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Kaingu wants to buy me out the race with an ambassadorial job- MMD Mwandi Candidate

Headlines Kaingu wants to buy me out the race with an ambassadorial job-...

Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

MMD Mwandi constituency candidate Mukuka Akalemwa says “expired” immediate past area MP Micheal Kaingu has been trying to buy him out of the race with a promise of a job as an ambassador once the PF is re-elected back into government.

In a contest being widely viewed as a ” David vs Goliath” battle by the voters in the constituency, Mr Akalemwa 27 is one of the youngest contestants in this year’s Parliamentary elections said Mr Kaingu has realised that he does not stand a chance of winning this year’s elections hence has now resorted to promises of a job and that he will campaign for him in 2021.

He said he has refused to listen to Higher Education Minister’s offers because he wants to bring development to the area and that he will not betray the local people who have put trust in him.

“The Minister has failed the constituency since he was elected as area MP and that gives me a 70% chance of wining these elections because I have done my ground work. He is now telling the people that give me my last five years then he will campaign for me in 2021 and that just shows you how desperate he is.

“He is afraid because when he goes on the ground he is just hearing my name and now he is telling voters that they give him the last 5 years then he will push for me to be an ambassador and that he will campaign for me in 2021 but I have refused to listen to those offers because I want to contribute positively to the development of the nation and my constituency in particular because it has lagged behind in development,” Akalemwa said.

And Mr Akalemwa called on the youths in the country to emulate him and many other youths who have chosen to positively contribute to the nation by aspiring for high positions in the country’s political circles.

He said youths should not expect recycled politicians to hand over political power with out a fight and that youths should not just allow any anybody to use them as tools of violence.

He said one of his priorities will be to ensure that youths are made part of the decision making circles in the constituency through interest groups such as development committees so as to inculcate a sense of responsibility.

He also said he will work towards bringing service provisions such as schools and clinics nearer to the people of Mwandi who have been traveling long distances sometimes crossing to other constituencies to access the services.

He said for the last five years the expired MP concentrated on taking care of his farm in Choma which he has been visiting every weekend instead of checking on the people of Mwandi and knowing what their challenges are.

Definitely this Goliath will fall, Mr Akalemwa said.

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    • He will retain his seat for sure. The young man is day dreaming, being excited with a small crowd around him.

    • Saulosi what your name is you are very mediocre to the core including Isaac because you do not mean well for Zambia. Why can’t a young man be allowed to dream and realise his dream in a Democratic country? Very mediocre chaps indeed.

  1. If you are not under Pf then forget about developing the area. Pf has a national plan to uplift standards regardless of mp but Pf mps get priority.

  2. Saulosi & Isaac.
    If Kaingu is assured of winning & the allegations of bribery are true, then why is Kaingu panicking?

  3. This is a matter for the anti corruption if it is proven to be true. I can foresee that this seat is already contested in our courts of law even before voting!!!!!!!

  4. Some how i believe this guy…this is what democracy has become to PF they can not sell themselves but rather bribe their way to power with stolen money…they only know how to say sonta this and that if they built these hidiously overpriced infrastructure with Sata’s pocket money.

  5. KAINGU can easily win that seat, the YOUNG MAN at 27 is still very active sexually so KAINGU just ask the Daughter IRIS to hoodwink the YOUNG MAN THAT WILL BE IT. I like KAINGU as minister of defence or Home affairs in the next Governmnet he will stop all the VIOLENCE going around.

  6. The boy is just day dreaming…….you will remember the promised job after you have lost and it will be too late for you.Since it is PF winning,whom are you going to work with to bring development to that area ?

  7. Mukuka Akalemwa is saying he is being bribed yet we are not doing a thing about it show how we as Zambians are. How can we utter comments like keep dreaming or Kaingu will keep his seat for sure? We are supposed to denounce such things and raise noise so Kaingu knows his place. Kaingu’s education from 30 years ago being compared to today’s education? You can’t do today’s job with yesterdays method’s and be in business tomorrow Kaingu and to everyone of us n this blog. What can Kaingu really bring to the table?

  8. I support the young man and say to him if he is listening to go after his dreams because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Mukuka Akalemwa: A dream is a dominant idea that is ever present within us and constantly provokes us to greatness and awakens a desire to do all that we can to be more than we are. Keep that dream alive and Never Stop Dreaming! Hopefully the corrupt old recycled politicians will disappear into oblivion forever.

  9. Kaingu is saying MMD and PF will split the votes and give chance for the UPND candidate to win. I have read between the lines. The two parties are supporting one president.

  10. I wish you all God’s blessings and guidance my son. I totally agree with you. I come from Me and I Constituency and I know all the corners and nooks of that beautiful constituency. I am a former pupil of Lwazamba and vision Mushukula primary schools and nothing has changed in those schools despite Dr Kaingu being one time being a Minister. I really open my heart to you Akalemwa. Good lucky.

  11. I wish you all God’s blessings and guidance my son. I totally agree with you. I originate from that Constituency and I know all the corners and nooks of that beautiful constituency. I am a former pupil of Lwazamba and Mushukula primary schools and nothing has changed in those schools since I left those schools, despite Dr Kaingu being one time a Minister. Sankolonga is no different, so is Kalundu, Lipumpu, Lusinina, Situlu and many other schools around there. I really open my heart to you Akalemwa. Good lucky.

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