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Statement on inmates voting was accidentally made-Davies Mwila


Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has clarified that inmates cannot vote because the current law does not allow their participation in elections.

Mr. Mwila said the earlier statement attributed to him on inmates voting in the August 11th general elections was accidentally made as a result of prior discussions regarding the reform of the correctional services.

Mr. Mwila has explained that the Electoral Act CAP 13 of the Laws of Zambia, Part 4 (1) and C clearly states that no person shall be qualified for registration as a voter in direct elections and no person shall be registered as such a voter, who is under sentence of death imposed on him by any court in Zambia, or a sentence of imprisonment by whatever name called imposed on him by such a court or substituted by competent authority for some other sentence imposed on him by such a court.

Mr Mwila was quoted saying prisoners should get ready to vote on 11th August something which has ready to a serious backlash as the ECZ and other stakeholders have categorically stated that the law does not allow prisoners to vote.

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    • ndobo
      Davis Mwila! brotherly advices to you! don't drink ARVs with alcohol, otherwise you be making Stup!d accidents like this one
    • Buck Teeth Lungu
      Watch what PF are planning. What reform is this PFief talking about? The Party of Fieves has nothing good for Zambia. If Chakolwa wants the prisoners to vote for him he can release all the prisoners in Zambia, secretly issue them with voters cards and let them vote. Chakolwa has no interest of Zambians at heart.
    • Katondo boys
      This KAPONYA, what is he trying to say now???? INSTEAD OF APOLOGISING FOR TELLING LIES, he trying in a very amateurish way to blame others for misquoting him!! He even fails to express the lie that he was misquoted!! What else DO YOU EXPECT FROM A "BEER-OLLO" patron??? Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! Vote for a UNITED ZAMBIA!! VOTE UPND!! Abantu baya!! #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!! I thank you!!
  1. The Chosen One
    How did Lungu pick this guy to head such a sensitive ministry? Lungu must apologize to the nation.
    What can you really get from PATRIOTIC FOOLS . MUMBI PHIRI'S ignorance LUNGU'S visionless + + + +
  3. Honda
    This must be embarassing to ECL and PF. How can an illegal Minister issue an accidental statement which is unconstitutional? Lungu has kept these Ministers in their former posts illegally to assist him rig elections and amass wealth. On moral grounds alone and for the sake of good governance Lungu should have dis-appointed these illegal Ministers and remove current confusion in Ministries and their depts. If Minister Mwila had asked for a legal opnion from a govt dept then that govt dept would have refused to give legal advice to an illegal govt minister.
  4. mailon
    This reminds me of the office of "WHAT THE PRESIDENT MEANT TO SAY" headed by George Chella under Sata when everything the illiterate dictator uttered had to be "clarified".How did we honestly end up with such clowns?
  5. Dreamer
    Thank you Mr Mwila for acknowledging the mistake. Thats what a good leader does. May the Good Lord bless you.
    • Jay Jay
      And you wonder why the country is in debt...because any **** can simple say its okay I will merely retract after the mess is done. It is like religion; Christianity in particular - you can oppress people, enslave them, rape their wives and daughters and simply wash your sins and become born again. Wake up from your docility!!
  6. Jay Jay
    This is the Lazy Lungu type of shambolic govt we have been graced with...these empty tins can mess up even something as simple as making tea...Old man Sata was right when he said his ministers were utterly useless included Lungu himself!!
  7. Redbull
    Where are all the PF cadres here on LT.Ifi fine,Sonteni tomone ko bane. Easy win for the opposition this year.If you think the PF cadres are confused,then wait,you havent seen anything yet.These fools are yet to contradict themselves deeply......there is more coming.They will be telling us all their rigging plans one by one,because they all leave their brains on there pillows each morning they wake up.By The time of voting-no PF cadre will have a single sense of thinking.
  8. HH Techilema
    Indeed it was academical because even if the law allows them how could they have voted without voters cards. If I can't vote due to lack of a voters card how can they be allowed to vote and on which polling station.
    • HH Techilema
      Only under5 supporters who have never be near a polling station can express such ignorance. I challenge all Upnd 1mbeciles to get familiar with our voting system. This way you will understand how impossible it is to manipulate the votes. Even if you are registered its no guarantee that you will vote because any anomalies in the register against your names invalidates your voting rights. Ensure you do your verifications on the final register.
    • HH Techilema
      Always remember that the voters card is never used for voting but but a ballot paper does. You can have as many voters cards as you want but the system will only generate one ballot paper against your name in the country. A voters card is only a key to get your ballot paper and once you do that you can't go back for another ballot paper anywhere in the country. Learn your facts ba fimbwi.
  9. Terrible
    The zambian press is full of incorrect statements. Sometimes joirnalists misunderstand the topic, sometimes misquote in trying to edit stories, sometimes deliberately misquoting or twisting (you know the specialist in that area), sometimes through deliberately using twisted headlines which are not supported by the story itself ( again you know who) because the editor knows that some Zambians will react on headlines as the truth because they dont read for themselves. Some people are like my late great grand mother in the village with a humble education who just heard the radio headlines and took it as gospel truth. Please Zambians read, I thought the grade 12 saga taught us a good kesson. Yesterday someone who heard it in person corrected what Mr Mwila was alleged to have said and put it...

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