in Kasama!

  42. Us women of Zambia will determine the outcome of these elections.If u ar a candiidate who either insults or beats up women,no vote for u.

  43. Oh no! It’s not GBM who would kill HH. It’s HH who kill GBM and replace him with the “right person “

  44. PM you’re wrong. Americans are going for Trump because he’s telling them what they want to hear. He’s not the first rich man to run for office.

  45. Trump is saying things that both abnormal and impossible to implemented just like the MMD did in 1991

  46. Well, well look here people, politics is about strategy and HH and his people have strategically picked GBM as running mate to try and get votes from the northern block electorates.

    First of all, it was logically for HH to choose his vice-president as his running mate. Otherwise why would they be his vice-president. So those questioning the choice, why didn’t they do it much earlier when GBM was being made veep of UPND? He could have only picked an outsider (anyone other than the veep) if both vice-presidents were found to be unqualified and/or incapable.

    Now given the 2 choices of veep candidates to choose from, GBM is more of an asset than Dr Canisius Banda. Eastern is gone already because Lungu and the other Banda Kanitundila hail from there. So that leaves GBM as the…

  47. continue reading…
    <strong…So that leaves GBM as the likely choice.

    Never mind his suitability to be vice-president of the nation, I mean it's not like the other duo are any better. Lungu/Wina isn't any better than HH/GBM ticket… the country is screwed either way. So just suck it up and accept HH's choice of GBM's as running mate.

  48. It,s a waste of time talking about hh who pocketed privatization funds and enriched himself. Is not satisfied with what he stole and he wants to steal again. The people of Zambia are not foolish. God will not allow selfish men like hh and gbm to rule this beautiful country at all. Those who are praying for hh to rule this country’ they just want ukulya nankwe. NONONONO Tafyakachitike. VIVA LUNGU VIVA INONGE WINA VIVAPF

  49. Excellent choice ba incoming President. GBM nishimbi(metal), he is fearless and ready to face any persecution from frightened Chakolwa Edgar as demonstrated by the times in has been put in cells over stupid charges. Now its time to go for the PF’s throat!!

  50. Masonic cult indulge and enjoy secrecy they like other colleagues to soil their hands as they themselves look righteous in the eyes of fools. Yes he wants someone to sacrifice. One with extremely bad mouth and a bully. HH has extremely bad judgement. I just can’t wait to retire him completely. No chance pa 11/8.

  51. It is clear from evidence that the Post Newspaper has published about foreigners registered to vote, the awarding of ballot papers to a questionable Dubai printer and the stupid and arrogant responses by ECZ officials that the PF with the help of ECZ is trying to rig the election.
    Clearly, Lungu is getting these ideas from Dictators like Mugabe and Museveni who have no place in modern day democracy and Zambians being touch bearers in democratization in Africa should stand up together and say NO to retrogressive behavior like rigging.
    My greatest concern is the softness with which the opposition is handling all the abuses and attempts by Lungu to rig.
    UPND arguably the front runner in this race must change its tactic of dealing with PF machinations and deal with them head on and if it…

  52. HH I think you are finished. To have such a corrupt man by your side is unjust. Should you die in the event of an accident is GBM capable of being president? What have you done? This is chaos in the making. Mark our words! The full support you had has just been flushed down the drain.

    • @lizzy, please speak for yourself! Vote for whom YOU believe in. Each proud, beautiful Zambian woman will speak for herself!

  53. vote
    1 The cost of living is very high.
    2 When Lungu assumed office, the cost of 2 kg sugar was at K14.00 now its K27.00.
    3. PF have failed to reduce the price of fuel because at international market the price is low.If we consider the price of fuel then in 2011 and factor in the depreciation of Kwacha and the current price at international market, we must be buying fuel at K5.00.
    4.Voting for PF,will mean all the tenants and landlords will be paying withholding tax that will further push the cost of living further to the extreme.
    5. Failure to restore subsidies on fuel and others.
    6. If you vote for Pf ,the exchange rate will hit K25 by November this year due to mismanagement of the economy by PF.
    7. Pf are criminals…

  54. Gentlemen and ladies can anyone confirm being a classmate for a fraudulent GBM? UPND kuyabebele.

  55. Why aren’t PF cadres celebrating the choice of GBM as running mate, since they claim GBM is not a factor? I thought there would be massive jubilation in the PF camp upon hearing that GBM is HH’s running mate!


  57. GBM uses his wealth to get to the top. All of us know who deserved that position the most. I’m surprised that some people were mentioning Dr. kaseba,when did she come out in the open to support UPND?GBM as Head of state my foot!!Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Even if HH wins we will be praying hard that nothing happens to him during his tenure of office.

  58. UPND/ HH wants to use GBM and Northern regions votes as condoms, onces elections are won they forget them.

  59. This underfive really knows how to annoy people. He assumes Zambians are stupied.
    He really wants to sell us the idea of President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, is this boy serious? Imagine President Mwamba when HH passes on!!!

Comments are closed.

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