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Inonge Wina calls on chiefs to mobilise people to spur development in chiefdoms

VICE President Inonge Wina shakes hands with a 6 year old Emmanuel Mfula after receiving flowers from at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone on Wednesday. The Vice President was in Livingstone to officiate at African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC) governing council meeting

Vice-president Inonge Wina has urged traditional leaders to mobilize people in their chiefdoms for development.

Mrs Wina said chiefs should engage and work together with respective district administrations to plan and spur development in their areas.

She urged the chiefs to engage the district administration and work on a strategic plan for the district for incorporation in the country’s Seventh National Development Plan.

Mrs Wina pointed out that Siavonga has vast economic potential in tourism and agriculture which need to be exploited for the benefit of the local population.

And traditional leaders in the district assured the Vice-President of their continued support to government.

Speaking on behalf of other chiefs, Chief Simamba said chiefs will work with the government to foster development.

Chief Simamba regretted that there has been a huge misconception about Southern Province stressing that not everyone belongs to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Earlier, the Vice President urged pupils at Siavonga Secondary School to concentrate on studies in order to excel in life and make meaningful contribution to the country’s development.

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      If pf wins and chagwa dies that barotse activity becomes president and Zambia will be split into two parts.
    • Lynch Mob Misleader
      So what exactly is the old lady telling the chiefs? Mobilise people for development? LOL!! Sorry, but it doesn't work like that in real life. Maybe in a PF fairy tale. Let's be serious and if we have nothing to say, best to keep quiet and continue abusing government resources to campaign for a losing party.
  1. Mundia
    Gogo Inonge Wina! Its election time so whats the message to the voters? There is no vibrance and energy in this Gogo. Has she got any ideas of her own? She was appointed by Lungu to be a Ruining Mate becoz she has no value addition to the Team Lungu/Wina apart from loyalty. Yes she is a woman but what else can she do for the party and the Nation? Its time for Gogo Wina to go and play with her grand children
  2. Lutuku Presdo
    This is the woman who imposed on us a Chakolwa from chawama bars as the president my heart bleeds with anger whenever I see or hear of her. Miles was supposed to be the president.
  3. Redbull
    And this is reason why you gave the Chiefs an increment?so that 3days later you can start giving them instructions on what they shd do.Uko kwine mwembwa mwe!Vi onenu kkukkota.
    • dan biloko
      The comment by the chief was uncalled for Sata got more votes in southern province than what hh got in luapula and northern put together which chief from their has been made to apologise.

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